Trial by Sperm (M/F-teen, 1st)

Trial by Sperm

Dan had a trial in the morning. He had to figure out
how to defend some stupid kid who broke into an old
woman's apartment and then got conked over the head
with a frying pan. But it might as well have been him
on trial, sitting in that chair next to the judge,
trying to explain to his wife and three sons how he
violated the same rules he had imposed on them.

Dan tilted his head back and rubbed his eyes. It was
late, past two in the morning. The rest of the house
was asleep and he was alone in his small office with
the cluttered desk and the leather sofa and the books
on the shelves. The green lamp on the desk filled the
room with a warm glow, but it did not help focus his
concentration on the open books or the folders with the
sheets of lined yellow paper covered with his

He shook his head. Whose idea was it anyway to invite
an exchange student to live with them for six months?
Especially a girl when he had three horny teenage boys
also living in the house? Especially a beautiful
teenage girl? How could he help but be distracted? He
had to be in court in seven hours and still he had no
idea what he was going to tell the jury.

He shut the heavy blue book and lay his forehead on it,
his head turning side to side. He was the one who was
stupid. He was the one who should be on trial. It was
all an accident, he would swear that, swear it on his
mother's grave. He never meant it to go as far as it

But it happened so quickly, and so easily. At the time
he didn't even realize what was happening. How could
they blame him? It could happen to any man.

Her name was Faruza. She had been away from home for
four months and she was lonely. It was only a week ago,
the night after her eighteenth birthday. They were the
only ones home; she probably thought she was alone. His
wife was out shopping and the boys were out doing who
knew what.

He heard sobs from her room at the end of the hall and
when he went in he found her on the bed, curled around
her pillow. Her long, black hair was in tangles and her
big, dark eyes were puffy and red with tears. He sat
down to comfort her and it just went from there. First
he was holding her, then he was kissing her, then he
was touching her.

What a stupid mistake. His boys were the ones he
thought he had to worry about. He never expected the
rules he and his wife laid down to keep them away from
her applied to everyone, or that he would break them
himself. Already, he could see the old judge with the
scowl on his face and his wife at the plaintiff's table
with tears running down her face.

He heard a soft tap and lifted his head off the blue
law book. Was he hearing things? Was he dreaming? He
put his forehead back on the book, but heard the
tapping again. It was the door, someone was knocking at
the door. Probably his wife checking on him. He got up,
but the door opened a crack and Faruza's face peeked
in, her sweet, angelic face, framed by her long, dark

"Dan? Are you awake?" she said in her soft, girlish

"Yeah, I'm up," he said.

Immediately, he remembered how he had taken her
virginity and began to get aroused, despite the regret
he felt for what he did to her. Even so, she took to it
so readily, so willingly, as if it was what she wanted.

She came into his office and closed the door behind
her. She was wearing one of his oversized t-shirts that
came down to her hips, just showing the bottom of her
white cotton panties. Her large breasts stretched the

"Can't you sleep?" he said.

She shook her head and walked toward him. Beneath the
thin shirt, her heavy breasts jiggled.

"What are you working on?" she said.

Dan wiped his forehead and sat down again. He waved his
hand over the books and papers.

"I have this case that goes to trial tomorrow. I don't
think I'm gonna be ready."

Faruza sat on the corner of his desk, nodding. Dan
glanced at her bare legs and felt a twitch between his
own legs. Instantly, he remembered how good it felt to
lay between her legs, how good she looked laying under
him with that twisted up expression on her face when
she was moaning. His penis grew hard and he squeezed
his legs together.

"I bled yesterday," Faruza said. She lifted the bottom
of the oversized shirt and looked down at her panties.

"Did it hurt?"

She shook her head. "I didn't bleed today."

"You're a woman now, not just a little girl."

He gazed over her young body, burning from the inside
with lust. She filled out nicely. Her hard nipples
stuck out through the shirt. Her waist curved in and
her hips had a gentle flare down to her long legs. He
stared at the mound between her legs and licked his
lips, remembering the pleasure he experienced there.

He couldn't believe this beautiful eighteen year old
girl was sitting on his desk, showing him her panties.
He looked at her face. She had big, dark eyes and those
full, pouty lips. He couldn't believe she had those
beautiful lips around his cock.

"I'm a woman now?" she said.

Dan nodded.

"Then I want more practice," she said.

Dan's eyebrows arched up. "More practice?"

Faruza nodded. Her hand touched his arm. "I want more
practice at being a woman. I want to practice on you."

Her eyes looked down at his lap and blinked a few
times. Dan smirked. She was staring at his hard-on. She
looked into his eyes.

"Show it to me? Please?" she said.

"Show you what?"

Her eyes looked down at his lap again. Her small hand
touched his knee.

"That," she said. Her fingers moved up his thigh and
touched the ridge of his erection.

Dan's head spun. This was too good to be true. He
gritted his teeth and his hands clenched into fists. If
only his wife wasn't just upstairs.

He shoved his pants down. His long, erect cock jumped
out. Faruza gasped and her eyes grew wide. The pink tip
of her tongue licked her upper lip. Her fingers reached
out and touched the hard shaft.

"What should I do?" she said in a whisper.

"Lick it."

Faruza nodded as if she agreed. Holding his cock in one
hand, she got down on her knees between his legs,
leaned forward and licked the tip. Dan sighed. Her
breath was warm on his skin.

"Now suck it," Dan said.

Staring at the fat head, Faruza nodded and licked her
lips. She opened her mouth wide, closed her lips around
the end and moved her head up and down.

Dan groaned and closed his eyes. His head tilted back.
In her mouth, her wet tongue slid around under the head
of his cock. A few times, her teeth grazed the shaft
and he winced. She was good, but obviously
inexperienced. Hell, she was only eighteen. This was
what, the second time in her life she had a cock in her

His hips rose off the chair, pushing his cock a bit
deeper. Faruza gagged once, but kept going. Her head
bobbed up and down with short, quick strokes like she
was driven by a runaway motor.

"Slow down. Slow down, baby. Take it slow, deep and
slow," Dan said. He brushed her long hair away from her

With his cock still between her lips, she looked up to
his face, blinked, and nodded. She let out a deep
breath through her nose, and her wet, puffy lips slid
about midway down his cock and back up to the head. She
licked up the saliva around her mouth and did it again,
clamping her soft lips even tighter.

"Oh God yes," Dan groaned.

He put his hand on her shoulder, then around the back
of her neck and pulled her closer. The head of his cock
jammed against the roof of her mouth and all the way
back to her throat. Faruza squealed around it and her
eyes bulged. Dan groaned again and his cum burst in her

Faruza looked frightened at first, then angry. Her
cheeks puffed out rhythmically with the flood of sperm
that pumped into her mouth. A drop of it leaked from
the corner of her mouth. She clamped her fat lips
tighter. Her cheeks bulged out and she looked like she
didn't know what to do.

"Swallow it baby," Dan said.

Faruza's nose wrinkled. She swallowed and started
coughing, doubled over on the floor between his legs.

"Why didn't you tell me you were gonna do that?" she
said, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

"I didn't want to."

Faruza's brows bunched low over her eyes.

"Why not? You know I hate how it tastes. And in my
mouth. That is like, so gross." She stuck her tongue
out and made a face.

"I wanted to see you drink it."

Faruza slapped his leg. "That's so mean. I should just

Dan shrugged. "Ok. Leave."

Faruza was silent for a second. Her lower lip stuck

"But you haven't fucked me yet," she said.

"No, I guess not."

Faruza pulled up the bottom of the shirt and slipped
her fingers down the front of her panties.

"I'm so wet down there. Why is it so wet?" she said.

"To make it easy for my cock to go in."

Faruza grinned. Her small hand squeezed his cock again.
When she spoke, her voice was soft and breathy.

"I liked it when you did that. I wanna do it again,

Dan nodded. "Ok. Stand up."

Faruza rose to her feet, her arms at her sides.

"Take off the shirt."

She tugged the shirt off over her head. Her tangled
mass of thick, black hair fell over her face and
shoulders. She combed it away with her long nails,
revealing hard, brown nipples that stood out.

"Take off your panties."

Faruza pushed the panties down over her hips to the
floor. Dan stood up. Her eyes followed him across the
room to the sofa. He removed his shirt and pants and
sat down.

"Come here," he said.

Her bare feet padded softly across the hardwood floor.
She sat beside him. Dan put his arm around her shoulder
and she laid her head on his chest. He touched her bare

"Let me see how you're doing here," he whispered in her
ear. He pushed her legs apart and she gasped when his
fingers touched her pussy.

"Don't be rough, ok?" she said.

"No, I wouldn't hurt you."

He pushed his middle finger between her warm, moist
lips. Faruza moaned and her back arched away from the
sofa. Her clitoris was a tiny, hard bump under his

Faruza grabbed his wrist and pulled. Her legs squeezed
together on his hand, but he kept rubbing. She
whimpered and looked into his eyes. Her whole body
trembled. Her hips thrust up and down off the sofa as
fast as his hand moved.

Faruza buried her face in his shoulder and screamed.
Her pelvis bucked against his hand. When she raised her
head, his shoulder was wet with her saliva. She looked
up at him with her mouth open, breathing hard, her eyes
half open, and her black bangs hanging over her eyes.
She let her legs fall apart again.

Dan's fingers were covered with her juices. He stuck a
finger in his mouth and licked her juices off. She
tasted good, too. Faruza watched, licking her lips. Dan
held his fingers in front of her mouth and she licked.
Her expression changed, like she was trying to decide
if she liked the taste. She licked her lips.

"Is that how I taste?" she said. Dan nodded. "Do you
like it?"


Faruza nodded, as if she had made up her mind. "Then I
like it, too."

She tilted her head up and kissed him. Dan moaned. Her
tongue pushed into his mouth and her small, young body
pressed against his. She kicked her leg over his body
and moved on top of him, straddling his lap with her
long, coltish legs. With her mouth clamped on his, she
raised her ass in the air, reached down between her
legs and angled his cock to her cunt, rubbing the head
along her slit, trying to find the opening. The head
pushed her lips apart and she gasped into his mouth.
Her body trembled. She stared down into his eyes and
lowered herself on him.

He held her by her slender waist to take her weight. He
could feel himself sliding into her an inch at a time,
and could read the pain on her face. She was a small
girl and no matter how wet she was, she was still very
tight. Faruza gritted her teeth and whimpered.

"It hurts," she said.

Dan stroked her cheek. "Don't stop now. It's almost

A tear swelled at the corner of her eye. He wiped it
away with his thumb. She tilted her head down and
kissed him, her lips smacking on his. Dan moved his
hands down to her ass and pressed firmly.

"Ow... ow... oh god!" she cried.

His cock pushed all the way up inside her. She was just
as deliciously warm and wet as he remembered. He let
her rest a moment, to get used to the pain of being
stretched open. She arched her back and raised her head
with her eyes closed, panting in shallow, rapid

"It's in," Dan whispered, brushing the hair from her

Faruza opened her eyes and smiled, but it was a painful

"I'm making love. Just like a real woman," she

Dan rocked his hips up and down. Faruza was slow to
respond. He was sure the head of his cock was deep
inside her, pushing at the end of her womb, and that
must have caused more pain. When she started to
respond, she rocked her hips with his and bit her lower
lip between her teeth. From her throat came soft,
regular moans. Dan moved his hands down to her ass,
pulling her down when he pushed up. His finger brushed
near her asshole. He touched it and she smiled.

"Oh Dan... oh Dan!" she moaned.

They were fucking harder. Faruza moaned louder. Dan
didn't care if she woke everyone in the house. His
orgasm built and built, then erupted inside her.

"Oh yes," he groaned.

Faruza's eyes opened and she gasped. Her ass continued
to move in his hands and his cock throbbed, pumping
seed into her. He fell backward, stretched out on the

"Oh, Dan," Faruza sighed, and lowered her head to kiss
him. She lay her head against his shoulder and he
stroked her hair while his penis continued to spasm and
squirt the last few drops of cum into her pussy.

"Faruza?" Dan said in a low voice. She didn't move.
"Faruza?" he said again. He could feel her breathing on
his shoulder. With his erect penis still lodged inside
her hole, she cuddled up to him and went to sleep. She
amazed him again. Shaking his head, he stroked her hair
until he fell asleep, too.

* * * *

A steady, gentle movement dragged him from his sleep.
Dan noticed first an unusual weight on top of him. Then
he noticed he had a monstrous hard-on. As he peeled his
eyes open, he remembered the weight was Faruza's small
figure. The movement was her ass, going slowly up and
down. His hard-on was stuck inside her.

"Faruza? Are you awake?" he whispered. The first
sunlight was showing in the windows. It wouldn't be
long before his wife was up making breakfast, and he
was late for the trial.


She must have moved sometime when she was sleeping and
felt his penis inside her and it woke her up. Then she
got turned on and her ass started humping. She kissed
the side of his neck. He sucked in a deep breath. He
was turned on, too, and put his hands on her waist and
thrust his hips up.

"Do it harder. It feels so good," Faruza moaned in his

Dan jammed his cock into her again and she whimpered.
Did she like it rough? He rolled on top of her. She
cried out in surprise, staring up at him with her mouth
open and her eyes wide. He hovered over her, holding
himself up with his arms on either side of her head.
Her legs were forced wide around his body.

"This is gonna feel even better," he growled, and the
ferocity in his own voice surprised him.

He pulled his hips back, withdrawing most of his penis
from her cunt. The delicate, pink lips of her pussy
were spread wide, encircling his shaft, which looked
grotesquely huge going into her small body.

He slammed his cock back into her. Faruza moaned out
loud. He pulled his hips back and did it again. Her
back arched off the sofa. Her hands squeezed his
forearms and her legs wrapped tightly around his hips.
He was sure someone heard her moan that time; she was
loud enough to wake the neighbors. If his wife or boys
were going to walk in on them it was going to happen
soon. He wanted to cum inside her one more time before

"Did you like that?" he said. Faruza nodded. Her
expression was a mixture of fear and excitement. She
was so beautiful it took his breath away. "Then hold
on, 'cause I'm gonna fuck you hard."

Dan lifted his weight and dropped himself on her. The
sofa rocked with the force of his motion. His hard,
muscular belly slapped on her flat belly. Faruza clung
to him, moaning.

"Oh Dan... oh Dan... oh... oh!!" she cried.

Her voice faded. She thrashed beneath him. He pinned
her down, with his thick cock sliding in and out of
her. Her fingernails dug into his arms. She was panting
for breath and he was pleased with himself. He made her
cum. Then he was shooting another load into her.

"Oh God," he groaned.

It poured from his cock like he opened up a hose,
overflowed her tight hole and leaked out around his
shaft, dripping down over his balls and down into the
crack of Faruza's ass.

"What happened?" Faruza panted.

"I made you cum." He was just as out of breath.

"Cum? Just like before?"

Dan nodded. "That's what it's called when that happens.
You made me cum, too."

"I made you cum," she repeated and giggled. "I like it
when you cum. I like how it feels, all slippery and

Dan heard a sound from the kitchen and raised his head.
It was his wife, getting breakfast ready. He lifted
himself off Faruza. Their sweaty, sticky skin peeled
apart and his dick flopped from her wet hole. She
groaned and frowned.

"You better get back upstairs before someone finds you
in here with me," he said.

Faruza looked down between her spread legs. A drop of
white come oozed from her tiny slit. She pushed it back
in with her middle finger.

"I'm gonna feel you inside me all day. Then you can
give me some more tonight," she said. She kissed him
quickly, hopped off the sofa, slipped into the t-shirt
and dashed out of the room.

Dan rolled his eyes and wiped his forehead. What the
hell was he thinking? What if he got that girl
pregnant? His wife was going to kill him.

He got up to put on his pants. Faruza's white panties
were on the floor by his shoes. He bent over to pick
them up, just as the door opened. He stuffed the
panties in his pocket. His wife was standing in the
doorway, wearing her robe.

"Honey, did you sleep here all night again?" she said.
She walked toward him, leaving the door open.

"Yeah, I just crashed on the sofa," Dan said. He
noticed a small puddle of white fluid on the center
cushion and his heart skipped.

She untied the belt and let the robe fall open. Beneath
it, she was naked, and the round shapes of her breasts
moved in and out of view. She slipped her arms around
his waist and kissed his neck. Her bare, warm breasts
pressed against his chest. She sniffed.

"Honey? Did you jerk off?" she said.

Dan shrugged and smirked. He slipped his hands inside
her robe and down her back to her tight ass.

"Yeah, well, you know, I was working all night and I
just needed a release."

"You should have come up to bed. I would have given you
all the release you wanted," she said.

"Maybe tonight. I've got a busy day today."

She kissed his lips and her hand rubbed the front of
his pants.

"Then you better come and eat your eggs before they get
cold. You're going to need your strength." She turned
around and walked back to the door. "I'll see if Faruza
and the boys are up."

"All right," he said and smiled, but when the door
closed his smile fell and his knees gave out and he
plopped into the chair. He was right. It was going to
be a busy day.

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