A Snob Goes Down - sex story

A Snob Goes Down

Ann arrived home on a four-day study break from college
to celebrate her 21st birthday. Her snobbish superior
attitude was more evident then ever before.

She was an overachiever who held a 4.0 average with
ease. Her academic achievements were far beyond that of
her three brothers. She was almost finished her third
year of college with credits to spare. At this rate she
would finish a four-year program in three and a half

As soon as she arrived home she started to give orders
to her younger brothers. "Frank, get my luggage and my
car needs to be cleaned. Lee, get me something cold to

It didn't take long for the guys to get together.

"We need to do something to get back at her for all the
times she's ordered us around," Frank said. "Hey! I got
it. Remember those date rape pills Roy gave us? Well
they say it only takes one and they're out for hours."

"How do we get her to take one?" Frank asked.

Lee looked around and said, "I've got it covered, leave
it up to me."

Later that evening Lee heard Ann going down to her
room. He walked down to Ann's room and entered her room
with an ice tea in his hand. Ann was standing by her
bed she was thinking about all the pressure from her
boy friend to go beyond kissing and holding hands.
There wasn't anyone good enough for her so she wanted
hands off relationship anything else was unthinkable.

"What do you want?" She asked sharply, without looking
at him.

"I brought you a cold ice tea."

"Put it on my nightstand and get out of here."

Lee stopped at the door and glanced back into the room
just as Ann took a drink of ice tea. Wow! This was
going to be perfect.

Lee went up to the family room where Frank was waiting.
After waiting for an hour that seemed like hours, with
cameras in hand they quietly went down to Ann's room.
Lee cautiously opened her bedroom door and peeked
inside. The light was on and the empty ice tea glass
set on her nightstand.

Lee entered her room followed by Frank. Ann was laying
under the covers on her back, her mouth slightly open
and one arm over her head.

The boys stood beside her bed. Frank touched her, she
didn't move, he shook her foot, still no response.
Feeling reassured he pulled the covers down; she was
sleeping in tee shirt and panties. Her legs were parted
giving a clear view of her budging mound.

So far it was going beyond expectations, encouraging
more explorations.

Lee lifted the waistband of her panties to peek inside.
He held it while Frank got a peek too. Next they both
palmed her panty-covered mound. There was no way to
describe their awesome high. They imagined her pressing
against their palms.

Ann was still undisturbed.

Lifting up her tee shirt they gazed at her firm tits.
Why not just pull it up above her tits Lee asked. He
held his breath as he pulled her tee shirt up and
tucked it under her chin. They were astounded at their
good fortune. They were looking at an awesome set of
tits a sight that had long been denied them.

Pictures and video were taken from every conceivable
angel. Frank did some close ups with the video camera.
Lee placed her hand inside her panties making it look
like she was playing with herself.

Lee rubbed his stiff dick on her lips, and Frank taped
it. Much to their surprise Ann parted her lips just
enough for Lee to slip his dick into her warm mouth. He
started to slide his dick in and out of her mouth. To
their amazement Ann started to suck working her mouth
like a baby sucking a nipple.

Lee had a big grin on his face as he stroked and she
sucked, it didn't take long before he was groaning and
his legs twitching. He pumped his load into her hot
mouth. Frank had it all recorded on tape including the
cum that dribbled from her lips.

Wow! What a treat.

Frank was next to push his cock between her lips. Again
her mouth began to milk his cock. Within seconds Frank
was shooting his load and Ann swallowed and swallowed.

They were overcome with the excitement. As if a bell
rang they looked at each other. Without speaking they
silently agreed to pull her panties down.

Slowly Frank worked her panties from under her buttocks
and down her legs. He stood back and admired his

They stared at her hairy mound and puffy pussy lips.
Frank ran his finger lightly along her warm slit, then
into the folds of her pussy lips.

In her drug-induced sleep Ann was in a dream like
state. Her dream was of a sensuous nature; pressure
from her boy friend was controlling her subconscious
mental activity.

Frank rubbed his finger around her tight opening. Ann
didn't show any signs of coming out of her drugged

Frank pushed his finger into her tight opening when a
low moan escaped her lips. Lee had a clear shot at
video taping Frank's finger sliding into her. Ann
moaned and moved her hips against Frank's finger.

For the next hour they fingered her with a passion
taking pictures as she subconsciously humped their
fingers. Her pussy lips were puffy and slightly parted
giving a clear view of her bright pink interfolds. Lee
used her mouth again, his hand rubbing her extended
nipples as she sucked his hard cock like a baby sucking
a nipple for milk.

They desperately wanted to fuck her but were afraid she
might wake up. They would be in deep shit if Mom and
Dad caught them.

They agreed to videotape entering her with just the
heads of their dicks. Frank positions himself between
her legs. He probes the entrance to her wet cunt with
his cock and slowly, as the action is recorded, presses
forward, entering her with just the head.

After they both pushed just the head of their dicks in
her cunt, they replaced her panties, pulled the covers
over her, and exited her room.

The next morning the guys rushed across the street to
Roy's house they wanted to share the evidence of their

Roy watched astounded at what he was seeing. There
wasn't any guy he knew who didn't want a piece of Ann.
She was a few years older then his crowd, which made a
shot at her more desirable. She had a body that didn't

"Man!" "What I wouldn't do to be part of that," he

Hey! I have an idea, Frank said. Your parents are away,
why don't we get the guys to come over after dinner?
We'll drug Ann and talk her into coming over.

This was too good of an opportunity to turn down. Party
night at Roy's!

Later that morning Ann stretched and tried to wake up.
For some reason she felt very tired. She had a strange
different taste in her mouth. She moved her legs, as
she remembered her sensuous dream. She remembered
having sexual feelings and became angry at her boy
friend for causing her anguish.

Ann finished dinner and returned to her room. She still
felt very tired but wanted to go see some friends. She
dressed to show off her fantastic body.

Ann finished dressing and started to comb her hair when
lee knocked on her door with a pill he said would help
wake her up Ann was reluctant but wanted to feel
better, so she took the pill and told Lee to get out.

15 minutes later Ann walked out to her car. She
suddenly remembered giving Frank her keys to wash the
car. Shit! He went over to Roy's, if she wanted her
keys she had to go over there and get them.

Ann walked across the street feeling very tired again.
She knocked, but no one answered so she opened the door
and called Frank. He responded saying he was down
stairs. Ann slowly started down the steps feeling quite
drowsy. She stopped at the bottom, and looked for
Frank. She had a hard time focusing everything looked

Frank took her arm, knowing she was woozy. She looked
hot she was wearing a white button front blouse that
was only buttoned below her braless breasts and a short
white skirt. Little did she know what was about to

Her dazed state she heard chanting, "Take it off! Take
it all off! Followed by cheering.

Frank removed her blouse to loud cheering. He roughly
palmed her firm tits pinching her nipples making them
stand out and hard. More cheers and applause offered
approval as he sucked and nibbled each erect nipple.

Ann felt like she was in a dream; her skirt just fell
around her feet. She could see in the haze many guys
all looking at her and cheering.

Frank pulled her white thong panties down and the crowd
went silent.

Through the haze Ann saw herself turned with her back
to the crowd. Her legs were spread apart and she was
bent over offering a clear view of her trimmed pussy
lips. She heard cheers as a finger was inserted in her
tight cunt. She wanted to close her legs but gave in
allowing some hard fingering of her quivering cunt.

This had to be a dream she was in. she was being pushed
down on a mattress that had been placed on the floor.
Her legs were pulled wide apart so everybody could see
her cunt and watch Frank give it a good fingering.

Ann tried to wake up. She saw Frank in the fog naked
getting between her wide spread legs. She head him
laughing as his hard cock probed her cunt opening. She
heard herself begging him to stop; she tried to push
him away. Then in a quick plunge he buries his cock in
her warm glove tight virgin cunt.

Ann gasped in pain, his cock felt huge for her first
cock ever. She felt a burning pain as Frank popped her
cherry plunging his hard cock into her to the hilt. She
felt his balls against her ass; her cunt is stretched
tight around his cock. He fucked her with long hard
strokes going deep with each plunge.

Ann was unable to help herself, once her cunt adjusted
to his hard cock; she began to raise her hips to meet
his strokes.

Her battle with her boy friend was ended. Once she had
a cock in her she was one cock hungry bitch. She was
coming every time she was mounted.

In her drugged state all her inhibitions had vanished.
She gave them all a great ride. Her pussy contractions
squeeze their cocks. The harder they pounded her, the
louder she moaned. They could tell she wanted all they
could give her. They double-teamed her. They raped her
ass. She was so hot she deep throated Dean while taking
cock up the ass.

Twelve horny guys were fucked out of their minds.

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