Tiffany's Students (Fantasy, Anal, Drug, Humiliation)

Tiffany's Students

Markus was sitting in the middle of the desks, tapping his pen on the desk, thinking about what him and his friends will do after school. He looks for the least path of resistance to get a good grade, no matter the method or how much legal trouble. Anyway, his friends have planned on going “cooning” after school, a term they use to describe a bunch of shit that they do, ranging from acting like drunken idiots to throwing eggs at passing cars. It is nothing compared to what some of the other students at this school do after, like gang shit. This “cooning” is special because, not only will it be the last “cooning” before they graduate, but his friend Mia was going. Mia does go all the time, as she is good friends with Markus’s whole group, but she spends most of the time hanging out with Markus. It is really obvious that they have liked each other for essentially their whole lives, they only lived down the street from each other, and now with a job and car Markus has finally decided to ask her out.

“MARKUS,” a shrill voice pierces through the air, and Markus quickly realizes that it’s coming from ‘Miss Tiffany’ . He automatically straightens up in his chair and pretends to be reading although he is clearly not on page 360. Tiffany notices this, who gives a loud tsk and says, “...Markus...I honestly don’t know how you do it…”

He can be described as a ‘teacher’s pet’ to every teacher in the school except her, which Markus is simultaneously bugged by but doesn’t care for at the same time. Lowering his face into his desk, he desperately wishes that he had the ability to sleep on will, which is something his friend Levi can essentially do. Feeling a tap on the back of his chair, Markus turns around groggily and, speak of the devil, look who it is.

“Ready for it?” whispers Levi, his stained smile shining...sort of.

“Yes, butter breath, I’m ready for after school,” whispers Markus back, leaning in the squeaky chair a bit. In faux concern, he looks back at Levi’s smile, which is as yellowed as ever, and says, “Damn, you REALLY got that shit stuck in there today, huh?”

“Shut up, retard,” hisses Levi back but still with that dumb grin on his face. This small talking match has got the attention of a couple peers around them, who are trying to pay attention to both Tiffany and the boys at the same time. “I hear M is going, yeah?”

“Yes she is, dumbass, you planned this whole thing out!” says Markus, this last syllable turning the head of the girl sitting in front of him. “Low IQ lookin-ass…”

“What’s that, Levi has a low IQ,” says a voice just behind Levi. Of course, it’s Ethan, cleaning his glasses. He’s been Markus’s number #1 ‘homie G’, except Mia of course. “Count me in.”

Before Levi opens his craggy mouth again to retort, out of the corner of his eye he sees Tiffany slam the whiteboard really hard with a meter stick. All of their smiles quickly disappear as Tiffany loses her shit at them.


Dead silence from the boys except Ethan, who, snarky as ever, responds, “Not particularly, Miss Tiffany.”


Of course, she’s referring to the Tragedy of MacBeth. Ethan’s waits, as usual, for one of the peers around him to whisper the answer. They don’t bail him out sometimes, and this is one of those situations. With no answers, Tiffany launches into one of her tirades that she is legendary for. The boys have learned to tune themselves out of it, but they snap to attention when Tiffany delivers the verdict:


Right as they begin to protest, their faces heating up, the bell rings and the students have to leave in the relatively short passing period they have in between classes. Their response goes unheard among the bell, chairs scuttling across the floor, every single student in the class talking at the same time, and many other things. Markus is especially dumbfounded; he has never gotten in any trouble with any teachers despite getting really close at times, and of all days to finally get in trouble due to chit-chat, it’s the day he’s going to have the time of his life and ask Mia out. The rest of the day is a blur, shuffling between classes and the boys still act like they normally do between periods, just Markus has that added element of being pissed off. By the time the day is done, Markus is practically fuming in rage but can’t show it, and texts the entire friends group chat that the “cooning” is postponed. There goes a ton of dating money and all that down the drain, which Markus scraped up from his retail job over the past few months. There goes his chances with Mia, who may not be the prettiest girl to walk the Earth but she’s close enough for Markus. There goes-

“Ey,” Levi whispered again as they sat in Tiffany’s class. “...Does anyone think that...that...Miss Tiffany looked kida...er...ahh...kinda hot when she got mad?”

Markus and Ethan look at each other, trading glances of disappointment as they rib Levi once again for his timing when he was horny. The man honestly likes basically every girl from age 16-50, and he makes sure that they know it.

“On top of your IQ of a rock, you bring that up now?” sighs Ethan, shifting a bit in his chair, taking something small out of his bag and dropping it in his pocket.

“Fuckin’ hot when a bitch ruins your life, huh,” retorts Markus, ready to lay all of his pent-up rage out on Levi’s table, but then Ethan suddenly stands up, his chair scraping along the floor. Walking up to the front of the class, both Levi and Markus note that Tiffany’s coffee thermos, emblazoned in a turquoise design, is still on the desk and Ethan is heading straight for it. Without a second thought, Ethan goes up to the cup and drops whatever was in his pocket into the cup, turning around with a squeak of his shoes and sitting back down. Levi and Markus stare in dead silence at him, suddenly being a bit worried at their friend’s mental state. Ethan notices this and opens his arms, like in a “what about it?” pose.

“What, I had a bit extra,” says Ethan as he puts his arms back down. Ethan is easily the shadiest individual of the group, being described sarcastically as a ‘man of many mysteries’. “Shit’s expensive, and my ma won’t let that shit go bad like it does!”

His mom...of course...she takes some sort of pill to help her out with her severe epilepsy. If it can mellow the fuck out of someone who can have severe seizures, what the hell does it do to normal people?

“Remember that new bitch, Stacey or some shit? Remember how she fell asleep while sucking her man’s dick,” Ethan talks to the still-shocked duo. “She put me up to it, didn’t want that slimy cocksucker shit in her mouth for too long. Works like a charm, people fall asleep like a baby in a flash.”

“That still doesn’t justify that you fuckin’ DRUGGED our teacher, dumbshit,” says Levi, gesturing wildly. “What if she, I dunno, fuckin’ DIES or some shit? What the fuck are us ‘tards gonna do about it?”

“Relax, fuckin’ idiot, no one’s fuckin’ dyin’”, says Ethan as he relaxes again. “I’ve used this shit on probably a hundred of our classmates; if shit don’t do shit for these little bastards, won’t do shit for this big bitch.”

“She ain’t big,” retorts Levi, licking his lips. “She’s CURVY, understand the difference dumbas-”

Tiffany walks into the room yawning and they all immediately shut up. She looks at them and grunts with disgust, plopping down into her chair like a sack. She takes a sip from her thermos cup, noting that it has somewhat more of an acidic taste. Grunting, she stands up to replace her coffee but she gets that sense where her vision goes completely dark...except it didn’t come back. Within a few seconds of confused grunting and flailing about, she actually collapses into her chair this time out for good.

Ethan immediately begins repacking his things, “Detention’s over idiots, let’s fuckin’ roll outta this-”

“WAIT,” says Markus with a voice so purposeful it would make the improv kids proud. “WAIT A FUCK.”

“‘Wait a fuck,’” Levi looks at Markus and then back at Ethan in confusion. “The fuck’s that matter, we’re fuckin’ done with this. Let’s get back to cooning…”

“I already texted the group that shit’s cancelled,” responded Markus, seeing the surprise on both of their faces already contorting into anger. Of course they both had the chat muted. “Zilch, zero, nothing, nada, nyet, nein, whatever..I have a better idea.”

Striding over to Tiffany’s sleeping body, Markus takes out his phone and snaps a picture of her in this induced but blissful state. Levi and Ethan, over a cacophony over their own protests and other random sayings, rush over to him. Markus is in such a blood rage that there’s really no stopping him as he suddenly rips Tiffany’s shirt in half, exposing her breasts. This leads to more protests from his friends, them trying to stop him by tugging on his arms.

“THIS BITCH IS THE CAUSE OF ALL OUR PROBLEMS,” Markus screamed at them, tears from sorrow and anger in his eyes. Is this sentence reductive? Yeah, it makes no fucking sense but that doesn’t matter to Markus, who a random viewer would think to be on crack-cocaine or bath salts, as his appearance is so twisted by battling emotions. “SHE ALWAYS STOPS OUR SHIT, SHE ALWAYS WANTS TO KEEP US BACK, SHE ALWAYS ASSIGNS EXTRA SHIT, SHE STOPPED...STOPPED...stopped…stopped me from...from...seeing…”

At this point the aforementioned tears are streaming down Markus’s face, and it doesn’t take a genius to know what he meant. The guys are so riveted by this short outburst that they give Markus his space, looking at the vulnerable Tiffany in a new light. Suddenly, defying all logical explanations, they begin unbuckling their pants, literal hate boners popping up through their underwear. Markus sees that he has managed to do something and smiles to himself, following their actions. Now, standing in front of Tiffany with nothing but their underwear hiding their raging cocks, they all have an innate feeling of masculinity and domination coursing through their veins, Levi especially. He has jerked off to fantasies of Tiffany the moment he laid eyes on her, putting her in multiple positions through the lonely nights, blasting cum on or in her over and over again. He even replaced the good-looking, much-hotter pornstars in the naughty videos he watched with Tiffany, such was the extent for his liking of her. Now his fantasy may be becoming true, and he is actually the first one to speak up in this awkward situation.

“I say one of us hits the bitch in the mouth, someone hits her from the bung, and someone records it. Volunteers?”

Ethan immediately steps back and takes his phone out of his pocket, “Hate the bitch but I’m not desperate to fuck her. Markus has a fuckin’ point, he gets the bung. Levi...you fucking...disgusting motherfucker...take the jaw.”

Speaking of her like she’s an animal makes Markus and Levi harder while Ethan tries to will himself to get softer. Why the fuck did he get a boner anyway? Why did he strip down to his drawers? Ethan’s face burns a bit in embarrassment as he puts his clothes back on and tests for a good angle (so as to not show their faces), hitting the “record” button and giving the other guys a thumbs-up. Without delay and without mercy they move in on her, Markus and Levi carrying her petite body and flipping her onto one of the student’s desks so that her tits are crushed against the polished metal. Holding her head up like a pig, without further ado Levi sticks his excited cock in her mouth, nearly exploding then and there at his fantasy finally being fulfilled. Markus takes his time, feeling Tiffany’s curves through her dress (damn, Levi wasn’t wrong, this bitch do got curves!) before grabbing the hem along her asscheeks and ripping with all his might. With similar results to ripping a bedsheet, the tear isn’t perfect but it gets the job done, Tiffany’s supple asscheeks squished together in the outside air.

Markus grabs her cheeks and, remembering some moves from a porn video, jabs his finger into Tiffany’s bunghole. Immediately he feels resistance, she probably has never had anything enter her ass before, and he has to physically brace himself and push against it, squirming his finger around and no doubt turning the outside of her ass into reddened mincemeat. Finally, the mincemeat gives and with a wet sucking sound Markus manages to dive his finger deep, wiggling it around like a worm in her anal tunnel. Withdrawing his finger, he doesn’t dare to smell it as it has shit flecks and a long line of unknown fluid comes out too, and he instead puts his finger back in her. Using his other hand, he spreads her asscheeks apart, admiring the shapely gape, and sticks three fingers in, twisting them around like a corkscrew. He wants to see if she’s truly a whore as he wipes his nasty fingers on her ass, leaving shit smears in their wake. Flexing his fingers, Markus plans to dive his whole hand in there, opening and closing it so that the bitch will definitely have trouble walking the next day. However, there’s a wince of pain coming from his body and Markus looks down to see that his cock is an unnatural shade of purple, either like he’s choking it or there’s way too much blood in it. Rolling his eyes, Markus grabs his super-stiff cock and brings it against Tiffany’s ass lips, rubbing it in the shit and juice for a second, smearing it even more, before plunging in all the way. He groans, partly from the tightness, partly from a sick-sense of satisfaction, but mostly because his cock isn’t feeling this insane pressure anymore and he begins thrusting, using his hands to hold onto her hips for dear life as his thrusting picks up speed and he adds a little twist, making sure his young cock finds every inch of her shithole.

Markus’s cock isn’t the only one trying to find every nook and cranny, as Levi begins thrusting at around the same time into her mouth. He repeatedly buries his cock in her throat, taking note of how she doesn’t even choke despite the fact that his cock is clearly visible through the flesh on her throat. Levi clasps a hand around her throat, feeling his cockhead with every thrust he makes, massaging it through the natural barrier. He tosses his head back and lets out a loud moan when, on one of his throatfucking thrusts, her uvula touches the tip of his cockhead, the little piece of dangly flesh tickling and pleasuring him immensely. From that point on, every single thrust hits that point, and soon enough Levi is on Cloud9. He has never really liked double penetration porn, but he does admittedly look over to Markus, who’s currently plowing Tiffany’s ass for all he’s worth, beads of sweat from his forehead dripping onto her back, and finds it super hot. He wipes this completely natural thought from his mind, thinking that he doesn’t want to “get gay” after seeing it (which is preposterous, you can’t “get gay”) but continuing to fixate on the jiggling of Tiffany’s ass. Soon enough they thrust in unison, every single one of Markus’s thrusts deep into Tiffany’s anus making her throat Levi even deeper as he thrusts as well, creating the perfect experience for both of them. Now deeper than ever before in their teacher, the boys grunt and moan at the same time, feeling the immense pleasure that comes from such an action. They probably won’t last long, at their low experience level.

And after twenty minutes, which is pretty impressive for adolescent boys with little sex experience, they both let out guttural moans as their semen loads, shooting from their balls to their cock in milliseconds, fire off from their glans into her two occupied holes. Markus’s load consists of five streaks, each one shooting ever deeper into Tiffany’s ass but Markus pulls out for the last one, cumming directly into her thermos. The sticky substance clings to the sides of her anus, slowly oozing out and onto the metal table, dripping off lazily. Let’s hope Tiffany doesn’t clean her cup, as she’ll be tasting her least-favorite student’s cum for a long time after. Levi actually ensures that she will be tasting for awhile, and though his load is smaller it is more forceful, shooting into the back of her throat and directly into her churning stomach. Everytime she burps for the next few months, she’ll be tasting the cum of one of her more...unsavory...students. They both leave their cocks wherever they left them, Markus in the thermos and Levi with his cock snug down her throat, gasping and heaving a few times to clear their heads and passageways.

“Alright you perverted fucks, that’s a wrap,” calls out Ethan as he ends the recording. He takes a small black cable out of his bag and heads out of the room. “I’ll see y’all fucks tomorrow. Imma be spending the whole night editing this masterpiece and sharing it around. Make sure to check the school’s website tomorrow yeah? There’ll be a nice surprise.”

Smiling at each other, Levi and Ethan laugh as they pull out, Levi’s cock flopping out wet and smearing Tiffany’s face in cum. They both shoot the shit as they get their clothes on and leave the teacher, who will be edited to look like a total slut in the video, still dreaming of random shit on the desk. She’ll eventually wake up from this dream for real though; no house, no job, no husband...nothing at all.

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