Vacation at the beach: My cousin - sex story

Vacation at the beach: My cousin

The first event that happened was the arrival of my cousin to the resort where I was staying. It was the 4th day of our arrival here, when my brother and I had set out cards to play, that they barged in to greet us. We exchanged hugs, salutes, you name it. Indeed, it has been a very long while since I last saw these people. They grew immensely. My male cousin, for one, grew a beard, muscle, muscle, and more muscle. But the real treasure was my other girl cousin, Vanessa. Damn, I could not look away from her the first time I saw her. I looked at her with genuine interest, long, dark hair, on top of a beautiful, glowing face. She was wearing a red sleeveless shirt and cut-off denim shorts. The thing that changed most was her figure. To be frank, she grew into an hourglass figure, with an amazing rack of tits, and a luscious ass. I'm not used to looking at relatives this way, but I guess it was because I hadn't seen her in a while, so I didn't consider her to be much of a cousin.

They quickly sat down to play cards with us while our parents chatted away in some other room. Vanessa and I quickly connected, joking and teaming up against my our brothers. I believe this connection has something to do with us being the youngest of the family. We've had it for as long as I remember. Anyway, after a few rounds of card games, my mom told me to show Vanessa around, which I accepted, and we shortly left, while our brothers went out to test drive a new car.

"Cya" Vanessa waved to her parents.

Once we were out, we exchanged memories about our friendship during childhood years, when we used to visit each other and were quite close friends. She's 3 years older than I am, 21, while I'm only 18, so she acted a bit condescending. She was asking me about how I'm dealing with what is now more workload than I used to have, all the regular stuff. Both of us, Vanessa and I, are quite smart, so we would exchange grades boastfully.

We eventually found ourselves strolling barefoot near the rocks on the beach. The waves hit high against the rocks ahead of us, splashing us from time to time. Everytime this happened, we looked at each other and giggled. I marvelled at all the beautiful girls around us, but none came close to how wonderful Vanessa looked. The sun glistened through her hair, and her body looked golden because of how sunny it was. I felt my cock stir slowly as we stood there silently. I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she looked. We sat there and talked about friendship, school, and even dating.

"Wanna take a swim"? She looked at me and asked. I thought it was a bit early, but I was excited at the prospect of seeing her in a bikini. "Sure" I responded, and we went to the other side, to the pool this time. She's not a fan of the beach, apperently.

When we got there, we chose our sunbeds and I slowly took off my shirt. I noticed her look at my abs, which prompted me to smirk at her. She smiled back. Then she came next to me taking off her shirt slowly, and sliding her denim shorts down, putting them aside. She was left in a pitch black bikni that adorned her body. It looked amazing on her. "Fuck shit wow" I said, staring at her. "You're so beautiful". She stuttered back "Thanks" and her cheeks flushed. She then run into the pool with me, and the difference in temperature shocked her. "AHHHH" She screamed giggling, and held up to me with her hands lightly wrapping around my back. I felt her boobs press against my chest, and her legs touch mine. We hung out at the edge of the pool, and we quickly lost track of time. Many events that I would say brewed up sexual tension happened:

First, because we were at the edge of the pool, we sometimes collided with each other, during which we would smile. One time i was floating past her and my cock rubbed on her ass. Sometimes my hand would acidentally flick past her boob. Another time, she climbed up on my back multiple times with her legs wrapped on my shoulders and her crotch rubbing on the back of my head.

Vanessa and I were becoming increasingly sexual with each other, and then when our parents and brothers arrived and laid the beach towels we came out of the pool. She laid flat on her stomach and turned her head toward me. I was browsing my phone at the time, but I looked to her. She got up and sat right next to me on my sunbed. "What's up cous?" I asked her. She put her hand on my leg: "I'm not liking this" She whispered. "What?" I responded surprised, not knowing what she meant. She then responded: "How we're next to them. Let's go somewhere away, just the two of us. This isn't fun."

Damnnnnnnnnnnn, i said in my mind. I could feel a sharp connection between Vanessa and I now. I felt wrong because she's my cousin, but I hadn't reached the boundaries yet, so I didn't mind. Anyway, I felt close to her, and I didn't enjoy some others intruding our fun. So we got up and Vanessa told her mom: "Mom, I'm going somewhere else with Andrew, somewhere with more sun. I'm not getting the right enough of tan here". Her mom agreed, and she only reminded her "I'll text you when it's time to take a shower". "Ok mom, cya" Vanessa replied and took my hand leaving.

"So somewhere private" I said to her, to which she agreed, and then she asked me: "How about another pool? That one over there doesn't have anybody" She asked and grasped my hand closer looking at me. "Yeah, this one is good." I couldn't help looking at her ass as it jiggled, I just wanted to squeeze it and make her squirm.

We ended up laying our beach towels over there by that new pool. She lied on the sunbed adjacent to mine, and reached into her bag to get some sun lotion. "Need some?" She offered

"Sure, Thanks" I end up taking sun lotion and rubbing it over my chest and legs. When it was her turn, I tried taking a sneak peek as she rubbed her hand on her thighs. In my mind, that sun lotion was my cum, and I was rubbing it over her. BUT NO, SHE"S YOUR COUSIN, so stop...

She then rolled over on her stomach, and turned her head over to the side and untied her bikini top, asking me: "Hey Andrew, do you mind putting some on my back?" Of course I didn't mind. Hell, I wanted it.

"No, not at all" I said as I got onto my knees next to her and squirted a good amount into my trembling hands. I then started by applying the cold liquid onto her hot neck, then going down her back. It was so smooth, and I wished I could go further... so I kinda did. I let my hand slightly slide down her panties, just slighlty, and i felt the tip of her buttcrack. I didn't know if she realised, but it felt amazing.

She cooed "Mmm. it feels amazing. Andrew you should be a masseuse"

I laughed "Thanks", to which she replied "No, THANK YOU. To add, I need some on my legs if you don't mind". YESSSS, I screamed from inside. "Yes, I mind" I responded sarcastically as I started from her ankle, rubbing up to her thighs. Because she had spread her legs a lot this time, I was able to see a few hairs poking out. I was staring obsessively at them, when she caught me, and closed her thighs on my hand. Oh My Cow. I didn't want that to stop. "You're so bad" She giggled

"Can't help it" I laughed back and she didn't take it seriously. "I don't mind" she responded, an answer that I was very surprised at. At that time she started looking at me lustfully, so did I, and I just wanted to tear her apart. I immediately took out my hand when we saw our brothers approaching. "It's shower time" They said and we just collected our stuff and went up. I ended up walking with Vanessa all the time, our arms rubbing each other from time to time.

When we got to the cabin, we all sat down and our brother was the first to get into the shower. In the meantime, Vanessa and I sat on a small couch, our thighs touching, hers bare and mine with a swimtrunk. She had let her hair down this time, letting it dry, and it was touching my shoulder from time to time. It felt good. She was still wearing her bikini. My brother came out, and then Vanessa's brother went in. We were just sitting down chatting and crap. Then I entered. When I came out, my brothers grabbed me and told me that we're going to eat icecream. I looked at Vanessa, who was still in her bikini. I didn't want to leave her alone... "Ummmm, IDK whether I wa.." i stuttered before feeling a cold hand on my arm pulling me "What he means is that he wants to stay with me. Isn't that so Andrew?" She looked at me winking. "Yes" I said and smiled at them. "Alright, suit yourselves" they said leaving.

Vanessa looked at me and gave me a high five. I'm glad I got to stay with her.

"Now who's going to keep me occupied during a boring shower?" She asked and looked at me as if she was genuienly curious. "ummm, you need someone to keep you entertained during a shower?" I asked her unexpectedly. "DUH" She retorted. "Don't you know that girls take an hour to shower" I genuinely didn't know what to respond, but I felt like I knew where she was going with this. Damn, what should I say?? I wanted to see her naked more than anything. "But I'm your cousin?" I asked her. "Oh come on" she replied as she put her hand on my chest. "Don't be such a prude" she continued. I didn't want her to think that of me, so I just said "Alright, but i'm not going into the actual shower with you". "Fine" She replied, slightly annoyed.

We ended up walking into the bathroom, and I sat on the toilet seat, while she stood up looking at me. "Atleast help me instead of sitting there doing nothing!" She screamed in my face. I dutifully obeyed, and with trembling hands, I stood behind her and untied her bikini top. She looked back at me and smiled sexily before letting go of her bikini and letting it slide down. I only saw her bare back at that time. She was still staring into my eyes smiling. I looked profoundly at her. I just wanted to get hold of her and tear her apart, but I controlled myself.

She slowly turned around with her hands covering her tits, and her eyes looking into mine. "Ready?" She started ... "3, 2, 1, Puff" She ended and removed her hands off her luscious tits. I softly moaned, then put my hand on my mouth. She giggled and blushed. "You can touch" She said taking hold of my hands and placing them on each one of her tits. I truly couldn't believe this was happening. I knew it was wrong but it was too late to stop. "Your tits feel so good, Vanessa" I whisper. "I'm glad you like them cousin" She responded smiling.

She then brushed my hands off and slowly started sliding her panties down. I looked as one hair at a time appeared, until I could see all of her bright pussy. Damn, I didn't know what to do. I just stood there staring at how hot she is.

She turned around showcasing her ass, putting it out for me too see. "You like what you see?" She asked smirking. "I love what I see" I responded and put my hand on the middle of her ass, sliding it down with one finger between her asscheeks, until that finger reached her pussy and rubbed lightly on her pussy. "Glad you do" She said and then brushed my hand off to get into the shower.

I started at her disappointed, like WHAT??? you actually left to have a shower? She looked at me and asked: "What? Isn't that what you wanted?" She smiled jokingly. "Umm.. yeah ig" I replied not knowing what to say to get in with her.

Right as she went into the shower, she sat down on the floor and placed the showerhead to her pussy. "What are you doing?" I asked her. She placed her hand on her pussy and started rubbing it slowly. "What does it look like I'm doing?" She responded. "Don't you guys masturbate too? Here, look" She said and turned around so that her legs were spread in my direction and I had a direct view of my cousin rubbing her pussy. "You are fucking amazing Vanessa" I said proudly. She giggled "I just wish someone could join me. It's so boring like that".

Wow. She actually said it. "Damn, well I would love to but I already took a shower". She looked at me like, dafuq? "Oh come on silly" She yelled smiling and opened the shower door to let me in. I was about to walk in when she stopped me right before I did so. "Wait! I take off your clothes first" She said winking and smiling at me. I stood infront of her and she kneeled down and pulled down my swimtrunks.

My cock sprang out and slapped her face. We both giggled but she remarked at first: "OH MY SHIT. It's so huge cousin" She said as she slowly let her right hand slide up my legs to my balls and then the base of my cock. Her left hand was caressing my balls. I breathed heavily and moaned as she smiled and started slowly stroking my cock, looking at my eyes. Her strokes sped up for a bit before she let the tip of her tongue touch my cock. She then formed a small circle with her mouth and let it wrap around the tip of my cock. "MMMM" I moaned heavily. "Ok, enough" She smiled and pulled my cock out of her mouth. She started laughing. "Take it in" I tell her and push my cock forward towards her, letting it rub on her face, before she engulfs it and lets it slide down to the back of her throat. I can hear the slurping sounds clearly, precum and saliva overflowing out of her mouth, while she struggles to let my cock slide down even more. I moan heavily before telling her to stop "I'm going to cum, stop"

She pulls out and cleans my cock with one quick suck before I step into the shower and we turn on the shower, with the water coming out steamy. I pushed her to the wall, trailing down her body, kissing her nipples, and sucking on them, until i reach her mound. She looks at me smiling: "Andrew.. You don't have to". I look at her face, "No cousin, I want to" I mumble to her. She grins and spreads her leg giving me access, and I lick and suck her pussy lips until I get to her clit.

"Andrew, that feels so good. Suck my clit cousin. I'm going to cum" She moaned pressing my face into her pussy.

I suck and flick her clit with my tongue, even biting it lightly with my teeth, making her reach her climax, during which she showered me with her pussy juice.

She looked at me lustfully then, biting her lips. I got up and went backwards, looking at her. "Come here" I call her stroking my cock. "I want to be inside you" I tell her. She approaches me, turns around, and climbs on top of my cock with her pussy, straddling me. She had her hands on her thighs, supporting herself, while mine were around her hips trying to force her down on me. My cock slips inside her and completely stretches her pussy.

"Cousin, how does it feel inside my hot pussy?" She asks turning her head back smiling at me

"It feels fucking amazing. Your pussy is so wet and tight" I groan at her

Vanessa has multiple orgasms as she rides me. She was starting to sweat and I kept hearing her tired moans. But now I wanted to face her, so I pulled out, at which she looked at me and asked: "What are you doing?"

I look into her eyes and push her against the wall, making her face me, while slipping my cock into her pussy again. I start making rapid thrusts, feeling like I will cum soon: "I'm going to cum cousin."

She looks at me lustfully: "I'm all yours. Fill me up"

I smile at her and my cock injects hot cum into the tunnels of her pussy. She gasps and starts to scream, making me put her hand over her mouth, not wanting the neighbors to hear. We stay like this for around 30 seconds, with her face about to explode from my cum.

I finally pull out and she looks at me for a few seconds before she jumps in to hug me with what seemed like all the passion in the world. Damn, I loved it. I've never felt this connected to a person in my life. We keep hugging for a few minutes, in what was the most passionate moment of my life.

We pull back. She smiles at me: "Wait for me outside, I want to tell you something". She said before giving me a quick peck on the lips.

"All right cousin, I'll be waiting outside." I said coming out of the shower and putting on my clothes quite quickly. Damn, that was the best thing that ever happened to me.

She comes out and sits next to me. Naturally, we're much more comfortable with each other now, so she was very close to me, literally sitting on my lap or straddling me for that matter.

"Ok Andrew, did you enjoy what we did?" She asked me smiling.

"Yes" I nodded not knowing where this was heading.

"Same, and do you want to continue?" She then asked

"I'd love to" I replied

"Good, I want that too. But no strings attached." She winked at me

"No strings attached" I smiled at her and pulling her into a deep kiss, my hand around her neck while she runs her hand over my chest.

"Wait, I wanted to tell you something else" She interrupts, pulling out. "So this is a weird one. My friend, who is around your age, is single, just like you, and is looking for a boyfriend. I thought you could meet her. How about we invite her here, and you get to meet here? I'll give you both private time, but that doesn't mean I can't barge in sometimes" She finished her sentence winking. "Plus, she'll love your big cock. I just know it."

Damn, I don't mind that. She has some pretty friends. "Ummmmm, can I see what she looks like first?" I ask her to make sure

"Sure" She replies handing me a picture of the friend on her phone. "Her name is Jessica. What do you __"

"Fuck shit wow, she's a looker" I interject before Vanessa even finishes her sentence.

She giggles and nudges me on my shoulder. "So, next week, just the three of us here? No adults? That sounds like a dream"

"It does, doesn't it." I agree with her.

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