A frustrated husband controls his wife 2. - sex story

A frustrated husband controls his wife 2.

He pulled off her cardigan and undid her blouse; then
sat her up with cushions wedged behind her. After
reaching around and undoing her bra, he stood back to
admire his handiwork. Her tender white breasts, now
exposed, were two perfect mounds, on her statuesque
torso. The small pink firm nipples were erect, and
begging to be fondled and sucked. Grabbing his camera,
he manipulated her flaccid body into various erotic
poses he had seen in men's magazines; while taking a
bunch of pictures for his collection. All the while,
she was too comatose to notice.

He grabbed those soft mounds roughly, gentle was not
his style. He mauled and kneaded the pliable flesh;
while pinching and pulling her nipples out as far as
they would stretch. Had Julia been awake and aware; she
surely would have cried out in protest at the pain he
was inflicting on her. But, he had those tits in his
hands and he was going to make the most of it. He
continued his manual abuse of one tit while he went to
work on the other with his teeth; licking, biting and
stretching it painfully. He would remember this, always
especially when she adjusts her blouse in work to
ensure no flesh is seen; or scowls at the post boy for
staring at her chest.

He removed the cushions from behind her and eased her
back down on to the bed. Her flat tummy complimented
her shapely tits perfectly. He undid the buckle on her
trousers and slowly pulled them down revealing a large
high cut pair of granny-style panties.

"Keep me guessing then Julia, I am going to see your
pussy soon"

George removed the trousers and folded them neatly with
her other clothes and the chair next to the bed and
peeled down her panties. His erection was now pushing
hard against his pants and so was quickly released.
Soon, George was naked and standing over Julia. He
straddled her and tugged down her panties, and as they
gave up their treasure George marvelled in the sandy
brown pubes that greeted him. They were shaved with her
high cut panties in mind. This only accentuated the
shape of her pussy as it came into view.

He knelt at the foot of the bed and spread her legs so
he could see her little pink eye peeking out from
behind her brown thatch. He took a moment to savour the
feminine pheromones that were filling his nostrils.
Lifting her legs he got a good long look at her
asshole. He rolled her over and viewed her naked form
from the back. She was perfect!

George thought to himself "I've wanted you ever since
the day you walked into my office. But you were the
perfect little 'Ice Queen,' keeping to yourself. Now I
get to tap your hot quim."

He slowly pulled her so her ass was almost off the edge
of the bed and spread her legs wide. He now had full
access to her ass and pussy. He licked her ass and
thighs moving in gradually on the target area.

As he tongued her outer pussy lips she gave a small
sigh. George continued, he knew she was far too drunk
to awaken; what he didn't know was that she was also
under a hypnotic trance.

He parted her labia and licked high inside her; and she
continued to moan softly, enjoying the sensation he was
giving her.

She felt she was floating in an erotic dream.

Her body responded slowly at first but soon she was
moving in time with his tongue. Her signs of growing
pleasure were obvious by her buttery coloured love
juice starting to collect around the folds and crevices
of her red and swollen inner labia. George was eagerly
lapping up her juices trying to keep pace with her
secretions. She was soaking wet when he quickly
positioned the throbbing head of his cock against her
opening. He pistoned himself forward, into her moist
lubricated tunnel. Her warmth enveloped his hard cock;
and he could feel her muscles clutching him tightly
like a hot velvet glove.

She was gonna be a fantastic fuck.

"I'd better save a load for your cherry ass." He
chuckled to himself. "I'm gonna dump it where not even
your husband has been.

"Yes, Mmmmm push harder, fuck me please fill me." Julia
was speaking in her dream, while her lover was bringing
her to orgasm.

George increased his pace, driven by Julia’s need for
his cock up her wet pulsating pussy.

Julia was responding, she bucked her hips faster,
spreading her legs wider. She lifted her ass and rode
her lover's cock, while her head was burrowed down in
the bed.

"Aghhhh, take my cum, you sweet little fuck toy!"
George rasped, as his load shot deep into Julia's
begging pussy.

Her spasming cuntal walls milked his cock of every last
drop. She continued to pump his cock slowly and gently
easing it back into stiffness. George couldn’t believe
this little prude had so much sexual energy. He allowed
her to massage his cock until it returned to its former

He slowly withdrew it, dribbling splooge around her
outer labia wetting her pelt and teasing her pussy. She
rotated her hips trying to grab his cock with her cunny
lips. George moved his cock up to her ass and teased
the area between her pussy and her asshole.

Julia loved it. Her head still buried in the pillows
muffling her kitten-like squeals of delight.

He pushed his cock against her anus. She grabbed and
spread her ass cheeks wide, and pushed herself against
his intruding cock, begging him to fill her.

"You like a good ass fucking eh," George said as he
drove deeper into her colon. She felt tight, so very
tight and he could see her little pink anus stretched
around his pumping cock.

He knew he would not last long.

Julia reached around and thrust two fingers into her
pussy leaving her thumb to tickle her clit, as she
pumped in time with George. She came again with a
muffled scream of ecstasy and a flow of female sex
juice. George exploded for the second time that night
filling her again with cum. He slipped out her ass and
allowed her to flop onto the bed.

She lay there panting eyes shut.

She felt she was floating; she felt complete and
couldn’t have moved if she wanted.

George grabbed a towel and gently cleaned her ass and
cunt of the evidence they both had left behind. No
point in embarrassing her in the morning, with stories
of drunken lust.

He tucked her into bed and left her to sleep off the

In the morning Julia felt surprisingly rested. She
quickly dressed intending to catch a cab home. She
wanted to wash and dress in the privacy of her own home
before heading into work. Arriving with George would do
her self respect no good at all.

She couldn’t remember undressing last night, and horror
passed through her veins as she thought that perhaps
George had put her to bed, but then she remembered she
had crawled up stair drunk and fell asleep on the bed,
George had said goodnight and left her.

"I have to lay off the whiskey." she thought. "Too much
makes my boobs and pussy sore!!"

George was already up, much to her dismay, and greeted
her with a cup of coffee.

"I thought you might like to go home to change for
work," he said. " I thought I’d have a hangover this
morning but I feel fine, how did you sleep?"

Julia blushed, "I ummm, slept quite well thanks."

She thought about her erotic dream; her fantasy man
fucking her all night in her boss' spare bedroom. She
lowered her head in shame

Back at work, George was the perfect gentleman. He
didn’t bother her for silly meetings all week. Though,
every now and again, she could feel his eyes burning
through her clothing. It made her shiver. He was
repugnant. How could anybody want to expose their flesh
to his touch.

Over the next few weeks Dave allowed Julia to be
herself most of the time, but he would often make sure
she failed to close the curtains properly when she
undressed. He left her a hypnotic suggestion that had
her do a little sex show for him when she came home
from work. She would strip; expose her ass and pussy to
Dave’s face, and masturbate with an item of his
choosing, normally a screwdriver or hair brush. Then,
he would have her shower and come down stairs all fresh
and ready to cook and clean for him. Meantime, he honed
is newly acquired skills on his new console.

He let Julia choose her work clothes, except for the
office update meeting. George always did the presenting
and Julia sat in the first row with a short skirt. She
would carelessly open her knees when shifting position
to give George repetitive peaks at her see-thru

Dave had finalised his latest and most audacious plan.
He had Julia arrange with the local boys club to have
four volunteers come round on Saturday to cut the grass
and help tidy up the overgrown garden.

It was hot and sunny all day. When the boys arrived,
Dave left for the day.

Julia greeted the boys, all 13 and 14, gave them
directions, and put them to work.

The boys didn’t really hear her. Their attention was
focused on her breasts showing through her thin blue,
almost transparent, top; and her shapely legs barely
covered by her short, flared skirt. The angle of the
sun made her outfit even more transparent and left
little to the imagination.

While the boys worked, Julia sat on the sun lounger and
read her book. Without looking up, she bent her knees
to rest her book on, which exposed a great view of her
thong covered pussy and ass.

The boys made regular trips to the patio to sip their
drinks, and rub their crotch and tried to imagine what
was hidden under that thong. Finally, she put down her
book, and offered to come and give them a hand. The
boys with smirked at the comment and all four adjusted
their boners.

Julia knelt down and started to weed, with the four
boys. They took turns working opposite Julia, enabling
each to look down her top at her beautiful white
breasts suspended from her chest and shimmering with
her movements. They caught regular peaks at her small
erect nipples. This was a dream for them; 4 sexually
charged looking at a beautiful lady who was unknowingly
dangling her breasts temptingly for them, all without
her knowledge.

Julia's nonchalance emboldened the boys. Michael, the
most daring, had several times walked behind Julia
several times. At one point, he pulled out his hard-on
and looked over Julia’s shoulder with his prick almost
resting on her shoulder, and looked right down her top.
With one hand on his dick, he offered Julia a glass of
water, daring her to look around. She declined, thanked
him, and carried on weeding.

After an hour Julia stood up, she felt dizzy, and
clutched her head as she swayed on her feet. Michael
was nearest to her and held her by the waist.

"Are you okay Mrs. J? You don’t look well. Here, let me
help you back to the sun lounger"

"Thank you young man, I need to take one of my tablets
and lie down. If you could help me inside, I’ll sit
down in there for a while. You’ll be okay outside
without me won’t you?"

"Yes Mrs. J! I’ll make sure the boys work hard all day"
he smiled at her in an ever increasing lecherous way.

Julia's dizziness increased. Michael held her firmly,
and eased her onto the settee. She was grateful he was
strong enough to take most of her weight as she bent
her knees. As Julia sat, Michael remained standing. His
hands held onto Julia’s body as they moved up from her
flat tummy and tucked themselves under her breasts. He
continued upward over her tingling cleavage and
tightening nipples.

Julia did not seem to notice that her tits were
responding to the teenager's clumsy but effective
ministrations, but Michael was nearly creaming his

Julia asked Michael to fetch her pills from the Cabinet
and a fresh glass of water. She warned Michael that
they often made her drowsy, but she would be fine again
in 2-3 hours.

She took the pills, closed her eyes, and descended into
a deep sleep.

Michael called in the guys from the garden, where they
had been told to wait, and showed them their new
plaything. He grabbed the foot stool, and lifted
Julia’s legs so they all could fully see her pink thong
with her pubic thatch clearly visible through the thin
chiffon material.

Michael’s best friend, Jimmy, spread Julia’s legs and
opened her up to the perfect "Y" shape.

The two younger boys could only stare in awe.

Michael dared them to touch her, and after some goading
they walked up between Julia’s legs and placed their
hands on her knickers. Their confidence grew, and soon
the first hand reached inside her underwear to feel a
woman’s pubic mound for the first time. More hands
quickly followed. The two older boys then moved her
legs together just enough to slide her thong down her
ass over her knees and onto the floor. Spread eagled
again, Julia’s pussy was being examined by two 13 and
two 14 year olds.

She was their class model. Instead of learning this
stuff from a stuffy old teacher, or musty medical book;
they could see it all.

Jimmy got down on his knees, and gently parted her
sweet pussy lips. As he slowly lapped at her clitoris,
they opened still further. The boys took turn tasting
her glistening pussy juices.

One of the younger boys even licked her bum.

Being rimmed by a 13 year old boy while unconscious in
your own front room was definitely not on her agenda
this morning.

Michael lifted her t-shirt and hungrily lapped at her

Jimmy inserted his finger into her pussy, slowly
savouring her warmth and softness. His finger explored
every millimetre of her genitalia inside and out. The
two younger boys added a finger each as Jimmy withdrew
and gently teased her anus.

Julia’s body gave her away and her juices sloppily
flowed down her ass crack, and her hips began to buck

"Shit," exclaimed Michael. "Look at the time! Quick,
get your camera phones"

All three darted to their backpacks and came into the
room snapping eagerly at Julia’s pussy spread wide by
Michaels hands.

"Plenty of pink boys," Michael said. They took pictures
of her breasts, ass and the rest of her naked exposed
body. They took pictures of each other sticking fingers
in her pussy and licking her nipples.

Michael finally had to call a halt; remembering they
only had a couple of hours.

"Okay! Who needs to cum?" He asked.

They all nodded and mumbled in agreement, and queued up
behind him.

Michael lifted Julia's head and turned it toward her
shoulder. Prising her lower jaw; he opened her mouth
and filled it with his cock. He pumped her mouth
quickly. Her tongue massaged his shaft the deeper he
penetrated her and felt her throat contract and expand
with a gagging sound.


Sperm shot from him and down her throat.

Julia was swallowing his cum.

This prim and perfect lady had his cum in her belly,
and she had no idea.

Three more times she swallowed boys' cum. She swallowed
as fast as she could, but copious dribbles of cum and
saliva ran down her chin and rested in her cleavage.
The boys took more pictures of her slack facial
features glazed with their cum. Then, they gave her a
quick wipe down with the kitchen towel, and dressed

They returned to the garden, and worked like mad men.
Michael knew she would be awake soon and they had to
catch up on, a couple of hours of work. They agreed to
meet at their secret den later that night to compare
pictures of Julia to their hidden porno collection.

Sure enough, thirty minutes later, Julia came out of
the house and back to work in the garden. She
apologised for falling asleep, but thanked them for
working so hard while she rested.

"We worked hard alright Mrs. J." Said Michael. "Would
you like a drink?"

"Oh, I’ll get them." said Julia "I have an awful taste
in my mouth, like I've been drinking bleach."

Julia came out with the Cokes, and sat at the garden
table to do a crossword while the boys worked.

The boys finished work not long after and offered to
come round anytime. Julia gave each one ten pounds and
thanked them for their hard work.

Dave had been sitting in the company van parked around
the corner. He had been watching the action on his
monitor. The security system installed really was state
of the art.

He chuckled to himself.

He had instructed Julia to show off her body by wearing
what she wore and to act in the manner she did. He had
instructed her to have a "funny turn" and to take a
pill, which would knock her out. The pill was a
placebo, nothing more than an aspirin, but the boys did
not know this and she was instructed to sleep deeply
for two hours and to wake up refreshed, He also
implanted a post-hypnotic suggestion so she would not
remember anything. It had worked fine. He drove back
around the corner and waved to the boys as they walked
hurriedly down the road high-fiving each other.

On his return he put his wife back into a trance, told
her to shower, brush her teeth and come down stairs
wearing only her smile.

He was gonna fuck her all night.

The following morning Dave had a fried breakfast in
front of him, Julia had sucked and fucked him till he
thought his dick would drop off. A blood transfusion
was just about the only thing that would keep his dick

He wanted to see if she could fuck two guys all night
and he had just the pair in mind.

The old man across the street popped over mid morning
with some garden flowers for Julia to plant. He seemed
very keen on visiting recently; and Julia often found
herself in his company wearing only a gown.

It was his favourite, for he knew just what it hid.

Today, though, he came with news that his friend ,
Colin, was leaving next week and returning to Malaysia
where he now lived and that he would be following for a
month's holiday.

Dave had to organise quickly.

"Drunk," he thought. "She will act drunk, and horny
then pass out. But when she wakes she’ll be just as
horny and just as drunk.

Let the fuck fest begin.

Friday night after both Dave and Julia were home from
work, the watching eyes of Simon and Colin, could see
Julia standing at her bedroom window, looking like she
was having an argument with somebody. In reality, Dave
had set Julia in front of the bedroom window, with the
curtains parted. Under hypnotic suggestion, she shouted
to herself for thirty minutes.

Julia, then, closed the curtains and changed into a
pair of tracksuit bottoms over a sexy thong with a bra
and t-shirt. Dave then left in his van, which he again
parked around the next street and watched the video
monitors as his plan came to fruition.

He watched as his wife staggered over to Simon's house.
As scripted, she cried that she had argued with Dave
and he left for the night. Probably, he would be going
directly to work in the morning. Still blubbering, she
apologised for disturbing him and asked if he would
come over and keep her company.

The old man, recognising an opportunity, gladly agreed.
He grabbed his pal and a bottle of whiskey; and headed
across the road.

Crumpled up on the setee, Julia was still in tears as
she told them how Dave had lost interest, and that he
was having an affair.

"That’s where he would be spending the night," she told
them. Julia continued to drink her whiskey, which had
been watered down to ensure she was in a fit state to
play her role to perfection.

Simon offered her a shoulder to cry on as he sat down
next to her. He put his arm around her and hugged her
tightly, smiling all the time to his house guest. He
rubbed her backed gently feeling her bra strap and
brushing his fingers along the side of her breasts and
down across the waist band of her tracksuit bottoms.

His hand became more daring and moved down over her
hips. Julia slowly sunk back into a relaxation mode.
She barely noticed that the old man was reaching
further down her trouser leg. He continued to massage
her hips, thighs, and as much ass as he could reach.

He fully expected her to pull away. He was ready to
blame the booze, and laugh it off as an ice breaker.
But in her drunken, hypnotic, state Julia simply moaned
slightly. With her eyes shut, and torso swaying, she
mumbled, "Don’t stop!"

Colin, for his part, was encouraged by her state to sit
on the other side of her. He began to stroke her hair
gently, then moved to her neck and shoulder and upper
back. When he slipped his hand under her t-shirt and
began to lift it, Julia didn’t stop him.

Julia continued to sway and moan with pleasure, while
Simon's hand caressed her hip and thigh under her track
suit. She sighed with pleasure. She loved the feeling
of these tender hands roving her body slowly and

As the t-shirt reached the bottom of her bra, she
unhooked it, while smiling through half open eyes. Then
everything stopped in a heart beat, for Julia had stood
up, turned, opened her eyes and gazed directly at the
two man in front of her.

"This is for one night, only because I am lonely and
drunk." then, she eased down her tracksuit bottoms
revealing a black and jade thong.

"If its okay, if I am being too forward, please tell
me. I am embarrassed, but you are relaxing me, so much
please carry on."

"Well okay," Simon said mockingly. "For your benefit we
will carry on"

Back on the settee, she sat between the two older men.
She kept letting her hand brush against their legs.

She complained of feeling tense and in need of stress

The old man seized the moment. He’d already fucked her
unconscious body but was ready to feel her tongue
lapping his cock and tickling his ball sack.

Colin here lives in Asia. They have excellent
relaxation techniques if you will allow him to try.
Before she could reply, they had stood and encouraged
her to sit forward. Colin wedged himself behind her;
and started to rub her shoulders whilst Simon rubbed
her feet and calf muscles.

Colin had also placed both hands under her t-shirt and
was now caressing her shoulders and the sides of her
breasts. Julia began to moan with pleasure once again.
She sat forward and raised her arms encouraging him to
raise the t-shirt still further until he slipped it,
with the bra, over her head, puddling it on the floor.

Being topless, and without inhibition relaxed her even
more. She sat back again and allowed his hands to
caress her breasts and flat tummy. She gasped as the
air reached her nipples, hardening them.

Waves of sensual pleasure swept through her. Her
nipples were still hard, though now from the sensitive
touch of the liver-spotted, wrinkly fingers as they
cupped each breast holding, and caressing the velvety
smooth skin.

As Simon continued to reach up her legs, she opened
them slightly allowing him easier access to her lower
inner thighs, and crotch.

The old man ran his hands up and down the length of her
leg, paying special attention to her inner thighs. He
noticed a small wet patch on the crotch band of her

Colin kept stroking her breasts, but soon removed
himself from behind her and allowed her to sit back. He
positioned himself next to her, put his lips around her
right nipple and tasted the forbidden fruit.

Julia’s left hand moved to her right breast. She
stroked it and squeezed her own nipple while gasping
with pleasure .

With his friend sucking her nipple Simon decided to
take it to the next stage. He guided his hands up
Julia’s legs and around her hips. Then hooked his
fingers into the waistband of her thong and began ease
it down over her ass. Julia put her hand on his,
stopping not yet prepared to uncover her most intimate
prize. As she did this, old man had already exposed her
neatly trimmed bush and was lifting her buttocks with
one hand to ease her underwear off completely. Julia’s
hand went slack, unconsciousness taking over in her
relaxed and drunken state.

Both men stood up to admire Julia lying naked on the
settee, with her legs spread, her pussy moist, her
clitoris aching for attention and her nipples hard.
Simon rushed across the road to grab his camera, and
get a permanent reminder.

Like the boys, the two men manipulated her body for
various poses. First, they had her laying her on her
tits with her knees propping up her ass. Next, they
rolled her over and spread her legs wide focusing on
her spread pussy lips and anus. There would be no
single part of her body they would have to commit to

The two old men slapped hand as they switched
positions. With Julia on her back, Colin licked her
pussy while massaging her anus with a bony, lubricated
finger. Julia started to moan again with pleasure, the
sensations awakening her slightly. Simon slipped his
erect and throbbing dick into her mouth and began to
face fuck her. She responded this time, though, and
shifted onto all fours and eagerly sucked like a
starving calf. She flicked her tongue around his plum-
coloured cockhead, as she bobbed her head back and fro.

A sudden intake of breath was followed by a sigh as an
erect dick entered her dripping pussy and pumped
furiously. She felt a hand caressing her waist, then
down to her ass as her rectum was being teased by
Colin's probing digit. Julia pushed back hard against
the dick in her pussy; riding it in time with her
cocksucking. As waves of pleasure passed over her; she
tightened her quim muscles to squeeze Colin's dick.
Both men came in unison. She swallowed hard, desperate
for more, even as their cum was dribbling from her
mouth, and pussy.

The two old men poured themselves a drink and stood
while their dicks quickly shrivelled to the more normal
state. Julia, meanwhile, was basking with a warm
feeling in her loins. She looked up at the two men with
a dirty smirk.

"Round two?"

They needed no encouraging she gobbled up the first
dick to enter her mouth and gasped as Simon thrust his
dick deep inside her ass simultaneously. He pushed two
fingers up her pussy and massaged her G-spot. She
screamed, and her whole body convulsed with an orgasm
like she had never experienced.

When both men had cum again she jumped to her feet.

"Oh God, what have I done?" she said, and grabbed the
bottle of whiskey and took a large swig.

She sat on the sofa with cum dribbling from her. She
had closed her eyes, hoping all would disappear. When
she opened them again, sunlight was streaming through
the curtains, and the two old men were nowhere to be
seen. In fact, they had decided to grab a taxi to the
airport that night.

She looked down at her body, and remembered having sex
several times with two men, and then passing out. She
hurriedly dressed and wondered what to tell Dave.

The two men meanwhile were sitting in the departure
lounge reviewing the video of their night's work, and
smiling broadly. Meanwhile, Julia had realised what she
had done, drank more whiskey, and had passed out again.

The had searched her kitchen and found a bunch of
bananas which they had inserted into Julia’s pussy, one
at a time. Then, they stuck half a cucumber up her ass.
Next, they had masturbated her with her hairbrush.
Finally they had come in her hair, and in the bottle of
milk in the fridge. They had each stolen a pair of her
knickers, and shaved some of her pubic bush as a

"We used and fucked her like a '10 dollar whore,'" they

Later that day, Dave returned home that night and
quickly put Julia in a trance that wiped away any guilt
from the night before. He erased her memory of fucking
and sucking two old men that night. He had the video
surveillance for that.

Topping that escapade would be difficult.

Later that evening, he posted pictures and video of her
on his new website. No faces, of course, just a hard
body with a fuckable fanny.

Dave thought, "Even with her memory erased, all this
extracurricular sex has improved our lovemaking both in
quality and quantity. She must be retaining a hint of
this in her subconscious that has stimulated her libido
and enhanced her responses."

He didn't want to change anything.

"Why tempt fate? And besides I'm enjoying the
videotaping way too much. But with the two old guys
gone for a while, I'll have to recruit some new talent.
Perhaps, her mother would make a good subject. First,
though, he was going to try and get her father to fuck

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