The widow's family (widow,incest,family,xxx)

The widow's family

Things had been tough for Lauren since the death of her husband two years ago. She had married young to a man fifteen years her senior and now, at the ripe old age of twenty-nine, had inherited two teenage stepsons and a teenage stepdaughter. Just what any man would want, she used to think to herself. Marry a widow with a ready made family.

Oh, she had her share of dates since she went back to active involvement. There was the cute banker who literally ran out of the house when he met the kids. There was the store owner who, though he at least stayed around for a few drinks, had never bothered to call her again. And there had been others but the ending was always the same. One date, meet the kids, gone. After nine or ten different guys, Lauren about gave up on it all.

Lauren used to sit and wonder exactly what had happened to her. She was a fine looking woman with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She had kept herself in great shape through aerobic exercise and hard work. Before she met her late husband, she had never had any trouble at all. Within the span of six years though, Lauren had lost both parents and her only brother in an auto accident and then lost her husband in a freak hunting accident. Married at twenty-one to a thirty-seven year old widower, widowed herself at twenty-seven.

There were times when Lauren thought seriously about just taking off and leaving the kids. Once she had even packed and made plane reservations. But, at the last minute, she decided she couldn't. The kids would have been well taken care of by her brother in law so that wasn't the problem. It was simply that she had grown so attached to them.

Carl, the oldest, had just turned seventeen. He had his fathers features and there were times that Lauren felt that she was actually looking at her late husband. Carl had grown up as a great kid, never gave her any trouble. When he got his first job last year he voluntarily had given her half of his net pay as room and board payment. He never complained about having to help around the house and willingly did his share. Lauren was constantly amazed at his attitude.

Brad was fifteen going on thirty and was everything that Carl wasn't. Always in trouble in school Carl constantly seemed to try to push Lauren to the limit. But Lauren saw something in Brad that most others would have missed. Underneath that hard exterior he put on was a kid who's heart was gold. She remembered the way he reacted to his fathers death. He took it harder than the other two kids and, even now, two years later, Lauren would sometimes hear Brad crying in his room at night. She never let on that she new, of course.

Karen was fourteen and was about the cutest kid Lauren had ever met, both in physical terms and in personality. Karen was only six when Lauren married into the family and she immediately accepted Lauren in as mother. Karen was tall with a dark complexion. She had blossomed early. Lauren remembered well sitting with her four years ago discussing the "facts of life", which Karen took in with amazement.

Then, at age eleven, Karen experienced her first period.

Lauren ended up sitting up half the night holding Karen's hand because the cramps hurt so much.

No, Lauren couldn't leave. These kids were as much hers as if they had been born to her. They were her family and her life. It was rough and would get rougher as time went on but, she thought to herself, it was worth it.

One of the hardest parts of being single again was a lack of physical affection. Lauren had been sexually active since she was fifteen and now it had been over two years since she had slept with a man.

During her six years of marriage, Lauren had always remained faithful, actually for two reasons. The first was that she honestly and dearly loved her husband. The second was that he was the best lover she had ever had. He always seemed to know exactly what she wanted and how to please her.

Pleasing her was always more important than pleasing himself.

Many nights since the accident that took her husband away from her, Lauren would lie in her bed and remember their lovemaking sessions. At times, caught up in the throws of passion, Lauren would bring herself to deep orgasms and moan loudly before coming back to the realization that her stepchildren were asleep in adjoining rooms.

Lauren made a commitment to herself though, that, no matter what happened, she would keep her family together. If it meant that she would never find another man, so be it. If it meant a remaining life of celibacy, then she would bear up. Nothing would separate them.

Then, one warm summer evening an incident would happen that would change Lauren's life, forever.


The incident took place on a Friday night in July. Karen was spending the night at a friends home and Brad was at a church camp for the weekend. Carl had come home early from a date and, after a little small talk with Lauren had headed to bed. Lauren sat up watching television for a while before becoming bored and heading to bed herself. As she walked up the stairs, she saw a dim light coming from Carl's room and as she got closer she noticed that his door was cracked open just a bit.

Not one to break in on her kid's privacy, Lauren couldn't help but glance through the space between the door and the wall. Carl was lying on the bed, on his back, with a Penthouse magazine held up in front of his face. The blankets were pushed down and, through his undershorts, Lauren could see that Carl was built every bit as well as his father had been. As she quietly watched, she saw Carl reach his hands down under his shorts and retrieve himself. As he pushed them down, his penis sprung to attention. Still reading, Carl began slowly stroking himself.

Lauren unconsciously found herself running her left hand over her breasts and felt her right hand slip to her crotch.

As she watched Carl she felt a burning inside and memories came flashing back to her of her lovemaking sessions with Carl's father. She felt guilty about standing there watching her stepson but could not pull herself away. Carl continued to rub himself and Lauren continued to watch.

Only a few minutes went by before it became obvious that Carl was about to explode. Fingering herself through her jeans, Lauren felt that she was about to do the same, doing everything in her power to maintain silence.

Suddenly Carl lay on his side and moaned lowly. He rubbed himself hard and began to come, spurting across the sheets. Lauren found herself unable to maintain her composure any longer and shuddered with the first wave of orgasm. The silence broken, Carl jumped and pulled the covers over himself. Realizing what she had done, Lauren quickly regained her posture and lightly knocked on the door.

The light pressure of her knock caused it to swing open.

Lying on his back, Carl attempted to pull his legs up to hide his still raging hard-on. Lauren smiled and told him that she just wanted to say goodnight before she turned in.

As she spoke, her eyes remained transfixed on the bulge under the blankets. Carl, following his stepmother's eyes, felt himself both embarrassed and excited, not quite sure what to do next.

The two held silence for a few moments before Lauren walked over and sat down on the bed next to Carl.

"Carl, we've always been honest with each other hon, and I have to tell you that I'm not proud of what I just did. I just watched what you did and I didn't leave you to your privacy."

Carl felt himself flush red. "I'm sorry," he mumbled.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, hon. It's OK. There isn't anything to be sorry about."

Carl just sat there in silence. Inside he was burning.

He was surprised to find that he was still rock-hard, normally he would have shrunk down by now.

"Hon, what you were doing is fine with me. It's normal and natural. What was wrong was me watching you. I'm the one who's sorry."

With that Lauren took Carl's hand and squeezed it lightly.

"Really hon, I AM sorry. I really didn't mean to embarrass you. It's just that you looked so nice lying there. I just couldn't leave for some reason."

Again lightly squeezing his hand, Lauren leaned over and lightly kissed Carl's forehead. Carl shuddered as her lips touched his skin.

"It's OK," Lauren whispered. Her mind was racing.

"This is all wrong," she thought. "I shouldn't even be here, not to mention doing what I'm doing." But she stayed.

Glancing into Carl's eyes Lauren could see a mixture of fear, excitement, and confusion. He was sweating profusely.

Again she reassured him.

"It's OK, hon," Lauren whispered as she moved her kiss to his lips.

Carl lay frozen in place. He had never felt so excited and turned on and couldn't believe what was taking place. He had kissed girls before but wondered why they had never felt this good. He squeezed Lauren's hand as a response to her reassurance.

"Hon, have I ever told you how much you remind me of your father?" Lauren whispered. "I almost feel like I'm here with him now. We used to lie together for hours at a time and just hold each other. Would you mind if I just lie here with you for a while? It's been so long since I've held anyone in my arms."

Carl looked at his stepmother's eyes and saw longing.

Again he squeezed Lauren's hand and slid over to the opposite side of the bed.

Lauren hesitated a moment. Again she wondered, "What am I doing here." She considered the consequences of what she was doing but was beyond true logic. She stood up and undid the snap to her jeans, letting them fall to the floor. Then Lauren quickly lifted her t-shirt over her head and tossed it across the room.

Sliding under the sheets next to her stepson, Lauren laid her head on his chest. Carl was soaked in sweat and she could plainly see the bulge that was evident under the covers. Pushing the blankets down, Lauren let her finger slowly slide across one of Carl's nipples, bringing it to a point. Carl couldn't believe what it felt like.

Slowly, Lauren reached up and let her lips meet Carl's.

Kissing him, she pressed her tongue through his lips and deeply probed his mouth. Carl let out a light moan.

Again reassuring him, Lauren whispered, "It's OK. Its all OK."

Carl wanted Lauren more than anything he had ever wanted in his life but still, this was his stepmother. In his mind, she was his mom. Still, she wasn't all that much older than he was and she was the one making the moves on him.

All thoughts were blanked out of his mind as he felt Lauren's head start to slowly slide down his chest. Her tongue replaced the finger at his nipple. He felt Lauren lightly tug at him with her teeth. He felt that he could come at any moment. Only a few moments progressed before he felt Lauren's hand slowly slide down his stomach and caress his cock.

Lauren slid her body down and gazed at his swollen member. He was almost the same size as his father and had the same aroma. This was the first touch of a man she had experienced in over two years and she was intent on drawing it out. Letting her lips slowly slide down the length of his cock, past memories came flooding back to her. The taste, the texture, the smell. They were all there as if her loving husband was back with her. Carl moaned as Lauren continued to suck on him, moving her tongue around the head and then taking all of him in.

Expertly, Lauren could sense when Carl was on the brink and would come up and away, squeezing the head of his cock to reduce the swell and to calm him down. She could feel pre-orgasmic contractions as she held him in her mouth.

Carl wanted to come, wanted a release. He had made love to a girl once before but it was over almost before it had begun. Nothing like this. This happened only in books and in Penthouse stories, not for real. He found himself stroking his mothers hair and lightly rubbing her back as she leaned over him.

Lauren lifted her head back to Carl's and again kissed him lightly on the forehead. She sat back on her knees and reached behind her, unhooking her brassiere. Her breasts spilled forward as she let its straps slide slowly down her arms.

Taking Carl's hand, she raised it to her right breast letting it rub against the nipple. Always sensitive to the touch, Lauren felt a shiver go through her body and let out a light moan. Carl sat up and took a nipple in his mouth, letting his hand glide over to Lauren's other breast. Lauren felt that she might come right then.

All anxiety seemed to disappear on both their parts.

Lauren closed her eyes and through her head back as Carl let his hand slip down to her pantied crotch. Lightly rubbing his fingers between her legs, Carl found sopping wetness.

For Lauren, the feel of fingers other than the ones she had known for the past two years was pure ecstasy.

Looking into Carl's eyes, Lauren slowly let her hands slip under the waistband of her only remaining garment.

Raising up to let them slide down her legs, Lauren came back down straddling Carl. She took both of his hands in her own and raised up, feeling his cock standing at attention underneath her. With no effort at all, she came back down on it, allowing it to fill her completely.

Slowly, Lauren began to rock back and forth, letting Carl slide in and out of her. Every movement was ecstasy.

Again, memories of Carl's father came pouring back to her.

She felt the beginning tingling of orgasm. Under her, Carl amazingly held back as she continued to rock. Lauren could tell that time was running out though, as Carl's moans became more and more urgent.

Rolling over, Lauren took Carl with her. Lying under Carl, Lauren felt Carl penetrate her even deeper. As his cock made contact with her cervix, Lauren felt herself begin to come. As she began to buck under him, she felt Carl driving into her faster and faster. Feeling him starting to come, she herself came even harder. Reaching under him, she held his balls as he shot into her. Moaning loudly, Carl spasmed again and again into her, finally collapsing on top of her.

Lying there, Lauren began to realize what had just occurred and her mind raced with the consequences. While still burning from orgasm, she was quickly coming back to her senses.

"Oh my God," she thought. "I've really screwed up this time. What am I going to say or do now."

Lying on top of his stepmother, Carl was almost beyond thought. His mind was almost a total blank, all thought driven out by the experience he just had. He wanted to tell Lauren that he loved her but felt too foolish to do so.

The two of them lay against each other for a time.

Lauren could feel the beat of Carl's heart and the occasional twinge of remaining orgasm come inside of her. It had been two years since she had last made love and she had almost forgotten the feelings. As she held Carl in her arms, she felt somehow fearful and safe at the same time.

Carl was the first to really move. Slowly he pulled what was left of himself out of her and lay down gently beside her. The silence was nearly deafening.



"I really can't believe what we just did. I think we both know that it wasn't right."

Carl lay there in silence.

"It's just that, well, it's been so long since your father died and, well, you've really gotten to be an attractive young man. I guess I mean to say that I'm sorry if I've scared you. I really shouldn't have come in here in the first place."

Carl listened but somehow didn't hear.

"Mom, I mean Lauren," Carl said, catching himself. He spoke slowly and deliberately. "I love you. I love you more than anything on earth."

With that, the two of them lay there in silence. Lauren laid her head on Carl's chest and listened to his heartbeat and his breathing as she slowly dozed off to sleep.


Lauren slowly came to as the first hint of sunlight crept through the closed drapes. Initially, there was some confusion as she struggled to regain full consciousness.

Then the memories of the previous night came back to her.

She felt her arm lying over Carl's firm body as she pressed against his back. Still nude, the feeling of a warm body against her again cause arousal to stir within her. Lauren lay there quietly for a few minutes listening to Carl's deep, steady breathing.

Lauren slowly let her hand slide down Carl's body until it came to rest on his shrunken cock. Still asleep, Carl's body began to involuntarily respond and within a few moments he was at full attention. Lauren felt Carl's body tense as he felt her hand on him.

"Good morning lover," she whispered and gently squeezed him.

"Hi," was all Carl could muster in return.

"How are you feeling? From the looks of things, you feel pretty good to me," Lauren giggled. She felt Carl tense up again as she let her free hand slip down his back and slowly caress his ass.

"I'm great," Carl whispered as he rolled over towards her.

Slowly, Carl raised himself over Lauren and slowly came down between her legs. Already moist, Lauren reached down and guided him into her. She felt the air rush out of her as he slowly entered her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, slowly hon. Slowly," she softly said.

Looking up at Carl's face, she saw his father over her.

Slowly, Lauren raised her legs over Carl's back and locked them behind him, allowing Carl even deeper penetration.

Unlike the previous night, there was no rush, no hurry.

While Carl was still obviously a novice, he also somehow innately knew what rhythm to maintain as he slid in and out of his stepmother.

The two made love, true love, for what seemed to Carl to be hours. Lauren felt him beginning to tense and sensed an oncoming orgasm on his part. While she was far from that point, she felt warm all over much as she had many times before with Carl's father. Carl moved faster and faster until he suddenly grunted and she felt him spasm deep within her. She gripped his shoulders and bit him lightly.

Carl collapsed on her as he had the night before, still buried inside of her.

"I love you," he whispered in her ear.

"I love you too, hon. You know that," Lauren quietly said. "But we have to get up. Your sister will be home soon and we really don't need her to see us like this, do we?"

The thought of Karen coming in and seeing him and Lauren lying there entwined hadn't occurred to Carl. Silently agreeing, he kissed Lauren on the lips and withdrew from her, going to his knees.

Both quietly got up from the bed and embraced once again. As Lauren stepped back she saw Carl gazing at her body and suddenly realized that this was the first time he had seen her nude in the daylight. With this she blushed and quickly gathered her clothes and walked out of his room.

Carl stood still for a few moments before gathering his thoughts and heading to the shower. Stepping into the steaming hot tub, Carl's thoughts ran back to the night before and this morning. It all seemed like a dream. He had never even dreamed of what had taken place. Now he wondered to himself what the future would bring. He wondered if all of it had been a one time deal. Just thinking about it all brought his member back to full attention. As he stood there letting the hot water stream off of his body he heard a familiar voice in the hall telling him to hurry up and get done in there.


Karen's timing had been perfect. She arrived home just as Carl was stepping into the shower. Having stayed up at her girlfriends the night before, she was dead tired and simply wanted to take a shower herself and head to bed for a nap. Now, as she waited outside the bathroom, she was slowly nodding off while on her feet. The sound of the bathroom door swinging open brought her suddenly back to her senses.

Carl walked out the door and smiled at her. Karen blushed at his glance. Clad only in a towel, Carl stood in front of her for a second before asking how the night had gone.

"Great," she replied. "Only I'm really beat, we didn't get hardly any sleep at all." Karen's eyes kept darting down Carl's body to that slight bulge hiding underneath his towel.

Carl couldn't help but notice and smiled slightly. He was kind of enjoying this.

"What all did you do," he asked her, simply to prolong the conversation.

"Nothing much. We just talked and watched some movies and played some games and all."

"Oh, right. You talked about boys, watched some dirty movies and then invited the boys over for some late night games, right."

Karen pushed her brother back against the wall and walked past him in mock anger. She couldn't ever be really mad at him.

Carl stood and watched his sister walk by. As he did he realized just how she had grown up the last six months or so.

It seemed just yesterday that she was 100% tomboy an always dressed like one. Now, as she paraded past him, she had grown into a young woman. Still girlish in features, she nonetheless had developed what Carl considered to be a tight body. Her breasts were developing nicely, Carl thought and, almost unconsciously, he pictured himself at them. His eyes quickly darted down to her jeans and he wondered just when she ad developed that ass. He suddenly became aware of his thoughts and quickly tried to push them out of his mind.

Karen turned to close the door behind her and was surprised to see her older brother standing there gazing at her. As her eyes again dropped down to Carl's towel, she was more than surprised to see that the slight bulge had grown to be a large bump. Turning red, she quickly closed the door.

Walking across the room, Karen turned on the shower and began to undress. The thought of that bulge was still on her mind as she stripped and looked at herself in the mirror.

"No doubt about it, I have to lose more weight," she thought to herself as she turned sideways to look at a profile of her stomach. Actually, Karen liked her body, at least most of it. Her breasts were a little on the small side still but they at least were pretty even, unlike some of her girlfriends. The nipples were small but very dark and almost perfectly round. As her eyes dropped down, she glanced at the light mound of hair between her legs and slowly brushed herself there with her hand.

"Not bad," she thought to herself.

Last night HAD been a tough night. Carl was closer to right than wrong when he had said they had talked about boys and then watched dirty movies. Her friends parents were out and she and her girlfriend, Carol, had sat and talked about boys for a while. Then Carol got up and got some videotapes that she said were her fathers. Putting the tapes into the VCR Carol announced that they were X-rated and that they had to be sure to listen for her parents car coming into the drive.

The beginning of the movie was pretty boring, Karen thought, and the acting was horrible. Then suddenly, there was this guy and girl kissing. After a second or two, the girl pulled down the guys pants and took his cock into her mouth. All of the girls there had heard of blowjobs but they all sat entranced by what they were viewing.

"Gross." Carol suddenly split the silence. "I can't believe she's doing that."

"Yuch. Neither can I." Karen had joined in vocalizing her disgust but neither of the girls moved to turn off the machine.

The oral sex scene continued for a few minutes before the girl on the screen stood up and the two of them kissed for a second. The girl got undressed and lay down on the floor, the guy getting down on top of her. The guy starting sucking at the girl's breasts while moving his fingers down between her legs. It only took a couple of seconds before the guy had slid down and had his head positioned where his fingers had just been.

As the camera focused in on a close up of the guy's tongue going at it, Karen and her friend once again expressed disgust but continued watching. Karen found that she was getting very turned on in spite of herself. She knew as much about sex as any other fourteen year old and had heard of things such as blowjobs but sat a bit in amazement at the goings on.

After a few minutes the guy positioned himself above the girl and quickly guided his cock into her. The next few minutes were typical porno movie stuff with the guy positioning himself all around the girl, top, bottom, back, etc. Karen and her friend sat, riveted to the screen.

Then, at what appeared to be the height of the movie, the guy withdrew from the girl and moved in front of her.

With that, the girl took the guys cock in her mouth and resumed the blowjob she had started earlier. It only took a few moments before Karen was seeing the guy coming in and around the girls mouth. The whole idea was, at one time, both disgusting and exciting. Karen watched with amazement as the girl licked her lips clean afterwards.

The next scene in the movie was an immediate cut of a cute blonde lying nude on a bed with her fingers between her legs. She was obviously enjoying herself immensely. The film's closeup shots gave pretty good instructions on exactly what she was doing.

Suddenly, Carol blurted out, "Have you ever done anything like that before?"

Somewhat shocked, Karen answered that she hadn't.

"Well, it is really great. You should try it," was Carol's immediate response.

The whole idea had Karen's head spinning. She was feeling as tense as she had ever felt before in her life.

This was even worse than the one time she had let a boy play with her chest through her shirt. That felt great and really messed up her mind but this was incredible. She felt like she might burst.

"Have you ever done that?"

"Sure, I do it a lot. I can't believe you haven't ever!"

"Who showed you? I mean, how did you find out?"

The blonde in the movie had been joined by another blonde who progressed to give the first girl a helping hand.

And then a helping mouth.

"What do you mean, showed me? Haven't you ever touched yourself down there? I mean, it all just kind of happened. Then when I saw this movie before it all made sense. I really had first thought that maybe I had discovered something new!"

Karen sat there just staring at her girlfriend. She couldn't believe that Carol actually did THAT.

"Have you ever done anything else?" Karen asked her friend.

"You mean like going all the way or something? No, I haven't. But I let a boy play with me down there once and I helped him do it in my hand before."

Suddenly Karen felt very young. She halfway didn't believe Carol but wasn't about to push it. She wished she had when Carol asked her if she wanted to go do it right now.

"What do you mean? Do it right now," Karen demanded.

"You know... masturbate. Just like we've been talking about."

"You mean, now? Here?"

"Well not here, silly. We'll go to my room and put on our pajamas. That way when my mom and dad get home they'll think we're already in bed."

Karen thought for a second. The thought scared her to death. She had, again, known about masturbation but had never actually done it. Still, a confident "sure" escaped from her lips.

Carol smiled and got up from the couch. After putting the VCR tape away, (the scene had expanded on the screen from the two blondes to them and a guy), Carol walked over to Karen and smiled. She took Karen's hand and the two of them walked to the bedroom.

Karen felt she was in a dream sequence as she entered Carol's bedroom. Still holding Karen's hand, Carol quickly closed and locked the door behind them and then turned to face Karen. Smiling, she slowly unbuttoned Karen's blouse and softly tugged it up from her jeans. Karen felt gentle hands unclasping the hook on the front of her bra and felt the cool air as her breasts were exposed. Her skin burned hot as she blushed deeply.

Carol again took Karen's hand and led her to the bed.

With a soft urging from Carol, Karen slowly sat on the mattress. With that Carl backed off and slowly undressed.

Karen sat staring at the young girl in front of her, not sure exactly how to react. As Carol stripped away the layers of clothing, first her jeans then her t-shirt, Karen felt herself blushing once again. Then, in another instant, Carol was standing naked in front of her. Karen and Carol had known each other for years and had often showered together in phys. ed., but never had Karen felt what she now felt.

Karen lay back as Carol reached to remove her jeans.

Both jeans and underwear came off in one motion and Karen lay there naked. Carol lay down next to her and softly stroke her hair.

"Are you OK?" Karen heard her ask.

"Uh huh," was the only sound she could utter. Karen realized with that voice just how much like a little girl she sounded.

"This is your first time, isn't it," Carol questioned.

"I guess."

"You guess?"

"I mean, yeah, it is."

"You know Melissa Turner?"

"Yeah." Karen realized they was speaking in such hushed tones that she could barely even hear the girl lying next to her.

"Well, she and I do this all the time."



With that, Carol rolled over and lightly kissed Karen's forehead. Karen felt a chill down her spine. She had kissed a couple boys and had even let one boy put his hand down her pants but this was different. She never felt quite so turned on.

Karen felt Carol's hand slowly slide over her body, feeling her breasts and her erect nipples. Now kissing her deeply on the lips, Carol let her hand slide down between Karen's legs as she let her tongue slide into Karen's mouth.

Karen felt herself let out a slight moan, in spite of herself.

"That feels good, doesn't it?" Carol asked.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," was the only response Karen could muster.

Karen felt Carol's head slide down until her mouth was Karen's breast. Carol's lips slowly encircled a nipple, tickling it with her tongue. Karen relaxed her legs and let Carol's hand slide deeper between them. She felt Carol slowly and gently start to massage her from anus to clitoris.

She felt beads of sweat break out on her body and the room begin to spin.

Softly moaning, she closed her eyes and let Carol's hand give her pleasure. Nearly lost in a dream, she suddenly realized that Carol's head was replacing the hand that stroked her. Karen shuddered as Carol's tongue came in it's first contact with her clit. She felt that she might explode and involuntarily began rocking up and back. Karen grasped Carol's head and held it firmly in place as the room spun faster and faster. Suddenly she felt a spasm develop deep inside and the whole world exploded in pleasure. Spasms erupted from her anus to her stomach and she moaned deeply.

Carol stayed with her as she bucked back and forth in both pain and delight. Then, slowly, she began to regain herself and she felt Carol begin to slide back up her body.

Slowly again, Carol kissed her lips and Karen tasted something foreign to her.

"Did you like that?" Carol whispered.


"I can't believe you've never done it before. Melissa and I have been doing it for long time."


"Yeah. I do it to myself almost every night."

With that, Karen felt Carol roll away and again take her hand. Karen felt her hand being slowly guided down between Carol's legs and a cool wetness there.

"There, just start there," Carol whispered as she gently rubbed Karen's hand. "Just start there."

Karen slowly started to massage Carol as Carol had done to her just moments before. It was an odd feeling as she felt Carol moan under her touch. Gaining confidence Karen slowly slid down and lay her head on Carol's thigh only inches away from her own hand. As she gazed on, Carol became wetter and wetter and Karen saw Carol slowly open up for her.

It was more beautiful than Karen had ever possibly thought.

Hesitantly, Karen inched up and let her tongue touch a little bud of skin lying between folds of flesh. She assumed that this was Carol's clit. The memory of the sensation that she had tasted on Carol's lips was much stronger here and much more aromatic. Karen breathed it deeply in and let her tongue begin to explore Carol's depths. She felt herself enjoying it all immensely as she realized that Carol was close to orgasm.

With a sudden explosion, Karen felt Carol tense in every muscle and tasted a sudden flood of fluid. Not wanting to stop, Karen kept in place until she felt Carol pulling her away. Karen quickly moved up and kissed her deeply on the lips.

"You were great," Carol whispered.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm," was again the only response Karen muster.

Karen was shocked back into reality as she heard the bang at the bathroom door. She realized that she had been daydreaming about the night before and that her hand was soaked from being between her legs.

"Hurry up in there," she heard her brother yell through the door.

"All right, all right," she yelled back. And slowly stepped into the shower.


After her shower Karen returned to her room and got into bed. Although it was now mid-morning, she was dead tired. As she sank into dreamland, the memories of the previous night kept recurring in her mind. Almost unconscious of the fact, her right hand slipped down between her legs as she lay there. She wondered. If it was that good with Carol, how much better would it be for real? With a guy? The thought had to rest for a while though as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

Downstairs, Lauren was standing at the kitchen window looking out at the backyard. She was startled as she suddenly felt two arms embrace her from behind.

"Good morning again," Carl whispered in her ear as he slid his hands from her middle up to cover her breasts, one with each hand.

Lauren left her head fall back a little to rest against Carl's shoulder.

"Good morning lover boy."

With that, Lauren turned to face Carl and gazed into his eyes. Was she with Carl or his father? The thought raced through her mind. Holding him tightly, she kissed him firmly.

"What are you two doing!" Suddenly the silence had been broken by another male voice. Startled, Lauren and Carl released their embrace and turned to face Carl's younger brother Brad.

"Nothing," Carl answered, "Nothing at all."

"Sure didn't look that way to me," Brad replied with a slight snicker.

Lauren had never liked Brad. He had always been difficult and had resented her marrying his father but since his father's death he had become almost impossible.

"Looked to me like you to were makin' it," Brad said, glaring at Lauren. "I guess it wasn't enough that you had to steal my dad, now you have to get my brother too."

"Shut up Brad." Carl had a demanding tone in his voice. "Shut up before I give you something to be sorry about."

"Yeah, right," Brad responded sarcastically. "You two go ahead and enjoy yourselves." With that, Brad headed up the stairs.

"I was afraid something was going to happen," Lauren said.

"Nah, he's OK. He's just mad at the world. He'll be fine."

Lauren turned back to the window and gazed out.

Upstairs, as Brad walked down the hall towards his room he glanced at his sister lying in her bed. "Not bad," he thought as he stopped for a second to survey the sleeping figure. "Not bad at all."

Brad headed to his room and locked his door behind him. Digging to the bottom of his bureau, he retrieved a stack of magazines. Selecting an issue of Hustler from the stack he lay back on the bed.

Opening the magazine to a picture of blonde spread-eagle before the camera, Brad undid his pants and pushed them halfway down his thighs. As he turned the pages to see the blonde opening herself he felt his cock grow hard. And, mysteriously, almost without being aware of it, he found himself thinking of his sister. He imagined her standing over him doing with her hand what he was doing with his own. In a few short minutes he felt himself coming so he slid over to the side of the bed and rolled on his side to come on the floor next to the bed. He closed his eyes and remembered the sight of the reclining Karen and wondered what it would be like with her. With that thought, he came.

Brad lay on his side for a few moments staring at the white fluid lying on the floor. He thought back to Karen and wondered what would happen if he were to just walk into her room and screw her.

"Shit, they'd probably throw me in jail and throw away the key," he thought to himself.

He lay back over and wiped off his cock with the sheet. Then he fell asleep.


Karen opened her eyes to darkness. "Must have slept longer than I had thought," she said to herself. Looking at the clock next to her bed, it read 9:18. "Wow, I've been asleep for over nine hours. No wonder, I didn't get any sleep at all last night."

Sliding out of bed she walked to her closet and got her robe. "No use getting dressed now, it'll be time to go to bed again in a few hours."

As Karen opened the bedroom door wide, she heard a noise coming from her mother's room. Walking up to it, she held her ear close to the door.

The sounds coming from the room were unmistakable, they were the same she used to hear coming from the room before her father died. Her stepmother had some guy in there. Karen wondered, "I didn't even know she was seeing anyone!"

Turning the hall light out, Karen returned to her mothers door. Slowly and quietly, with curiosity overcoming her, she turned the door knob.

Letting the door open just a crack, Karen looked in. In the light coming from the window, she saw her stepmother kneeling over another figure. Too dark to see the face of the other person, the outline of her stepmother's back was unmistakable. They were making love, with her stepmother on top.

Slowly, the body on top gently moved up and down on the bottom person.

Karen could hear the sounds of sex as the figures moved. She stood at the door motionless.

In front of her, her stepmother removed the cock from inside of her and slid down the bottom body. That person's face was still blocked by the darkness and by her stepmother's body.

Karen watched intently as her stepmother took hold of the guy's cock, bent over it and gave it a light kiss. Karen became aware of just how turned on she herself had become and slowly let her own hand drop down between her legs.

Her stepmother kissed the cock once again and then slowly let it slip between her lips. A moan of pleasure escaped the guys lips and Karen felt that she knew the voice. Karen watched as the cock slowly disappeared into her stepmother's mouth and then slowly reappeared. Karen felt the dampness between her own legs and allowed a finger to touch. It was difficult maintaining her silence.

Her stepmother continued to let the cock slide in and out of her mouth, pausing occasionally only to slowly lick beneath it. As moments went on, the guy began thrusting. Slowly at first but then with more urgency. Karen watched as her stepmother moved faster and faster, seemingly needing the cock to continue its motion. Suddenly, she heard the guy moan. The same voice again... definitely someone she knew. The guy jerked a few times and she heard sounds from her stepmother. Slurping, swallowing sounds. The guy grabbed her stepmother's head and held it tightly as he pushed his cock deeply into her mouth.

Karen felt as though she too might explode any moment so she quietly slipped back and away from the door, closing it gently. Moving quickly down the hall, she stood in her own room by her door and watched intently down the hall. She had to find out who the guy was.

As she stood there, she thought about her stepmother and what she had been doing. She wondered if she had really liked that, letting the guy come in her mouth and then swallowing it. At least it looked like she had swallowed it. She wondered what it tasted and smelled like.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she saw the door to her stepmother's room open and her stepmother walk out. Naked, she was followed by another naked figure, his cock still somewhat erect and glistening with what Karen figured was her stepmother's saliva. Karen looked up at the man's face and felt faint as she recognized that face as Carl's.

Karen stood there as the two moved quickly into the bathroom and she remained still until she heard the water turn on in the bathtub. She then took off her robe and slid back into bed.


Karen just could not get the idea out of her mind. Her brother Carl fucking her stepmother she was afraid of the consequences but very aroused and she fingered her pussy until she had climaxed twice before she fell asleep the blankets down to her feet and her fingers thrust deep in her slippery cunt. Karen slept fitfully and woke up about 11:30 wondering if Laura and Carl were at each other again. She wanted to go find out but worried about being discovered peeking in on them.

As she looked toward her half open door Karen saw the outline of someone standing at her half open door looking at her. She realized she was lying in her bed naked with only her feet covered and wondered who was at her door. Not wanting to give away the fact she was now awake she lay there watching the figure thru half closed eyes.

As she studied the outline of the person she realized it must be her brother Brad because of the height and build of the outline. Slowly Karen realized that her brother was stroking his prick because she saw his arm moving slowly in front of him. Karen wondered how long Brad had been standing there watching her. Karen was getting hot watching Brad in the shadows stroking his cock and decide to give him a good show. Karen spread her legs and let her hand wander down to her pussy rubbing her slit as she spread her legs giving Brad a good look at her pussy.

While she rubbed her cunt Karen's other hand began to massage her now excited tits twisting her nipples as she slowly inserted her fingers into her wet pussy. Karen could hear Brad's breathing get louder and the pace of his arm picked up clearly showing he was excited by what he saw. Karen was thinking about last night with Carol and the feeling of the dildo going in and out of her pussy. Karen wondered if Brad's cock would feel as good as the dildo had in her hot wet cunt.

Karen decided, if Laura could fuck Carl why couldn't she have fun with Brad. Karen slowly reached out for the lamp by her bed and flicked it on catching Brad in the light streaming out of her door. Brad froze his hand on his big stiff prick and his eyes burning with lust and fear.

Karen told him to come in an close the door but Brad just stood there frozen in place wondering how he was going to get out of this mess.

Karen seeing that Brad needed some help got up and went to him placing her hand on his and slipping her hand down to the head of his cock.

Karen pulled Brad into her room and slowly closed the door behind him.

Brad's mind was swimming with a mixture of doubt and lust as his sister drew him into her room by his stiff prick. Brad looked at his sister's naked body and his lust overcame his fear as he saw her firm breasts sporting stiff erect nipples and her cunt with her nicely trimmed pussy lips glistening with her juices. Brad's hand left his cock and he reached out and cupped Karen's firm breast letting his fingers rub her stiff pink nipples. Karen let out a little gasp as Brad felt her tit and moved her hand to his big stiff prick gently grabbing his throbbing cock at the root and rubbing the length of his hot stiff prick. Brad's other hand went down his sister's hard flat belly finding its way between her firm thighs. Karen spread he legs and allowed her brother to rub her pussy and push his finger deep into her sopping slit. Brad and Karen stood rubbing each other for a few minutes until they melted into each other's arms and began to kiss. Karen felt Brad's stiff cock pressing hotly against her belly and she wanted him to fuck her. Brad was beside himself with passion and was slipping his tongue deep into his sister's mouth as he pulled and stroked her firm ass cheeks.

Karen was he first to break their passionate embrace pulling her brother over to her bed. Brad pushed Karen back on the bed and began to suck her firm tits pulling on her nipples with his teeth as he worked his fingers up her sopping snatch. Karen was near climax by now and asked her brother to eat her pussy. Brad moved down her belly licking a trail to her sweet slit then pulled her legs up over his shoulders and lowered his face to her slippery slit. Karen began to climax as soon as Brad began to lick her pussy and suck her now very erect clit. Brad cock was throbbing with excitement and he wanted to fuck his sister Karen's hot cunt. Karen was well on her way to her second orgasm as Brad licked her stiff clit and finger fucked her sopping pussy. Brad could feel his sister tense up as her climax approached. Karen was in seventh heaven her pussy was throbbing and she felt like she was ready to pass out from the pleasure Brad's mouth and fingers were causing in her tight wet cunt. Karen began her climax humping her pussy up into her brothers face and covering his mouth and chin with her thick sweet pussy juice.

Brad rammed his fingers deep into Karen's convulsing slit and sucked her clit hard as she bucked and twisted with orgasmic frenzy. Slowly Karen began to come to reality as Brad continued to lick and finger her sopping slit.

Karen wanted to pleasure her brother and lifted Brad's face from her crotch kissing him and tasting her pussy juice on his lips and tongue as she drove her tongue into his mouth. Karen rolled Brad on his back and licked his nipples as she worked her way down his hard belly, feeling his stiff prick rubbing her stomach and trailing its way between her firm hanging tits. Karen moved down Brad's stomach until her mouth was over Brad's erect cock. Karen smelled the musky sent of her brothers prick and balls and saw the pre cum leaking out of his big cock head.

Karen bent her head and licked the clear liquid off Brad's cock making his hips twitch and jump. Karen was surprised at the taste of Brad cock the slippery pre cum was sweet and she wanted more, so she went down on Brad forcing his stiff prick deep into her mouth. Brad was humping his hips now forcing his prick deeper into her mouth and Karen was sure he was going to cum in her mouth. Brad could no longer hold back his flood of passion and as Karen sucked his prick Brad climaxed filling his sister's mouth with his pent up sperm. Karen determined to make Brad's pleasure complete sucked hard on his cock taking him deep into her throat without gagging. Karen felt his cock swell and then felt the blasts of Brad's sperm hit the back of her throat and fill her mouth.

If as by instinct Karen began to swallow and as Brad pumped his spurting dick deep into her mouth Karen drank his sweet salty cum losing only a little due to Brad's frenzied thrashing. Brad continued to force his cock down his sisters throat until all his pent up passion had been satisfied. Brad pulled Karen up and kissed her holding her tight to him feeling very close to his sister for the first time.

Brad continued to hold and kiss his sister feeling her firm tits and firm ass as Karen fondled his cock and balls. Before long their passion renewed itself and Brad's cock was stiff and throbbing again. Brad kissed Karen and rolled over her moving his mouth to her firm tits, sucking on her erect nipples. Karen spread her legs and reached down grabbing Brad's erect prick and rubbing the head of his swollen cock against her hot wet cunt. Brad knew now was the time and he pressed forward as Karen guided his long hard prick up her tight slippery cunt.

Both kids moaned as Brad's cock spread Karen's hot slit and pressed deep into her cunt. Karen's legs came up behind Brad's back and he began to fuck his cock deep into her cunt making her cry out each time he bottomed out in her tight cunt. Karen was on fire from Brad's hot stiff prick stretching her nearly virginal pussy and the feelings were quickly spreading from her cunt out over her entire body. Karen began to climax her young pussy clamping down on Brad's stiff pounding prick like a velvet vise. Brad forced his sister's tit in his mouth as he poured a river of sperm into Karen's clutching pussy. Brad and Karen continued to fuck until Brad's cock went soft and they had again returned to earth from their passionate coupling. Brad rolled off Karen and both kids gently stroked each other as they lay naked in the bed. Brad reversed his position and spread Karen's legs licking and sucking her sopping pussy. Karen being face to face with Brad's soft cock began to lick his cock and balls tasting the mixture of his sperm and her juices as she sucked his prick into her mouth. Karen and Brad's passion began to rise and soon Brad's cock was as large as before and he was beginning to hump his hips forcing his prick in and out of Karen's hot mouth. Brad knew Karen was excited again and he wanted to fuck his sister doggy style so he told her to get up on her hands and knees. Karen sensed what was going to happen from watching the film at Carol's house and got into position knowing this would be fun. Brad quickly got behind her and guided his now fully hard cock up her dripping slit forcing his stiff cock deep into his sister's hot sperm filled twat with one thrust.

Karen moaned and urged him on as Brad began to ream his sister's pussy with long hard strokes making Karen climax twice before he filled her sweet young slit with his sperm. Their passion spent the kids curled up on the bed and after pulling up the covers fell into a deep sleep.


Carl and Lauren had been downstairs watching TV and discretely fondling each other. Lauren wondered where Brad and Karen were but surmised they had already gone to bed. Carl wanted to make love to his stepmother again and his cock was nearly stiff all evening from Lauren's occasional rubbing on his crotch and the beaver shots she was giving him from under her skirt.

After the news Lauren suggested they go to bed and told her son Carl to wait a while and then join her in her room. Carl was more than ready and his cock was already stiff and throbbing as they climbed the stairs. Lauren told Carl to check on his brother to see if he was sleeping and Lauren went to check on Karen. Carl looked in Brad's room and saw that he was not there then heard a low gasp. Carl swung around to see his mother standing at the door to Karen's room. Moving quickly to her side he saw the reason for his mothers gasp. There lay Brad and Karen curled up together like two spoons. Brad behind his sister his hand over her chest cupping her naked breast. Carl's cock jumped to full erection immediately and he reached around Lauren to fondle her firm tits. Lauren squirmed a bit at first but finally settled down letting her step son fondle her tits. Lauren could feel Carl's stiff cock pressing against her ass cheeks and knew that Carl was very excited by the sight of his sister and brother in bed together. Lauren stood watching her kids for a few minutes and let Carl stimulate her body.

Lauren was hot too and she wondered how it would be to have Brad fuck her. More than that Lauren wondered how it would be to suck her daughters pert firm tits and suck her pussy. What no one knew besides Lauren was that she had been with a number of women prior to marriage and had always had bi desires.

Just as she was reaching behind her for Carl's cock Brad began to stir a bit. Lauren backed away from the door and told Carl to move to her room.

Once inside Lauren looked directly into Carl's eyes and asked him if he wanted to fuck Karen. Carl looked down but answered yes. Lauren told her son that it was OK to have those feelings and that she wasn't hurt by his desires for his sister. Lauren continued to tell him that she also had those type feelings for Brad and wanted to satisfy him too like she had Carl's.

Looking deeply into Carl's eyes she told him her plan. "Look," she said, "Brad is going to have to come out soon to go to the can and when he does I want you to go into Karen's room turn off the light and get in bed with her."

"Karen is a heavy sleeper so she'll never wake up and once you're next to her start to work her up until you get your prick up her once you both get off let her know its you."

"She may have a shit fit but tell her you know about her and Brad and that will calm her down until you get her turned on again and fuck her some more." The plan sounded good to Carl but he wanted to know how his step mom was going to seduce his brother.

"OK," said Carl, "but how will you get Brad into your bed?"

Lauren responded: "I'll just tell him I saw what they did and tell him we need to talk about it. Take him to my room and the rest will just follow." Carl had to agree, once Brad got a look at Mom naked he was sure to follow his urges.

Lauren stripped and got her robe and Carl stripped down letting his mother play with his cock and balls as they waited for Brad to leave Karen's room. Before ten minutes had gone by they hear footsteps in the hall and peering out of the door saw Brad naked padding his way to the bathroom.

As soon as he went in Carl his stiff cock bouncing with each step headed into Karen's room. Brad had pulled back the covers getting up and Karen's hot body was fully exposed, Carl looked up and down her delightful frame looking at her pert tits and flat stomach and finally stopping at her neatly trimmed pussy. Remembering his mothers plan he quickly switched off the light and gently climbed into Karen's bed, taking Brad's place alongside Karen's hot body. Carl gently pulled the covers up over his sister and placed his arm around her cupping her firm tit as he moved his hips to meet the firm flesh of her tight buttocks.

Carl's cock was stiff as a baseball bat and as he pressed it against Karen's pussy lips and ass cheeks she whispered softly to him. "Brad not yet give me a chance to rest first." Carl thought very stimulated wanted to play this out so after pressing his prick against her pussy lips he lay very still. In the stillness he heard the toilet flush in the bathroom and wondered how Lauren was getting on with her part of the plan.

As Carl was wondering Karen raised her leg a bit allowing Carl's stiff cock to move further forward between her hot pussy lips. Karen put her leg down trapping Carl's dick between her firm thighs and began to rub the head of his prick with her fingers. Karen was wondering to herself how Brad had gotten hard so soon and although she loved it she worried that they might be discovered.

Lauren was standing in the hall waiting for Brad to finish and wondering how Brad would react to her plan. Lauren had intentionally not tied her robe around her and it gaped in just the right places so that Brad would get a glimpse of her body. The light went off under the bathroom door and Brad emerged fully naked still carrying his cloths. He was startled by the sight of his step mother and tried to cover his cock with the bundle of cloths he was carrying. Lauren reached out and put her hand on Brad's shoulder making her robe open up and allowing Brad to see her left tit and all the way down the front of her body to her naked pussy.

Lauren watched as Brad's eyes followed the flow of her body and then came back to her face. "Brad," said Lauren, "I saw you in bed with Karen and we have to talk about this right away. I want you to come with me to my room where we won't be disturbed."

Brad followed his mother thinking that he was never going to survive the punishment. Lauren walked into her room and stood there as Brad followed her in. Lauren took Brad's cloths from him and looked at her son as he stood there his cock standing stiffly in front of him. Lauren told Brad to relax and moved him onto her bed, then walked around he other side of the bed and took off her robe. Lauren turned around and let Brad see her naked body. Lauren wondered about the affect she was having on Brad as he had a hard-on ever since she stopped him in the hall. Lauren got onto the bed next to Brad and asked him if he had enjoyed fucking his sister.

Brad stammered a bit and then told his step mom that it had felt very good. Lauren asked him to show her what he had done to Karen. Brad told her that they had sex, but Lauren persisted and told Brad she wanted him to show her. Lauren reinforced her order by reaching out and stroking his stiff cock asking him if Karen had played with his cock.

Brad murmured a soft yes and reached out touching his mothers naked tit.

Lauren knew now she was on firm ground and let Brad cup her tit and roll her stiff nipple as she stroked his stiff prick. Lauren bent down and took Brad's cock into her mouth sliding his long stiff cock deep into her throat. Lauren pulled back and asked Brad if Karen had sucked his cock for him Brad told his mother Karen had sucked him until he climaxed and had drunk down his sperm. Lauren pulled Brad down and spread her legs and forced his face between her legs giving him a close up view of a woman's cunt. Brad reached out and pulled his mothers cunt to his face and began to lick and suck her slippery slit. Lauren returned her attentions to her son's stiff prick and forced his whole cock deep into her throat sucking his throbbing cock hard. Brad was tongue fucking his mom's pussy licking up her juices and lashing her erect clit making Lauren twitch and jump with pleasure. Lauren started to climax and forced Brad's face into her pulsing cunt his tongue going deep into her hot slippery pussy. Brad could not hold back any longer and his prick began throb as it spewed sperm into his step mothers mouth and throat.

Both mother and son climaxed into each others mouths and ground their sex into each other's hot wanting lips. Brad licked up Lauren's sweet pussy juice and fingered her tight anus while Lauren sucked up his cum and swallowed his sweet load. Brad wanted to fuck and he quickly scrambled between Lauren's wide open thighs his young cock still hard.

Lauren felt Brad's cock enter her cunt and she thrust up to meet him forcing his prick deep into her pulsing twat. Brad grabbed his mom's tits as he pounded his dick into her pussy going balls deep on every thrust. Lauren was twisting and moaning as Brad filled her cunt with his young hard prick and pulled on her nipples making her climax again and again. Brad rammed his step mom's cunt pounding his stiff prick into her hot pussy until his climax overcame him and he squirted his cum deep into Lauren's pulsing pussy. Brad collapsed on his mother and she gently rolled them on their sides and they lay there getting their breath back.

Back in Karen's bedroom things were heating up and Carl had his hands on his sister's tits massaging her firm tits and pulling on her very stiff nipples. Karen's pussy was dripping wet and what she thought was Brad's cock had leaked a great quantity of pre-cum onto her fingers. Karen brought one hand to her mouth and licked the slippery sweet liquid off her fingers marveling at the taste. Looking down she noticed a ring on the hand playing with her left tit and knew that the person behind her wasn't Brad. Karen knew at once that it was Carl behind her and she wondered if Brad knew about the switch and felt very wicked and turned on realizing that she was going to get fucked by Carl. Karen spread her legs and reached down pressing the head of Carl's cock into her sopping wet vagina. Carl's cock was throbbing and stiff as he worked his swollen shaft deep into his sister Karen's hot tight slit. Karen started to moan and hump her ass back against Carl making his long hard cock saw in and out of her tight young slit. Carl was kneading his sister's hot tits as he fucked his cock into her slippery pussy.

Reaching one had down over her tight belly Carl reached her cunt and began to frig her stiff clit adding to Karen's pleasure as they both neared climax. Karen was beginning her orgasmic climb and her body stiffened as her orgasm overtook her making her cry out for his cock.

Carl went over the brink as Karen's tight young cunt clamped down on his invading cock making him shoot a massive load of sperm up her hot slippery vagina. As they slowed their pace Karen was the first to speak. "Carl," she said, "that was fantastic. Now why don't we turn on the light so we can see each other as we fuck?"

Carl was a bit taken off guard and froze wondering how long Karen had known it was him and not his brother Brad.

"So you know," said Carl.

"Yes," responded Karen, "and I want you to eat my pussy and I want to suck your cock like Mom does."

Carl wondered how much Karen knew and decided that it didn't matter since Karen had already fucked both Brad and himself so she was equally guilty and even more so than his stepmother and himself. Carl got up and turned on the light. Karen looked beautiful and her firm tits sported erect nipples attesting to her continued arousal. Karen spread her legs and fingered her pussy as she watched Carl return to her side.

Karen brought her fingers to her mouth and licked the accumulation of Carl's sperm and her pussy juices from her fingers. Carl got between her legs and straddled Karen's face letting his half hard cock rub her flushed face. Karen grabbed Carl's cock and sucked her brother's dick deep into her throat sucking his cock while she played with his balls and slowly pressed her finger up Carl's anus. Carl was busy on his sister's wet hot cunt, tongue fucking her twat while he fingered her hot little anal pucker. Carl and Karen worked each other's genitals for more than ten minutes during which Karen climaxed drenching Carl with her thick sweet cunt juice. Carl's cock was stiff and hard and he pulled out of Karen's sucking mouth and got between her legs pulling them open and resting her legs over his shoulders. Karen reached down and spread her pussy lips then grabbed Carl's hot stiff prick and guided him up her swollen pink pussy. Carl rammed his cock deep into Karen's hot tight pussy forcing his swollen prick balls deep into her waiting snatch.

Karen began to moan and pull on Carl's hips ramming him deep into her packed pussy. Carl was possessed and fucked his sister with wanton abandon ramming his cock into her hot young twat making her climax multiple times and finally filling her sweet tight slit with a big load of sperm. Carl was pretty done in and he rolled Karen over on top of him his cock still buried deep in her pulsing cunt.

After a few minutes they got their breath back and Carl began to kiss Karen and rub her firm tits. Carl started to think about Lauren and Brad wondering if Lauren had seduced Brad and was lying back enjoying Brad's cock being stuffed up her pussy. Carl's cock started to swell again and Karen could feel Carl's cock expanding in her hot tight slit. Karen's cunt began to twitch and she sat up forcing her cunt into Carl's cock and began to hump up and down making Carl start to moan again. Carl looked up at his sister her slim body humping up and down on his stiff prick and he noticed that they were not alone. Brad and Lauren were standing behind Karen watching her fuck her pussy with his cock. Brad's stiff cock was standing proudly as Lauren stood beside her younger son stroking his stiff cock as Brad pulled on his step mom's full tits and twisted her nipples as they watched Karen pounding Carl's thick long shaft into her tight young cunt.

Lauren wanted to get it on with Karen and she came up behind her step daughter and ran her hands around under her arms until she had Karen's firm young tits cupped in her hands. Karen startled looked over her shoulder to see Brad and Lauren, Karen was startled to have Lauren fondling her tits but the pleasure Carl's stiff probing dick was giving her made it impossible for her to stop. Lauren seeing Karen's acceptance of her caress moved around and straddled Carl's face lowering her pussy to Carl's lips and letting Carl suck her sopping wet cunt.

Carl could taste that Brad and his stepmother had been fucking but he was so turned on by the circumstances he went right to work on his mom's pussy. Brad was stand next to the fucking trio and Karen and Lauren stroked his cock as they worked their pussies on Carl's cock and mouth.

Lauren saw Brad getting hot and told him to fuck her asshole while Carl ate her pussy. Brad was quick to get behind Lauren and he opened up her ass cheeks exposing her pink puckered anus. Brad's cock was hard as a rock now and Lauren's rectum was slick from all the sperm he had shot into her pussy while they fucked in his mom's room. Brad positioned himself against Lauren's twitching ass and shoved his cock deep into his step mothers asshole. Lauren moaned loud as Brad's stiff prick drove deep into her anus spreading her sphincter and filling her anal channel with his hot throbbing penis. Brad couldn't believe the tightness of his mothers asshole it was even tighter than Karen's pussy which had milked his cock dry only a few hours earlier. Karen in the meantime had already climaxed on Carl's big prick and was cumming again as Lauren spurred on by Brad's cock going up her asshole was pinching Karen's nipple and frigging her daughters clit. Carl felt Karen's cunt clamp down on his dick again and he climaxed in his sisters spasm ridden pussy filling her tight twat with another load of his creamy sperm as Karen convulsed on his spurting cock. Lauren was climaxing from Carl's hot tongue work and Brad's cock which was spurting up her asshole filling her butt with his warm slippery sperm as he reamed his step mom's asshole while Laure

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