The Pee Fetish - sex story

The Pee Fetish

Let me tell you a little bit about my friend Elly. I’ll start the story at age seventeen. Elly really was, in every way, the average teenage girl. She had interests in fashion, music and writing. When the weekend would come however, she went from a fairly quiet student to a full on slut. Drugs and alcohol fuelled late nights out with her friends, often in public parks, where she would fuck anyone she liked the look of, boy or girl. Her friendship group consisted of about ten people who were also abusers of drugs and alcohol, and the group of teens had all fucked each other.

I’ll tell you one particular event. It was a late summer evening and the group had collected alcohol to consume in a private park, for hours they drank and quickly all became horny. Elly, being the horniest of them all, quickly found her target, seventeen year old Josh. A fairly small, brown haired boy that always drank too much. Elly was wearing some trainers, black leggings and an extremely tight black skirt that was far too short, with a jean jacket. She sat close with Josh and the two spoke casually, before she told him she needed to pee.

“Alright, go over to the usual place then!” Josh said with a laugh, and traced her every step, watching her skirt reveal the outline of her ass cheeks. He felt his cock harden at just that. He noticed however she had not gone to the usual place, and was in full view of him. He watched her with a smile as she pulled her skirt up and her leggings down, revealing her tidy pussy, that had a tiny rectangle of hair above it. She looked over at him, her long brown hair blowing lightly, and began to piss. Josh couldn’t believe she was doing it right there and letting him watch, but he knew what she was like and he continued to watch her.

Her flow of golden piss was heavy, and she squirted the grass before her making eye contact with Josh the whole time. She crouched down and beckoned Josh to come over, who didn’t hesitate at all. He approached her and they moved behind a large bush where they could still hear the sounds of thier friends. “Did you like watching me piss? I know you do. I always see you watching us girls when we do it, you think we don’t notice but of course we do.” She said, in a very seductive tone, and Josh felt slightly embarrased yet so turned on.

Before he could say anything, she had pulled him down to her level and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues battled with each other and she moaned for some time, then finally broke the kiss. Her legs were still spread and her pussy exposed, and she turned to face him. “Taste my pissy cunt. Right here in public, suck the juice from my clit!” she demanded, and Josh pushed her backwards roughly and held her legs open by the thighs. She wrapped her long legs around his head and he buried his mouth into her sweet tasting cunt.

He lapped up the juice from her now leaking pussy, savouring the perfect sweet taste. She moaned softly and thrust her hips into his tongue, grinding the boys face until he was forced back up for air. Elly brushed a finger across his lips and took the tip into her mouth, tasting herself. “Mmm, so tasty.” She said with a smile. He went back down and sucked on her clit some more, his hands gripping her legs and scratching them lightly.

Elly pushed back his head then positioned herself on all fours, her round ass sticking out into Josh’s hungry face. Her cheeks were perfect, plenty of skin to grab and her ass hole was to die for, smooth, round and desperate for touch. “Spread my ass, tongue fuck my shit hole! Rim my slutty ass until I squirt and piss everywhere! Fuuuck!” she spoke quietly yet she was in a complete frenzy. Josh spanked her right cheek and gripped her left, squeezing and massaging it, admiring her shit hole which now began winking at him. He couldn’t resist it anymore, and after turning her right cheek red, he plunged his tongue into the tight hole.

“Fuck yes, my ass! I’m having my ass licked in public, I’m such a slut. I love it so much, taste every inch of me, get in deeeep!” her words were fast yet she still remained quiet enough to not be heard by anyone else, and Josh continued his assualt on her anus. He continued to spank her with one hand, whilst using the other to rub her now drenched pussy, collecting her juices into his hand then rubbing it over her ass, which he would then lick off. “I need to squirt my cum, please, please finger fuck my pussy, make me cum, make me squirt!”

Josh happily obliged. He slapped her pussy once, then three of his fingers slipped in with ease. She groaned deeply and be began roughly finger fucking her before her legs started to shake and her torso collapsed onto the grass. “Fuck, fuck, I’m cumming, my pussy is squirting, here it comessss!” just as she spoke, Josh entered two fingers deep into her ass hole which began throbbing in time with the convulsions in her pussy. She squirted two jets of girl cum, soaking the grass around them even more. Elly breathed heavily, turning her head to look up at Josh in the corner of her eye.

“I knew you were a slut Elly, but fuck! Squirting and anal! You’re incredible!” Josh said as he lowered his jeans, his hard cock desperate to get out of his boxers. She eyed it and bit her lip before turning round and sitting on her knees, where she began rubbing his bulge through his boxers. “Mmmm, I want this cock gagging me! Choke me with your dick Josh, please, fuck my throat!” she almost shouted this time, and moved into position so she was laying flat out on her front in the wet grass, and held her top half up with her arms equal in height to Joshs cock, which he had now freed.

Elly slapped his cock a couple times, held it at the base, opened her slutty mouth wide and took the six inches to the back of her throat in a single go. “Fuck!” exlaimed Josh, feeling his cock head on her tonsils, and the brunette began to gag, yet made no effort to take it out. The girl seemed to like choking. Josh thrusted in and out of her mouth fast enjoying the sounds of her chocking, and allowed her to heave on his cock twice before finally pulling out, both moaning as his cock was now drenched in spit. As the girl was catching her breath, Josh hit the side of her face with his cock which she seemed to love. Her face was red and her eyes watery, Josh almost came at the sight.

The boy continued the rough fucking of her throat until he was on the verge of cumming, “Oh shit Elly your mouth is perfect, I’m so close to cumming. I want to cum all over your ass!” he said with excitement, and she gave a little smile as she wiped the tears from her face. “Fuck my ass first, my tiny hole needs a cock, then you can fill my shitter with cum!” she told him, turning back around into the doggy style position. Josh slapped her reddend cheeks hard then placed the tip of his cock between her perfect bum cheeks.

“Your ass is so warm, holy fuck.” He sighed then pushed in his first inch, spreading the girls extremely tight hole open. She almost screamed and thrashed her head back, her mouth open, dribbling in pure ecstasy. “I need all of it in, my ass needs to be stuffed, please, fill it! Fill my slutty ass!” Elly was begging, she was so desperate for his cock, and he finally pushed in another two inches, moaning in union at the incredible sensation of her anus. “I’m filling your ass, slut. Your perfect ass is heaven, so fucking tight!” the rest of his cock forced it’s way in and his balls rested agaisn’t her pussy. He didn’t move for a few seconds to allow her to familiarize herself with the anal intrusion, before he bagan a steady paced thrust.

Elly reached underneath herself and began stroking her clit, knowing Josh wouldn’t last long. “Fill my ass with your cum as I squirt! Cum with me, baby.” It was the most effectionate thing she had ever said, and he felt her ass tighten even more around his cock. The familiar sensation was building it up in his balls. “Oh shit, shit, fuck, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum in your shit hole, oh fuck!” he shouted, she moaned even louder as she teased her clit. “Cum now! Fill me! I’m squirting too!” she announced with pleasure, and as her girl cum gushed from her pussy, his boy cum entered her bowels.

After two minutes of panting, Josh’s cock slipped out from her anus and he rubbed her thighs with affection. Although the girl had fucked every boy he knew, she had never been so outrageous as she had been just now. “My filthy ass needs cleaning, piss on me. Drench my hole and cheeks.” She spoke as calm as ever, and as if by magic Josh felt the sudden urge to pee, and doing as asked he pointed his cock towards her hole and pissed all over it to the sounds of her gentle moaning. “Your piss feels so good Josh, I’m gonna piss soon, watch me, mmm” So she joined him, and pissed for the second time, this time it was a clear white. “You’re one filthy slut Elly, let’s do this again some time.” He said, and slapped her ass one final time before leaving her to clean herself up.

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