A Needful Mother - sex story

A Needful Mother

Melissa smoothed her hands down over the blue summer dress covering her hips and smiled softly at the reflection in the mirror. She applied a thin coat of lipstick to her full, luscious lips and quietly wondered to herself why she was taking so much trouble to look good. A quick glance at her watch and she knew it was time to go. She hadn't seen Brian in just over three years and she was both excited as well as afraid of the reaction she would get.

Melissa had lived without a man, and without her son, for the last three years. The separation from her husband Bill had been extremely messy and had left her both emotionally and physically drained. Bill had resorted to alcohol during the later years of their marriage and would often treat her harshly while under the influence. Although she knew it was for the best, she was still a wreck when it came to divorcing her husband. He was the only man she had ever loved. For that matter, he was the only man she had ever given herself too.

Her parents as well as her friends and relatives all agreed that it was better that she send Brian away to college far away. She had checked herself into a home for women for the first two years and in the third year she found herself a job and settled down. Now she was going to pick Brian up from the airport. She knew he understood what she had to do but at the same time she worried that in the three years apart, he may have changed.

Her breath caught in her throat as she saw him walking out of the arrival hall. Brian had grown into a strapping young man in the three years away. At 22, his body had developed and where he was skinny before, he was now well toned and wiry. He looked so much like his father with the square chin and bright blue eyes. On his arm was a gorgeous blond -- probably Vivien -- he had written to tell her he was bringing her along for the summer.

"Mom!" Brian called out, his hands waving wildly. He ran up to his mother and gave her a tight bearhug. "Its so good to see you."

"And you baby." Melissa hugged him tightly. "My baby boy has grown so much."

Brian smiled and pulled Vivien forward. "This is Vivien, Mom."

"Hello Vivien. Such a pretty thing too." Melissa smiled warmly. She felt a pang of jealousy go threw her and she immediatelt felt guilty.

"Mrs Davis. Its such a pleasure to meet you."

"Melissa, please. I wont have any of this Mrs Davis from you." Melissa laughed. "And anyway, its Ms Blake!"

"Yeah, mom reverted to her maiden name after the di..." Brian started and then quickly stopped. "I-I'm sorry Mom. I shouldn't be..."

"Its quite alright Brian." Melissa smiled. "I'm really quite alright now. Its taken me a long time but really, I am quite alright."

Brian smiled and put one arm around his mother and another around Vivien.

"What a lucky guy!" He laughed. "Sandwiched between two beautiful women!"

The three of them laughed as they made their way to the car and drove home.

** ****** *****

After returning home, she cooked them a lovely meal of Roast chicken and potatoes while Brian and Vivien showered and freshened up. She had been put into a slight dilemma when she wasn't sure if she should offer Vivien the guest room or just let her bunk in with Brian. Fortunately, Brian had showed her the guest room. She was proud of her boy then. At least he still remembered his good upbringing.

They enjoyed their dinner and chatted late into the night. She realised that Brian really did remind her of Bill. He seemed to have all his good qualities and none of the bad. He had Blake's boldness, but not the cruel streak that had gone with it. And he knew just how to flash his boyish grin to make a girl's heart flutter. Vivien was certainly affected by his smile. Melissa knew that if he could make a girl's heart flutter he could make her cunt flutter too. She felt that same surge of jealousy she had first had at the airport and quickly dismissed it.

They had finished two bottles of wine together and then retired to their rooms at almost midnight. Melissa was tired and at the same time relieved that everything had gone on so well with her son. Melissa awoke suddenly and looked at the clock. It was 3 in the morning. She was about to roll over and back to sleep when she heard voices. Melissa put on her robe and stepped softly out the door. The voices seemed to be coming from Brian's room. In the back of her mind, she knew it was Vivien and Brian -- probably just talking she thought to her self. And then another thought sprung to her mind -- maybe they're fucking.

She didn't want to spy on her son but something made her go quietly forward. His door was ajar and as her eyes accustomed to the dark, she could make out Vivien's head slowly bobbing up and down Brian's crotch.

"Oh yeah! Suck it baby. Suck my cock! You're the best cock sucker I've ever met." Brian moaned softly.

Melissa watched quietly as Vivien lowered her head right down to his pubic hair and then slowly pulled up, her cheeks hollowing as she did so. Melissa's eyes widened as she saw how far Vivien pulled up. Brian was definitely well hung in that department, even more so than Bill had been. Vivien pulled right up and sucked his cock head and then released it with a popping sound.

"I need to fuck baby. I'm so hot for your cock." Vivien moaned. Melissa watched as Vivien straddled her sons cock and lowered her shaven pussy on to it. She watched spell bound as the hard shaft speared its way into the girl, the lips of her vulva spreading wide as it slid into her.

"I'm gonna ride you baby." Vivien said as she bent forward, offering Brian her breasts. Melissa felt a surge of lust go through her as she saw her son leaning forward to suck on a nipple. Vivien started to fuck herself on Brian's cock with quick up and down movements. The young girl impaled herself hard on her son's cock. The wet sounds of fucking filled the room and Brian's fingers teased the ample breast meat of Vivien. Melissa's hands slipped under her robe and her finger jabbed into her seething fuck hole.

"Ohhh.. fucckkkkk" Brian cried out. "Keep doing that and I'm gonna cum."

"Cum baby. Cum. I'm almost there too." Vivien moaned. "I wanted this the whole night."

Melissa watched as Vivien suddenly stiffened and let out a low moan. Her thighs seemed to quiver in mid air and then she fucked herself violently downward and then started to move forward and backward on him, with his cock deep inside her.

"Ohh yess.. yesss.... Cumming....." Vivien cried out. Brian grabbed her breasts and his face took on a contorted expression. "I can feel you squirting in me....fill me lover..!" Vivien cried out.

Melissa quickly returned to her room, her lust ignited. She opened the bedside drawer and withdrew her vibrator. The substitute she had used for a man the last three years. She thrust the vibrator into her wet pussy and fucked herself. Images of her son fucking his girlfriend bringing her to a quick orgasm. Her lust satiated, she felt guilt set in as she realised that the image hadn't been of her son fucking Vivien, He had been fucking her.

She had imagined herself fucking her son! But it was too depraved! It was impossible, taboo, outrageous! With a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach, Melissa slowly fell asleep.

"Mom. Mom ... Mom..." Melissa heard her name being called. She woke up groggily to find her son bending over her, trying to wake her.

"Wake up sleepy head!" Brian laughed. "Its already 9 o'clock"

Melissa flushed as she looked up at Brian.

"Oh ... Brian.." she mumbled. Images of his fucking Vivien came racing back to her. "My goodness dear, is it really that late?" She smiled weakly, her eyes falling to his crotch.

She gulped hard as she noticed he was wearing a loose fitting pair of shorts -- and no underwear. From her angle, she could see his balls and cock. She felt her pussy stirring. Melissa contemplated telling Brian that he shouldn't be walking around without underwear but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

"Vivien and I are going out for a jog" Brian said cheerily. "Wanna come?"

Oh God....how I would love to cum....how I wish you would make me cum...!

Melissa was shocked at the thoughts running through her head. "N-No." She stammered. "I'm too old to keep up with you two."

"You? Old? Brian teased. "You're hardly old Mom. I mean look at you. You could put any of my college gals to shame"

Melissa blushed knowing that her son still thought she looked good. "I suppose I'm not too bad for a 46 year old mother." She smiled. "But you don't have to lie about putting your college gals to shame. I'm no where close to Vivien for example."

"Don't do the injustice of comparing yourself to someone half your age Mom. Your gorgeous and you should know it."

Melissa wondered if she saw his cock growing or if she was simply imagining it. "Well, you better run along then." She said quickly. "Go for your jog, I'll have breakfast ready when you get back."

Melissa had a quick pee and realised that her pussy was sticky with cunt juices. She washed herself, cleaned up and went to make breakfast. It wasn't long before Brian and Vivien returned. She turned as she heard their voices to see Vivien's t-shirt almost soaked through and her beige lacy bra showing clearly. Her breasts looked even bigger in a bra and she could almost see the shadow of her areolas through the damp t-shirt and bra. Melissa felt another surge of lust go through her.

What is wrong with me? Not only does my son turn me on but his girlfriend too?

"You two looked like you had a good workout." She said, more for the sake of saying something. Her pulse was racing as she took in the sight of the son's trim figure, all the more accentuated by his thin t-shirt. She took a glance down at his crotch as he sat down and couldn't help noticing how big his cock and balls were. She swallowed and then quickly turned away as she noticed Vivien glancing coyly at her.

Did she see me looking at my son's cock? Oh I hope not.

Melissa decided she needed to get out of the house for a bit. She needed to calm her nerves and clear out these filthy thoughts from her head.

"I gotta go get some groceries." She announced. She noticed Vivien still looking at her with a thin smile on her face. "You kids freshen up. I'll be back soon."

"If you want to wait a while we could come with you Mom." Brian offered.

"N-no. I'll be fine. You kids relax. You must be tired after your jog." She quickly said, wanting to be alone for awhile. She quickly made her way out of the kitchen and out to the door.

As soon as Melissa left, Vivien turned to Brian. "Don't get mad or anything, bit I think your Mom was checking you out just now."

"Don't be silly Viv!" Brian said softly and then quickly changing the topic he said "Lets clean up and then go have a shower."

** **** **

Melissa stayed out a lot longer than she needed to. She spent a long time in the supermarket just walking up and down the aisles aimlessly. Everything she looked at seemed to bring images of cock to her mind. As she walked past the vegetables, the cucumbers and zucchinis resembled cocks of different sizes. She seemed to be looking at men's crotches as they walked by. Even on the drive home she realised that the telephone poles made her think of cock.

She got home and couldn't find the kids anywhere. They must have gone out for a bit she thought to herself. She was glad in a way that she was alone and decided she would do the laundry. She went into Vivien's room and picked up the laundry bag and emptied the few clothes that were there into her larger hamper. She did the same in her sons room and carried the hamper to the laundry room.

As she sorted out the clothes she found two pairs of Vivien's panties. They were sheer lacy things and she imagined how Vivien would look in them. She put them into the washer and then sorted out Brian's clothes. There were two pairs of his underwear there and Melissa felt a surge as she picked them up. They were both black, hi cuts and she couldn't resist taking a sniff of them. She closed her eyes as her senses were filled with the musky manly smell of her son. She felt herself growing exceedingly wet and her stomach fluttered slightly.

She turned on the machine and as it started to churn, she felt the machine vibrating, against her hips. Immediately she felt a response in her cunt, and she moaned. Her hips pushed against the machine, the vibration sending quivering thrills through her body.

Arching her back, Melissa arched her skirt up. She felt her cunt swell and become puffy. Her clit burned with a fiery heat. She pulled herself up on to the washing machine, seating herself on the top. Her fingers bunched inside her panties and she started to sway her hips as her fingers caressed her slit, teasing the clitoris.

Her fingers worked in and out of her sopping cunt as her palm rubbed her clit.

"Ohhh. Brian... Brian....give it to me." she cried out. "slide it in me Brian."

She moved her hand in and out of her as she imagined her son's cock ploughing into her. She felt her stomach start to tighten and her mind was focused on her son's cock as her fingers thrust in and out of her.

"Briannnn.... Ummmm Brian.. yesss" She called out as an orgasm shook her body. A thin smile broke out as the release her body craved was achieved. She lay with her back against the wall, and her skirt high above her hips. Her hands still buried in her panties and lightly stroking her slit.

"What is it Mom? You were calling for... Oh my!" The door suddenly opened and Brian was standing there. Melissa thought she was alone but somehow Brian had come back. Oh God! What a sight she must look like.

"I-I'm sorry Mom.. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." Brian stuttered as he quickly retreated. His heart was pounding at the sight he had just seen. His mother had been masturbating and was she calling out his name as she fucked herself? He felt his cock growing in his pants at the thought and he quickly ran to his room.

** **** ***

Melissa and Brian kept out of each others way the rest of the day. She dreaded dinner as she knew she would have to face him. Thankfully Vivien would be there to provide some distraction for the both of them. She still couldn't understand how she had thought no one was at home when she had masturbated. She kicked herself at her stupidity but what was done was done.

"Dinner's ready." She called out. She busied herself at the sink as she waited for the kids to come in. She heard footsteps and she turned, putting on a false smile. Only Brian was standing there, wearing another loose pair of gym shorts and a basketball singlet. She could see his shoulder and arm muscles rippling as he walked in.

Why does he have to dress like that!

"Oh..err where's Vivien?" Melissa stammered.

"She went to visit a friend Mom - just three blocks down. That's where I was this afternoon, walking her there."

"Oh. Well you could have told me." Melissa snapped. "I needn't have cooked so much food then." "Don't get mad Mom. I wanted to. You know this afternoon... But.... You know, I heard you calling when I walked in and well...."

I Wasn't calling you. I wasn't!" Melissa spat out. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Brian came up to her and pulled her toward him.

"Its okay Mom. It really is." He soothed her, his hands stroking her hair. "I know how difficult its been for you and how lonely you must get."

"Oh Brian. I'm so sorry... I am soo sorry." She cried.

"Hush... hush.. there's nothing to be sorry about."

"B-but you heard me. Damn you! I wish you hadn't heard me." Melissa wailed into Brian's shoulders.

"If it makes you feel better, I fantasise about you too. I used to jerk into your panties when I was younger. "

That piece of information should have shocked Melissa but instead it sent a fiery dart straight to her pussy. She moaned softly as she thought about Brian using her panties to satiate his lust. She pressed herself against him, feeling his swollen shaft. His words played in her mind I fantasise about you too. Did he mean he STILL fantasised about her or that he used to?

She knew it was wrong. Terribly wrong but she needed him to fill her aching need. He was still holding her and now he was lightly kissing her hair. She inhaled deeply and took in his masculine scent. She didn't know what she should do. She wanted him so bad and yet she knew it was evil and wrong. Yet the longer she stayed in his embrace, the less disgusting it seemed. It would be okay if he wanted it too right? She reasoned. Melissa looked up at her son and kissed softly on the lips, as she had done when he was a boy. She pulled back suddenly and moved out of his embrace.

Her eyes fell to his groin. His cock was almost sticking out of his soiled white gym shorts. She alternated looking at his face and his crotch. His eyes had taken on a glassy look and his hand moved slowly in front of his shorts to slowly rub his cock.

"Oh, my God!" she said under her breath.

"I can't help it, Mom," her son answered as he rubbed his right hand slowly up and down the gigantic cock-bulge between his legs.

"Ohhh, don't-I-no... Don't!." Melissa cried out as she fought the steamy feeling that was firing up her cunt.

"Y-Your just so hot Mom.... I- ohhh... Please," Brian mumbled as his hand cupped his balls.

Melissa couldn't control herself any longer. Something snapped inside of her. Nothing mattered any more except her son and his cock. The air felt thick and humid and Melissa felt her throat get dry. She could feel her clit swelling up while her oils coated her already moist cunt. Her nipples poked out hotly at her bra. All she could think of now was Brian's sweet, hot, cock jamming into her in every possible way.

She suddenly reached out her hand to touch his cock. "Ohhhh, baby," Melissa sighed. "its so hard."

She worked the waistband of his shorts down over his cock and sighed again as it sprung free. She quickly fell to her knees and brought her face down to his purples glans. She licked it tentatively and then kissed the cock head. She slowly swallowed it, licking along the shaft as his cock buried itself in her mouth.

"Awww. suck it. Suck it Mom!" Brian groaned as he fastened his hands around her head and pulled her toward him.

"MMMmmmm!" she moaned as she moved her tongue around his cock-head, teasing it and tasting his precum. She moved back slightly until only her son's cock-head was between her massaging lips. Slowly she slid her tongue over its silky surface, drawing off more of the beads of cum that were leaking from the slit. Brian pulled his cock away from his mothers lips and his hands moved under her chin to guide her up. Melissa followed his lead and stood up.

"Let me see you." Brian moaned. "All of you."

"Not here. Lets go to my room." Melissa said as she took her son by the hand and practically ran to her room. She slowly unbuttoned her dress and let it fall to the floor. Brian took in a sharp breath as he looked at his mother in her bra and panties. She teasingly put her hands behind her and unclasped her bra, allowing her tits to pop free.

"Whew!" Brian whistled in appreciation as her ample bosom swung free. "Those are nice mom."

"Call me Mel" She said sultrily. "It doesn't sound so illicit that way. "

"looks like you're a little wet, Mom.. err I mean Mel" Brian smiled as he looked at the damp spot on his mothers panties.

Melissa sat on the bed and peeled her panties off. She was about to throw them on the floor when Brian reached over.

"Let me smell them" he moaned as he grabbed her panties and sniffed on the wet spot. Melissa felt her pussy spasm as she watched her son sniffing her panties. Even her husband had never done that before.

Ohhhhh," Melissa moaned. "That is so hot!" She ran her fingers sensuously up and down her breasts, pinching her long, stiff nipples while she spread her legs apart and lifted her knees. Brian stared at her hairy pussy, his cock throbbing as he looked at the wonderful sight.

"Come and eat me baby." Melissa cooed. "Eat my juicy pussy."

Brian didn't need any further coaxing. He knelt on the floor and buried his face in between his mothers thighs. He stuck his tongue out and ran it slowly along her furrowed slit.

"OOOOoooooh, fuck! That's sooo good" Melissa moaned out. It was her turn now to grab his head and pull it deep into her crotch. Brian continued to lick up and down her slit and then he positioned his tongue just beneath her clit and started lapping at her hungrily.

"Umm...yesss...yess baby.. That's the spot!" She mewled. "Oh how you suck a woman! That's so good....unnnh."

Brian continued his expert ministrations and then slipped his thumb into her seething cunt hole as he continued lapping at her cunt. He could taste her juices and he loved it. Melissa started jerking her ass upwards, fucking his face and she felt an orgasm starting to brew inside her.

Like a volcano, she felt the heat building slowly inside of her and then finally erupt in waves of hot molten lava. Her body arched upwards and her eyes grew wide as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.

"unnnh..unnnh...unnnhh.. yeeeahhh ohhhh goodddd" She cried out before collapsing back on the bed. Her pussy was tingling uncontrollably and her nipples stuck out even more erect. Brian stopped his sucking of her pussy and gently patted it. Her thighs continued quivering as she moaned softly.

"Ready for my cock now?" Brian teased. The veins on his cock were throbbing with desire.

"Oh godd.. fuck me baby. Fuck Mothers cunt." Melissa begged.

"I thought you wanted me to call you Mel?" Brian teased again. Melissa had to hand it to her son. Even in such a sexually heated moment, he could tease her.

"Just fuck me Brian. Fuck me good. You don't know how long I've needed this."

Brian planted his cock at the entrance to her cunt and pushed in slowly. She was wet but still tight. He felt his knob spread open her vulva and then pop into her moist channel.

"Ohh yesss. Its so hard baby. I can feel you." Melissa moaned.

"Your tight Mom... so tight." Brian exclaimed.

"Unnnh....yess....deeper... you're the first cock in three years Brian...." Melissa said.

Brian pushed slowly, working himself deeper and deeper into his mothers fuck channel until he felt her hairs tickling his balls. He tensed his prick inside of her, expanding her cunt walls and causing her pussy to spasm.

"Oh I can feel you baby. You're so deep in me. God it feels good!" Melissa cried out.

Brian moved in and out of her slowly, feeling her pussy juices coating his cock. His mother moaned loudly as he fucked her slowly. Her pussy felt so good around his cock and he started to speed up his thrusting into her.

"Yess baby... fuck me hard. Don't be gentle with me. I need this baby. Just fuck me hard!" Melissa pleaded.

That was all the encouragement Brian needed. He grabbed hold of her tits and used his fingers to flick on her nipples as he started to piston his cock hard and fast into her. Melissa's eyes bugged out and her mouth formed into an 'O' as he body became nothing but a fuck machine. Her tits had always been especially sensitive and her sons hands kneading the flesh and his fingers flicking on her nipples sent shockwaves of pleasure directly to her wanton pussy.

"NNnnnnnnyyyyyyeeeaagggghhh" She cried out as the surf crashed to the shore. Her body shook and trembled in orgasmic pleasure and her toes curled. Her stomach fluttered and she felt light headed and could feel a buzzing in her ears. She thrust her hips upwards to meet her son's thrusts just as another wave of pleasure washed over her. She was cumming and cumming again!

"Ooohhhh ooohhhhh Cummmmminnnggg....Oh godddd what are you doing to me?!!" she cried out as her body seemed to be having one orgasm after another, as if trying to make up for lost time.

In the throes of her multiple orgasms, she felt Brian's cock stiffening. He was going to cum too! She tightened her pussy muscles around his thick cock. She could feel every bulging vein and ridge on his glorious cock as she milked him.

"Ohh Mom...Mom.... I'm gonna cum... your so fucking tight....Oh Goddd!!" Brian cried out as he suddenly stiffened and his cock erupted in his mother's clasping pussy. Melissa felt his hot lava bathing her insides and she cried out incoherently as his hot semen fired another orgasm inside her. Her whole body tingled and she cried out in ecstacy.

Her son remained planted firmly inside her and after what seemed like ages, she finally felt his cock softening. He pulled out of her with a pop and she felt his slimey goo dripping out of her and coating her thighs and ass. She moaned softly as her body still trembled from the aftermath.

"Oh Baby... that was sooo good." Melissa mumbled.

"You were great too Mom!" Brian smiled softly.

"Come over here and lie with me." Melissa motioned to him.

Brian headed over to the bed and slipped in beside his mother. His hands cupped her breasts and he kissed them softly.

"Ooohh...keep doing that and you'll have to fuck me again baby."

"That's what I was hoping you'd say." Brian laughed.

"What about Vivien?" Melissa asked, suddenly aware that there was another person that was involved in her son's life.

Brian laughed. "I don't think we'll have any problem from her. It was her that clued me on to your feelings Mom. She's been doing this with her family for a long time and...well, I've done her Mom too!"

"So it wasn't me that made you into a Mother Fucker then!" Melissa laughed. All her feelings of guilt suddenly seemed to disappear as Brian twiddled on her nipple with one hand while his other hand stroked her clit.

Life was going to be good from now on...

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