The taboo challenge - sex story

The taboo challenge

I was meeting Anne for a drink to celebrate the end of the week. Like every Friday afternoon, we met in the bar across the street for margaritas and salted pretzels. I had already ordered cocktails for two and was waiting for my friend to arrive. I have known Anne practically my whole life, but we had kind of lost contact after we both got married. But, a couple of years ago, the company I worked for had outgrown the office building it was in and moved to a new location in one of the high-rises that had been erected as part of an urban renewal project. It turned out, Anne was working in the very same building.

It was a surprise to face her in the elevator one morning, but despite the years, we connected immediately and after work we went to a little bar across the street to get reacquainted. Like me, she was recently divorced and mother of a nineteen year old son, so we had a lot in common and we talked and laughed for hours. It was the first of many margarita-fueled Friday afternoons during which we gossiped and shared our secrets.

I didn't have to wait long for Anne to arrive. She sat down at the table and immediately started talking. I just nodded and sipped my cocktail while she rambled on. Sometimes the only thing to do was to sit and listen. She'd run out of air soon enough.
As usual, after a few drinks, the subject turned to sex. A mischievous twinkle in her eyes told me that moment had just arrived.

Anne emptied her glass and signed to the waiter for two more cocktails. Then she leaned over to me and began to talk in a low voice.
“Have you heard of this thing called the taboo challenge?” she asked.
“The what?” I asked, thinking I had misheard.
“Taboo-challenge” she repeated, overly stretching the words.
“Right, that's what I thought you said” I laughed and emptied my glass, giving it to the waiter who placed a new glass in front of me. I waited for the guy to walk out of hearing distance and continued. “Now, what the fuck is a taboo challenge?”
Anne looked around to see if anyone was listening and scooted closer.
“It’s the latest fad, or meme, as they call it. Lots of kids are doing it. Have you ever heard of an 80's porn movie called Taboo II?”
“Yeah, it's about this family that ends up having sex together, right?”
“Right. It was the highest selling erotic film before the invention of the internet”
“I think I've seen that one, Michael used to own a copy on VHS. The mom… what's her name?”
“Honey Wilder?”
“Right, that's her. Michael used to say I looked just like her.”
“Well, you do have big tit-”
“Hey!” I yelled, slapping her arm in feigned indignation. Actually, I was quite proud of my 'girls', and Anne knew it. I looked around, but nobody was paying much attention to two secretaries having a few margaritas.

“So anyway, you were talking about a challenge?”
“Erm, right. What they do is, somebody nominates a brother and sister, and they have to watch the movie together. And every time there's a sex scene, they have to take a shot of vodka or tequila.”
“Okayyy… is that it?”
“Basically, yes… well, the challenge is to watch it from the beginning to the end, without having sex together. Apparently, it is not as easy as it seems”

I tried to appear moderately interested, but my body was beginning to betray me. Most noticeable, my nipples were trying to poke holes in my blouse. “And then what?” I asked, trying to sound casually.
“After they're finished... either way... they post a video online in which they nominate two or more other sets of siblings.”

Anne didn't know this, but I was no stranger to incest. Not only had I lost my virginity to my brother, but we became avid fuck buddies for many years since. It even went so far that our parents allowed us to share a double bed together, knowing it would be futile to keep us separated. It had been by far the best time of my life.

While I was lost in thought, Anne had retrieved her phone from her bag and was nimbly typing on the small on-screen keyboard. She then handed it to me. “Look, there’s hundreds of videos on this one website alone. Just press one that's tagged 'Taboo Challenge'.”
I did as she said and a grainy video appeared of a naked girl sitting on a sofa. The camera moved around a bit and then an equally naked boy sat down next to the girl.
“Hi, I am Ben” the guy said, “and this is my sister Amy. We got nominated for the Taboo challenge by Trevor and Michelle, and...” He looked to the girl next to him and sort of giggled nervously.
“...we just had sex together.” the girl finished the sentence, also with a nervous giggle. She returned his gaze and patted her brother on the leg. It was obvious neither if them had any regrets or feelings of shame, and they were likely to have sex again.
“Now we would like to nominate Josh and Lauri...” she added, looking into the camera again.
“...and Dylan and Denise” the brother finished.

The guy then bent forward towards the camera and the screen went black. Back on the main page, I tapped on another image. The video was more or less the same as the previous one, except this girl's face was dripping with cum.
“So how do you know all of this?” I asked as I scrolled through screen after screen.
She looked around again before she replied.
“Luann told me about it. You didn't hear about this from me, but apparently, she caught Steven and Alice while they were… you know… in front of the TV”
“He was fucking his sister?” I whispered.
Anne nodded and took a big sip of her cocktail.
“So this is real then? I mean...”
“Well for them it was, but I guess most of these videos are fake.”

I played another movie, posted only a minute ago. It was a video of a threesome no less. One girl and two guys lay naked in a bed together. The likeness between them was undeniable. The boys looked like they were twins, and she could easily be their real sister as well. One of the brothers was spooning the sister, softly thrusting his hips while she jacked off the other brother, who was talking into the camera.

Dammit, my panties were swamped! Imagine, even if only a few percent of the videos was real, that would still be a lot. Hundreds, maybe thousands of siblings were now tasting the illicit pleasures of incest, and all because of an internet meme and a thirty year old fuck flick. Oh, what an age we live in…

“And all of this is started just by watching one video?” I asked as indifferently as possible.
“Yeah, at least that's how the story goes. Supposedly, it has something to do with pheromones and such. Basically, it is impossible for a man to watch porn with a woman and not want to have sex with her, no matter who she is.”
“I have to say, that sounds perfectly credible. Just smile at a man and he's ready for sex. Imagine what a bit of porn does to them.”
“Yeah, but still… these are not just any ordinary boys and girls, they are brothers and sisters. And don't forget, the girl has to do it too”
“Well, that's what the shots are for, right? Porn and alcohol is a dangerous mix”
“but any girl? I mean... ANY girl?”
“Well, maybe not if she's gay, but otherwise… Yes, i wouldn't be surprised if it really was true”
“Can't be. Sure there are a lot of sluts, but...”
“Oh, we all are Anne,” I chuckled, “some are just better at hiding it”
“I don't believe that”

Anne had run out of arguments, but she was not quite ready to acquiesce. She ran her fingertip around the rim of her glass and then licked the salt of her finger as she thought of a way to prove me wrong.

“What if...” she said, her voice trailing off before she finished her sentence, as if she wasn't sure to say it.
“What did you have in mind?”
My son. I was surprised by my friends lewd suggestion. Amused too. “Oh, that's sick… but I like the way you're thinking”
“Do you think you would get so drunk, or horny, that you'd be willing to have sex with your own son?”
“I'm afraid I really might do just that… and probably enjoy it too”
“Hey, I’m just being honest”

I actually was being honest. More than once I had woken up in a stranger's bedroom after a night of drinking, and some of them were guys I wouldn't even look at when sober. Given my predisposition towards incest, I wouldn't put it past me to end up in Jay's bed.

“Care for a wager?” Anne asked suddenly.
“You mean...?”
She nodded, a smug smile on her face. “It would definitely prove that you're right. I mean, if it works with your own son...” she reasoned.
“...it would work with anyone, is that what you want to say?” I asked.

She had me cornered, and she knew it. While I wasn't wholly opposed to a romp with my handsome son, I didn't want to jeopardize our relationship, just to prove a point. Suddenly, a thought occurred to me. It might be a way out of this quandary, or at the very least I would drag my friend down with me.

“It might be worth a try… But you forget one thing”
“And what's that?”
“The challenge is not to commit incest, right?” I asked.
“I guess”
“And while I believe it's a likely consequence, you say that it is in no way inevitable.”
“Surely it can't be that hard. So what?”
“Well, then it should be YOU who has to disprove it”
“Eh?” she asked in surprise now that the tables had turned.
“You have to prove it's possible to watch the entire movie and do shots with your son, without it resulting in the two of you having sex together”
“But… why me?”
“Well, what if I decide to have sex with Jay, just to prove you wrong?”
“You wouldn't do that”
“No, but you don't know that. You, on the other hand, have nothing to gain by fucking your son Matt. Therefore it should be you who does the challenge, and not me”

Anne was thinking for a moment, looking for an excuse, or an error in my logic. Obviously, the drinks weren't helping and after a while she gave up.
“Okay, but I’m not doing it alone. You're doing it too” Anne finally said.
No way I was going to chicken out now.
“I guess that's fair. We'll both do it then”
“So, what's the wager?” she asked, sipping her cocktail.
“How about… this month's bar tab?”
“Do we have a bet?”
“We have a bet”
“Then finish your drink, Anne”
“What for?”
“We're going shopping”
We grabbed our stuff, said goodbye to the barman and got outside. The fresh air sobered us up a little, but so much that we called off the bet.

Not far away, on the other side of the elevated railway that Anne and I always used to commute lay one of the more seedy parts of town. There were bars, strip clubs and, in all likelihood, a few sex shops too, so we decided to go there. Surprisingly, the first shop we tried had several copies of the classic video in stock.

The man at the teller grinned as he rang up the two DVD's. “Taboo II” he said, “We sell these a lot lately. The kids just love it”
I payed the man and mumbled a “Thank you” as I took the plain white bag..
“Have a nice weekend, ma'am” he replied with a wink.
I could feel my cheeks redden and we quickly fled the store before we embarrassed ourselves some more. The guy just chuckled and went back to reading his paper. I gave one of the DVD's to Anne and kept the other one myself.

On our way back to the El rail, we made a little detour via a liquor store to stock up on alcohol. Anne chose tequila, while I preferred vodka.
Both carrying in our handbag half a gallon of liquor and one of the raunchiest pornos ever made, we walked back to the station. We had just missed the train, so there were no people there as we waited for the next train to arrive.
“So if I...” Anne said, “I can't believe I’m saying this... If I don't have sex with my son, I win?”
“Yes, and if you do get fucked, I win.”
“Both of us” she corrected me.
“That's what you said. ANY girl, remember?”
“Okay, that's fair. So if only one of us gets laid, it's a draw?”
“Yes, but then you'll have fucked your son pointlessly”
“Sex is never pointless. Besides, has it occurred to you that it might be me who is able to resist and you're not?”
“Hah, like that's gonna happen!”

The platform slowly filled with other commuters waiting for the El. We didn't talk much, as there were always people close. A few minutes later the train arrived and we got on. Anne got off first, and I exited the train a few stops later.

That evening, while Jay and I were eating, I couldn't help but look at my son and imagine what could happen this evening. Multiple scenarios played though my head, but most of them ended with me on all fours and him fucking me from behind.
Though I hadn't seen him naked in years, I knew Jay was a handsome young man. He had inherited his father's good looks, but was a little leaner and more muscular from his daily swimming. Luckily, Jay had not inherited his father's asshole personality. He was a gentle and caring person, even a bit shy.
Although he probably could have just about any girl he wanted, he has had only one girlfriend, as far as I knew. They had been together for four years, but they had broken up recently.

I tried to act normal but I'm sure Jay must have sensed something was going on. He didn't say anything, just quietly ate his dinner and helped loading the dishwasher when we were done.

After dinner I suggested we'd go watch a movie.
“Sure, which one?” he asked, “Shall I choose one?”
“No I’ve got one already” I replied from the kitchen.
“Okay. I'll close the drapes and dim the lights.”
“Thanks. I'll be there in a sec.”

I put the DVD in the player and turned on the TV. I sat down on the couch and waited for Jay to join me.
“Now this is gonna be a bit weird, but I need you to watch this movie with me”
“I sort of promised Anne we'd watch this movie together” I said. It wasn't the complete truth, but it wasn't really a lie either.
“Okay” he answered a little hesitant.

I pressed a button on the remote and a few seconds later, the title filled the screen and then the menu of the DVD itself. I pressed start and the movie began to play. It started quite innocently, but within a few minutes, the first naked lady was on display and moments later she and her friend were sucking the huge cock of the male protagonist. Had there been any doubt as to what kind of movie I had picked out for us, it was all gone now.

“What the hell, mom?” Jay asked shocked as the young man started thrusting his cock into the mature woman's hairy cunt.
“Shush, it's okay. Just sit and watch baby”
Still visibly uneasy, he sat back and watched the screen.
“Here, have a drink” I said, handing him the first shot of vodka. After all, this was a sex scene, and therefore it was time for a shot.

Unaware of the risk, Jay took the shot and downed it in one gulp. Not wanting to be outdone by my son, I followed suit. The vodka burned my throat and stomach. Years of margaritas had seriously weakened my tolerance for hard liquor. I could already feel my head getting lighter. A few more of these and I would be sucking cock for sure.

Jay was shifting in his seat as we watched the woman getting fucked by the young man. I refilled the glasses and set them on the table, ready for the next scene.
“Have you ever done something like that?” I asked
“That? No”
“Not? Didn't you and Kim…?”
“Yeah, but… I thought you meant, like, with an older woman”
“She's not that old. I think I’m older than she is”
“I didn't mean to say she was old, just older than me. You're not old, you're-”
Jay just kept babbling until he got his foot in his mouth. Although it might be fun to tease him a little more, I didn't want to force things. I wasn't quite ready to fuck my son. Curious? Yes. Ready? No… not yet.

Jay watched in silence how the guy shot his sperm all over the woman's tits. Sneaking a glance in his lap, I noticed he was getting an erection. A nice one too, I was proud to see.

“Look at how hairy everyone was on those days” I said, pointing at the daughter who was doing nude yoga in front of her brother.
“Yeah” he grunted. The shot of vodka may have dulled his embarrassment, it hadn't loosened his tongue much. Well, at least it was a start.
“You could get lost in a forest like that. What do you prefer, natural or shaved?”
“Shaved, definitely”
“Yeah, me too. Haven't got laid in months, but still I keep everything neat and smooth down there, so I’m always prepared, always ready”
“God mom, that's way too much information!”
“Well, excuse me for being a woman”
“You're not a woman, you're my mom!”

I chuckled at his reaction, both at his voiced disapproval and his physical reaction, which was quite the opposite. The bulge in his pants was now a full tent, and in a futile attempt to hide his condition, he covered his crotch with the TV guide.

Fifteen minutes and two shots of vodka later, the male protagonist had finally succeeded in seducing his sister. As he was thrusting his cock into the girl, memories of years ago went through my head.
My first time had not been very different from the one on video. Okay, there had been no girlfriend to help us get started, but once my brother licked my pussy, I was lost forever. It was like I watching myself, laying underneath my brother and feeling for the first time what it was to be filled up by a man.

God, I was getting horny. My pussy was begging to be touched, to be pounded by a big, hard cock, or at the very least a finger on my clit. It was at moments like these that I missed my husband Michael. Despite him being a total asshole, he was an excellent cocksman.

This particular movie was one of his favorites, as the wear on the VHS tape was evidence of. Knowing that incest was one of his major perks, I had told him my secret one night after sex. It got him so excited, he was instantly up for two more rounds, and then again later in the night. I am sure that, had we had a daughter, he would have fucked her too, whether she wanted or not. That's the kind of asshole he was.

The son was fucking his sister once more, so we both took another shot of vodka. I was starting to get used to the burning sensation.

“Do you think it's a pity you don't have a sister?” I asked, after I had refilled the glasses and set them on the table, ready for the next scene.
“Your father and I, we did try. We tried day and night, but, well...”
“It's okay mom, I don't feel like I’ve missed anything. And it's not like this sort of thing really happens, right?”
“I err… I wouldn't be too sure of that”
“What do you mean, mom?
“Don't tell this to anyone, but my friend Luann, she caught her kids fucking.”
“No way! Steven?”
“Shit, you know him?”
“Hell yeah, he used to be in my class, he and his sister, Alice”
“Yeah, that's them alright”
“Wow” he sighed. “for real?”
I nodded.
“Let me tell you something else… When she caught them, they were watching this same movie”
“So this shit really happens?” he asked amazed.
“Probably more often than you think”
He whistled and uttered a “Damn”.

I think he was beginning to regret not having a sister now. I was tempted to tell him about the experiences I had with his uncle when I was his age, but I decided not to. I was feeling quite drunk and really horny now. Jay wasn't doing much better. The TV guide had slid off his lap and lay forgotten on the couch. The tent caused by his erection was now totally visible again, and a big wet spot was growing around its tip.

“Take it out” I suddenly heard myself say.
Six shots of vodka had taken its toll on Jay as well. “Show me your tits” he said back. My heart skipped a beat as I realized what his request entailed. With a bit of difficulty, I managed to undo the top buttons of my dress and pulled my full breasts out of the purple and black cups of my bra. Jay's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he ogled my naked breasts.

“Take it out” I repeated.

This time, Jay opened his fly and pulled down his pants far enough to free his erect cock. It was big and fat, with a nice round head that was fully exposed and slick with precum. I could only imagine how delightful it would feel sliding inside me.
“Do you like my tits?” I asked
“They're gorgeous, mom”
“Wanna see more?”
He didn't say yes, but I could see the forbidden hunger in my son's eyes. I stood up and let my dress fall on the floor. Reaching behind my back, I unclasped my bra and let it fall as well. I was now wearing nothing but my tiny purple and black panties. Jay's jaw literally dropped as he gawked at me standing almost naked in front of him. Before I sat down, I slowly spun around and treated Jay to a view of my firm and round ass.

When I sat down on the couch again, I made sure to land right next to Jay. My breast was less than an inch from his arm and my hand was as close to his cock as possible without actually touching him.

The incestuous couple in the movie had got caught and the son shifted his attention towards his mom. It didn't take much effort before the mother succumbed to his advances and soon she was greedily sucking on her son's cock. Right now, I was experiencing the same lust she was feeling and I knew it was only a matter of time before I too would be sucking my son's cock. Jay also seemed to be aware of this, as his cock was throbbing and oozing precum.

“Stroke it” I hissed.
He looked at me and hesitated. I nodded at his cock, wordlessly repeating my request.
“I can't do that, mom” he said after a while.
I wasn't taking no for an answer. The alcohol and porn had transformed me from a loving mother to a cock-hungry slut.
“Sure you can. It's easy, look” I said and took my son's cock in my hand.
Jay gasped and I felt his cock throb in my hand as I started to masturbate him.
“Hush” I said “Let mommy make you feel good”
“Oh god” he groaned as he sank down and opened his legs to give me full access to his cock and balls.

“Do you think she's hot?” I asked lewdly as the son deftly lined his cock up with his mother's pussy.
He didn't say anything.
“Well, do you?”
“You know, your father used to say I look like her”
“God mom, please” he groaned.

He looked at me, his cock and then the incestuous couple on the screen. By now, I had all but forgotten about Anne or the Taboo challenge. All I could think about was this beautiful cock in my hand, and the pleasure it could give us. I straddled my son's legs and continued to masturbate him with both hands.

“Imagine that's you and me...” I whispered, rubbing my thumb over the little eye of his cock, “mother and son… fucking”

On impulse I rose onto my knees and pulled the crotch of my panties to one side. My aroused pussy was now naked and exposed. I rubbed Jay's cock in little circles around my clit and then moved it further down, between my slick lips. My son's precum mixed with my own secretions in a prelude of what was to come next.
“Do you like what you see?” I whispered. “I know you want it”
“God, yes!” he groaned.
I leaned forward a bit more. I could feel the tip of Jay's cock force its way into me, into his own mother's dripping wet vagina.
“Do you want it?” I asked teasingly, lowering myself a little more. “Do you want to fuck mommy's pussy?”
“Fuck yes, mom, I want to fuck your pussy” he grunted as he slid in another fraction of an inch.

Jay grabbed my ass and pulled me down onto his cock. I don't know who wanted this more, him or me. I stopped teasing and let my ass drop, taking him deep inside me. My son's large cock filled me up completely, I could feel his knob press firmly against my cervix as my ass touched his thighs. Not since his father had left, almost six years ago, had I had something this big inside me.
We both groaned as our bodies united. I wrapped my arms around his neck and as I looked into Jay's eyes, we closed in and our lips met. His lips opened and my tongue slipped into his mouth. While we were kissing, I started to slowly rock my hips.

We kissed a long time, during which our tongues explored and played together while our bodies mated. After we finally broke our kiss minutes later, we were both gasping for air. I leaned back and, looking down, I saw my son's cock slide in and out of me. It was shiny and wet with my juices,
“I can't believe I'm actually fucking you, mom” he grunted
“Me neither” I gasped, “It's like I’m dreaming”
He removed one of his hands from my ass and pinched my nipple.
“Ouch” I yelped, “what did you do that for?”
“To make sure you're not dreaming, mom”
I pressed my mouth back on his. “Less talking, more fucking” I grunted.

Jay renewed his grip on my ass and started to bounce me up and down in his lap. My one hand was around his neck and the other one kept my panties aside. I leaned back again and, supported by Jay's strong arms, rapidly moved my hips up and down. We were truly fucking now and loud squishy noises sounded from my incredibly wet pussy.
I knew a massive orgasm was close at hand and I rubbed my clit while I fucked my son's cock as hard as I could. Seconds later my body tensed up and the first waves of bliss washed over me. I clung onto my son's muscular body as I came. He just held me tightly and did his best not to wince as my nails dug into his back.

As I finally relaxed, I was surprised Jay hadn't cum yet. I lifted myself onto my knees again and let my son slip out of my pussy. I lay down on my back and pulled Jay between my legs. He was eager to enter me again, but first he grabbed my panties and pulled them down my legs.
“Dad was wrong” he said as he gazed at my now completely naked body, “You're much more beautiful than that actress”
He kneeled and kissed my belly, just below the navel. Then again on my smooth mound and finally right on my clit. It was like a volcano of pleasure erupted as he closed his lips around the little pink nub and teased it with his tongue.
I was a little proud to learn my son really knew how to please a girl. His tongue and fingers instinctively found each and every good spot. He tried different things and quickly learned what made me the hottest. Determined to make me cum again, he tickled my G-spot with two fingers and his lips and tongue kissed and licked my lips and tumid clit.

I was absolutely powerless against his skill and prowess. Another great orgasm washed over me, by far the best orgasm I ever had. I was seeing stars and the whole world was spinning as I kept cumming for what felt like ten or twenty minutes. Jay kept fingering and licking me throughout my orgasm and then seamlessly into a second and third one. Finally, I had to pull his mouth off my overly sensitive pussy and dragged him on top of me to kiss that wonderful mouth.

I didn't get much of a chance to recuperate because as he lowered his body onto mine, his cock nestled between my labia again. Before I knew what was happening, he thrust his hips upwards and slid inside me. I suddenly felt myself being filled up again and instinctively I raised my legs to allow my son full entrance and maximum penetration. Right away he began fucking me with all his might.

I could see Jay wasn't going to last very long. He was breathing faster, panting almost, and he was sweating profusely. Though his movements became more frantic and erratic, he tried to slow down and last longer. A minute later he grabbed his cock and started to pull out. I quickly crossed my legs behind his back, preventing him from pulling out any further.
“It's okay, you can cum inside me” I whispered.
Jay pushed back in and began to thrust more deeply and rapidly. Within seconds, my son tensed up and then his cock began to throb as it spat gob after gob of thick, sperm laden cum against my cervix. He groaned and kissed me passionately as he continued to slowly fuck me with the last of his erection.

We lay in each others arms for a long time after our coupling, cuddling and kissing. I lay half on the couch, half on the floor and Jay was still on top of me, his head resting on my soft chest. His wilted cock had slipped from my pussy and I could feel his cum drip down my ass and legs.
“You were great” I said between kisses.
“You too” he whispered.
“I love you”
“Hmm, I love you too, mom”

As I looked at the TV, I saw the movie was still running. By now, the daughter had sneaked into her parents' bed and was sucking off her father. I slowly stroked Jays cock as we watched the last part of the movie and by the time it was finished, Jay's cock was hard again.

“Let's go to bed, Jay” I said.
He picked me up in his arms and carried me to my room.

We fucked again in my bed. He lasted a lot longer this second time. About an hour later, we fell asleep in each others' arms.
The next morning I woke up with a heavy hangover. My stomach was protesting and my head was aching. As soon as my eyes stopped hurting from the light, I saw I wasn't alone in my bed. Next to me was my son and he appeared to be naked. What was even worse was that my tender pussy was evidence of lots of sex.

It took a while to remember what had let to this, but then I remembered the fantastic sex I had with Jay, how his strong, big cock had given me more pleasure than I had thought possible. I lifted the blanket and peeked underneath. My son was already sporting another huge erection. Despite my hangover, I was feeling mighty horny again. I decided to wake him up with a nice blowjob.

I crawled under the blanket and grabbed Jay's cock. The skin was still a bit tacky from all the sex last night and it reeked incredibly arousing. I licked the smooth tip and then sucked it into my mouth.
It wasn't long before I felt my son's hands in my hair. Looking up I saw his sleepy face, his eyes open and a blissful smile on his lips. I went back to work and sucked him until he came in my mouth.

Later that day, Anne and I agreed to meet again in the cafe. I got there a little earlier than she did. I still had a massive hangover from all the vodka I drank last night. I ordered two Bloody Mary's as I waited for Anne. My stomach was complaining, but the drink was helping a bit.

A few minutes later, Anne walked in the bar. Her footing was a little unsteady and her eyes were a little red. She had a hangover, alright, but she was also smiling broadly.
The way she was looking made me fear I was going to have to pay up.

She sat down at the table and took a sip from her Bloody Mary.
“Well?” I asked.
“Hmmm, I think it could use a little more Tabasco”
“Not the drink, you twat, Matt!”
She put down the drink and smiled again,
“I lost” she said honestly. “I lost three times last night, and I lost twice more this morning. And, you know what… I've never been this happy!”
I couldn't help but laugh at her confession. Immediately a piercing pain in my brain caused me to stop and cradle my head in my hands.
“And how did your evening with Jay go?” Anne asked as I opened my eyes again.
“Well, I won big. I mean like seven or eight inches big”
We both laughed again until our heads hurt.
“Aww… my head is killing me” Anne complained.
“yeah, mine too. I don't think these Bloody Mary's work at all”
“No, but it was worth it”
“So, I guess you didn't lose at all. It sounds like we both won”
“I'll drink to that, Lynda!”
“Me too” I said, lifting my glass. “But you're still paying”

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Charlotte had been seeing Ben behind her husbands back for just over two years and during that time they’d spent some wild times together. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her husband, just that she’d grown bored of the same old grind, she’d ..continue reading

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A neighbor from my teen years moved to a new home. She is now in her eighties. She said since she moved to her new home she was not able to take a hot bath or shower. I am now a plumber and she called me for help. It was easy to adjust the maximum te ..continue reading