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An alien encounter creates a most interesting companion

The phone jangled unceremoniously as dawn's glow enveloped the flickering remains of the star studded heavens. It was Uncle Harvey, and he needed someone to watch over his remote acreage while he was in the hospital. Harvey was older than history ..continue reading

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Brothers Birthday Party

My brother was having his birthday party at his cabin and all my brothers and sisters came with their spouses, but without any children at my sister’s request. I have four brothers and three sisters. The eight men were all out back throwing horsesh ..continue reading

Gangbang Daughter 1.

Dolly, my daughter-in-law is one sexy bitch; I say that loosely, she just enjoys teasing. She has an exceptional figure, small breasts, equal in height to me and loves to tease me just to watch my reaction. I’m a diabetic, have poor blood circulat ..continue reading

Sex pleasures

It’s tough to drive with both double vision and tears in my eyes, so I pulled my truck onto the shoulder of the country road. Just because my life sucked, was no reason for me to kill someone. The double vision was caused by alcohol and the tears b ..continue reading

My teacher want my cum

It was maybe about 3 months ago that I had joined a private coaching center because I was lagging a bit in studies and my parents wanted me to score well. It was their idea to send me to a coaching center so that I could get some help and perform bet ..continue reading

Taking Lucinda's Lover

It was late one afternoon when father called me into his study. “James me boy,” he said ominously, “Have you any thoughts about marrying yet?” “No father” I admitted, “I have another year studying at Oxford before I even think of dall ..continue reading

Vacation at the beach: My cousin

The first event that happened was the arrival of my cousin to the resort where I was staying. It was the 4th day of our arrival here, when my brother and I had set out cards to play, that they barged in to greet us. We exchanged hugs, salutes, you na ..continue reading