A young black stud - sex story

A young black stud

Kate just wanted to walk over and slap that smile off
the young black girl face. She was always disrupting
her class due to her popularity with the other boys and
girls. Her skirt was always too short and Kate couldn't
help but see her pussy hairs when her legs were spread
wide since she was always in front. During dinner, she
had told her that she was going to be suspended for a
week for her outfit and still she sit in class talking
like nothing was brothering her. What a cunt she

Finally class ended as Kate watched the students depart
and sat down at here desk to grade the assignments
before she went home. She glanced up and saw Jade was
still sitting there with her legs still wide.

"Young lady, I don't expect to see you for another week
so I suggest you go home and tell your folks why you
have been suspended," she told her blankly with a smile
on her face.

"I don't think so," Jade replied.

"I received some interesting news on the Internet quite
a while back," the girl continued. "It seems your ex-
husband was a robber and you were suspected in several
counts yourself but not convicted. I wonder how the
principal would welcome that news."

Kate sat stunned at her words. That was when she was in
her early twenties and well in her past. How did she
find out about it?

"I wonder," the girl continued, if they would fire you
and properly kick your butt right out of town. Don't
you think so?"

"What do you want to keep quite," Kate asked still

"I want you to be my bitch whenever I want you," the
girl retorted with a smile on her face. She knew she
had the upper hand on the older woman. "Surely you have
had sex with a woman before being such a prune as you

Kate remembered the times when she had but never with a
young black lady. This girl was blackmailing her and
she didn't know what she could do about it. This was
the only job she could find in four towns and she was
heavily in debt as it was. She was awakened by the tone
of the girl voice.

"You will do whatever I want when I want and even beg
to do it." The girl demanded. "Beg to be my bitch now
or I'm leaving and going to the principal office.

Kate sat back in her chair looking at the girl. She was
very attractive but to

give her power over her being. She didn't have much
choice; however, as she sat and weigh all her choices.
Maybe she would tire of her and go on with her life and
let her be.

"Please make me your bitch," she whispered.

"Louder bitch," Jade announced.

"Please mistress, make this white whore your bitch."
Kate said knowing what she expected.

"Better. Lock the door and come stand before me bitch,"
Jade yelled at her.

Kate got up and walked to the door locking it. She
strode back over and stood in front of the girl like
she was on display.

"Not too bad a figure for an old white hag," Jade
responded. "Strip bitch."

Kate slowly raised the dress over her shoulders and
laid it on the desk. Next she removed her shoes and at
Jade command next the bra. Her tits popped out and
swayed down in front.

"Sagging boobs but we can work on that," Jade looked
on. "Drop the panties bitch."

Kate slowly lowered her panties and stood back in front
trying to avoid the girl looking her body over.

"Get on your knees in front of my desk and put those
saggy tits of your on my lap," the girl commanded.

Kate walked to the desk and dropped to her knees laying
her large breasts down on the desktop. She felt the
girl ankle slide between her legs and rest on her cunt.

"Hump my foot bitch. I want to watch you get wet." She

She reached down grabbing Kate tits between her thumb
and forefinger and squeezed the tender nipples as Kate
whined in pain.

"Start humping bitch. Get yourself wet for you
mistress." She told her.

Kate started to rub her cunt on the girl ankle while
she continued to maul her large nipples. Despite the
pain, she found herself getting excited by the fiction
on her cunt and started humping faster.

"That's it bitch. Get your hot sloppy cunt wet for
mistress. You worthless bitch." The girl was yelling.

Her talk was turning her on as much as the fiction in
her cunt. She ignored the pain of her nipples
concentrating on getting off as fast as she could. She
was very close to cumming when Jade released her
nipples and slapped her face waking her up.

You are not allowed to cum without permission bitch.
"Get under the desk and lick my cunt. I'm going to cum
all over that white face of yours."

Kate backed up slightly and put her head underneath the
desk as Jade spread her legs wide for her. She pulled
her panties to the side of her cunt and started lapping
her small cunt on the clit and then working her way
inside her wet cunt. She could hear the girl moaning
form above and reached down to rub her own cunt as she
was close to cumming herself when she heard the girl
yelled at her not to touch it or her ass would pay
dearly later. Disappointed, she continued to lick the
girl as she came on her face rubbing her cunt all over
her nose and mouth areas.

"Not bad for an old bitch," Jade told her, pushing her
head back from her cunt. "Now go bend over your desk.
You are going to be punished for getting me suspended
for a week."

Kate slowly got up from the desk and turned around and
bent over it with her large ass exposed to whatever the
young girl wished to do with it. She could feel her own
wetness down her thighs as she tried to clench them
closer together to give some relief to her cunt. She
watched as Jade walked over to the blackboard and
picked up the long pointer she normally used for her
classes and then disappeared behind her back.

She was still waiting as she felt the pointer strike
her ass sharply and then the stink of pain in her rump.
She jumped up from the pain but then lowered herself
back down as the second descended. It was harder than
the first and she had to reach back to protect her ass
as the pointer fell again on her ass and hand both and
she screamed in pain.

"Stick that hand back there again and I'll break your
fingers with this pointer," Jade sharply told her. "Now
remain still and push that big ass of yours back."

She just got positioned when the pointer struck again
and she yelled in pain. She pleaded with Jade not to
hit so hard but the next was even harder. Tears flowed
in her eyes as she started begging her mistress for
mercy and promising to do everything she asked.

When she felt she couldn't take anymore and was going
to pass out, Jade finally stopped. She knew she
wouldn't be able to sit for a week as she lay still
over the desk crying like a baby. She was still crying
when she felt the pointer at the entrance of her
asshole and before she could respond being worked

"Nooooo. Please mistress," she begged as it went in a
good six or eight inch before she stopped.

"Hold that in your ass bitch," Jade commanded.

She walked around the desk and stood before Kate.
Raising her dress, she started masturbating her cunt
before her.

"When I cum, we're going to your apartment and finish
our game. Isn't that nice bitch," she said rubbing her
cunt faster as Kate watched on.

"Yes mistress," Kate replied looking at the snatch only
a foot from her face wishing her mouth could reach it.

"Does my bitch want to eat me again?" Jade asked
smiling at her pitiful face.

"Yes mistress," Kate replied, "please let me eat your

"Later," laughed Jade, lowering her dress. "Stand up
and walk around the room for me bitch so I can see that
tail of yours wiggle.

Kate slowly stood up beside the desk and turned around.
She started walking across the room aware that the
pointer in her asshole was swinging wildly from side to
side as she moved. Somehow she was getting excited from
it as she tried to swag her butt farther to the side
with each step. She heard Jade laughing at her and knew
she must have been a sight walking like this but she
didn't care. Her pussy was dripping on the floor as she
walked. As she turned around and started back, she
noticed Jade hanging her panties on the blackboard.

"Just a gift for the janitor," Jade said, "you won't
need them anymore. Come here and let me take your plug
out of your butt. I'm just dying to see your

Kate continued walking till she arrived at Jade side
and then bent over as she removed the pointer from her
ass and put it back on the board stand.

"Put your dress on," Jade commanded, "but leave the bra
in your desk drawer."

Kate picked up the bra and put it in her drawer and
then pulled her dress back over her head. She put her
shoes on and waited for her mistress command.

"Let's go bitch," Jade commanded, grabbing her ass
cheek as they departed the room. She goosed her ass all
the way down the hall and Kate was very thankful it was
empty for the day. Outside, she heard other voices but
didn't see anyone as she opened the door so Jade could
get in and then got in herself. They drove all the way
without any comment or demand from Jade till they

"Open my door bitch," Jade commanded.

Mrs. Johnson, one of her neighbor was sitting on a
chair a couple of apartments down and watched as Kate
opened the door and the young black girl stepped out.
Kate tried to ignore the woman next door but when they
got to the apartment door, Jade lifted her dress in
back exposing her ass as they went in. Kate was totally
embarrassed and knew she couldn't face the lady again
as she hurried inside.

She waited in the living room as Jade walked around the
apartment looking at each room. Finally, she came back
and took a seat on her sofa.

"Remove the dress bitch," she demanded. "I think I'm
going to enjoy coming over here to visit you. After you
undress, prepared me a drink and get your butt back in
here. Hurry bitch."

Kate removed the dress again and went quickly in the
kitchen. She had some left over vodka, which she mixed
with soda and returned to find Jade naked on the sofa
with her feet on the coffee table. She gave her the
drink and then stood up awaiting her next command.

"Lick my tired feet," Jade commanded.

Kate dropped to her knees and immediately started
wagging her tongue over the young girl feet licking the
bottoms and between the toes as she had her drink. She
kept eyeing her glistering cunt only a few feet away
wishing she would command her to tongue it next.

Jade was in no hurry as she laid back enjoying the
drink and relaxing with the elderly white woman
worshipping her feet below.

Jade continued her drink while moving her toes in Kate
face down below. She wanted to humiliate the white
teacher as much as she could and she was going to take
her time doing it.

"Put all my toes in your mouth bitch," she yelled down
jamming her foot in Kate mouth as she tried to widen
her lips as far as she could to accommodate her foot.
Her face looked stuff as she held all five toes in her
mouth. Jade started stroking her cunt as she just sat
on her knees with her mouth full. Finally, she pulled
her foot out as Kate gasped for breath.

"I going to whip your white ass so hard tonight you
want be able to sit in class for a week bitch," Jade
told her. She rose from the couch and grabbing Kate by
the hair forced her on all fours on the carpet. Jumping
on her back, she started slapping her huge ass in back
telling her to crawl and oink like the pig she was.

Kate crawled as fast as she could oinking as the slaps
poured down on her ass. The girl was going to kill her
she thought as she desperately kept crawling trying to
please her. Finally, she collapse on the floor in
exhaustion as Jade dismounted and slap her ass one last
time as hard as she could.

"Your not much fun bitch. Get on your back." She

Kate rolled over as Jade stepped astride her face and
lowered her smaller black ass down on her face.

"Now get your tongue in my ass bitch. At least that's
good for something." Jade laughed.

Kate started rimming the girl asshole realizing how
depraved she must look. She no longer had any fight in
her except to please her mistress anyway she wanted.
She worked her tongue as deep as she could in her ass
hole and wedged it around inside. She could feel the
moisture of Jade cunt rolling down her chin as she
lapped her ass. She finally came getting off her face
leaving her on the floor exhausted. She went in the
bathroom, as Kate remained dormant on the carpet.

"Get your ass in here now," she heard from the

"Crawling forward," she saw Jade on the toilet seat

"I don't want to waste your toilet paper. Clean my cunt
with your tongue bitch." She demanded.

Ignoring her pride, Kate crawled forward burying her
face in her cunt licking the piss sprayed all over it.

"Good little bitch," Jade teased her from above. "Clean
my cunt."

She continued rubbing Kate face in her snatch till she
was satisfied.

"Prepare my bath and my bed," she demanded. "I'm going
to stay overnight with my bitch."

Kate quickly got up preparing a warm bath for her
mistress as Jade got in and lay back enjoying the
warmth. She then hurried to prepare the bed and
returned to dry off her mistress. When done, Jade led
her to the bedroom goosing her ass cheek in her open

Tonight you may sleep under the cover, she told Kate.
If I pinch your ass, I expect your tongue in my ass or
cunt without question.

Kate crawl under the cover and started lapping Jade
feet. She knew she wasn�t going to get much sleep
tonight. She felt a pinch on her ass.

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