Two married coworkers struggle to share make their fantasies real with limits - sex story

Two married coworkers struggle to share make their fantasies real with limits

I'd been working there for a year or so when Heather was hired. The company was growing fast and she, and earlier I, were among a number of new web developers we brought on. I was more into the coding side of the job and she was an accomplished graphic artist though we both shared some abilities in the other's strengths. I'll have to admit, Heather was not a stunning beauty and she didn't particularly catch my attention at first. At maybe 5 foot 4, she was quite slender, with medium length brunette hair and blue eyes. I'm not an expert on bra sizes, but her chest was on the small side.

A group of six or eight of us would go out for a pizza lunch or drinks on Thursday after work - Thursday because somebody decided we all had too many things going on on the weekends and Friday could interfere. That's how I came to realize she was kinda nice and I would enjoy side conversations with her at these outings. Like me, she was happily married and we often talked about family and kids. Each of us had a high schooler - my daughter Abigail and her son Noah.


The crowd at my new job was fun. Always going out for pizza or beer. The guys were nice; the gals, too, and I enjoyed the work. One of the guys, Ryan, and I got friendly because we seemed to have a lot in common, including kids about the same age and an interest in road and trail biking.

Every once in a while my husband, Matt, could join us after work. He seemed to get along well with the crowd, who enjoyed his mountain biking tales, especially the crashes. Mountain biking was where Matt and I parted ways, but I noticed that Ryan seemed to admire his courage and adventures.

I didn't meet Ryan's wife and daughter, Sarah and Abigail, until one summer at a company pig roast. Abigail and our Noah wandered off to play volleyball with the other kids and the four of us "adults" sat around with other workers and their spouses feasting, drinking and telling stories. Sarah was very nice and, as it turned out, an accomplished architect.


I had no illusions that Abby was a virgin, so it didn't bother me when she and Noah, a year older, started dating after our company's first annual pig roast. He would drop her back home much later than Sarah and I preferred. Anyway, Sarah had assured me that Abby knew how to protect herself. But that was just a summer fling. Noah headed off to college in the fall and Abby took up dating with boys in her senior class.

It was about then that our boss assigned Heather and me to work together on the web interface for a major client. I was pleased because, after all, I did like her. Our desks were moved so we could collaborate more easily. We would meet with the client and then sit together for hours sussing out their needs and adding our creative and technical ideas. I guess the trouble began when, on occasion, we worked late and couldn't go out with the gang, but went to the bar for a drink together. We chatted less and less about our families and more and more about each other's interests and past.


I guess it became obvious to others before it became obvious to us. I still remember the time Sheila, a generation older than us, told me, "Looks like there's a lot of electricity between you and Ryan." I had to admit it was true. He had bedded me over and over in my fantasy world of masturbation, though I didn't tell her that.

"Yeah, I suppose, but we're both happily married you know and we would never want to hurt that," I told her.

Then she shocked me, "You two should have an affair." I gasped. "I've had three and I couldn't be happier about that. Surely you've found yourself alone with him from time to time." Well that was true but nothing ever happened. "And everybody knows you're drinking buddies."

I was speechless for a moment, then, "I don't think that's gonna happen." Then I began to ruminate what I'd just heard, "Affairs? You? Three times?"

It turned out Sheila was a wild one. Her first affair began before her first wedding anniversary, an old boyfriend who showed up at her high school reunion. Then one from work and lastly a guy from her church.


Heather had told me that people were noticing we had gone out drinking together a few times and it made her uncomfortable to have them thinking the worst. So we were careful not to do that again. But a few months later, it turned out that Sarah and Matt had both gone off on business trips at the same time. It was Thanksgiving week and Abby visiting my alma mater with seniors from around the country.

I was pleased and surprised when Heather and I were chatting and she offered, "I really did like when we would go off for a drink together. Maybe, you could come to the house so we're not together in public. I know you'll be a gentleman."

I didn't know how much of a gentleman I could be. Many times after Sarah and I made love, I would sneak off the the bathroom and stroke myself through round 2 with fantasies of Heather on a table in the office or in a car behind our favorite bar. But I agreed.


Was I being foolish? It had sounded a lot better before I suggested Ryan come over than after I'd actually proposed that idea and he had accepted. But I gave him the address and left work twenty minutes before he did. I pulled together some cheese and crackers and waited anxiously until he rang the doorbell. I was terribly excited, even between my legs, but we stuck to our deal. No passionate embrace as the door closed; no clothes dropping to the floor.

I opened a bottle of so-so wine that Matt wouldn't miss and we sat on the sofa chatting. We deflected the feelings that were coursing through our bodies by talking about work while we sipped the wine.


Alone in Heather's presence, I could hardly contain myself. But when the bottle and glasses were empty, I said, "I guess I should be going. This was nice. I really do like you, you know."

All Heather said was a horse-whispered, "Yes." She was staring at the empty bottle.

I shocked myself by blurting, "Would it be OK if I kissed you?" Heather turned to me, lips parted. A deep kiss and heavy breathing ensued. And before long my hand wandered over her small firm breasts. She moaned softly while our kisses grew even more passionate.

I felt Heather's hand moving up my leg. I reached down to adjust mysefl to accommodate my swelling member and her hand touched mine as she grabbed me thru the fabric.


"We can't let this go too far," I muttered as I struggled with his zipper.

"I know," he agreed. I set about doing what I could to please him, and extracted his cock from his pants. My strokes got his hips rocking as he began moaning.

Ryan reached down below my waist and pushed my skirt between my legs. I moaned again as he started rubbing there.

He pulled my skirt up with his fingers until I felt his hand on my panties. I let him reach inside and soon he was playing with my pussy.


Heather's panties were cool to the touch with dampness. I slid my hand in through the waistband as I felt her hand wrap around my cock. Her pussy was shaved, which somehow i hadn't expected of her. I stroked her smooth mound rapidly until her body began to convulse. A finger between her lips seemed to please her even more.

Heather had reached into my zipper and managed to drag my jockeys down enough to pull out my cock. She was jerking my shaft as hard as she could and I was moaning and thrusting my hips up with every stroke.

But then the evening got even more amazing. Heather leaned over and wrapped her lips around my shaft. God her slurping and sucking felt good. I pushed my hand further back between her legs and shoved two fingers into her welcoming hot wet vagina. You know how a woman's vagina feels inside when she's totally aroused? She was that. Her orgasm was coming heavily as I finger fucked her harder and harder.

"I'm gonna cum," I warned her as she continued to suck on me. She didn't stop. I felt my insides contract and jet after jet of semen shot thru my cock and into her mouth.

When it was over, she looked up smiling with a few drops of white jelly on her lips. She wiped it off with the back of her hand, swallowed and smiled. I used the fingers I had pulled out of her pussy to brush her lips and she took them in her mouth and sucked. That actually felt almost as erotic as the inside of her pussy.

I took a turn tasting her sex on my fingers. Then I pushed her back on the sofa and pushed up her top and bra. Sucking on her firm smallish tits, which I hadn't seen before, got her moaning again. I pulled her panties all the way off, pushed up her skirt, dove between her legs and stared at her smoothly shaved pussy. It occurred to me that I'd never seen a bare one since I changed Abby's diaper so many years ago. In a naughty thought, I briefly wondered whether Abby shaved hers, too.


In a few moments, I was having another orgasm as he fingered and licked me. He seemed to delight in slurping up my juices that only occasionally flow the way they did that night.

God I wanted him to fuck me, but I was relieved when he stuffed his cock in and zipped up while I readjusted my bra and top and pulled my panties back on. We kissed again on the sofa and again as he got to the door. "Thank you," he said. "Thank YOU," I replied.

Matt was due home the next day and it was another month before Ryan and I could have drinks at my house.



We planned our second rendezvous a week in advance and I was like a kid waiting for Christmas til the evening arrived. Heather went all out with a snack tray filled with cheeses, crackers, veggies and dips. I brought an expensive bottle of California blended white.

We sipped the wine, snacked, kissed and cuddled and told each ourselves how much we liked each other. "I know what we did doesn't count as being faithful, but it was important to me that we had a limit," she said at after we started gently fondling each other. Actually, I felt the same way.

"Could you excuse me for a minute?" she asked. I watched her wander off to what I thought was the bathroom.

But when she came out, she stood at the entrance to the hallway totally naked, with her hands down to her side while I took in her still amazing body. Then the godess vison gestured me over to her.


Well, that certainly got Ryan's attention. He was so flustered, I had to remind him that his clothes had to come off too once we'd kissed and his hands wandered all over. We both worked on dropping his clothes to the floor. I led him into the bedroom. The sheets were already turned down.

Ryan laid on top of me, his hard cock pressed against my belly. I moaned when he kissed my neck and whimpered when his tongue played with my popped up nipples. I felt his hand between my legs and his cock against my thigh as he sucked on each breast. He was rubbing my pussy vigorously now. With his free hand he lifted up my leg and started kissing my ankle. Two fingers went inside me as his kisses moved up my leg.

First he kissed beside my labia. Then he sucked on my lips while his fingers plunged in and out. His tongue played eagerly between my lips and wave after wave of orgasm shook my body and set my skin on fire all the way down to my toes.


Heather's body convulsed as her hips rocked up and back against my fingers and tongue. When her orgasm was cresting, I took my fingers out and pushed my face deep into her sex as my tongue played inside. It seemed like she tasted even sweeter than she had a month ago. Her climax lasted forever and then every bone in her body seemed to collapse back onto the bed.

I thought she might fall asleep right there, but she mustered enough energy to sit up and push me over onto my back. She sat on my legs and began stroking my cock. It wasn't long before she had my telephone pole in her mouth.

It was all I could do not to cum, but before that happened, she let it flop against my belly and slid up over it. I wondered if she was going to forget our limits and take it inside, but instead she lowered her wet pussy lips on it and started grinding me there, giving us both pleasure.

Now it was my body that was convulsing, and I finally muttered, "I'm gonna cum." She dropped down and took my shaft in her mouth. Once again, wave after wave of my jism shot the back of her throat.


"You know I've never done that for Matt," I told him truthfully, "You know, letting him cum in my mouth. I make him fuck me when it's time or it hits me on my boobs."

"Sarah won't even suck me," he told me.

We laid on our sides, kissing. He gently fondled my breasts and I held his limp member in my hand. His hand wandered down to my pussy and I felt him swelling up again. Both of us stroked more vigorously as our breathing and moaning grew spasmotic. He knew exactly where my clit was. When we both came this time, his juices landed on my leg and the sheet. I felt my own lubrication run down my pussy lip onto my leg.

I used the top sheet to wipe myself off and got up to find robes. I gave him one of Matt's - I felt kinda guilty about that, but my robes were too small for him. We wandered off to the living room and sat together silently as we finished off the wine and some of the snacks.

Then I said it. "I wish we didn't have our limits."

"Me too," he replied.

And I led him back to the bedroom. I didn't cum, but it felt so good, him inside me at last, and so right.


I propped myself up on my straightened arms while I took her. I was able to admire her wonderful body and watch my glistening member fill her pink wetness. I'll never forget her smile that night.

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