A Teenage Tranny's First Time - sex story

A Teenage Tranny's First Time

Friday had rolled around the family was out of town and
I was wondering how to pass the time. Cruising the
computer porn sights didn't do much but bore me. I
looked up the local escort sight to see if my favorite
t-girl was in town working. Yes she was. I called her
to see if I could get an appointment. She answered her
cell phone and told me she was busy running taking care
of a few things and wouldn't be home for a few hours.

"Why don't you meet me at Willy's Club at 7:00 tonight?
They have a great female impersonator show every Friday

It sounded different so I got directions to the club
and planned to meet her there.

I got there a little late and was stopped at the door
by a large bald bouncer who told me I needed a date to
see the show.

"It's OK Mike. He's with me," Danea said as she walked
up and gave me a big kiss slipping her tongue into my

She led me to a small table toward the back of the
room. The room was filled with t-girls. Sexy outfits
and celebrity impersonators were everywhere. The lights
dimmed and the show began. Cher sung a couple of songs
and she was followed by Whitney Houston. The acts were
amazing. It was impossible to tell the difference
between the acts and the real thing.

Danea excused herself to use the restroom while I
continued to watch the show. She came back with Cher on
her arm.

"We have an idea," said a grinning Danea. "I was
talking to Cher and commented on your blowjob skills.
She wants to find out for herself. There is an extra
dressing room we can use."

The thought of maybe sucking the cocks of Danea and
Cher got my juices flowing. I followed them down the
hall to a small room and closed the door. Cher had on a
long black dress with a slit all the way to her hip.
She grabbed the slit and pulled it around to the front
revealing the fact that she had nothing on under the
dress. I sat on a short stool that put my face even
with her soft cock. I opened my mouth and pulled her
hips toward me.

Licking her balls and working my way up her now
hardening cock I swallowed all she had. She moaned and
stroked my hair her cock now hard as steel. Only 5
inches long it was easy to take it all. She grabbed me
and started fucking my face. I sucked as hard as I
could running my tongue on the sensitive underside of
her dick. The moaning got louder and she exploded her
cum into my mouth. She whimpered softly pulled out and
sat in a chair breathing heavily.

"Can I tell the other girls about this? Maybe send them
back here?" Cher asked.

"They have to show me their tits," I told her. "I only
want t-girls. No tv's or drag queens.

Cher thought that odd but agreed.

Minutes latter she came back leading a Tina Turner
look-alike. She pulled the shoulder straps down to
reveal her 34c tits. she leaned over and placed her
nipple in my mouth. While sucking I reached up her
short dress and pulled down her thong. Out popped a
hard 9-inch black cock. It was thick. I had to stretch
my mouth as far as I could to take it in.

Swallowing half of that monster was the best I could
do. Bobbing my head back and forth and sucking as hard
as I could got the desired response. Sperm shot out of
her dick filling up the back of my throat. It was all I
could do to get it all down. She pulled out giggled and
walked away. seven more girls were in line. Some were
dressed as celebrities some just being themselves. Many
already had their tits out. Some had their cocks out.
Some were fondling themselves. Some were feeling
someone else. Cocks of all shapes and sizes were pushed
into my mouth. Most came in my mouth and some jacked
off on my face.

My jaws were getting tired when the last girl stepped
up. She had been the show headliner at the club. A dead
ringer for Britney Spears. The look. The voice. Hell I
always wanted to fuck the real Britney Spears.

She stood in front of me wearing a black leather corset
and mini skirt. I stood up and she raised up on her
toes to kiss me. Behind her another girl was untying
the corset. It fell from her revealing two beautiful
34d jugs. The girl behind her knelt down and slowly
pulled down the leather skirt. Britney's 7 inch rock
hard cock popped out ready for action. Danea squealed
reached around me and undid my jeans and pulled them
down to my ankles.

I sat Britney on the short backless stool I had been
using. She leaned back putting her hands on the floor
with her cock sticking straight up. I got on my knees
and admired her beauty. Her cock slid easily down my
throat. All the way to her balls. Up and down my head
went. My pants had since been removed. Danea got behind
me and lubed my asshole with her finger. She then
pulled out her cock and slowly started pushing into me.
I'd been fucked only once before so it was a challenge
to take her 8 inches.

Having Britney's meat down my throat made it easier.
The cock in my mouth swelled and jumped. Rope after
rope of seed flooded my mouth. I had a huge mouthful
but didn't swallow. Danea's cock twitched and flooded
my ass with cum. When she pulled out I reached back and
grabbed her around the waist. Pulling her around to my
side I stood up and pushed my cum covered tongue in her
mouth. I then pushed the rest of Britney's cum in her
mouth. She grinned and pushed the cum out of her mouth
letting it run down her chin. Britney stood up and
licked the seed from Danea's face.

With a stomach full of t-girl cum and my mind swimming
with what I'd done for two hours I got dressed kissed
Danea goodbye and headed for the door. The bouncer
smirked at me and called me a fag. But with guys with
that kind of attitude around it leaves more t-girls for
guys like me that love them.

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