A Job Well Done - sex story

A Job Well Done

Man it was a great day today…and I think I might have found someone with some class….Man I am glad.
Her name’s Natasha…the first time I saw her man I nearly fainted with joy. She was about 5’9…2 inches shorter than I…she had her hair falling round her shoulders was. She was wearing a black dress…a business suit but hell if some one could look like that in a simple dress…I can’t even imagines how she would look in her lingerie. I realized I must stop staring at her like a ninny so I looked at boss in the eye…whose office I was in by the way
The Ace Of Hearts is back in business…my boss told me is that she is the woman from the company we were dealing with…man I was surprised apparently Nats had tried a variety of jobs including teaching I wonder what she taught maybe ball juggling.
I had to do my job…so I went with her to inspect the dam…while coming back our car broke down near my house.
Or conversation had been way to formal…I realized this was my chance to turn it on.I offered to walk her home.
I guess i should use this oppurtunity to describe her now she's one of those people who can make heads turn wherever she goes. She's a latikna...n from wat i cud see her breasts were natural n her ass was a perfect heart...
Now she agreed but said that i would have to promise that i will not try to seduce me..not looking ame in the eye...
"OK...i promise but my nanny used to say promises are made to be broken u no like pie crusts..."
I decided to take a shortcut through a lane but apparently Nats was drawing eyes to her...well then a group of street punks leered at her n said "Hey Honey...Wat abt my place tonight i promise i pay for dinner. " I realised this was the ideal oppurtunity si i shouted back -"Sorry guys but i am already taken."
Man that was fun...the all stared at me n then Nats burst out laugh n man those boobs were natural all right i could tell by the way they jumped...
One look at her n Ace decided he had aced yet one more...

Man the guy's incredible....he's built like a greek god. Tom Cruise n Brad Pitt couldn't be more appealing she thought. I wonder how big he's 9 maybe 10.))))))))))

At Ace's place Ace asked wat she wud like to drink he caught her smiling...he wondered wat cold be wrong n he asked her....
She replied--"I can't believe u said that to those guys. I really started liking u"
'Ya' i replied ' i like myself too'
N i squashed on the couch looking for the remote when Enrique Iglesias's crooning came to my ears...n wat i saw as i turned back had my 12 inch cock screaming bloody murder. There she was Natasha had striped n was wearing nothing but some pink panties..her braest bounced as she walked he nipples on those golden hemispheres stickin out proud erect...those long legs seemed to give her the added height. As she came closer to me i saw those lips beatiful i thought to myself as i passed out to extreme ecstacy.
That one kiss wrapped up the essebntials of love making. The two tounges touching, exploring n then moving away.
After that she opened my jeans... she gasped out as my cock sprang free n knocked her on the chin...she slowly wrapped me up in her mouth n tried to swallow the whole load but coould not manage it for 7 minutes i held not wanting to burst in her face but could not quite manage it. She sucked the whole thing. Oh! n the pleausure was awesome....like i was fuckin ten girls at once.
SHe then dropped her panties away it was my turn to gasp as i saw those wonderful lips man i was sure i wan in heaven.
As my whole 12 inches went up her tunnel i fucked her cunt bone dry for almost fifteen minutes after which she begged me to stop.
I replied i would if she promised to cook me dinner her place n she would have to pay...
Well she agreed n i got her to sign the office contract she was in here to get it signed for double the amount they had originally agreed upon. I drove her hgome n all the time she begged me to come over her place. I promised i would
I went to the office and collected $500 from boss as i gave him the contract.

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