Three Guys Have A Fun Time (xxx,bisex,porn)

Three Guys Have A Fun Time

I, Brad, age 27, was working overtime at my job. My boss had forced me to take the night shift - this meant boring paperwork. Luckily I got it done in an hour, but I was required to keep an eye on the place until it opened. Glancing at my watch, it read 2:43 AM. Sighing, I twirled around in my swivel chair. To my surprise, the door to the warehouse opened, and I heard to people coming up the stairs. I grabbed my flashlight and shone it in their faces as they came up.

“Who are you?”

“Easy, man. We’re coming to watch the place until the store opens.”

“That’s my job.”

“You sure, buddy? He emailed me yesterday.....”

Our boss, Edward Corroson, was over 60 years old and often made mistakes when scheduling things. This was not uncommon.

“How about we just all stay together?” I suggested, enjoying the company.


They came up the stairs and introduced themselves. One was Brian, the other was Zach. Brian was 5 foot 11, hairy chest, and very muscular. Zach was 5 foot 9, had muscular arms and had a sexy grin. We hung out for a few minutes and got some beers out of the old refrigerator. After a while, Brian started a conversation.

“Do you guys watch The Walking Dead?”

“Sometimes,” Zach shrugged.

“Nope,” I replied.

“Wanna watch some? It’s a cool show.”

We agreed. I went over to the small TV and tuned into Netflix.

“Which episode?”

“Doesn’t matter. You pick.”

I randomly selected an episode from Season 6. Every few seconds, Brian would tell us which characters were which and I started to like it. After a few minutes, there was a scene with the main character shirtless in bed. I smirked, and got a little hard.

“Mmmmm. He’s hot,” Zach grinned.

“Yeah. I’d go down on him,” Brian chuckled.

It started to get a little hot in the room.

“I’d go down on you, baby,” Zach said.

I looked around to see him walk over and kiss his boyfriend. It turned me on, and I started rubbing my cock through my jeans. They then started pecking at each other’s necks, and I walked over to join them.

“Let’s get in bed,” Brian snickered.

We walked over to the old bed in the Corner of the top room. I got in it, sat on my knees and started to kiss Brian. His sexy beard and ripped abs instantly got my attention. Zach cane from behind him and started to kiss his shoulders and neck. After some hot kissing, I held onto his shoulder with one arm and started sucking his nipples. He missed in pleasure, so I ducked his chest abs, leaving saliva everywhere. I then twisted a little and started kissing his muscular sides, making loud squeaky noises. Zach grabbed me and started to make out, as

he slowly unbuckled my belt. Brian helped him, and soon we were all naked.

“I’ll suck Zach. Zach, you suck Brad. Brad, you suck me.”

I obeyed and we formed the position of a triangle. I placed my lips around his cock and moaned as Zach sucked me off. The pleasure was almost too much to take. I then started eating his ass, and then licked his balls carefully. Stuffing them in my mouth, I rubbed his side and looked at his sucking Zach. After a while, we got up. Instantly, Brian bent me over and sighed in satisfaction.

“You okay with me pounding you?”

“Heck yeah.”

As he pounded my juicy ass, I sucked off Zach, who was a ten inched. I couldn’t fit it all in my mouth at once, so I took small sucks here and there. I then snacked on his pale stomach, while Brian continued to pound me harder. This went on for an hour. Everyone got sucked, rimmed, kissed, and pounded by each other. In the end, we collapsed in bed, making out slowly as we drifted off to sleep.

At 7:00, the next morning, I woke up, tight in Brian’s arms. I yawned, and tried to get up, but my wrist was handcuffed to the bed. Panicking, I looked around to see Brian with a sick grin on his face and a knife in hand. Zach came upstairs and grinned at me.

“What’s going on?” I yelled.

“Haven’t you guessed? You look so yummy that we’re going to eat you. Literally.”

“Is this a joke?”

Brian, from behind me, sucked the side of my belly and sank his teeth into my flesh. I screamed as he mmmmed, licked the blood and sucked at it more. Zach came over and ripped off his shirt.

“Enjoy baby.”

He started to kiss my neck as I frantically squirmed. He joined Brian at where he had bitten me and started sucking at the blood, smearing his face. The kissy noises filled the air and I felt like I was in a dream. Zach had left his underweared cock in my face. Quickly, I grabbed it with my free hand and bit into it.

“Feels good....”

Horrified, I bit it again, tearing half of it off. But he only kept sucking at my wound. I chewed off his balls, but Brian twisted around and started licking the mess.

“You guys are psychos!”

I felt a searing pain as Zach grabbed my ass cheeks and rimmed me. He literally ate my ass. I screamed, but Brian held me and place, and took a long lick down my chained arm, ending with a bite. With my free arm, I pushed him off, as Zack took a bite out of my cheek. Brian just laughed and started to eat my back. Screaming, they continued laughing deeply as my body began to be devoured. I tried to think of how to get out, but there wasn’t a way. They had chained up my other arm and my legs were in so much pain that I couldn’t kick (they were eating my nipples now). I tugged at the chains, until one snapped. I then jerked my other hand free and grabbed Zach’s face. I stuck my fingers into his eyes and pulled them out. I then dove my hand into his ass and ripped a hole with my nails. Brian tried to grab me, but I scrambled forward and bit his neck. He gurgled and then died. Zack fought with me, with blood drooling from his eyes. He got on top of me and tried to get at my throat. I managed to grab his knife off the floor and slashed his stomach. His intestines spilled all over me and he fell dead to the ground.

I woke up, breathing very hard. I was sandwiched in between Brian and Zach. It was light outside. I looked around - no handcuffs or blood. It had been a dream! I sighed, relieved. I then slipped my hands into Zach’s boxers. This was gonna be fun. ;)

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