Two co-workers have a little fun - sex story

Two co-workers have a little fun

It was almost quitting time at Apex Advertising, but Josh Hardison was still hard at work. He could see the other employees raring to leave, but he was going to stay for a little while longer. He at least would not be the only one staying late.

His office phone rang; on the other end was Lucy, his wife of six years.

"Hey honey," she said, "how's work?"

"It's good. Busy. I think I'll have to stay a bit late again. Not as late as Monday, but I might get home around seven, seven-thirty if traffic's bad."

"Ok. I'm cooking right now. Do you want me to save some or are you going to pick something up?"

"What are you making?"

"Beef stew."

"Hell yes."

"The kids are down for their nap," she said, "we had a busy day."

He was about to ask her about it, when a knock came at the office door.

All around the office, employees were packing up, ready to leave for the day. Tatiana Quevedo watched them go, one by one, until there were only two people left, herself and Josh. That was how it was sometimes; they were both hard workers.

She left her own office and moved quickly around the larger office, looking here and there for any stragglers. When she was satisfied by the lack of people, she headed for Josh's office.

He was on the phone with somebody, probably his wife. She knocked, and heard him say something to whoever was on the other end.

"Come in," he said after he had hung up. She slipped inside.

Josh stood, and as she lowered the office blinds, he did the same at the windows facing the other buildings.

When they were done, she locked the door as he sat back down in his chair.

Tatiana smiled at him. As she moved off the door and into the center of the office, he kept his eyes on her. She reached up to the top button of her red blouse, teasing it, seeing him move a hand into his pants. She took her time with the buttons, keeping her blouse closed over before all of the buttons were opened. Finally she drew her shirt open, showing off her cleavage, snug in a pink bra. The blouse hit the floor and she started on her pants.

Josh was waiting for her, but she liked to make him wait. The longer she took, the harder and hotter he would be, and the rougher she would get it. They had been doing this for a while, so she was comfortable with his rhythms, knew what he wanted.

Her matching pink thong came into view as she inched her pants down, her light brown flesh also on display. She turned and bent over, showing off her ass for him. Before long, the pants were pooled on the floor around her pumps, which she quickly kicked off.

He was waiting patiently as she knelt before him. Her trembling fingers undid his belt and pants button before slowly unzipping him. She licked her lips as his bulge came into view, and he adjusted in his chair to let her slide his pants down.

The briefs were next to go. Tatiana was so wet, waiting for that cock, for it to enter her, take her. But first she wanted him in her mouth.

As soon as the briefs came down she closed her mouth over him. He groaned as she tasted him, the abundant pre-cum tangy on her tongue. Cupping a hand on his balls, she drove her lips down, feeling him fill her mouth. She peeked up at him as she sucked. Josh was staring back down; one clenched fist was on his desk, the other now on her head. It stayed there as she bobbed on him.

His pre-cum was copious as always, seeping out of him to coat her mouth. She pulled off him, replacing her mouth with her hand, working it up and down. The shaft was covered in a sheen of her saliva, her hand gliding along easily. She reached her other hand into her thong, her fingers easily sinking into her wet folds.

She could see him moving objects on his desk, creating space for them. Tatiana was so ready for him to take her.

Josh hauled her up. She was briefly disappointed to have his cock leave her grasp, but those thoughts were forgotten when he pushed her against the desk, bending her over. He grabbed her ass, squeezing the round cheeks, before sliding off her thong. His cock pressed intently in between those cheeks, making her groan at the feeling.

When his cock slid downward, her breath hitched. She steadied herself, supporting herself on her forearms, her ass out for his use. Right next to her head was a picture of his wife.

What the bitch doesn't know won't hurt her, was her thought. Any idea about the wife was pushed out of her mind when his cock pushed into her pussy. He filled her easily, steadily. Tatiana was so wet for him.

Josh only gave her a few slow strokes, before pulling out. Tatiana's eyes lit up when she felt him pry her cheeks apart and press the head of his tool at her asshole. He had not taken her there in weeks. She had to rely on her vibrator at home, and it paled in comparison to a hot, throbbing cock lodged between her cheeks. After a day like today, when she had worked hard, she needed this; she would go back to work for a bit after this, but it was a welcome break, needed motivation to get her through the remaining work.

It took a bit of pressure to get her hole to open up for him. He took advantage, shoving his cock inside her ass. Tatiana groaned, feeling him push into her, feeling herself adjust, her cheeks spreading to give him space, to make way so that the rest of him could fit inside her. She whined, breathing heavily; his cock was sliding deeper. It felt slightly uncomfortable at first, as always; she needed a few seconds to take him.

Josh was impatient today, so instead of waiting for her say-so as usual, he pushed further. Tatiana reached out, gripping the edge of the desk, keeping still for him. Her ass stretched around his invading member, the heat of him so deep. Her ass wiggled almost of its own accord; Josh brought a palm down, making her squeal.

It was always a psychological thrill for her along with the physical, knowing that somebody was using her ass, using that space. With a final push, Josh bottomed out, groaning, squeezing her hips.

"You like that cock?" he asked. "Uh-huh," she gasped, breathless, tossing her hair back, licking her lips. He brought his palm down onto her ass again. She groaned, pushing back at him, feeling his pubic hair tickle against her flesh. Again he spanked her, probably leaving a red mark. Tatiana sighed as he caressed it, giving her a few seconds before he would start.

"Fuck me," she commanded, laying her head down. The cool wood of the desk felt good against her skin; she was flushed, heat radiating from her ass and pussy, spreading to the rest of her.

Josh grunted as he slowly slid back, his cock pulling out a bit. He slid forward, her insides again fully crammed with cock. He slid back again, just enough to torture her with the sensation, before shoving back in. She was gnashing her teeth; it was indescribable, his warm shaft against her insides.

"Faster," she demanded.

Josh complied with a sharp thrust, making her gasp. He repeated it, then again, and again. His steady thrusts stretched her hole further, making her groan, the pain mingling with the pleasure until it was not even in her mind. Her hole was his right now, his to use, to fill, to fuck. Tatiana rotated her hips, pushing back at him, catching another thrust.

One of his hands slid from her hip to her breasts, still encased in her bra. He squeezed, filling his grip, using it as leverage for a series of harsh thrusts, pounding into her asshole. Tatiana cried out, hanging her head, beating the desk with a fist. He stopped after a few seconds, pausing.

"Your ass is so tight," he commented, squeezing her breast again. She moaned, pushing back, wanting more.

Lucy lay back on the couch. The kids were down for a nap, the beef stew was idling on the stove, and it was time to indulge.

"Get that cock deep," Tatiana said. A groan told Lucy that Josh had complied, pushing further inside that luscious ass. Lucy had only ever seen it covered by trousers and skirts; Josh had assured her it was round and firm indeed.

The phone was on the coffee table, within reach, the speakerphone light blinking red. This was the third time this week; but Josh had not taken Tatiana's ass in a while. Lucy had wondered if she'd be up to it, but of course she was. She always took whatever Josh gave her and enjoyed it.

Lucy's shorts and panties were forgotten on the floor as she stretched, her fingers deftly rubbing at her folds.

"Fuck yes," she heard Tatiana sigh, "fuck that ass."

A slapping sound echoed through the phone as Josh set a rhythm, fucking her. Their flesh thwacked together. Lucy could see it in her mind's eye: Tatiana bent over his desk, panties around her ankles, her thick ass rippling as Josh pounded it. Her fingers worked faster.

"You like that cock?"

"Yes, fuck, yes, faster, harder, deeper, please!"

The smack of skin on skin got louder and harsher. Lucy heard Tatiana coo, probably grinding back on her husband's cock like a desperate bitch in heat.

"That's how I like it, baby, fuck me, fuck my ass!"

Josh grunted, his pace steady. Lucy imagined them fucking, Josh riding her ass, Tatiana groaning, throwing herself back onto his thrusts. Fuck her ass, fuck her ass, fuck her ass, she chanted in her head. She wanted him to fuck Tatiana, to punish her asshole, until she could not sit right for days.

"Fuck me harder," she heard Tatiana demand. Josh grunted a reply, obviously past caring about what she was saying, caring only about finishing in her ass.

Tatiana yelped again. The sound of flesh on flesh intensified. Josh was nearing his end.

Come on, cum in the bitch, cum in her ass.

Their ragged breathing was loud, his grunting, her moaning. Lucy was close herself, her fingers frantically working in her slit. She wanted to cum with them.

Tatiana cried out, her voice catching. The bitch had cum, but Lucy could tell from the sounds Josh was making that he had not, but was close.

When she heard Tatiana gasp and Josh let out a long, low groan, she knew he had cum. Lucy came too, imagining Tatiana bent over the desk, moaning as Josh came inside her. She writhed on the couch, biting back a cry.

She listened intently, coming down from her peak, as Josh and Tatiana finished up. She could hear slurping; the bitch was probably cleaning off his cock. Lucy could imagine her lapping up and down his shaft, tasting her own ass and loving it.

After the slurping came the two of them dressing and Tatiana thanking Josh, before leaving his office.

"You there?" he asked a few moments later.

"Yeah," Lucy answered breathlessly.

"Did you enjoy the show?"

"Yeah. Wish I could've been there to see it."

"Maybe someday."

"So when are you coming home?"

"Figure around seven."

"Ok, love you," Lucy said.

"Love you too," he answered before hanging up.

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