3 way French kiss - sex story

3 way French kiss

The following is a story, and not even really a fantasy, although I might
enjoy some of the things described. There is very little if any basis in
reality for this story, and any resemblance to anyone is an accident.
You should ignore this story if ws offends you.

I was amazed she came over to talk to me. I'm not ugly, but there were
several other "studs" in the bar that I expected her to talk to. She had
light brown permed hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Her braless breasts were
invitingly outlined by a tight black long sleeve blouse with cutouts on each
shoulder. Faded jeans that clung to her gorgeous ass, and short black boots
completed the outfit. Rachel introduced herself to me. We talked for a
couple hours, downing several beers during our conversation. Rachel said
she had to pee, but she thought the ladies room was pretty disgusting so she
was going home to relieve herself. She said it was a short walk to her place,
and wondered if I would walk her home. I agreed, fantasizing all the while
about getting my hands on that lovely ass, while she wrapped her lips around
my cock. I offered my arm to Rachel, and we started off to her house.
After we got to her house, we went inside, grabbed a couple of
beers and headed off to the living room. I settled in on the sofa, and opened
up a beer. I expected Rachel to run off to the bathroom, but to my surprise she
opened up her beer and joined me on the sofa. I asked her about her
"bathroom emergency" to which she replied, "I can hold it a while longer."
We continued our smalltalk from the bar while downing a few more beers.
All these beers were having an effect on my kidneys. I was about to ask her
where the bathroom was when she slipped her arm around me and offered up
a very passionate kiss.
We continued the kiss, and somehow ended up on the living room floor,
with her laying on top of me. Our kiss ended, and she sat up, straddliNg
my chest with her legs, her musky scent just inches from my face. Her pussy
lips were outlined in stretched denim, and there was a small wet spot in her
I reached up to hold a breast in each of my hands, and she jumped.
Taken aback, I removed my hands, hoping I hadn't gone too far too fast.
She seemed very nervous. I asked what was wrong, she responded by taking
hold of my hands and replacing them on her breasts. She said nothing was wrong
with me, but that there was a problem with her. She said she was embarrassed
to admit this, but she only got sexually excited when urine was involved.
She told me the wet spot in her jeans was not only pussy juice, but a small
squirt of pee too! She told me that I was free to go if I was really grossed
out, but she hoped I would stay and "get kinky" with her. She said she
was especially turned on by peeing in her pants, and could barely hold
back her pee after drinking all those beers. I had mixed emotions about
this statement. My cock was straining at the fabric of my jeans with the
thought of impaling the crotch that was inches from my face, but I wasn't
exactly thrilled about the urine part, so I hesitated.
My hesitation removed my choice in the matter. The small wet
spot in the crotch of Rachel's jeans was expanding. The aroma of urine filled
the air as she soaked her crotch and my t-shirt with her pee. I could feel
her pee running down the sides of my chest and over my belly as I watched
her pee running down the legs of her jeans to her knees. Ten minutes ago
I would have been out the door if she had told me about this, but
unbelievably I was really turned on, and my cock got even harder.
When she was done peeing she shuddered several times in the throws of
an orgasm. I surveyed the damage. My t-shirt was drenched.
My ass was wet as I was laying in a puddle of her pee. Rachel's pee had
run down my stomach and wet the waist band of my jeans. Rachel's crotch
was soaked! The legs of her jeans were shiny with her pee all the way down
to her knees, which rested in puddles of her pee. She said "I guess your
gonna stay a while tonight", as she reached behind her and started stroking
my rock hard cock through my jeans.
She said she wanted to continue my conversion to piss loving, and moved
her drenched crotch to my face. A few drops of pee landed on my face and
mouth. The pee didn't taste too bad, and I ended up taking a few licks at that
drenched denim crotch. This turned out to be a mistake. She had saved a
little pee and at that point released what she had left directly into my mouth.
I gagged, but couldn't do much about it since her thighs firmly held my head
in place, so I resigned myself to drinking this woman's urine. I can't say
I liked the experience, but it wasn't as disgusting as I expected, and
Rachel was in the throws of her second orgasm, with a look on her face that
told me I was in for one hot fuck!
Rachel stood up and I watched little trickles of pee run from her knees
down to her boots. The front of her jeans were shiny with pee almost to her
waist, and the back of her knees and calves were dark with urine. The sight
of this gorgeous women with her piss soaked pants almost caused me to come
in my pants. With a devilish grin she said "I know you have to piss... what
are you going to do with all that wonderful pee inside of you?"
I thought about pissing my pants for Rachel but the though of those
braless breasts drenched in pee changed my plan. I told her what I had in
mind, and she dropped to her knees in the puddle of her piss and freed my
straining cock from my jeans. She licked the pre-cum from the end of my rod
and got in a few other licks along the length of the shaft. I told her
I was ready to unload my pee but wasn't sure if I could piss with a massive
erection. She told me that I could pee as long as I peed up into the air.
She suggested I drop to my knees in front of her and arc my pee onto her chest.
I followed her instructions and in no time at all an arc of golden fluid
was splashing all over her left breast. As soon as her nipple was
visible through the saturated material, I targeted my hose onto her right
breast. By now her blouse was drenched from the top of her breasts to her
jeans, and any remaining dry spots on the front of her jeans were gone too.
I still had a lot of pissing to do since I had drank a lot of beer. Rachel
grabbed my cock and aimed the stream at her face and hair. My pee was
splashing all over Rachel's head, and into her mouth as she had her third
orgasm. She clamped her fingers tight around my cock, stopping the flow.
She said "I hope you have a little bit left, because I have one dry spot left!"
She rotated around and bent over, and the dry denim stretched tautly
across her magnificent ass. It was the only piss free spot, other that the
arms and shoulders of her blouse. I reached out to put a hand on each
"cheek", remembering my fantasies about holding that ass, and laughing
to myself about how it worked out. Rachel released her grip on my cock
and my urine started to flow. I aimed the stream at each cheek in turn
soaking her jeans completely.
Rachel's living room was a mess. The floor was puddled with our combined
piss. She turned and pressed her urine soaked body against me, pushing
me down and backwards into the piss, and laid on top of me. As her tongue
entered my mouth, Rachel pissed her pants again and I could feel her pee
washing over my erect cock.
We rolled onto our sides and Rachel pulled my wet jeans down around my
knees. She rolled onto her back and I undid her soaked jeans, pulling them
down to her ankles and off her body. I buried my face in her hot snatch
and licked her furiously until she had another orgasm. I then thrust
my rock hard cock into her damp pussy and pumped her full of semen.
After my orgasm, my cock was still rock hard, so Rachel proceeded to
take me into her mouth and give me a slow blowjob. I creamed again into her
mouth. She was unable to swallow all my cum, and drops of it joined the
piss that soaked her shirt.
I thought we were through, but Rachel said "Now its time to clean up!"
She pulled her piss soaked jeans back on and zipped up. She pulled my
jeans up and after a few strokes of my shaft, zipped me up. She started
up the stairs and said "Come on!" beckoning with her hand.
I followed her up the stairs watching the reflections from the hall
light dancing on her glistening denim covered ass. She went up to the
bathroom and started up the shower. I expected her to strip then hop
into the shower, but instead she stepped into the shower blouse, jeans,
boots, and all. I stood there in surprise, but then I thought that after
the downstairs action this was pretty tame. The water cascading over her
fully clothed body was having a great effect on my cock. Her black blouse
was plastered over her erect nipples. Her glistening jeans clung to her ass
and legs. She started to play with her breasts and I figured it was time to
join her. I stepped into the shower and took her into my arms. We kissed
as the water flowed over us.
She dropped to her knees and freed my cock from it wet denim prison
and sucked me for what seemed like forever while the water cascaded over her
hair. She laid on her back and pulled me on top of her. I undid her
soaked jeans, pulling them to her ankles. I lifted her legs by her boots and
watched the water run out of her boots to the shower floor. I snaked under
her jeans and over her belly and impaled her pussy with my cock, pumping
her full of semen again. We collapsed, still almost fully dressed, under the
shower, too tired to move. After a few minutes we turned off the shower
and stripped, hanging our clothes to dry in the steamy bathroom. We
dried off and headed off to her bed.
She said "If you though tonight was wild, wait till tomorrow." "We
can repeat today, but I'll wear a skirt, garter belt, stockings, and heels."
"I guess I'm just one really kinky girl!" With that we drifted
off to sleep.

Chapter 2

I was having a dream that Rachel had wrapped those wonderful lips of
hers around my cock. As I slowly woke up it turned out my dream was reality.
I laid back and enjoyed her cock-sucking expertise. As she was licking her
lips to get the last few drops of my cum, I asked her "I thought you needed
pee to get excited?" She laughed and responded "I was thinking about last
night and it got me really hot." "Very few men would have done what you
did with me last night." "I hope you'll stay around for many encore
performances." I told before yesterday, no way, but now the thought of
seeing her drenched in pee and or water was intoxicating and that she
was gonna be seeing a lot of me. "Great!" she said and started off to the
We took down our damp clothing and entered the shower together. I had
a great time lathering up her breasts, legs, and ass. Rachel also enjoyed
lathering up my cock and ass. After out shower I tossed our clothing from
the night before into the wash. I then sat around watching Rachel get
herself together. She put on a lacy black bra and panties, followed by
a black garter belt and stockings. A white button down blouse, acid wash
denim mini skirt, and suede black pumps completed the outfit. A bit of
lace displayed itself at the unbuttoned top of the blouse. I was already
fantasizing about how transparent the blouse would get later on today...
She said she was going to the mall, if I wanted to go she'd wait for my
clothes to come out of the laundry. I told her I had a change of clothes in
my car if she'd go get them for me. She agreed, and I watched her luscious
butt from the window as she walked back to the bar.
When she returned I got dressed and we jumped into her car and started
out to the mall. Even though my taboos about urination had been eased by
this fox, I didn't put it past her to pee in the car, or worse yet in public.
I wasn't ready for a public pissing display. The faint aroma of urine in
her car didn't ease my fears, but it did make me glad we were in her car!
We started to discuss her fetish. She said she "blamed it all on her
parents". When she was younger, anytime she got wet or dirty her parents
would punish her, instead of laughing it off like the other kids parents.
Because of this she got a great thrill out of secretly getting wet. When
she got old enough to discover sex she even got a greater thrill out of
masturbating while wearing soaked clothing. Whenever her house was empty
she would take a shower or bath fully clothed, masturbating furiously.
One day while reading the letters in a mens magazine, she read a letter
about a woman who was turned on by peeing her pants. The next time she
was alone she wet her jeans first, then jumped in the shower to clean up.
She experienced an orgasm just from wetting her pants, and was hooked
from then on. She had peed and got wet in everything from shorts and
a t-shirt to an old prom dress. She said she loved wearing shoes and
boots when she pissed. The squishy feeling of her warm pee in the toes
of the shoes really turned her on. She also said that denim was her favorite
fabric to get wet in because she loved the shine that wet denim had.
She said there are logistic problems with her fetish. Wearing shoes
or boots in the shower didn't seem to hurt them too badly, but completely
submerging shoes wasn't very good for them. She didn't worry too much
though, she had found some cheap outlet stores for shoes, and had a
good job so if her shoes got ruined she could just buy more.
Keeping her carpet clean was a problem, so she only peed in her living room
on special occasions, like last night, or on the weekend so she had
time to cleanup before work. She said she occasionally pissed in her car,
but rarely, since her car was hard to clean. A few times she had peed
her pants in public, but generally she only peed at home.
She said that practically everyday at work she would hold her pee all
afternoon long. When she got home, she'd race up to the bathtub, and pee
in whatever she was wearing that day. She'd masturbate, then turn on the
shower to clean up. She laughed about what the people she worked with
would think if they saw her all prim and proper in her business suit
soaked in piss, or masturbating almost fully dressed in the shower. She
said most of her clothes were "drip dry" but she had ruined some of her
clothing by peeing and getting wet in "dry clean only" things.
She continue on about materials. She loved white or yellow clothing
because they became more see-through when wet. She also liked wetting
her nylons and frilly panties. She thought that suede was a great shoe
material to get wet in. She had a number of suede shoes and boots that she
liked to wear when peeing. She had wanted to experiment with a suede or
leather skirt, but up till now had passed, because she thought they were
kind of expensive for a one time masturbation session.
She said she was happy she had found me, because most guys she had
mentioned piss to had run away. She though in celebration we may buy
a suede or leather mini. She thought ruining the skirt was a small price
to pay for the incredible orgasms she had experienced with me yesterday.
She also mentioned that she'd love to make it with me drenched in a suit
and tie, and maybe we'd shop for that too!
Rachel said we'd better stop talking now. She was getting hot thinking
about piss and was on the verge of peeing in the car. She wanted to go
shopping and said she didn't care to start out with a wet skirt.
We hit the stores at the mall. Every time we found a fountain, Rachel
stopped for a drink, and urged me to drink also. Amazing how many water
fountains you can find at the mall! Rachel bought a dark green suede
mini skirt and a frilly white (washable) silk blouse. She also bought
a pair of short lace-up boots with a high heel. She bought me a
suit, shirt, tie, and a pair of dress shoes. She said that this would be
one special day when we used these clothes. We stopped at the food
court and had a light lunch chased by giant ice teas. I was ready to burst,
but Rachel showed no signs of a problem.
As we were leaving the mall we ran into Ashley, a friend of Rachel. Ashley
was a tall blonde with straight hair. I thought of Rachel's comments on fabric
as I scoped out Ashley. She had on a low cut yellow blouse, light blue denim
jeans, an acid washed denim jacket, and yellow high heeled "fuck me" pumps.
Yesterday I would have dreamed about this woman's mouth sucking the juices
from my cock. Today I found myself fantasizing about filling her mouth
with my pee, and watching the excess run out and soak the front of her blouse
and jeans.
We said good-bye to Ashley, and ran off to Rachel's car. I told Rachel I
wasn't sure I could hold it till her house. She said she wasn't sure either
but she was gone try to hold it as long as possible, and hoped that I
would do the same.
As we got in the car my thoughts turned to covering Rachel in pee from
her curly topped head to the toes of her pumps. We started the drive
back to Rachel's. When we got stuck in traffic she started to squirm.
She said she was starting to have a problem and was worried that she'd
piss in her car. I slid my hand up her nylon sheathed legs and found her
pussy under the denim skirt. Her panties were damp and I could feel a
little dampness on her skirt. She said she had peed a "little bit" to
prevent her from completely soaking everything. Just as I was getting
a little excited at the thought of her soaking her skirt in the car,
the traffic jam cleared. It was a short distance to her house, we made it
without any further peeing.
We parked the car. As she got out I noticed a wet spot about 3 inches
across on her skirt. She was hopping from foot to foot as she went to
unlock the door from the garage to the house. She dropped her keys.
As she bent to retrieve them I got a first class view of her sodden
panties, and her pussy. I started to finger her. She said "Oh fuck it!"
and the next thing I knew there was a stream of urine running down each
nylon clad leg into her suede pumps. After her panties, garter belt, and
nylons were good and wet, I sat down and pulled her into my lap. She
continued to pee, soaking the back of her skirt, and soaking my erect
cock through my jeans. I fondled her breasts while she had an orgasm
on my piss soaked lap.
She stopped peeing and stood up to face me. I buried my face in
her frilly pee soaked panties. I pushed aside the crotch of her panties
and dove into her pussy with my darting tongue. As I worked her to an orgasm
she started to pee all over my face and into my mouth. Her piss was running
down my shirt and down her nylons. I traced my hands along the golden
rivulets running down her stockings. I brought her to another orgasm.
At this point I again surveyed the damage. The back of her denim
mini was drenched with pee. There were trails of piss all through her
nylon stockings. Pee squished out the sides of her suede pumps as she
moved around as her orgasm subsided. My shirt front was soaked. My lap
was drenched with her pee. I was on the verge of erupting in my pants
at the site of this luscious brunette in her sodden state.
My thoughts turned to those dry breasts covered up by that pristine
white blouse. I grabbed a chair from the garage, and sat in it. I
pulled Rachel onto my lap again, this time facing me, about 6 inches back
from my crotch. She stroked my cock through the wet denim, than started
to unzip me. When my cock was free, I started to piss up in the air.
Rachel was aiming my pee everywhere, manipulating my spurting cock like
a garden hose. My piss was running in Rachel's hair, face, and mouth.
She directed the spray over her breasts, soaking each one. What a
site! The white fabric became transparent, clearly showing the black
lace bra. Her nipples were visible through the wetness of her bra.
The front of skirt was glistening with pee, in one spot there was a small
puddle of collected pee on the soggy denim. She started to pee her
panties again adding to the yellow flood. When we both stopped peeing
she lifted herself up and planted her wetness on my rock hard member.
She rode me furiously until I shot a large load of semen deep within
She orgasmed shortly after I, and stayed on my lap as my erection
subsided. She told me that these were some of the best orgasms she
had ever had with a man. She got off my lap and pranced around the
garage, taking in her wetness. She surveyed her wet nylons, rubbing
her legs from pussy to her pumps. She squished her feet in her pumps,
delighted as piss worked its way out. She played with her sodden
breasts. She felt her ass and rubbed her pussy through the shiny
wetness of her denim mini.
She didn't have to ask twice about cleanup time. We bolted for the
bathroom. I followed her directly into the shower. In no time at all,
the water was flowing over our clothes completely drenching us. Her
blouse was made completely transparent by the rush of the water. Her
glistening mini clung wetly to her ass. I sucked her nipples right
through the material of blouse and bra. She dropped to her knees and
freed my cock from my soaked jeans. She hungrily sucked me until I rewarded
her with a load of cum. I picked her up, then dropped to my knees in front
of her. I stuck my face up under her skirt and ate her pussy as the water
cascaded over it. I could hear the water striking the front of her skirt
as my tongue darted about her clitoris. I stood to kiss her, holding
her soaked body close under the spray while our tongues explored each
other mouths. She reached down to stroke my cock. I turned her sideways
in the spray her back against the shower wall, and she placed her waterlogged
pumps on the opposite side of the tub. I drilled my rock hard cock into
her pussy pumping her for what seemed like hours in the spray. We both
orgasmed again (stories are wonderful aren't they) then dropped kissing
to the bottom of the tub.
She kicked her lovely soaked foot at the shower control button and turned
the shower off. She reached over and closed the drain and the tub started
to fill up. She snuggled her body up against mine as the water level in the
tub rose. She said "Just hold me a while..", and closed her eyes laying there
fully clothed in the water. I shut off the water, disturbing her as little
as possible as we relaxed, prunelike in the warm water.

Chapter 3

I remember feeling cold as I woke up. Rachel and I were in her tub fully
clothed. We looked like prunes. Rachel had an arm around me, and her other
hand was busy stroking my semi-erect cock through my soaked jeans. Rachel's
hair had dried a bit, but the rest of her was as deliciously drenched as
ever. One of her legs was submerged and her other leg with its shiny nylons
laid across my glistening jeans, with the toe of her black suede pump
submerged. I found myself running one hand over the wet transparency of her
blouse and the other over her soaked denim rear and nylon covered legs. She
sat up, and let the water out of the bathtub. We stripped and repeated our
early morning shower performance. I was once again banished to the laundry
room to sort out our mess.
When I came back I had put on my clothes from yesterday. Rachel had
put on a very tight forest green blouse. It looked like it was made from a
lycra material. She was pulling on a pair of light gray acid-wash guess jeans
as I entered the room. She wore matching green socks and pushed her feet into
a calf high pair of white high heeled boots. A blue denim jacket and wide black
leather belt completed the ensemble. She joked about the boots, not bad for $15
at the local discount department store huh?
She said she had a commitment to meet Ashley at the same bar where she
met me yesterday. That wasn't till later tonight. She thought we might swing
by my house and pick up some new clothes, than maybe go out to dinner.
Rachel said I was welcome to go with her to the bar if I wished. I asked about
the clothes we had bought today and she said, "save our Sunday best till
We swung by my house so I could get some clothes. Rachel started pawing
through my wardrobe looking for things that would turn her on when wet.
For tonight she selected a pair of my tightest black jeans, and a green
cotton button down shirt, that almost matched her blouse color. She picked
out a black leather belt and short cowboy boots, and begged me to wear them
for her. I thought for a minute than said "gladly". We picked out a few
other things, then started out to dinner.
Dinner was different, with Rachel evaluating the men and women she saw
for how they would look wet. She saw a girl in a clingy dress which almost
caused her to drool. She had a similar reaction to a well endowed guy in
spandex bike shorts. Another braless young women wearing a t-shirt brought
her fond memories of a wet t-shirt contest she had entered. She said she had
orgasmed as she danced for the wildly cheering crowd, with her breasts plainly
visible through her soaked shirt.
We finished dinner and header back to her place. We parked and walked over
to the bar. On the way she made some vague references to sharing me with
Ashley if I was lucky. I wasn't sure what she meant, but I didn't think
there could possibly be anybody else that would like doing this stuff.
I was wrong. Rachel and Ashley had met in college. They were both
drunk out of their minds at a party, when Rachel lost control, soaking her
shorts. Ashley, upon seeing Rachel's wet shorts, also wet hers. They ended
up going home together and making love most of that night. They got together
as often as they could for repeat performances, but it was tough to find a
private place at school. Fortunately, they found jobs in the same city
and got together often since graduating.
As we entered the bar Rachel spotted Ashley seated at a corner table.
She was still wearing her low cut yellow blouse, light blue jeans, acid
wash denim jacket, and yellow "fuck me" pumps. She had added a yellow
leather belt and was wearing a hat with a wide brim and a rounded top
for "evening dressup". I LOVE hats!
She was well into a pitcher of beer as we sat down. Her eyes lit up
when she saw us. We ordered another pitcher of beer and proceeded to
pound brews. The talk got silly involving bad jokes about recycled beer
and the similar colors of beer and piss etc. etc. etc. After a while
Ashley and Rachel went off to "powder their nose". I thought it weird
that they took beer glasses with them. When they came back they set
their now full beer glasses down. They swapped beer glasses and
almost drank down the glasses. They set the almost empty glasses in front
of me and said I should try this special brew out. Not being born
yesterday, I figured out that the glasses were probably piss filled.
After my experiences the last two days though, I was feeling adventurous
so I drank one then another and was rewarded with the piss of 2 gorgeous
women in my mouth. They wondered if I could procure a glass of
special brew for them. I figured what the hell, and went off to the
bathroom with an empty glass. I filled the glass in the mens room
stall and returned to the table. I set the glass in front of Rachel,
and I watched her drink most of it down with that devilish grin of hers.
When she was about 2/3 rds done she passed the glass to Ashley who gulped
down the remaining pee. I about had an orgasm right there, with the
thought of those two beautiful women drinking my pee. I was ready to
go to Rachel's now, but the girls pointed out to me that I needed a recharge
if I was to satisfy them tonight, so we ordered another 2 pitchers of beer
and got down to work.
It was almost eleven when we left the bar. I had a gorgeous woman on each
arm and felt like a million dollars. My cock was straining at my jeans to
Rachel and Ashley's joy. I couldn't stop thinking about covering these
women in my piss, and being covered by their combined piss. We made the
short walk to Rachel's. It was dark out and we couldn't be seen from a
distance, so Rachel let a little squirt of pee into her jeans. I found the almost
black spot in the light gray of her crotch was electrifying. Rachel looked at
Ashley and said "How bout you?". Ashley said she'd wait till we got to Rachel's.
Rachel looked at me and said "How bout you?" I replied that once I started
peeing I didn't think I could stop, and I didn't want to waste my load
filling just my pants. Rachel and Ashley calmed my fears. They said I'd
have more control than I thought, and even if I couldn't stop, It was
dark enough and close enough to Rachel's, that I could still hose both
girls down without our being discovered.
I said "Oh what the hell!" and proceeded to let a bit of urine flow into
my jeans. It washed over my erect cock, outlining the bulge in my pants
with a shine that glistened in the street lights. The girls were right,
I was able to stop the flow. My wet cock got plenty of attention from the
girls hands as we finished our stroll to Rachel's house.
We arrived at Rachel's house and went to the living room. I dropped to my
knees and stuck my face into Rachel's denim covered crotch and licked the
small circle of piss that was centered there. Meanwhile, Ashley was on the
floor licking the shaft of my cock through my piss dampened fly. Rachel said
"Since I've enjoyed your piss so much lately I think you should give Ashley the
first taste". "Make sure you save some for me!" I stood up, and both women
got to their knees in front of me, there open mouths inviting my urine. I though
back to my fantasy about Ashley this morning and almost shot a load of cum onto
her face thinking that my fantasy was coming through twofold. I slipped my
erection into Ashley's waiting mouth and started the yellow flow. She tried hard
to drink all my pee, but it was too much for her. It ran out of the corners of her
mouth, down her chin. The pee soaked into the front of her blouse and ran down
over her belly button, soaking into the waistband of her jordache jeans. Drops of
pee splattered from her mouth onto the light blue denim that covered her thighs,
and onto her acid wash jacket. Ashley's yellow blouse was transparent over each
breast and her navel. My piss was spreading down from the waistband of her jeans
over her fly.
Rachel locked a vice like grip around my cock, and gently removed my
cock from Ashley's mouth. Rachel inserted my cock into her mouth and gave
me one of those "perfect blow job looks" right out of any adult magazine.
Rachel released my cock and the yellow flow continued. She also valiantly
tried to drink my pee, but it too ran down over her chin and over her breasts.
After a minute or two, Ashley reached over and locked my cock up tight. I
stared in disbelief at the sight in front of me. Two gorgeous women, their
blouses soaked in my piss, with my piss dribbling out of their mouths. I
couldn't take the thought and exploded my cum all over Rachel's face.
Immediately, Ashley put her arms around Rachel and started licking
my come off Rachel's face.
Rachel suggested If I had any piss left, that now would be a good time to
use it! I did have piss left so I started a yellow arc that landed in
Ashley's hair. My pee ran off her hair and trickled down her denim jacket.
Little rivers of piss were running down Ashley's neck, down the arms of her
denim jacket, as well as the back of the jacket. Some of the piss was splashing
on Rachel's jacket too. I changed targets, letting the stream play over Rachel,
wetting down her hair and the shoulders of her jacket. I stopped at this
time, saving a bit of piss for later.
Eventually, the girls missed their golden shower and looked over to see
if I was out of piss. I told them I'd saved some, and would like to
wet my pants for them. The girls thought this was a good idea, but wanted
a close up view. They both came over to me and started rubbing my cock
while hungrily awaiting my pee. Rachel stuck her face into my crotch and
began tonguing my shaft through the denim. Ashley got down on her back, and
positioned her head on the floor looking up between my legs at my crotch.
Rachel straddled Ashley, the soggy crotch of her gray guess jeans picking
up some moisture from Ashley's drenched blouse.
I started to pee with all my might. Rachel's tongue was rewarded by spurts
of pee that gushed through my pants. Rachel's hands traced the flow of urine
down the legs of my pants and into my boots. Piss splashed onto Ashley's
face and chest as she also traced the flow of urine down my legs. It felt
WONDERFUL! The feeling of the warm pee running down my legs almost brought
me to orgasm. I discovered that, like Rachel, I enjoyed the feel of the warm pee
squishing in my boots. A puddle of my piss was collecting under Ashley. It
soaked the back of her jacket and darkened the first inch or so of her jeans where
her ass contacted the carpet. I finally exhausted my pee. The front of my jeans were
soaked from the waistband down to my boots. My calves we also drenched in piss.
Ashley sat up and I watched my piss running off the back of her jacket to
the floor. She was squishing around with her ass on the floor, soaking the
pee up in a big round spot on her ass. She rotated around, playfully pushing
Rachel out of the way, then licking the shaft of my cock through my now
soaked pants. I reached behind her and put a hand on each soggy cheek
of her ass. Ashley unzipped my cock and took me into her mouth, as I
watched Rachel stand up. Her knees had been in the puddle created by my piss
and her jeans were glistening from her knees to the top of her boots.
Her hands joined mine on Ashley's wet butt. She playfully pushed Ashley
aside and wrapped her legs around my right leg, enjoying the transfer
of wetness from my soaked pants to hers. Ashley somehow managed to keep
my cock in her mouth and continue sucking as Rachel's tongue buried itself
into my mouth. I remember the wetness spreading from Rachel's breasts to my
shirt as I sprayed the back of Ashley's throat with my cum. She started to
choke on my cum and pulled back as gobs of cum splattered on her hair
face and clothes.
I didn't think I could be any happier until I remembered that neither
girl had peed yet. My soft cock got instantly hard. I suggested with
a devilish grin that it wasn't fair that I have all the fun and asked
the girls if they were gonna reciprocate. They asked what I had in mind.
I suggested that Ashley wrap her legs around my left leg the way that
Rachel was wrapped around my right and both girls piss simultaneously.
Ashley complied and both girls started to let loose. I rubbed their
thighs and legs as they peed. We all shared a 3 way French kiss. I
felt the warmth of these gorgeous women's urine running down my legs and
into my boots. I asked them to save some pee. Rachel stopped quickly,
Ashley a few seconds later.
As they pulled away I studied each in turn. Rachel's guess jeans were
black with pee from her waistband to the tops of her boots. She stood
there moving back and forth, I'm sure she was having an orgasm while
enjoying her piss filled boots. Ashley's jordache were wet from the
waist to her feet, and little rivers of pee were running over the tops
of her pumps. There were little puddles of pee around each of my booted
feet. I remembered Ashley squirming in the puddle, so I sat in Rachel's
puddle of pee, moving my ass around, soaking up the puddle. Rachel got
the same idea and sat in the puddle of Ashley's piss causing a growing
black spot in the tight denim covering her ass.
Ashley looked at me and said, "I think you should be even with us."
"All of us have soaked jeans, fortunately Rachel and I have transparent
blouses from your wonderful piss." "I would like to see that shirt
of yours clinging to you chest." "Here! Here!" said Rachel.
With that Ashley walked over to me and pushed me down to my knees.
She stuck her piss soaked crotch into my face and proceeded to pee. The
urine was coming out with such force that it squirted through the front of
her jeans. I drank what pee I could, letting the rest splash onto my shirt.
Ashley stopped, and was replaced by Rachel. I also drank her pee, and
she further soaked the front of my shirt. We collapsed into a wet heap
on the floor and I proceeded to fondle whatever wet breasts, asses and
pussies that presented themselves to me.
At that point I had to pee again. The girls were not quite done either.
Rachel laid down on top of me, with my cock protruding up between her legs,
nestled in the soggy denim of her crotch. Ashley piled up on top of her.
Ashley's wet snatch was pressed tight to Rachel's wet ass. All three of
us pissed at once. My piss arched over onto Ashley's ass, expanding the
dark blue wet spot and dribbling over the back of her jacket. The runoff
from Ashley was running over Rachel's back and ass, mingling with the
pee that was soaking down from Ashley's crotch. Rachel's pee mingling with
Ashley's was soaking her jeans and belly as well as my shirt, pants and erect
cock. All this piss washing over me was too much and my cock exploded
cum all over Ashley's back, ass and the back of her legs. Cum dripped down
to land on Rachel's ass and the back of her calves.
We lay in a soggy heap as the piss puddled up beneath us on the floor.
We untangled our heap and the girls joked about their cum spattered clothes.
They complained that they could think of at least a dozen better uses for that
cum and asked if I could get it up again. The question was answered as
I looked at this gorgeous women plastered with our pee and my cum.
Rachel joked "I have a few dry spots on my jacket and jeans, do either
of you have any piss left?" Ashley said "I have the same problem".
I was drenched from head to toe in piss but was spent, as were the girls.
I suggested cleanup time. Both girls lit up. Ashley grabbed her discarded
hat and we all started up the stairs for the bathroom.
I was last going up the stairs, again enjoying the view of those 2 rounded
soggy bottoms glistening in the hall light. On the way up I had a wicked
idea about Ashley's hat, and found a few more ounces of pee in me. When
I told Ashley what I had in mind she was delighted and handed me her hat.
I proceeded to fill it with pee. She stood in the bath tub and quickly put
it on, pee rushing out from all sides over her face, hair, blouse, and
jacket. Ashley dropped her jeans and managed to fill the hat so Rachel
could give it a try. Rachel filled the hat again and the girls put it over my
head. By now we were really drained dry.
We all zipped up, and started the shower. The girls made a sandwich out
of me as the spray washed the piss from our bodies. Water was running
off the brim of Ashley's hat and splashing everywhere. My boots filled
with water, as did Rachel's. I fondled Rachel's soaked breasts as I ground
my cock against the front of glistening drenched jeans. Ashley was thrusting
the shiny crotch of her wet jeans against my ass. The girls denim jackets were
soaked through and through. I stood between the girls holding asses, breasts
and pussies as water cascade off them. The girls returned the favor feeling the
water running over my cock and ass.
The girls dropped to their knees, and undid my pants. They took turns
sucking my cock, passing it between them like some soggy lollipop.
I squirted down Ashley's throat. I didn't think I could come again but
my prick was rock hard. Since Rachel had bee short changed, I
had her get down on all fours in front of me. She looked so delicious,
the water streaming over her ass, her boots soaked from the spray.
She had on the kind of jeans that cling to a woman's calves, and they
were clinging even tighter, due her drenched state. I rubbed that
beautiful ass then reached up between her legs to unzip her jeans.
I pulled her soaked jeans down to her ankles, and took her doggie
style. The site of Ashley watching this while playing with her soaked
breasts, and rubbing her pussy through the crotch of her jeans made
me able to shoot a load into Rachel. Ashley laid before me on
the shower floor (this was a big shower). Rachel stepped to the back of
the shower and rubbed her breasts through her shirt and fingered herself
while I removed Ashley's jeans & pumps. I put her pumps back on and plunged
my erection into Ashley's pussy. Rachel sat down and inserted her finger
into her pussy while I pumped Ashley. I managed another orgasm while
playing with Ashley's tits.
At this point I was spent, but the girls were raring to go! I crawled
weakly to the back of the shower, and fondled my cock while the girls
put on a show. First they played with each others breasts and asses,
Sucking each others tits through their wet blouses. Then the ended up
on the floor of the shower in a 69 position licking each others pussy.
My erection was growing again (it's only a story after all), so I
joined in. Rachel sucked my cock, while I ate Ashley's pussy, while
Ashley ate Rachel's pussy. This went on until I exploded into Rachel's
mouth. At this point we were all spent.
We turned off the shower. The girls pulled off my boots and emptied
the water. The girls removed my jeans and stripped off my shirt.
I removed Ashley's denim jacket, then her blouse and pumps. I took
off Rachel's boots, emptying them of water. I remove Rachel's guess jeans,
which took some time with their soaked condition. I removed he
jacket and peeled her blouse off. We all dried off, then went
to Rachel's room, where we collapsed and spent the night.

Chapter 4

I woke up first, this bright Sunday morning. Ashley was to my right
lying on her stomach, the curves of her ass outlined by the sheet
gently draped over them. Rachel was on her back, the sheet pulled up
just below her breasts. I wanted to dive right in then and there, but
being a "gentleman" I crawled out of bed without disturbing them. I
got into the domestic thing, retrieving our damp clothing from the
upstairs bathroom and started a load of laundry. I put together a
continental breakfast. I stopped in the living room, concerned about
the aroma of pee and the dark stain in Rachel's carpet. I figured we
might get some more use out of that floor, so I didn't bother with it.
I padded back upstairs to wake the girls.
When I thought about how delightful it felt to be sucked awake
yesterday by Rachel, I lost my gentlemanly instincts and pulled the
sheet off the girls. I crawled into bed. I kissed Rachel's ankle,
than ran my tongue along her leg to her snatch. I took in the aroma
of her pussy, then started to lick her snatch. I got my tongue
deeper into her pussy, as the wetness grew. Rachel awakened with
a shudder as she climaxed. Ashley, now awake said "Boy, I'd love
to have that alarm cock!" I groaned, then Rachel said "With
cunt eating like that, I may never wet my pants again!" The sad
look on my face caused her to append a "NOT!" to her statement.
She said "I guess we've got a real piss freak on our hands, Ashley."
"What should we do now?" Ashley said "Unfortunately nothing, I've
really gotta go now". I told her that might be a problem because
her jeans were in the wash. She said "Great! I hate laundry!, but
I also have a few things here to wear."
She wandered over to Rachel's closet and pulled out a few things.
She put on a neon green tank top, a short denim skirt, socks and
sneakers, then gave us both lingering kisses before running off.
Rachel and I had breakfast, then I finished the laundry.
When I went up to the room Rachel said "It's time for our
Sunday Best!", as she got out the outfits she had purchased yesterday.
I dressed in my olive suit with black shoes and "earth tone" tie.
Rachel put on frilly black bra, panties, garter belt, and black
stockings. She buttoned her silk blouse over the bra, and pulled
on her dark green suede skirt. Her lace-up boots with the short
heel completed her stunning outfit.
We took her car to Sunday brunch. As we sat eating, we joked
about what the people looking at us now would think if they could
watch us later today in our piss-soaked ecstasy. It was my turn to
comment to Rachel about who I'd like to see get wet. The waitresses
in this place were in uniform consisting of a striped cotton shirt,
short black knit skirt and stockings, tights, or leggings as each
saw fit. One of the girls skirt was very tight, she had on
spandex pants underneath and short flat heeled lace up boots. I
suggested to Rachel that I would love to see that waitress go home
after her shift, relieve herself in her spandex, then rinse the restaurant
grease off her uniform in the shower.
We both drooled as a blonde vixen in a sleeveless black dress and
impossibly high heels trooped by. I also spotted a red haired women
wearing a tube top, those denim stretch jeans with bows at mid-calf, and
white slingback flats.
Soft drink refills and champagne were provided, so we imbibed freely
as we continued our lunch. We left the place, and I got in my last look
at the waitresses spandex legs, wishing she would bend over to give me
a better look at that spandex covered ass. It was a beautiful day, so we
took a walk through a nearby park. As we neared her car I really had to
pee badly. I considered wetting my pants in public, but Rachel seemed
in a hurry to get home, so we hopped in the car and started off.
When we got to her place she told me that since this we were
dressed so nicely this must be a special occasion. She said that
special occasions deserve champagne. There was a bottle in the kitchen,
and I needn't bother with glasses. The bottle of champagne was warm
when I retrieved it. Guessing what Rachel had in mind, I started to shake
the bottle on my way back to the living room. Rachel laughed when
she saw me shaking the bottle, accusing me of reading her mind. She
said as a penalty I'd have to wet my pants. I laughed, saying "My
kind of penalty!" She continued on "Just enough to wet down your cock".
I obliged her, letting loose a few squirts into my dress pants. She
fondled my cock through the wet material while she loosened the cork
of the champagne bottle. She then buttoned up my jacket, hiding the
wetness, and straightened my tie. She proceeded to shake the bottle
then said "To us!", removing the cork with a loud POP! Champagne
sprayed into the air landing in our hair and our clothes and Rachel's
carpet as Rachel stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. Rachel's face
was sticky with champagne as I licked drops from her face. Champagne
spots dotted her suede skirt and nylons. The fabric covering her arm
that held the bottle was transparently clinging to her. There were
numerous wet spots on her blouse, unfortunately none were over her
breasts. She took a swig of champagne from the bottle, allowing
champagne to dribble out the corners of her mouth onto her blouse, at
last providing some transparency over her breasts.
The shoulder of my suit was drenched. Champagne blotches dotted
my tie, jacket, and pants. Rachel passed me the bottle and I imitated
her sloppy drinking, champagne running down my chin and the lapels
of my jacket. Most of the bottle was gone, but I had an idea and
hoped there was enough left. I covered the mouth of the bottle with
my thumb and shook the bottle furiously. I dropped to my knees, stuck
the bottle under Rachel's skirt and removed my thumb. Rachel squealed
with delight as the champagne exploded up under her skirt. The champagne
drenched her panties and nylons and ran down into her boots. The
inside of her skirt was wet, but was not yet showing through. My
jacket arms were drenched with champagne, as were the knees of my slacks.
I figured I needed a better look, so my head replaced the bottle under
her skirt. Champagne dripped from her skirt onto my head and shoulders
as I licked champagne from her nylon sheathed thighs. I buried my
face in her champagne sopping pussy and licked her till she came.
I followed a trail of champagne from her crotch to the toe of her boot.
I stood up taking in the sight of this woman and was disappointed.
Some champagne had made its way up around the band of her skirt, wetting
an inch or so of her blouse, but other than the champagne dripping
along the hemline, there was no visible wetness on her skirt. I
made a mental note to repeat this sometime while she was wearing a knit
dress, or denim skirt.
Rachel said that the douche was wonderful! She pushed me to my knees
and grabbed my tie. She pulled my tie between her legs passing it from
one hand to the next. Rachel then proceeded to piss all over my tie,
running it back and forth over her pussy as her golden piss streamed
out. Her pee was rolling backward over the tie to my shirt collar
and dribbling onto my thighs. She pulled the tie so my face was
in her crotch and I drank her piss as she continued to pee over my
tie, shirt, and jacket. I licked a few drops of pee from the tops
of Rachel's nylons, then stood in front of her as she evaluated the
damage. My tie was ruined with piss. The front of my jacket was soaked.
Rachel undid my jacket exposing my drenched shirt front. Rachel had
fun tweaking my nipples through the transparent shirt front. The front
of my slacks was wet from my waistband to my erect shaft. I volunteered
to further wet my slacks and Rachel nodded yes vigorously.
I let loose a flood into my pants. The urine streamed down my legs
and dribbled into a puddle on the floor. I reveled in the warmth of
the fluid running down my legs. My pee soaked into my socks
and squished around my toes. The growing stain covered my calves and
wet the back of my knees. Rachel had hiked up her skirt and was
fingering herself as she watched. I saved some pee for later and
Rachel came to an orgasm as she watched the flood subside. Rachel
came over to me, planting her suede skirted ass firmly in the puddle
of my piss. She started to lick drops of pee from my fly. "I know
you saved me some!" she said, pulling my dick through the fly. She
licked the head a few times, then positioned the head in our mouth
and said "Anytime baby!". I let my remaining pee flow into her
supple mouth. She valiantly tried to drink down the golden fluid,
but fortunately the flow was too much, and it ran out splashing
over her blouse and puddling up in the lap of her skirt. Her black
bra was clearly visible through her soaked silk shirt front. Finally
the effects of the pee were showing as the suede of her skirt shined
where my puddle of piss had been. I spent my pee but Rachel kept
her mouth wrapped around my cock, licking and sucking me to a
tremendous orgasm. She gagged on my cum, removing her mouth
from my cock. Come spurted into her hair and face as well as
her blouse. A few drops fell onto her skirt.
Rachel laid back on the carpet and pulled me on top of her and we
ground our soaked crotches together. I hiked up Rachel's skirt and
shoved aside her champagne and piss soaked panties and slipped my
rod into her sticky pussy! Rachel wrapped her wet nylons around my
back and I pumped her full of cum, bringing her to an orgasm. I withdrew,
but my cock was still hard so Rachel pushed me on my back and impaled
her pussy on my erection. She rode me until we both had another orgasm.
She collapsed on top of me, laying there as my erection subsided and my
cock flopped out of her pussy.
Rachel stood up and celebrated her wetness. The back of her suede
skirt was shiny with wetness from the puddle of my pee. She inspected
each cheek, rubbing them in turn, then ran her hands over her wet nylons.
She squatted down to touch the pee that bubbled out of the seams of her
wet boots as she squished her toes within them. She was fondling
her wet breasts as I approached her. My hands replace hers as she
turned her attention to my cock. "Cleanup time!" we exclaimed in unison
as we ran up the stairs to the bathroom.
Rachel filled the bath while we stood next to the tub exploring each
others wetness. Compared to other times we were both pretty dry.
Rachel turned off the water and stepped into the tub. The water was
within an inch of covering her boots. I stepped in and felt the water
fill my shoes. Rachel said she had something else special in mind.
She unzipped my cock and grabbed some liquid soap. She began lathering
my cock with soap. She pushed me playfully down into the water, completely
soaking my slacks. My jacket was drenched from the pockets down as it
floated around me in the water. Rachel was on her knees continuing to
soap my cock. The back hem of her skirt was in the water, and the
water lapped up around her thighs causing her nylons to shine. She poured
some soap into my hands, and told me to lubricate her asshole. I
told her panties were in the way, she said "Rip em off!", so I did.
I got some more soap then greased her asshole thoroughly. She lifted
the back of her skirt up and lowered her asshole carefully on to my cock.
I almost came when she flexed her anal muscles. She slowly moved
up and down on my lap until I further lubricated her with a shot
of cum. She then picked up her pace until she had an orgasm herself.
She stood, and I watched the water flow down her nylons. Her skirt
was soaked nearly to her waist. At this point I really had to pee
and so did she! She spread her legs and peed on my face while I
arched a stream of piss up under her skirt. She directed her stream
over my cock, the two golden flows colliding and tangoing in an
amber embrace. I pulled her to her knees than started to splash her with
all my might. She returned the favor and soon we were completely drenched.
She laid on her back, and I impaled her pussy with my cock, blissfully
drilling her as the water washed around us. I exploded into her, and
laid there holding this beautiful drenched woman in my arms as my
erection subsided.
We took a quick shower, washing our hair while still dressed to
get rid of the champagne. I enjoyed watching the shampoo flowing
down Rachel's nylon covered legs and over her suede skirt. Rachel
laughed as the shampoo flowed over my tie. We rinsed off all
the shampoo and reluctantly shut off the water. I removed Rachel's
blouse, stopping to lick her breasts before I removed her bra.
I remove her apparently ruined suede skirt leaving her before me
in wet nylons, garter belt, boots, and the remnants of her panties.
She had to cut off my ruined tie. She removed my jacket, slacks,
and shoes. She was toying with my nipples through my wet shirt
as she fondled my soft cock. I licked her bare nipples while I
blindly removed remnants of her panties from her garter belt.
We wandered off dripping and partly clothed to Rachel's spare
bedroom which she said had a plastic mattress cover.
By the time we got there my cock was semi-erect. Rachel gently
sucked me to a full erection, then I penetrated her pussy. Cold
water flowed out of boots as she wrapped her legs around me and
I slowly fucked her. When we both orgasmed, I rolled off her as
my erection subsided. She nestled in my arms her breasts against
my wet shirt. I asked her if the expense of the ruined clothes
was worth it. She said "Every penny!" as we nestled together
in our post sex closeness.
After a few minutes we got up and dried off. We hung up our
clothing, with hopes it would be salvageable. I found out that Rachel
owned a rug cleaner, so I shampooed the mess in her carpet. After we
got the place in order, we wandered up to bed and spent the night in
each others arms.

Keys: pee piss ws asstr

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