spank-fetish sex stories

Honry hostage, anal sex

"Ummmmmmm, I want all three of you guys to fuck me at once!" Bambi said. The three young studs before her all nodded their approval. All four of the young people got undressed. The three young men had boners. The girl had a wet cunt. A wet mouth. ..continue reading

Rip-roaring sex in a bar restroom

I had been distracted by her all night. In fact, I was paying more attention to her than I was to my bow- ling. I was watching how her jeans just hugged the curves of her ass. Every time she got up to bowl I was mesmerized, and it wasn't long b ..continue reading


So this is the story of how I lost my virginity to a t-girl. It begins sometime before the actual event in the last days of my marriage to my ex. Me, I am a 36 year old regular white collar Joe. I was married for nearly 12 years after a 3 year court ..continue reading

Fuck Me, You Bastards! (Wife gets an unexpected double fucking)

My wife Shere and I had just recently moved from the city to a rural area, out in the country you might say. We had grown tired of the noise, smog, and fast pace that come with living in "the center of things." Our new home was quite a long way from ..continue reading

Family circle

I was taking languorous and lascivious licks along the thick veiny shaft of my husband’s waning penis, like it was French Vanilla ice cream on a stick. After a long and spirited cock-suck, his cork had been gloriously popped and I was now slurping ..continue reading

Lynn the slut

I was awoken by the sound of an alarm clock. No, not an alarm clock. Someone had turned up the ringer on my cell phone. Lynn. It had to be. I sat up in Lynn's bed, naked and alone. Where was Lynn? I picked up my phone. It WAS Lynn texting me. T ..continue reading