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Wife sleeps with a black couple

After living together for almost two years Judy and I decided to get married. Judy had been married once before and I had been married and divorced three times by my twenty-ninth birthday. In my profession I was around ladies all day and my wives ..continue reading

Kinky sex story

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions. The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The m ..continue reading

Dirty wife fucked

Me and my wife have been married 5 years, been together for 11 years total. We have 2 daughters, one is almost 3 and the other is only 5 months old. Enough with the boring stuff. We’ve always had such passionate sex that I think it’s worth s ..continue reading

The swing man 2.

Lance won the race and Jonas watched him walk to the bed as he removed his dress shirt. Lance had him on body definition; he was an avid weightlifter. But Jonas was glad to see that in other areas, he would still hold the title of 'Big' brother. " ..continue reading

Asian schoolgirl

I'm an average looking guy from Orange County, CA who has been reading all these stories on the net for years and felt it's time to finally tell my story. I should probably mention that I had always had a major thing for Asian women. Growing up ..continue reading

Love in a changing booth

One afternoon in early October last year, I was clothes shopping near the university in Nottingham when I had one of those experiences you can usually only ever hope for. As I went into one shop I noticed a really eye- catching young woman, probab ..continue reading