Whores in action (piss,whores,bisex)

Whores in action

An older wife offered herself to me online, so I first tested her limits with the help of her husband.

Quite frequently I get messages from "couples", asking me if I'd be interested in having sex with the wife. Typically, these are sent by bored husbands without the knowledge (or interest) of their spouses, so I either ignore them, or, when I'm feeling generous, tell him that I'd only talk with his wife, if she's really interested. That'll usually end the conversation (except that one time when someone tried to impersonate his wife - unfortunately, she made the same grammatical and typographical mistakes that he did, but that's another story) so I was quite surprised when I got a message from Helga.

Her husband Gerd had sent me the usual, telling me about how his wife was curious about having sex with women and he'd be thrilled if I was on board with her. I told him I'd be thrilled if she would contact me herself and not have him handle all her communication, thinking I'd never hear from them again when a day later I got an email.

"Hello," it read. "My husband already wrote you about me, so I'm just writing back to say I really like your stories and am curious about female on female. Please write back if you're interested." Attached was a picture of a pair of pink, wet pussy lips spread wide, while on the thighs next to them someone wrote "for Kat" with the date of the email. Surprisingly, it seemed to be real.

I set a date with Helga to meet in a chat room. She told me her husband was very submissive, and even though she's not really the dominant one either, she plays the role in their relationship and has him please her and fulfill her fantasies. Her biggest one at the moment seemed to be having sex with another woman.

They were from Germany, both in their 60s, she said; retired, but still lively and active, so they travel a lot. In fact, one of the first things she talked about was how she'd love to drive down to Italy to meet me in person. I had to curb her enthusiasm a little and get her to work on my terms.

"Well," I said, "that'd be something to keep in mind, but first I'd need to test you to see if we're on the same wavelength."

She agreed. "I do anything you want," she replied.

"Hm. So what would you do to please me?" I asked.

"Lick you," she answered. "Lick you anywhere you want. Your pussy. Your ass. Anything. Fuck you as you tell me to. Anywhere, any time. And let you fuck me as you please. All my holes, all my body is yours." And just to affirm, she sent me another picture of her twat, spread just as wide as before, with two of her fingers lodged inside.

I liked that. She was obedient and forthcoming, offering herself freely and voluntarily without expecting anything in return. "What's your favourite toy?" I asked.

"My husband's dick," she replied.

I laughed. "Ah, okay," I said. "What's he doing now?"

"He's helping me take pictures," she said. "And he's waiting for instructions."

"Okay," I answered, seeing how far I could go wit her. "Then I want him to film you while you spread your legs and start pissing right where you are now." It was a bit of a risky demand, since not everyone is into that kind of stuff, but I figured the worst that could happen was for them to disconnect and leave me be. And in fact, for a few minutes it seemed as if they'd just left, as I didn't get any reply back.

Then she wrote: "I sent it to your email." I checked and found a new message from her, with a video attachment. Opening it, I took a minute to lean back and watch what she sent me.

The video started with her face, a pretty, stern woman's face with just a few wrinkles around the eyes and lips. She whispered with her bright red lips "for Kat" and blew a kiss as the camera pulled back, showing her sitting on a red desk chair, wearing just a set of black lingerie that was cut out in all the important places, showing the nipples of her round heavy tits and the area between her legs.

She was blonde; dyed, as the small patch of black pubic hair above her snatch revealed. Her figure was average; not slim, as she had all the little chubby bits you'd expect of an older woman, but not fat either. When she lifted her right leg onto the desk she was sitting at, I could see her feet were in a pair of high leather boots that I really liked.

Slowly, she slid down to the edge of her seat, opening her legs towards the camera and then, the red chair turned a little darker between her legs before she spurted a long stream of pee onto the desk top. For a while she just let it run, splattering the rest on the floor as the pressure eased up and finally, as she was finished, she leaned forward and started licking the puddle that had formed around her keyboard. When the camera came closer, I could hear her slurp up her own warm piss as she winked at me.

Watching her made me so hot that I began to rub myself, feeling a strong urge for a good fuck rise inside me. Reluctantly, I pulled my fingers away from my snatch and typed a quick reply, my keyboard getting sticky from my wet fingers. "Mmh, that got me really hot," I wrote, "so I'm going to start playing with my ass now. Meanwhile, I want you to show me just how much your holes can take."

I leaned back and lifted up my legs, my fingers frantically running hard and fast across my pubes, rubbing my poor clit with both hands until it felt glowing hot. I reached for my desk drawer, where I keep my emergency dildo, which I keep there just in case I feel the sudden urge to fuck myself and am too lazy to walk to the bedroom.

I was so excited and aroused my hands were shaking, but I was met with immediate disappointment as the dildo wasn't in there. I suddenly remembered that I had brought it to the kitchen to clean, and swore immediately never to do that again. Half panicked and half desperate I looked around for anything useful, and finally grabbed the remote control off the desk and quickly pushed it into my sopping twat.

I rammed it inside of me, a little too hard as the rubber buttons were a little too rough on the walls of my vagina, pulling at them painfully. At this point, I didn't care though, it just felt incredibly good to have something inside of me. Meanwhile, another email from Helga arrived.

I opened it with trembling hands, greeted by a closeup of her wet sloppy cunt with only the neck of a champagne bottle sticking out, the bottom apparently all inside herself. The woman took no prisoners. I groaned, getting a little adventurous myself, looking around for anything else I could use. Since I've already started playing with electronics, I reached for the mouse, opening the other two pictures she'd sent before inserting it into my wet fuckhole, replacing the remote.

The next picture showed her bent over, the bottle still inside of her while her husband's hand was pushing a nice green cucumber, wrapped in a condom, up her puckered brown asshole. I pushed the mouse in as far as I could, enjoying how thick and wide it felt inside of me, even though it was too short to get a good handle on it. Feeling filled, I rubbed myself hard, looking at the last picture.

Her face stared wide-eyed into the camera while her mouth, her hungry little slut mouth, was taking a bright pink dildo so deep down her throat that it looked as if she was gagging it up. She understood her duties and made sure all her holes were filled to the max.

For a few minutes I just rubbed myself hard and fast, my pussy making sucking noises with the mouse inside. Finally, I pulled it back out and tried to use it, slippery as it was, to send a reply to her. "You're a very good obedient whore," I said. "Now make Gerd piss in your mouth."

And with that I took the mouse, slick as it was, and pushed it firmly into my asshole, stretching it wider than I expected, but managed to get it, slowly and painfully, up my ass. For a moment I was gasping for breath, feeling by butt adjust to the new size, and then it began feeling incredibly hot and dirty and I fucked my wet little cunt with four fingers, trying both hard to cum and to make it last just a little longer.

Another email. With the mouse in my ass I tried to open it just with keyboard shortcuts and managed to get the attached video to play. It was Helga, kneeling on the floor, the bottle still sticking out between her legs, opening her mouth obediently as she looks up at the camera. Suddenly, a sprinkling stream hits her in the face and she tries diligently to catch it all in her mouth, making sure I can see her swallow it obediently.

I came. I came hard and screaming, my legs kicking so hard and uncontrolled that I hit the desk with them, getting a few bad bruises. I gushed, trying to push my juices out with force, wanting to come hard and dirty. The squirt from my snatch sprayed all across my desk, wetting letters and soaking my screen.

I didn't care. I just leaned back and started pissing on top of it all, hitting the screen again, dousing it as I emptied my bladder.

Then I sat there, shaking and panting, exhausted and blissful, as the waves of orgasm slowly subsided, riding across my skin and muscles for a little while. I finally pulled the mouse out by its cord and sat myself up again, writing just a short message back to the couple.

"You're accepted."

Keys: piss whores bisex

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