Aishwarya Rai sex story - sex story

Aishwarya Rai sex story

“What were you talking about with him “ , Aishwarya interrogated.

“Nothing it just that he’s also a writer like me in Cairo . Discussing about that with him “ .

“No , I know it had something to do with me .”

“That man gave us food , drinks and money but you are still doubting his character and thinking I will be plotting something with him “ , I told Aishwarya while hiding both drugs and oil bottle behind the fallen log of wood.

“Okie , I’m sorry . “

I handed over the packet of canned food and the bottle of water to Aishwarya and sat next to her .

“But what about you , what are you going to eat ? “ , Aishwarya asked .

“Don’t worry about me . I am used to it , I will make it through “ .

“Okie , as you wish ” , as Aishwarya gulped the bread pieces through her luscious lips .

I had decided in my mind that I had to persuade Aishwarya to use Hibercus drug on her so that we could have some fun . But I knew that it wasn’t going to be that easy , she would never use it that easily . So I decided to drug her the other hypnotic drug that Henry gave me and then she might use it when she gets intoxicated .

“Didn’t you find anything there that we could use to cover us up “ , Aishwarya asked as she removed the fallen bread piece from her right breast .

“No , I couldn’t find anything suitable . I did found a fruit tree but it was too high to fetch something with bare hands “ , I remarked .

“ So do you think , we should make a move for the beach ” .

“No not . I think we should wait for another hour or so .”

“ So assuming If I wouldn’t had hidden your clothes during the race , what would you had asked me to do for you according to the stipulation .”

“I will answer this question of yours in 2 days from now “ , Aishwarya asserted .

“Ok I will ask you then .”

“But I must tell you that when you tried to kiss me , I was very angry . “

“Tried to !!!! ... you say that a try … I was all over your face for a minute hour so “ , I replied cynically .

“Whatever , It’s just that I thought I would never let any guy kiss me or fuck me other than Abhishek .”

I smiled at the thought that if everything went by plan then the poor girl was going to get both hardcore kissing and fucking from me in the next hour . She didn’t have the slightest of idea what was going on in my mind .

I picked out the drug packet from behind the log of wood and opened it .

“ What is this thing in the packet ? “ , Aishwarya asked .

“Ohh this is just some stuff Henry gave to me .”

“What does it do ?“

“Well it prevents dehydration from the loss of water if you are in a forest for too long without water .”

“Shall I sniff it too ? “

“Yes sure “ , I replied as I handed some of it in her hands

Aishwarya didn’t have the slighest of idea that the thing she was going to consume as a dehydration medicine was actually a drug similar to marijuana .

In no time after the drug consumption Aishwarya was totally wasted . She didn’t have the slightest of idea of her senses .

I knew now that I could manipulate her in doing anything that I wanted so I decided to take my plan to the next higher level and brought out the Hibercus drug and the oil bottle from behind the log of wood .

I knew that Aishwarya had become quite susceptible at present , but still I had to throw my cards properly . The job had gotten a little easy but it was not finished at all .

I started to rub that Hibercus drug on my cock in circular hand movements . Seeing my actions Aishwarya got surprised .

“Hey what are you doing ? “.

“Just rubbing some of this on my cock to prevent any urinary or any other sort of infection because of this jungle water we drank “ , I replied .

“But what about me “.

“You don’t need it . But to be secure to just one thing , take a pinch of this powder and rub it on your pussy .”

Aishwarya who was not in her full senses at the moment what I asked her to do . If she hadn’t been drugged earlier she would not had done any such act of stupidity .

Now it was the time to make me move . Her chances of revolting any move made by me on her Had become quite less . The consumption of the drugs would sure had made her a little horny and in need of some action .

I decided to first oil her beautiful boobs and her sexy curves and then make my way to her other genitals .

I rubbed some oil on to my hands and started fondling her breasts with it .

“Hey , what are you doing ? “ , Aishwarya asked

“Just giving you some warmth and heat in this cold “ , I replied .

Aishwarya didn’t answer back which meant a go from her side.

My firm busy hands and the exotic oils aroma had her drifting in a dream as her nipples hardened on her massive breasts . I paused slightly and then Aishwarya moaned as a drizzle of warm oil coated her right nipple and then her left, the oil tingled on her pointy tips as i used the heel of my hand to gently massage the oil over her breasts. As the oil heat intensified on her breasts before she could object I turned her over .

As she turned , her nipples brushed my fingers and the intensifying heat of the oil made her breasts ache as i gently spread her legs . I then put more of the wonder oil on my hands and worked her legs she felt a trickle between her ass running onto her pussy lips .I grabbed the bottle and started work on her other leg. The oil ran on her tight labia and trickled towards her clit.

A fire seemed to start on her puffy lips and she wriggled to ease the heat on her pussy, she tried to spread her legs and pussy wider . I returned to working on her back. The heat on her lips intensified and she wriggled her legs apart as i worked on her thighs again. As she felt her tight inner pussy moistening suddenly a finger trailed between her tight lips spreading the oil .

Aishwarya lifted her ass as my finger popped between her lips and i worked more of the magic oil onto her swelling clit . I turned her on her back as I massaged her tits and teased her nipples as my thumb massaged the swollen clit and fingers gently worked her cunt as she came her ass bucking forcing my fingers deep inside her.

I gently cleaned her pussy with some cool wipes and massaaged oil on her mound and inner thighs, for the last time. Her whole body was covered with oil and was gIimmering like a shining star . At one time She was looking to pretty to get banged by a guy .

I spent a long time fondling and massaging the firm tits that were available to me, squeezing and pulling at the nipples which by now were rock

hard. Aishwarya staying perfectly still, her eyes mostly closed, her breathing getting shorter as the sensations invaded her body increasing her

heart beat and her lust whether she wanted to accept it or not.

She was rapidly approaching a state where she was going to do absolutely anything i told her to with total obedience.

I leant forward and spended more time kissing each nipple, taking them in my lips and teeth, my hands on the exquisite breasts constantly, massaging

them softly. Aishwarya's head went back giving her self to me to use as i wanted. She could feel the moistness seeping from her pussy as the cunt lips swelled and flowered.

Her anticipation was reaching a new height as she awaited my next instruction.

With my mouth open as breathes came in shortening gasps, revealing my lust for the incredibly sexy married body being made available to me . I told her to get my cock in her hands, which Aishwarya did without hesitation. Holding onto it in anticipation of my next order.

The instruction was given immediately, which was to give me a blow job. She bended to take my cock into her mouth, kissing it and sucking it,

sliding the cock in and out of her mouth, letting me fuck her married mouth as she cuped and fondled my balls bringing me closer and closer to the orgasm that I wanted.

Eventually i reached the point of not being able to hold back, i shooted my cum in Aishwarya's mouth, grunting loudly, forcing myself into the now willing married sluts mouth as she continued to suck my cock using her hands on my hard shaft .

Until she had milked me of the sticky white fluid that i had been spurting in streams down her cheating married throat and mouth.

I floped back, spent for the moment as Aishwarya sat up to wipe the excess cumfrom her face as it dribbled from her mouth, swallowing the majority of my fluids lodged in her mouth and throat, savouring the texture and feeling of the sexy juice as it slided down her throat into her stomach.

For a few minutes i lied back gasping for breath, recovering from the orgasm that I just had . Aishwarya had performed better than she would had expected and also Perhaps secretly enjoyed it too .

She began to get up and tried to regain her senses when I held her hands and said “ You are going nowhere . I’m not finished" .

Aishwarya was surprised both at my tone, which appeared to brook no argument and by the fact that i wanted more, “he's cum what more can he want ?” , she thought .

"Turn around I want to look at your gorgeous ass" i said struggling to sit upright. Aishwarya obediently turned to face away from me and got on her knees to present her shapely ass behind to me, looking over her shoulder to see what i was going to do next.

I got up on to my knees and commenced to fondle and caress her curvy ass, complimenting her all the time on its beauty and shape, letting my

hands wander all over her accessible body, over the cheeks of her gorgeous ass, up and over her hips, down between her legs feeling the warmth and

moistness that gave Aishwarya's own growing desires away.

Then she felt my hands manipulating her pussy . She felt my finger slipping into her once faithful married cunt that was so wet, the slippery wetness excited me and my fingers touched her pussy, first with one finger sliding it deep into her sopping cunt, then two fingers probe her, then three finger fucking her hard as she got wetter and wetter.Aishwarya was by now pushing back at my hand each time it thrusted the fingers deep into her, she was so wet she could feel the moisture running onto her thighs.

Then she felt me place my knees between hers on the seat, forcing her legs even wider apart, following this she momentarily felt my bare cock at the lips of her married cunt .I slipped my cock into her pussy . But we don’t have a condom , please use a condom . I laughed in her ear. “not tonight sweetheart” then she felt me, plunging inside her, my cock slipping easily into her gaping cunt, bare and solid.

I fucked her hard, seemingly recovered in the 20 minutes or so since i had cum in her mouth, a taste Aishwarya was still savouring. I rammed myself at her willing body, slamming hard into her, she could feel my balls slapping against her ass and the backs of her thighs.

Suddenly it started to rain a little but Neither of us stopped or hesitated the fucking, both beyond caring aboutanything but the cock rutting forcefully into the receptive cunt. Indeed Aishwarya was excited by the thought of being fucked in the rain, her ass in the air was being taken from behind by me as her tits swing free, in motion from the deep thrusting cock being driven into her thirsting cunt.

Suddenly when I couldn’t control more I roared and cumed again, yelling loudly as my fucking became frantic, my hips driving my cock even deeper into the married sluts cunt, my ejaculation jetting far into her body, filling her with his fluids, hoping to knock up the bitch and make the slut pregnant. As my erratic motion slowed Aishwarya was frustrated beyond caring, as her own lust was all but ready to burst her own orgasm through her aching body, as I finished using her , leaving her ready to explode.

I fEll back once again exhausted from this energetic fuck. Aishwarya half turned her body and leaned against the log wood . In the following seconds

whilst I was recovering, i absently played with her overflowing cunt,touching the pouting lips, running my fingers deep into the slimy cleft.

Although I was not trying to turn Aishwarya on, I was simply amusing myself, but the effect on Aishwarya was electric . She Was so turned on by what had happened to her in the this jungle .

Aishwarya was past caring as she noticed my cock starting to come to life again, she reached for it and took her time to wank it back to hardness

again, no sooner does she thought it adequate for her needs than she straddled me, lowering her sopping cunt onto the once again hard pole. Aish

fucked me hard and fast, hand pushing down on my chest, her hips pumping ass I drived her needy cunt down onto my cock.

The pace getting faster and faster until the floodgates opened, she had a shattering series of orgasms,riding me ruthlessly for her own gratification until she completely grated, she then floped on top of me. She lied a few minutes her chest heaving with the effort but there was a pleasing feeling in her body as, for the moment at least she had satisfied her lust.

Eventually we got up in silence and decided to move towards our destination . But the problem was that Aishwarya was so wasted that she was not able to get up on her feet . Moreover , it was a 3 mile walk to the beach . So I had no other alternative than to pick her up in my arms and walk the distance .

It took me 45 minutes to traverse the distance and by the time I reached there she was already asleep in my arms . After reaching the destination I laid her down on the sand and beginning to dig up the sand . I dug a whole into the sand where I had hidden the clothes . I tried to wake Aishwarya up but she was so exhausted that she wasn’t in a sitution to put on her clothes by herself . Finally we both got dressed up and took a cab ride back to the hotel with the money Henry had given me .

It had been such an exhausting day that I couldn’t even think of how the remaining 5 days of the week will procede .

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