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The phone rang at the security desk. Bill put down his newspaper and looked at the clock. It was 8:10; everyone should have been gone by now. He picked up a pencil to log the call, then answered the phone. "Security desk, Bill speaking." "Hi Bill." T ..continue reading

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My 17-year-old son Jacob and I hadn’t been getting along that well. I tried to explain to him that it was tough enough being a single mother without having a child who had dedicated his every waking moment to making her life a misery. The summer mo ..continue reading

I met this beautiful girl she sweep me from the first hello

I went out hoping to meet some of my friends out I stopped by this club where I knew there would be someone I knew. It's not your ordinary club let's call it a mixture of ppl...straights bisexual and lesbian. Since I'm straight maybe a bit curious bu ..continue reading

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I was awoken by the sound of an alarm clock. No, not an alarm clock. Someone had turned up the ringer on my cell phone. Lynn. It had to be. I sat up in Lynn's bed, naked and alone. Where was Lynn? I picked up my phone. It WAS Lynn texting me. T ..continue reading