This story is about getting my wife drunk (wife share,cuckold,slutwife)

This story is about getting my wife drunk

Our anniversary was coming up and I decided to do
something special for my wife, and myself of course.

Like I said before I had checked out all the hotels and
bars around town so I knew what they had to offer. I
decided to rent a room at the Embassy Suites for our
anniversary night. If you aren't familiar with them
they have all the rooms around a big atrium. There is a
living room when you first enter with a big window that
faces out to the atrium. Then a short hallway, which
the bathroom is off, and then the bedroom with a patio
door and small balcony. This particular one has a nice
bar and dining room on the first floor. It also has
glass elevators.

I figured this would be perfect for her celebration.

Our anniversary was during the week this year so that
would be better, mostly traveling businessmen staying
there, no families with kids. I went and made the
reservation in person so I could make sure we got a
room on the fourth floor and close to the elevators so
there would be a lot of traffic. They also said I could
check in early that day.

I told my wife I had special plans for our anniversary
so she should be ready to go by 1:30 in the afternoon.
I bought her a new dress for the occasion, a nice black
one that buttoned all the way down the front. I also
bought some good Champaign, her favorite wine and of
course tequila.

I went over right after noon that day and stocked our
room with everything. Went home to get my wife and told
her that she only needed her make-up and her bikini
because I had taken care of everything else. She
thought that was very cool. I made her take the white
bikini because that was the most revealing, almost see-
through when wet. We got to our room and had some
Champaign. She hadn't had any lunch so it went right to
her head.

I suggested we go for a swim because I didn't want her
getting too buzzed up too early. She put on her bikini
and she looked great. Her nipples poked through the top
a little and the bottom was tight enough that you could
see her pussy slit if you looked close. As always there
were a few stray pussy hairs curling out from the
crotch in her suit. The swimming area was empty at this
time of day so we had the pool to ourselves.

We decided to move to the hot tub and have some more of
the Champaign I had brought along in plastic cups. I
got a hard on just looking at her when she got out of
the pool. Her nipples were now hard and really showed
through the top. The wet bottom was pulled farther into
her slit and you could now just barely see her bush
through the suit. The back was pulled into her ass a
little so you could see more of her cheeks.

The hot tub was so relaxing as we drank the Champaign.
She was getting woozy again so I reached over and
started fondling her tits under the water. She just
smiled at me, think she forgot we were in a public
pool. I reached down and began rubbing her pussy. At
the same time I was shoving the crotch of her suit
farther into her pussy slit.

Finally I said we better go back to the room before she
fell asleep. It was later afternoon now and some guys
were checking in for the night. As she got out of the
hot tub I could see that her top was kind of crooked
and one nipple was almost out. The crotch of her suit
was so far into her slit that one of her pussy lips was
partially exposed.

I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her waist so
she could hold it in front of her. She thought she was
covered up but the towel wasn't quite long enough and
right in the front it veed open so anyone looking at
her could see her pussy lip showing. I walked her
through the area where they serve free drinks in the

There were only a few guys there at the time but she
sure caught their attention. They could all see her top
was on crooked and her one tit almost out and a few
managed to be lucky enough to get a peek at her pussy
in the towel opening. We got into the glass elevator
that faced the drink area. Trust me these are slow

I took her towel under the pretense that I needed to
wipe my face. Then I reached behind her and pulled the
back of her suit up into her ass and ran my hand down
into her crotch. The guys having drinks got a nice view
of her ass and watched as I rubbed her pussy from
behind. When we got to the room she wanted some more
Champaign but I talked her into some coffee instead. It
was way too early to have her getting too drunk.

The window facing the atrium had heavy curtains and
also sheer ones. The heavy ones were open but he sheers
were open about one foot. I didn't think anyone would
be able to see through but we took our suits off in the
living room anyway. She was sitting on the couch having
some coffee so I figured before she got too sober I
better have some fun. I walked over to her my hard cock
pointing right at her face. She got the hint and began
to suck on it, something she doesn't do when sober,
especially in front of a window.

She was sucking pretty good and I saw a number of
people walk by but no one seemed to be looking in. Then
one of the guys that must have been having drinks and
noticed which room we were in walked by very slowly.
Stopped and backed up to get a better look. I could see
him watching out of the corner of my eye so I put my
hands behind my wives head and began to fuck her
throat. She doesn't like that so I only got a few
strokes in before she pulled her head back and he
walked away. That's OK I didn't want to shoot my load
yet anyway.

We had some more coffee and she rested for a while.
When she woke up she was more sober but still a little
drunk. I showed her the dress I bought for her and she
liked it. She asked where her panties and bra were and
I told her she was going bare under the dress tonight.
She said she needed some more to drink then. I talked
her into some wine instead of the tequila, I was afraid
of her getting too drunk.

The dress was fairly short and I watched her as we had
the wine and she put her make-up on. She looked great
in it. If she bent over too far you could just see the
bottom of her ass and a little pussy peeking out
between her legs. She was just buzzed enough to feel
good and frisky so we went down for dinner.

We stopped in the bar first and she managed to catch
most of the men's eyes and she wasn't even showing
anything yet. We sat at the bar and I had her let the
back of her dress hang over the bar stool so she was
sitting directly on the stool with her bare ass. We had
a couple of drinks and she was starting to get loosened
up again.

When she stood up to go to the bathroom she had
forgotten that her dress was over the back of the stool
so she unknowingly flashed her ass to the guys sitting
close. I looked down and the seat of her bar stool was
wet with her pussy juice. She came back and as we
finished our drinks I undid a couple of the top and
bottom buttons on her dress. We went into the dinning
area and were seated in a booth facing the bar.

The table had a cloth on it but I noticed it barely
covered the outside edge of our table. We had another
drink while we decided what to order. From the side you
could just see my wife's tits in her dress. Now I knew
why the waiter stood off to the side to take our order.

While we drank our drinks and waited for our food I had
my hand between her legs rubbing her pussy and also
undoing more buttons. I saw one guy start to leave the
bar but when he glanced in our direction he went back
and sat down again. Must have gotten a peek under our
table at my wife's pussy.

I had talked her into eating light because I didn't
want to screw up the buzz she had going. Some wine with
dinner kept her going. Constant attention from the
waiter so he could look at her tits. When she picked up
her napkin I realized that her dress was undone almost
to her waist. I pretended not to notice the guys in the
bar that now had their chairs facing us for the view.
After dinner we sat and finished up the bottle of wine.

With her napkin now on the table, when the waiter
brought the check he also got a good look at her pussy.
Instead of leaving the check he just stood there while
I signed. Where it said tip I wanted to write �looking
at her tits and pussy� but decided I better not.

As she slid out of the booth and stood up the guys in
the bar got a real good look at her hairy pussy. When
we got to the fourth floor we walked around the atrium
instead of going directly to the room. I stopped her a
number of times to look at something in the atrium
knowing that while we stood by the railing anyone below
looking up would see her naked under her dress.

About half way around I undid the rest of the dress
buttons so it fell open. From the front she was naked
and as we walked the dress opened even farther. As we
got to our room I saw two guys getting off the elevator
so I fumbled getting the key out. My wife was leaning
against the wall by the door with her eyes almost
closed so she didn't see them. I was kind of blocking
their view of her until they real close to us.

Their eyes almost popped out of their heads when they
saw this almost completely naked woman standing there.
They didn't quite stop but walked as slow as possible
enjoying their view of my wife. After they passed I
opened the door and we went into the room.

I suggested some tequila to top off the evening because
it was time to put her down. She didn't know if she
should have any more because she might fall asleep so I
assured her we would have more fun after a couple of
drinks. Well at least I would. I kept pouring the
tequila and she kept drinking it. I knew it wouldn't be
long till she was gone for the night. While we drank I
was feeling her up and fingering her.

Finally she just went limp on the sofa. I waited a few
minutes to let the booze take full affect and then
opened her dress all the way and laid her down on the
couch with her feet towards the window. I bent one leg
up and against the couch back and hung the other off
the couch and on the floor. He legs were spread enough
for a great view of her pussy with some pink showing.

I did her the favor of putting one of her arms across
her face. I turned on the lamp on the end table, opened
the curtains about two feet, grabbed the room key and
left. I wanted to be outside where I could see who
looked. I went up one floor and stood on the other side
of the atrium. It was much darker in the atrium now so
looking in a window was easy.

It seemed like forever but probably only five minute
before the first guy walked by. Like most people you
just naturally look in an open window. I'm sure in his
wildest dreams he didn't expect to see what he did..
Over the next hour forty guys must have gotten a good
look at my naked wife. More than one walked away
adjusting his dick. I thought about going back to the
room and opening the door a little to see how many
dared to go in and feel her up.

I chalked that idea up for another time because it was
starting to get late and I had things to do. I felt
like I was doing these guys a service. Instead of going
back to their room and watching boring TV they could
think about my naked wife while they jacked off wishing
they were fucking her. I went back to the room closed
the curtains, called my buddy Steve and told him to get
his butt over to the Embassy Suites and gave him our
room number. Steve is one of the guys that have played
with my naked wife a number of times.

Until now I had only let guys play with her when she
was out. My anniversary gift to her was going to be a
strange cock to fuck her. I knew it wouldn't take Steve
long to get here because he lived pretty close. I
carried my wife back into the bedroom and took her
dress off. I laid her naked on the bed and pushed her
feet up to her ass and let her legs fall open. Now that
hairy pussy was wide open and between her puffy lips
was that pretty little cunt hole just waiting. I knew
Steve had a pretty fat cock so I worked my fingers into
her cunt to loosen her up a little. After I stretched
her out I went back to the living room for a drink.

Right after that Steve knocked on the door. I let him
in and handed him a drink. He wanted to know what the
hell was going on. I told him I had a surprise for him.
He kept bugging me about what it was as he drank. I
laughed and told him he was my wife's anniversary
present. He just looked confused until I took him into
the bedroom. He had seen my wife naked a number of
times but when I told him he was going to be her first
strange cock his mouth dropped open. "You're kidding!"
he said.

"Nope, her pussy is ready and waiting for you to fuck."

He dropped his pants and bent over the bed and started
licking her pussy. He kept saying, God I can't believe
this. Finally he pulled her to the edge of the bed and
put her legs over his shoulders, lined up his fat dick
to her open cunt and started to push. I knelt behind
him so I could better watch his cock slowly slide into

God this was great, another guy fucking my passed out
wife. It took a while but he finally got his entire
cock buried into her cunt. He pumped her very slow at
first, her cunt making some slurping noises as he

Finally I said, "Come on, pound her pussy!" And he
started banging her like crazy. Her tits were flopping
back and forth as he pumped her cunt. Her pussy was
making a lot of noise now and juice was running down
her ass crack. Her pussy never looked so good as it did
with another guys cock fucking it.

He grunted and dumped his load deep into her cunt. He
pumped a few more strokes and then pulled his dick out.
I heard him say, God that was the best piece of ass I
remember having, but I was busy watching her pussy
drool his cum out and down her ass. I couldn't wait any
longer, I had to fuck that stretched out sloppy cunt
hole. I slammed it home in one shove.

I couldn't believe I was having sloppy seconds on my
wife. I fucked her as hard as I could and shot my load
in just a few minutes. We left her on the bed and went
to get a drink. I couldn't help but notice Steve's cock
was hard again and all shiny from her pussy juice. He
was half way through his drink when he said, "Damn! I
get to fuck her again?" This time he slid right into
her used cunt. He pounded her pussy for a lot longer
this time before he came in her.

Watching him fuck her again gave me a hard on, so as
soon as he pulled out I shoved my cock into that fucked
over cunt. When I came and pulled out there was a big
pool of cum between her ass cheeks on the bedspread.
Her cunt hole was so far open I could look up into her.
I felt like her ob/gyn Dr. looking up into her pink
cunt hole. Her pussy lips were swollen and red from the
abuse they had taken.

Steve and I washed off our dicks and had another drink.
He just went on and on about how great a fuck she was
and he hoped he got to do her again some time. I smiled
and said that I thought he would get another chance but
he should return the favor with his wife. Steve
admitted he had been thinking about it. I hope he goes
through with it because his wife is hot!

Steve thanked me again and left. I went into clean up
my wife. I washed all the cum off. Her cunt hole was
still so big I managed to wipe most of the cum out that
was still in her. When I got her cleaned up I put some
lotion all over her pussy. I rubbed a lot of it in
hoping it would make her a little less sore the next

I went to sleep reliving the night and thinking of the
future possibilities for my wife. The next morning she
was a little hung over and couldn't believe how sore
her pussy was. I assured her she was an animal the
night before and just wanted to fuck and fuck. That
made her feel pretty good.

We stopped for some breakfast before we left and my
wife could not figure out why so many guys were staring
at her with a wicked smile on their faces.

Well, my wife thought the night out was our present to
each other. She will never know that her pussy with a
strange cock fucking it was her present to me.

That was her first strange cock but not her last...

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