The Secret Life of Michelle - sex story

The Secret Life of Michelle

If anyone had ever looked at Michelle, while passing her on the
street, you'd never guess how interesting this girl was. She was a
long haired brunette, with a fairly athletic build, and a great smile.
Michelle was well liked among her friends at the Hamilton Heights
Academy, and one of the better students who'd be graduating this
coming May. Michelle's friends were generally the children of wealthy
aristocrats, and as such they never really got into much trouble, so
Michelle was raraely tempted to stay out late, or to indulge in any
type of illegal behavior. The one thing Michelle was NOT, however, was
a snob. She regularly volunteered at the soup kitchen in the city with
a group of her friends (they called it "maintiaining an image," she
called it "helping out.") Everything Michelle did was to make
everyone happy. Her parents were fiercely proud of her for who she was
and were generally very lenient for the conservative background that
they were raised. But, as they said to Michelle, she had never given
them any reason to mis-trust her and they appreciated that, so
Michelle could generally do as she pleased. This was the Michelle that
everyone saw and loved. But, as we all have, Michelle had desires and
impulses and that she kept to herself, longing for the day that she
could realize those dreams.
Spring came, as it always does, and eventually May was upon the
picturesque New England town. Graduation day arrived, and Michelle had
restlessly sleeping all night, excited with the anticipation of high
school finally being over. She tossed and turned all night, and upon
looking at herself in the mirror in the morning, she realized that she
had a little time before she would have to leave for graduation, all
the more time for a long, eye-opening shower to wash away the signs of
her restless sleep. She climbed out of her pajamas and into her robe,
then turned on the the shower, a little bit warmer than normal. When
the spray was even and strong, Michelle climbed out of her robe and
into the warm fine streams of water.
"Ahhhhhh...." She thought to herself as the water hit her naked
body, "that feels really good." She turned her back to the water at
first, to let her body get used to the abnormally hot water, then as
her skin warmed and wetted, she turned slowly around, letting her
sides get watered down. As she turned to face the shower head, the
streams of hot water hit her breasts, she jumped a little bit, not
expecting the water to be so hot upon them, but eventually she relaxed
and let the water course over her body. The water trickled down under
the curves of her breasts and stayed there, adhered to her body the
water felt really good, so she lifted each breast and let the water
flow around them. She let out a slight sigh as her breasts were warmed
all over. Michelle squeezed her breast gently, and noticed that her
nipples were not as soft as they normally were.
Michelle was not a stranger to hard nipples. She had had a
boyfriend named Alex and they were together for a few months before
his parents had pulled him from the Academy for financial reasons.
They'd been sad to part, but they didn't want to ruin their friendship
by a long-distance relationship. But during their times as a couple,
he had touched her bare breasts and she knew how good it felt to her,
and how much he liked it. They'd never had sex, or even close to it.
But they'd experienced enough of each other to know what made the
opposite sex tick.
So as she squeezed her breast she remebered the good times she'd
had with Alex. She ran her fingers over her nipples a few times,
feeling them harden with each passing tap. She sighed and decided it
was time to wash up, she didn't want to sadden on this day. She was
determined to make everyting right today. She reached for the soap and
began to lather up. Starting from her arms she glided the soap over
her body, working up a rich, foamy lather. She came to her breasts and
was extra-specially careful about not arousing herself too much more,
even as her hands glided over her hard nipples. She worked her way
down her tummy, making sure to get her sides and her lower back. She
slid her hands down to her soft patch of pubic hair which was neatly
trimmed along her bikini line. She felt the soap raising the soft
hairs up a little as the small bubbles formed. She moved down a bit
over the mound of her pussy, and was suprised to find it as wet as it
was (besides the water that is.) She couldn't resist giving her self a
quick tap on the clitoris, and the sudden pleasure made her smile to
herself. She moved down the insides of her thighs and the around to
the outside. Down her strong legs and over the tips of her neatly
petticured toes. While bent over washing her feet, she lost a bit of
her balance and fell backwards against the wall. She had felt herself
losing balance, but didn't worry about it because she figured she'd
just lean up against the wall. But she didn't expect her labia to
touch the colder tiles on the wall, and that made a small shock of
pleasure go through her system.
"Ohh.... why not?" She said out loud. She straightened up and
brought her hands to her crotch. She slid one finger in between her
labia, and the warmth of her juices was greater than that of the
water. She slid her finger around the outside of her pussy until her
finger was covered in her own juices, the she slid it into her pussy,
swirling it around inside of herself to tap her G-spot. Meanwhile her
other hand had worked itself onto her breasts and was massaging and
kneading each one in sensual arcs. She felt her nipples harden, she
tapped them in time with her finger on her G-spot. Michelle really
enjoyed that feeling. She felt as if her entire body was one big
sexual nerve. And at the time it was. Her clitoris was swollen enough
so that every time she moved her finger in side of herself, her palm
would press into her clitoris. She pulled her finger out for a second
or two and flickered over her clitoris, sending her waves of
pre-orgasmic pleasure. Her orgasm was coming soon, she could feel the
tension building inside of her. She moved her finger back into her
pussy touched the soft, wet flesh of her G-spot. Michelle leaned up
against the corner of the shower for support, and closed her eyes.
Letting her fantasies dance through her head. She saw herself on a bed
on the beach, a warm gentle breeze flowing over her nude body as her
pussy was licked by some unknown, strong, sensual man. She saw herself
writhing in pleasure on the bed, grabbing his head and pushing his
face hard into her mound, letting his tongue drive deeper into her.
She saw him reach up and begin to tap and squeeze her nipples as his
tongue glided over her clitoris. She saw her body spasming, knowing
that in a few seconds...
Michelle's body snapped up to standing, her hands quickly moving
from her crotch and breasts.
"How long are you going to be in there, Hon? It's almost time to
go!" Michelle's mother asked.
"I'll be out in a few minutes!" Michelle yelled back. "Damn it!"
she thought, she'd been really close to cumming. "I can catch it!" she
yelled to herself. She reached down to her clitoris and let her finger
fly faster and faster. She felt her body tense up again, slowly
albeit, but she had caught her orgasmic wave before it left her
completely. She grabbed and pulled at her nipples, desperately trying
to bring her orgasm back as quickly as she could. She was almost
frantic that she'd miss it and the residual tension would be with her
all day. Michelle brought her mind back to the beach and the nameless
man licking her clitoris, trying to feel his tongue upon her clit. She
was concentrating so hard she fell against the shower wall with a
**THUMP** She held her breath and put all of her mental effort into
think about her orgasm, and then all hell broke loose. Her body
spasmed hard enough that her body came away from the wall and then hit
again. Michelle gasped in a breathfull of air, lest she pass out. She
felt the ripples of pleasure throughout her body. Her knees weakened,
and she forced herself to stop tapping her clitoris so she wouldn't
fall over.
She straightened up slowly, to make sure she could support her
weight on her weak knees. they held and she realized she hadn't washed
her hair yet. She grabbed the shampoo and gave her long brown hair a
quick once over and rinsed. She turned off the water and grabbed a
towel to dry off.
"Ahhh!" She yelped as the towel hit her very sensitive nipples,
"I'll have to be careful with those for a while," she thought. She
stepped out of the shower into the colder air of the bathroom and
didn't like that the cold air made her nipples even more sensitive.
She looked in the mirror and saw her entire body was red, from the
orgasm she surmised but it could have been from the hot water...
besides, who'd notice? She threw on her robe, being careful about her
breasts, and went back to her room.
Michelle, finally back in her room, saw that she'd been in the
shower for about 35 minutes... No wonder her mom had knocked! Well she
went to her closet and selected the white dress they had bought just
for her graduation. She layed it out on the bed and went to her
dresser for her underwear, slip, and stockings. As she disrobed, she
felt angry that her mom had knocked when she did, for the orgasm
wasn't nearly what it would have been had she been un-interrupted. Oh
well, she thought. She thought back to the first time she'd
masturbated; In her bed, she'd been 18 at the time, she found herself
one night waking from a dream with her hand covered in her juices with
her hand on her mound. She couldn't remember the dream, but she felt
warm, but a little scared, for she didn't know if she was turing into
a pervert or something. It bothered her for a while until she read in
a teen magazine that masturbation was normal, and it wasn't dirty or
anything. In fact, the article had extolled masturbation as the safest
form of sexual pleasure, and that had made Michelle feel a lot better
about it. She re-discovered it a few days later and has been doing it
ever since on a regular basis.
"Get DRESSED!" She scolded herself for letting her mind wander. She
dressed hurriedly and went to the bathroom again to do her face (not
that she really needed much,) brush her teeth, and do her hair, which
she was glad that her hair style was rather low maintenance. Finished
with all of that she ran downstairs to the kitchen for a quick banana
(a little smirk crossed her face... Ahhh memories!) and then left for

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