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Bizarre xxx story

As I got out of my car my skirt rode up, showing off my shapely legs, which I'm told are my best feature. I quickly smoothed my skirt back down, thankful that I was in my driveway and not in the parking lot at work. Stupid skirt, I thought. Still, I' ..continue reading


“Twenty-five years ago when my girlfriend and I were both nineteen we had a threesome with a rock musician. After all that time we have caught up again while she is in town on business. And we want to do that again. Are you free tomorrow afternoon? ..continue reading

Kate Upton seduces two men part 1

A long day had approached an end with the sunlight fading out into pitch darkness. From all the busy jobs going about in Los Angeles, one particular photography crew found themselves retreating back to their hotels after today's work. In the next cou ..continue reading

Mind Candy

I can't believe you're still asleep. You usually get up way before I do. I guess last night wore you out. You look so sweet laying there on your side. I run my hand across the side of your face and over your ear. You don't move, you must really be o ..continue reading

My Wife was Gang Banged (Big titted wife gets gang banged for her birthday)

My wife Shere is 36, has pouty lips that beg to be kissed, is 5 foot 5 inches tall, and has a 34DD - 27 - 35 figure and I have yet to see her go anywhere without at least 3 or 4 men turn to watch her walk by. Her hips sway and her heavy tits bounce l ..continue reading

Erotic Stories - Club Night Out

The club was packed with people dancing and drinking and generally having a good time. Against her better judgment she had persuaded her husband to take her to this club. Her friends had spoken of the club and its reputation as a seedy pick up joint ..continue reading

Crucifixion Play

On Saturday night of week three we gather at my apartment. Brad and Anne, having already been through it, can be trusted to be fair. Brad puts six poker chips in a basket and shakes them up. Anne draws. It's Mona. "Oh, I can't do it today." ..continue reading