m-teen/b sex stories

Alice in Familyland

This is a story about Alice or Grandma Lovett, an older lady who gets in on lots of family action. This is Part One of a two Part story. So be sure and read the other story in this series. If you like to read about incest, I believe you will like ..continue reading

Marriage with my son, indian sex story

Now to coming to the story, which is a true story I hope you all will enjoy it. My husband died 10 years back in an accident leaving behind me and my only my son Jaydeep who was a 10 year old then. My husband’s family did not like me because ours w ..continue reading

Betsy's Creampie

We are on the lake with another couple, Jeff and Lisa. We met them last year. They are similar in age and shape as we are. The girls are drinking wine and have finished a little more than 2 bottles. Jeff has had about 4 or 5 beers. We swam for a whil ..continue reading

BBW Husband's Sloppy Seconds

I got fucked by my husband with my bosses cum still on me.After an affair with my boss I come home with another mans cum in my bra. When I got home I saw my husband on the sofa watching TV. I guess he's a nice enough guy; he's just such a pussy. All ..continue reading

Cherry Pie (The deal requires a slice of her pie)

The funeral was over and I had had enough of Aunt Enid's preaching so I left my grandmother's house and headed into downtown Lexington. The evening traffic had ended and I found myself trolling the back alleys of my childhood, remembering the old hau ..continue reading

My Milf-wife with strangers

My wife Ann and I had been friends with Tom and Lynn for about ten years now. I had known Tom from a previous job back several years ago and the two of us had been close friends ever since. Ann just loves Tom's wife Lynn, and the two of them stay in ..continue reading