Trish on thursday (Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Cheating)

Trish on thursday

The thought of Trish and I having a lesbian experience with no men involved has me full of anticipation as I arrive at her condo.

“Have you fucked your man since Sunday?, is the first question she asks as we kiss passionately with seductive slow, soft jazz music in the background.

“Yes, twice,” I tease. “And I thought about you the whole time.”

“Good, I have been thinking about you also and how I can pleasure you today. You are a very exciting woman with the ability to have both men and women lusting after you.

“And you are very talented.”

As she leads me into her spacious bedroom I note the walls all have mirrors on the ceiling as well. The furniture has a wide range of large framed photographs of Trish naked in a range of poses receiving and giving sexual pleasure with numerous men and women. I note with great interest two of Trish’s twenty year old protege who my man and I had last Sunday while she watched. Nice foreplay I muse before we commence.

“Love the tight black leather slacks you are wearing Sarah. They highlight your legs and arse especially with those heels,” she tells me as she stands behind me and kisses my neck with her hands on my arse.

“I have wanted you ever since Sunday,” she whispers as she slides my slacks down over my arse as she fondles it with her hands, then slides them down to my ankles. “Love that tiny g-string,” she tells me as she helps me remove both items then puts my heels back on.

“Put your hands on the mirror wall and stand with your legs apart,” she tells me as she slides her fingers up and down my inner thighs.

“Absolutely glorious arse,” she whispers as she licks and kisses it as her fingers find my cunt lips.

“Now turn around, I want to lick you standing up,” Trish tells me as I comply legs apart as I watch in the mirrors as she has her hands on my arse pulling me into her lips and tongue. I do especially like my cunt being licked while standing, this time by a bisexual lady, while watching in a range of mirrors is very exciting.

I am suddenly aware of a third person in the room. “Did I forget to tell you Kim wants to meet you and join us? I told Kim about you and here we are.”

“I am Kim, Sarah. Trish has told me lots about you. Love watching Trish licking you like that, that is a turn on for me. Don’t stop Trish.”

At first glance Kim is a very attractive slim, late-twenties female, beautifully groomed and attired, the exhibitionist in me enjoying a third person watching me be sexually pleasured. Kim is dressed in a very short black skirt, killer heels, terrific legs I note and a white blouse with lots of buttons undone to highlight her good cleavage.

As Kim tells us, “I love watching two sexy ladies in action,” I notice Kim has a very husky voice.

“Trish and I are old friends, are you comfortable with me watching?”

“Yes, very comfortable, I find it very exciting, Trish knows I like sex with an audience,” I smile determined to tease and be pleasured by Kim.

“Would you like to see my naked body Sarah? I would love to show you while Trish is licking you.

“You know I would Kim,” I smile very agitated as Trish has me on the brink of my first orgasm.

“34B Sarah, don’t need a bra,” she smirks as she takes her blouse off and teases her nipples with her finger tips before she comes close to me so I can lick her erect nipples.

As I do Trish is flicking my clit with the tip of her tongue as I shudder and have a strong orgasm, the first I have ever had while a woman is licking my cunt and I am licking the nipples of another. Her impressive tits are an eye candy bonus.

“Want to see the rest of me Sarah?,” Kim teases as she turns her back and drops her skirt. Gorgeous firm arse highlighted by a tiny black g-string.

“I have a surprise for you Sarah, quite a big one,” Kim smiles, hands on hips as she turns to face me with a big thick semi-erect cock bursting out of his g-string (note the change of gender).

“You should know that size is important for Trish. She told me about the two men you had last Sunday. And I loved her confirming I am bigger than both those men.

“Is that true Sarah, am I bigger?,” Kim smirks confident in himself as I watch him tease his cock to a huge, full erection with a fingertip to my delight.

“Is he Sarah, tell me?,” Trish asks knowing he is, as she sits me on a stool and resumes licking my cunt lips as Kim comes close and places one of my hands on his very erect cock

“Your arse looks magic sitting on that stool with your legs apart,” Kim tells me as he kneels to kiss both sides, still with my hand on his erection.

“He is huge Trish, how do you find these hung man?

“They find me. I have a talent agency and I place my clients with exclusive clubs. I also have a network of concierges in leading hotels who use my client’s services to satisfy their guests.

“I insist upon auditioning new men. Seven-inches is a pass mark, eight-inches will get you on the A-list, any man above that is star quality and will get a lot of bookings and a lot of sex.”

Trish later explained her audition rules to me. “I always remain fully clothed, with my legs crossed, though sometimes I might not be wearing much, they need to get completely naked for me, they must have shaved their pubic area with perhaps just a small tuft remaining, it makes their cock look bigger.

“I might talk to them to help them get an erection and then cum. I tell them I want them to show me how big they are and about some of the scenarios they might find themselves in. Even better I can tell them about some of the situations my clients have recently been in. A favourite is my clients appearing and performing at hen’s nights. Another is private dinners with male and female guests and a sex act with a female or male, perhaps both. Another is much younger female partners of older wealthy men in five-star hotels.

“They can talk to me and say what they like while they masturbate with or without lubricant, cock rings are fine, actually a bonus and they must be able to last for twenty minutes. Sometimes with a very attractive and hung man I help with a hand job. The acid test is if they can get it up twice in two hours. And I almost forgot, there is always at least one other man auditioning at the same time, some men find that exciting, challenging and a turn on while some wimp out. I always explain to them if you want to be paid for performing, you should enjoy another man comparing, watching and flaunting your equipment. Isn’t that why you are here today?

“Kim is very popular, nine-inches with good tits. At one club where I watched him perform in a male and female routine the audience were overawed and ecstatic.”

“Would you like to fuck him Sarah?”

“Yes, you know I would. Unfortunately you also know my rules, oral sex only, no intercourse, but it is very tempting. I haven’t fucked anyone apart from my man for two years.”

“Don’t you have special rules for a really hung younger man with good tits?”

“Kim, would you like to fuck Sarah?”

“Yes but we can’t have her breaking her rules can we? What if Sarah watches me fuck you Trish, while you lick her cunt lips?”

“Can I have him first?”

“Of course, suck his cock while I watch in the mirrors.

“Trish speaks highly of you Sarah. She told me you are very talented with both sexes,” Kim smiles as he teases his nine-inches with a fingertip. “How do you want me.”

“Standing up while I sit on the stool. Just the right height,” I tell Kim as I take his erection in my hand.

I love a challenge, especially where sexual pleasure is involved and Kim’s nine-inches and good tits is a challenge I am going to enjoy, especially with Trish watching.

I decide on a slow, soft teasing approach with Kim as I tease his very engorged cock with my fingertips.

“How long can you last for Kim,” I ask, intent on providing maximum sexual pleasure.

“Trish has watched me last for more than thirty minutes.”

“You are a special challenge, I think I can get you off in ten-minutes or less.

“I am looking forward to watching you fuck Trish while Trish licks me. Will you be able to get it up again for us?”

Without waiting for an answer I take just the tip of his erection between my lips and tease the full length of it with just a fingertip.

“You are very good Sarah, very, very good,” he moans almost immediately.

I am a little frustrated that I decided Kim could not fuck me, so I decide on the next best thing as I lay face down on the bed and position myself on my elbows.

“Use me, fuck my mouth with your nine-inches as though you are fucking my cunt. Make it exciting for the three of us, very exciting,” I tell Kim as I feel Trish running her fingers along my inner thighs.

As Kim commences thrusting his nine-inches between my eager pursed lips I can feel Trish teasing my cunt lips with a finger tip, then kissing my arse cheeks.

I do enjoy stretching sexual boundaries and right now this is sexual heaven for me as I am pleasuring a huge trannie cock between my lips with a female teasing my cunt lips with a fingertip as she kisses my arse.

“You are a very exciting woman Sarah, watching Trish kiss your gorgeous arse and tease your cunt while you are sucking my cock is a huge turn on for me,” Kim moans.

“Glad you like it Kim, Sarah wants to watch you fuck me when she is finished with you.

“You are breathing very heavily Kim, Sarah said she could get you off in ten minutes, masturbate for us like you did at your interview.”

I had never watched a hung trannie masturbate for me and another woman before and I was very pleased that I managed to get Kim off in ten minutes. And he did enjoy flaunting his tits and nine-inch erection as he masturbated for us.

Half an hour later after we watched Kim shower and freshen up Trish reminds him that I want to watch him fuck her.

“Make it good for her Kim, really good,” she is telling him as she licks his nipples then teases and licks his flaccid cock, which quickly responds. “Sarah loves having her gorgeous arse licked and kissed, do it for me before you fuck me.”

I couldn’t recall ever having my arse licked and kissed by someone having his cock sucked at the same time, and it was an absolute turn on with the expectation I was going to watch them fuck almost immediately.

Watching Kim fuck Trish as I used one of her vibrators had me orgasming almost continuously with Kim watching. “I am fantasising about about fucking you Sarah, wish I could, you are a very sexy woman,” Kim tells me as he fucks Trish doggy style.

“Tell me how would would like to fuck me?,” I tease.

“Doggy style while Trish watches.”

“Very tempting for me, very, I am extremely aroused,” I smile as I have a huge orgasm and squirt, my whole body alive with sexual pleasure as I watch two people fucking.

“Count to ten for us Sarah?, we are nearly there” Trish asks as Kim is noisily slapping against her arse.

“… nine, ten,” as they both orgasm very noisily.

“When can we do it again?,” they both ask as we wind down.

Keys: Ass to mouth Bi-sexual Cheating

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