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I had arranged a dinner date with our new friend Sugar, as nicknamed by Holly. It was nice to get out and have a chilled evening, it was good to get the invite for dinner.

I really did want some timeout with him on his own and get to know him. To wear, I chose a red, very tight Lycra tube dress, with a silver loop chain belt, red heels, and my little short fur jacket.

The dress really clung to my body, and fell just below my butt, there was no room for underwear, as the outline's would be visible, can't be having any of that little issue.

Our date was set for 9pm, and Sugar had arranged to pick me up. Like I said I was so looking forward to the evening, and before long there was a toot of a car horn outside, I grabbed my bag and left my flat.

There he was resting against the wing, and he looked so hot! a short sleeved black shirt, and jeans, a good pair of shoes and no socks.

"I like what I'm seeing" I said to myself.

"Jessica! good to see you again, and you are looking, well breathtaking." he said.

"Why thank you so much, and it is good to meet up with you, I have been looking forward to our date."

Sugar opened the door for me, and with a little bit of effort, what with the shortness of my dress, I got myself in.

"So where are we going tonight" I asked.

"Well Jessica you tell me what food you like and we will do that for our meal."

I chose a great little Italian place, it was not to far away, and the food was good. And it was nice and quiet, just the place to get to know this guy.

"So you had a good night with Holly the other night." I asked.

"Well yes it was...well it was a hot night for sure Jessica." he replied.

"You know us girls, we talk about everything, and Holly, lets just say had a great time."

"Well Jessica, that's good to know, I am glad she enjoyed herself." Sugar answered.

"So when are you going to visit me at my club?" I asked.

"Well Jessica, I am planning to come and visit you later in the week, if that is OK?"

"Yes of course I will look out for you, by the way you still have my invite I gave you?"

I needed to make sure he still had it, as what Sugar did not know was that it would let him into the back of the club, and into my dressing room.

"Yes Jessica, I have it here in my wallet"

"Excellent! nice and safe." I replied.

We arrived at the restaurant, Sugar held the door open for me, and we went in. We managed to get a table, which as it turned out was away from everyone, it was cosy with candlelight, it could have been made for the night.

I removed my jacket, and I could tell he was liking what he was seeing, I adjusted my self a little bit, and I sat down. Sugar then sat.

We ordered food and wine, while waiting for the food to arrive, I told Sugar about what I did for a living, he looked surprised when I told him I sung for a living.

We chatted about lots of things, and he told me what he did, and I was very impressed to know he was a designer in the property market.

We had a laugh and a joke also, his sense of humour had me laughing so much, it was strange but Sugar reminded me of a male version of Holly! The food arrived and we had some more wine, he did not drink too much as he had to drive.

I was becoming so relaxed around this guy, like I say it was great to break away from everything for a evening, my mind then began to wander, as Holly's description of her night with him began to enter my thoughts, I then decided to get my mind off that subject.

"So, Sugar, I think I need to give you a nickname for myself, Holly and me love nickname's it is cute, do you not think?"

"Well Jessica, you think of one, and as long as it is not insulting, I am happy with that." he replied smiling.

"Good, well let me get back to you on that one." I smiled at him as I replied.

I could so feel his eyes burning into me, and just looking at those eyes told me exactly what he was thinking, and I have to say I was enjoying the attention, most guy's I have been with really just want to get you into bed as soon as possible. Not that I have a problem with that, but it is nice to be treated like a lady.

Now I had a slight problem, the dress! it was not a bad thing, but Lycra sticks like glue, and I could feel my nipples pressing into the material, which meant sugar must have been able to see them. Not that I had a problem with that, but you know how people talk. I said nothing about my pleasant issue, but excused myself and went to the wash room.

When I got in there, and looked in the mirror, sure enough there they were, I re arranged myself as best I could, I pulled the dress up and folded it inwards, better I said to myself, I then put a bit more lipstick on, and came to the realisation that I wanted him, I knew this already, but maybe it was the wine talking, I had to confirm it to myself staring back at me in the mirror.

I left the wash room and walked back to the table, sliding myself skilfully back into the chair, we finished our food and had coffee, we sat for about 30 minutes and we both decided it was time to leave, he paid the bill and off we went.

"It has been a great evening, Jessica, I have really enjoyed it." Sugar said.

I then began to think..."is that it for the night? surely not!" So not wanting the evening to end I came out with the classic line...

"It has been great Darling, but do you fancy a night cap at mine?"

"Of course I would love that Jessica, but I was not going to invite myself, let me be straight with you, I would love a night cap at yours, but I was not sure you would be interested, being as...well you know what happened with Holly" he explained.

"Hay you and Holly? No, that is not a problem, Holly and me, we are tight, we share lots of things together!" I replied.

"OK that's cool Jessica...that is cool!"

We arrived back at my flat and went straight in, I stood at my coat peg and took off my jacket, With that I felt Sugar behind me, kissing my bare shoulders, and back, he put his hands on my hips..."Ooh...Baby that feels so nice" I sighed And trust it felt so good, my body began to tingle, the feel of his lips on my skin drove me crazy!

I took his hands in each of mine and down on my waist, as I let him carry on, I did not want him to stop, I knew I was going to lose control at any minute, and Sugar was igniting me and I was loving it.

I now needed more, I turned around, the closeness of the both of us meant only one thing. We looked deeply at each other, breathing heavily and the sexual tension was explosive.

Sugar put his hands on my cheeks and drew my lips towards his mouth, gentle kisses at first, his tongue teasing my lower lip as he stroked it, I gave him a small piece of my tongue, telling him to take it with his. Our tongues swirled around, and boy did it feel good.

My tits pressed against his chest, as I put my arms around him, dropping them down to his ass and pushing his groin against my pussy. His hands went down each side of my body down to my hips, then back up again to the sides of my tits, as we continued kissing.

I so needed to get things moving he had turned me on so much, and I wanted him. I pushed myself back up against the wall, and moved my hands up the front of my body, Then I slid my fingers into the top of my dress and pulled it down slowly, and dropped it down off my tits.

"Take my tits Baby" I whispered.

I then felt Sugar's lips go onto my right nipple, his hand caressing my left tit, his mouth then moving over to my left, again taking my nipple into his mouth.

I was loving the feeling, his tongue his lips his hands, squeezing my tits together, then pulling them apart, kissing in-between them, and running his tongue back onto my nipples.

As he was pressed against my pussy, and I could feel his hardness. My pussy was burning for it, I began rubbing myself against his cock, as his hands went down my back and onto my ass, he then began the fuck motion, against me. As we kissed, through my kiss I whispered..."Fuck me Baby, ooh I want you to fuck me!"

I took him over to my bar, and I leant back against it, as I watched Sugar strip naked in front of me. My arms stretched either side on the bar, as he walked up to me and slid his tongue back into my mouth, his hands cupping my tits, and massaging them together as he kissed me. My dress rose up over my hips as I opened my legs, telling him to take me with his hand.

He lowered his hand and began to massage me, gently at first, then increased the speed, I was wet, I was hungry for him, I felt his finger then go just inside of me, my lips pressing against his finger as he stroked my hungry pussy. Then he inserted his middle finger into me, and began to fuck me with it, in and out it went.

"Ooh...Baby...yes!" I grabbed hold of his hard cock, and stroked him up and down in motion to his finger, our tongue's dancing together, out of our mouth's... I could take no more, I turned around, and bent forwards, he wasted no time, and I felt him enter me, his cock feeling like forever as he went fully into me.

"ooh yes! fuck me Baby!"

He began pumping me, a long slow outward motion, and slow but firm re-entry, his hands on the sides of my ass as he took me. I put my hands on the edge of the bar and stretched my arms out, this pushed me onto him, and he was in deeper. I felt his hands move up the sides of my body to my tits, rubbing the sides of them then taking them fully into his hands.

Fully in me he began to fuck me hard then slowed, pulling back allowing his cock to nearly leave me, then pushing back into me slowly. This action felt so good as I took every inch, he began to quicken again pulling me now nearly up right, and taking my tits fully in his hands.

I began to slide myself up and down on him now standing up right with my back pressed against his chest, his upward motion into my pussy drove me wild. I placed my foot onto one of the bar stools, this then allowed easy access for his hand, rubbing, me and fucking me at the same time.

I pulled off him, and sat him on one of the bar stools, he sat down and took my tits in his mouth again, while rubbing them, we kissed. I turned my back to him, and lowered myself onto him, fuck it felt good, so good, I began to ride his cock nice and slow, my hands on my thighs, making the most of every inch, his hands on my hips, as I then began to take my tits with my mouth pushing them together, and taking my nipples.

"Jessica oh...fuck that is so good." Sugar said in a very lustful voice.

"Oh yes...Baby oh yes!" I replied.

He began to pump upwards into me hard, his cock upright, in me made each stroke seem longer than before!

"Ooh yea! ooh yea! mm so good Baby harder! pump me baby oh fuck yes! Oh yes! fuck yes!"

I reached down and rubbed my pussy and felt his cock sliding in and out.

"So good baby, hmm hmm Awww yes." I whispered in a lustful tone.

I began to quicken on him, bouncing up and down, and I forced myself back onto him, sort of pushing him back against the bar, as he took the underneath of my legs, and drew them up, with my knees bent, he began to pound into me, as I threw my arms back and grabbed the edge of the bar.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck yes! keep fucking me like this...fucking do me harder!" I thought to myself.

I managed to throw my head back and took his tongue into my mouth, this made me push down onto his cock as he pumped into me, my heels now wedged into his legs so he could take my tits with his hands.

"Oh yes..Darling...oh yes!" I moaned into his mouth as we kissed.

I pulled off him and squatted on my heels in front of him still on the stool, and offered my tits to his cock,

"Come on Baby fuck my tits!"

I dribbled a bit of saliva down the middle of them and took his cock, squeezing my tits tightly around it. Sugar began to thrust up and down, and at one moment he stopped while he was near my mouth teasing me, and I took it...not fully just his tip, I began sucking, my thick lips like a plunger, oh fuck he tasted so good.

I just could not resist so I took it all sliding my mouth up and down, I could feel his hands on my head, holding me there, he began to pump me, as I took him, his tip felt like a golf ball, it was all I could think of as I felt it in my mouth, he slowed his rhythm, but I continued to suck him, I was simply loving it! my head moving backwards and forwards, I pulled off finally and took him in my tits again.

"Jessica...I want to explode!" Sugar yelled.

"Not yet Baby, not yet!" I replied.

I needed him in me again, I took his hand and we went to the sofa, I laid on my back, and he opened my legs, one foot dropping to the floor, the other now up on the back of the sofa, and I felt him slide his way in.

"Awww yes fuck yes, Baby ooh yea! ooh yea! so good, Hmm Hmm Hmm Awww yes, your cock feels so good Baby."

I felt myself cumin as he fucked me hard, Sugar then grabbed my legs together and lifted them up straight, holding them by my ankles. I went tight on his cock, I was cumin...and cumin hard...

"Harder Baby harder, ooh fuck I'm cumin yes Baby yes! make me cum like this Baby"

I screamed out my orgasm as he pumped me harder bringing it on and kissing my legs as he fucked me. I pulled off and turned around and he took me from behind for a second time Sugar pulled my dress down over my ass as he fucked me, and stroked my ass through it.

I felt him quicken as he began to tense, he was about to cum in me. I threw my pussy back onto him, "Yes Baby cum in me ooh yes, ooh yes, ooh yes fuck yes, I'm cumin again Baby don't stop! don't stop!! yes yes Awww fuck yes!" I then felt him explode in me.

"Oh fuck Jessica oh fuck!"

Sugar yelled out as he pumped every last fuck out of his cock into me. We collapsed on the sofa, cuddled and kissed, and held each other, I then invited him to stay for breakfast, with that, I took him by the hand and we fell into bed.

About an hour or a bit less, while laying holding each other, I began to feel aroused again, with my leg bent over his, I felt his cock stiffen, fuck I wanted it in me.

I began to wank him, as I did this though, he changed position, and laid me on my back, on his knees, legs either side of my hips, and resting over me on his hands with arms straight, he lowered his head and we kissed, he went down onto my neck, that I might add is a very dangerous place.

He then went down to my tits, then my belly, then he went down onto my pussy, his little cheeky kisses just around the outside, oh fuck! he then took me in his mouth, sliding his tongue in and out of me.

"Oh Baby...oh yes Baby, oh yes! Hmmm...oh my!" was all that came out of my mouth, as he continued to do me.

He then came back up to my mouth, kissed, then swung himself onto his back with me on top of him. I quickly sat up, and took him cowgirl, I looked at him as he watched me playing with my tits,

"Just lay there Baby and let me fuck you!" was my instruction.

"You go for it Honey..." Sugar replied.

"Hmmmm...Hmmmm...you like that Baby? you like me fucking you?" I asked.

"Oh you want me to ride you harder? yes?" I had him just where I wanted him.

I went faster and harder down on him now, I wanted to cum again, this guy was driving me nuts!

"Do you want to cum in me Sugar?...you ready to cum?"

"Yes Jessica fucking take me now..."

Yet again I could feel and see he was ready to cum, so I leant forwards my hands on his shoulders, and slid myself backwards and forwards, each stroke getting more intense.

"Oh yes...oh yes Sugar...get ready to cum!

"I want to cum on your tits Girl." He replied.

Oh my where did that come from? I said to myself, I carried on fucking his cock, until I came. I climbed off the bed and knelt down in front of him. He took his cock in his hand and wanked his cum over my tits, it did not take long, and I rubbed his sperm over my tits and belly, I cleaned his cock with my mouth.

So rounded off a fantastic evening with Sugar, Holly's and my new fuck buddy. Do I want more of him?

Fuck yes!

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