Alexis Bledel - sex story

Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel was excited as she entered the cab, she
was going to be broken in by a guy who had a really big
cock and she would be able to join the celebrity call
girl club that she had heard great stories about. She
sat back in the cab and watched as Jeff put his hand on
her thigh. She liked that boys had done this too her
before she had become a celebrity but since then all
the guys had got scared of her.

Alexis put her hand down on his and moved it higher up
her thigh until it was now between her legs and nearly
touching her panties. He felt the outline of her pussy
against the material that was soaked. He moved the
panties slightly to the left and then started to move
his fingers in her pussy. Very tight he though I am
going to have to be slow with this one, but slow was
not going to be a problem with the amount of sex he had
just had, but he knew this would be special, he hadn't
had a real virgin since he was a teenager himself.

Alexis moved her hand through his pants to his groin
and squeezed his cock, she could only get her small
hand a little bit around his cock and she smiled
knowing where that thing was going soon. She started
run it up and down and wished she could take it out and
suck it, something she was really good at.

All the boys and men on Gilmore Girls had said she had
a great mouth and she sucked like a real professional.
She thought it was amazing that the network had put in
each of the guys contract that they could get their
cock sucked by Alexis.

She hadn't seen the contract but they all said they had
it in their, and all had the clause that she couldn't
tell any of the others that she was doing it. It was
one of the guys who had spilled the secret to one of
the girls from the club and she received an invitation
to come and talk about. She had liked what she had
heard and decided to try to join the club and now she
was here with Jeff who was to break her for the club.

The taxi stopped and both of them move their hands from
each other groin and moved outside the taxi. They
walked into the hotel and moved towards the elevator
and went up to the penthouse. Since Jeff new he had all
night he decided to get some food and drinks from room
service, they sat down and started to talk about things
in general, he knew from speaking to her she was a but
nervous but was more then willing to be fucked all

The food arrived and they both tucked into the food and
wine, Jeff had not gone with the oysters and other so
called aphrodisiac. He did go for strawberry and
champagne but liked those and it wasn't to score with
this girl because he already knew he was going to

Jeff decided to take a shower, he wanted to be fresh
when he took this girl's virginity, she was going to
remember this the rest of her life so he was going to
make sure it was a great memory. He was in the shower
and the steam was rising and he noticed the door
opening and in stepped in, this being the first time
Jeff had seen her body naked looked up and down her
body. Her breasts not big but were a nice size and her
nipples were just perfect, Jeff got Alexis to turn
around and he looked at her ass.

Now he knew what perfection was. He ran his hand over
her ass and cupped each cheek, he grabbed the soap and
started to lather up the sponge and started to soap her
body, her neck and then down lower to her breasts, he
paid special attention to these pert melons. They
become erect and he was pinching them, Alexis was
moaning and pushing her body against Jeff.

Alexis grabbed the sponge and turned around and started
to lather it up. She knelt down and started to clean
his balls and by doing this Jeff's cock started to rise

She looked at his now ever expanding cock and started
to rub and down with the sponge and then let the water
wash away the soap and started to lick around the cock
head and then started to lick further down Jeff's cock.
Alexis opened her mouth just enough and started to bob
down a couple of inches, Alexis had the technique of
sucking as she was moving her mouth up and down. Alexis
got lower and lower down Jeff's cock, the water pouring
down our bodies soon got too much Alexis as she was
slowly water as she was sucking.

She stood up and stepped out of the shower and Jeff
followed her out and walked behind her and watched
Alexis ass as it head towards the bedroom. She jumped
up on to the bed and Jeff moved in behind her, Alexis
moved her mouth back down to his cock and Jeff laid
back on bed and just experienced the experience of this
girls mouth... He moved around and moved under the legs
of Alexis and started to explore her pussy folds with
his tongue.

Jeff's tongue found her clitoris and started licking
around it and he could hear that she liked it and could
feel the moan as she bobbed up and down on his cock. He
moved his finger between her legs and started to rub
quickly her little clit and then his moved started to
separate her pussy lips with his tongue and started to
lick deeper.

He couldn't last much longer with an expert cocks women
like Alexis. Alexis was moaning and screaming when she
could that she was orgasming and Jeff didn't last much
longer and started shooting his cum in her mouth and on
her face. She swallowed all the cum he gave her and
started going back down on the cock to get the rest of
the cum.

Jeff moved back off the bed and looked over his present
in all her naked glory, Alexis was flat on her back
with her legs spread and her knees bent. She was
looking at him and then down at his cock. Jeff could
see that she was well lubricated, he looked down and
decided that he needed to get this going and gently
tugged on his cock until it was fully erect. He moved
forward and got between Alexis thighs and started to
kiss her stomach, breasts, neck and then finally her
mouth, Jeff let his tongue move into Alexis mouth and
her tongue responded in kind.

They kissed passionately and for the first time in her
life she felt a guys cock at the entrance to her
vagina, she grabbed the cock and placed the head of
Jeff's cock at the entrance and Jeff moved in. He could
already feel with just his cock head in her that she
was tight; he was going to have to go slow with this

He thrust a little more and was now three inches in and
he could now feel her hymen still intact. He looked at
her face and she nodded her consent, Jeff jabbed
through her hymen quickly and entered until he was now
6 inches in. Alexis was shocked by the instant pain but
also the pleasure she was getting, tears were running
down her face.

Jeff stayed at this level for a while and let her pussy
get used to the six inches and thrust out and in while
she moaned a bit more, when she nodded that she was
ready for more Jeff would thrust against her more. He
was nearly all the way in her now and he felt her legs
cross behind his back, he was just about to get the
finally inch and a bit in when she moved her ass of the
bed and impaled herself on the final inch. He smiled as
his ball slapped up against the body and he looked at
her face she was smiling but also crying, Alexis said
she have never felt anything this good.

Jeff just let his cock stay inside her until her pussy
worked out his girth and size, he knew when she was
ready she would start to move her body up and down on
his cock. He liked the friction of their bodies hardly
moving but he knew shortly he was going to start
thrusting into this girl like never before. He started
to feel her body start to move under him, Jeff started
to pull it nearly all the way and then thrust back in,
sliding his 9Ž inch cock this tight pussy.

The girls must have given her some instructions because
he could feel her milking his cock with her pussy
muscles. She was now screaming to be fucked hard, Jeff
was certainly doing that for her, he was now going
faster and faster when he heard her scream, yes I'm
orgasming, yes keep doing that, this is so good, fuck
me harder Jeff give it to me.

Jeff was now doing the longer stroke and pushing in and
out his big cock, he felt her pussy orgasm around his
cock and felt it now easier to penetrate her sweet
pussy. He moved his cock around in her pussy and was
getting close to coming.

Jeff removed his cock from her pussy and she looked
disappointed and got her to move to edge of bed and got
her to move in front of him, she spread her legs across
his legs and sat down and impaled herself on his cock.
This time she didn't have to go slow, her pussy just
slid all the way down, she placed her knees on the bed
and was about to lift herself up when Jeff grabbed her
around the waist and started to kiss her mouth.

Alexis just rocked forward and backwards, hardly moving
but she cold feel the intense feeling in her body, she
realised that she didn't need to move up and down on
this but just move around, her breasts and nipples
against his chest or pussy and clit against his body.

The rocking was enough for her to experience her second
orgasm and she raised herself up and rode it down
again. She now knew the motion she got the most
enjoyment from and rode Jeff's cock. This movement also
got Jeff to the brink and with a small thrust started
to come inside this girl. Alexis for the 1st time in
her life felt cum shoot inside her body and she new it
was not going to be her last.

Jeff decided to get some sleep and asked Alexis to sat
with him all night. Since she knew she was not going to
be picked up to 8am the following morning. They moved
into the bed and pulled the covers over them, Alexis
had her back to Jeff and they gradual moved into a
spooning position. Alexis loved the feeling of another
human body so close to her and she liked not wearing
any clothes to bed either, she had also worn something
but there was something in wearing nothing that excited

She could tell Jeff had fallen asleep by his breathing
but she could also feel his cock gently moving gently
between her legs. It felt nice with his cock just
rubbing her clit and rubbing against her openings.
Alexis moved her hand down between her legs and found
her clitoris and started to gently rub, it felt more
sensitive then it did normally but she put this down to
having it rubbed against Jeff's cock when they had been
fucking. Alexis finally dropped off to sleep with her
hand between her legs and a smile on her face.

Jeff woke up the next morning and looked around, he
then remembered who was inside the bed with him and
smiled. He looked at her slender body and moved his
hand up and cupped one of her breasts and gave them a
squeeze. He got off the bed and went and used the
toilet and walked back and he smiled again as he looked
down at this gorgeous creature. He looked down at her
ass and new he must have some of that before she left.
He called down to room service and ordered a big
breakfast for two. He sat and read the paper and
watched Alexis sleep and opened the door when the
breakfast arrived.

He set up the meal and walked over to the bed and
leaned down and gently pushed Alexis. She did murmur
but did not wake so he go down on his knees and moved
towards her lips with his and started to kiss her,
gently at first but he got more passionate when her
mouth and tongue started reacting against his. It must
have been her body reacting because even though she was
giving a passionate kiss she was not quite awake.

He left her lips and grabbed the ice from the bucket on
the side of the bed and rubbed it against her nipples
and they got erect quite quickly. He then took one in
his mouth and sucked on it, the difference in the
temperature of the ice and his mouth was the thing that
woke her up. She looked down and smiled at what Jeff
was doing and grabbed his head and moved it back
towards her lips and kissed him.

"Thanks for waking me up like that, I enjoyed that,
what is that I smell, it smells delicious?"

"I arranged for some food to be brought up, I thought
after the energy we expanded yesterday we might need
some food fuel."

Alexis laughed and said, "Yeh you might be right, I'm

I gave her a silk robe and grabbed mine and moved to
the table and slowly got through the food. We went out
to the patio and talked about the night before and
talked in general about life in general.

Alexis moved to the fence and looked over and felt the
wind blow through her and against her. Jeff got up and
moved behind her and gave her a hug from behind and
kissed her neck. The wind blowing and the closeness of
her body was enough for Jeff's cock to rise, being that
he was wearing only a robe his cock rose up and pushed
up the back of Alexis short rob and his cock nudged
between her cheeks. Alexis moved her hand behind her
back and grabbed Jeff's cock and started to rub it.

Alexis said, "Well look who is awake."

Jeff moved his hand around the front of her robe and
opened it up and started to caress one of her breasts
and moved his other hand to her pussy and started to
move his fingers against her pussy lips and clit. Jeff
new where to touch Alexis and it was not long before he
could smell and feel how wet she was. It was then
Alexis remembered where she was and remembered how she
was warned that she couldn't join if she was ever
photographed doing it with clients. She turned around
and kissed Jeff and walked inside, Jeff didn't know why
they had stopped but walked behind Alexis until they
were inside. Alexis dropped the robe and then looked
over at the clock, it was 7am and she had an hour to

Jeff lifted her off her feet and walked her back to the
lounge and laid her on her side and got in behind her
and then gently put his cock in her tight wet pussy
from behind. Her pussy nice and warm and so far all
his, Jeff moved back in and out of her pussy. Jeff
looked down at Alexis' fantastic ass and smiled and
slammed back into her pussy from behind, his balls
slapping up against his ass.

Alexis could feel the building up of her orgasm in her
pussy and was pushing back hard against this cock that
was sliding in her. Alexis could feel more cock in her
then any of the time except maybe when she had sat down
on his cock and rid him and knew this doggie position
would be one she would continue to do.

Jeff was pulling way out and then shoving back in and
he could tell Alexis by the moaning she was doing, on
one of the back strokes he accidentally pulled all the
way out and was just about to shove it back in and
notice how wet Alexis was and how her anal opening
looked so inviting. He put his already slick wet hard
cock and put it against her anal opening and started to
push in.

By the time Alexis had worked out what had just
happened Jeff was already two inches. Alexis was about
to scream no when her first orgasm of the day was
triggered. Alexis started to scream and thrash about
and Jeff took this to be she was enjoying this anal
probe and started to thrust in harder and was soon all
the way in. He rested as he got all the way in and let
her anus adjust to his cock and then he started to
thrust back into her with abandon.

He had never seen an ass as shapely and inviting and he
was soon at the stage of coming. He pulled out one more
time and then shoved back in and at this time started
to cum deep in her anus. This strange feeling of cum
being shot into her ass also set off her 2nd and also
her last of the day. Alexis looked over at the clock
and noticed she would have to get changed and have a
shower, even though she liked the fact that this cum
was in her pussy and now her ass.

As Alexis was taking a shower the doorbell rang and
Jeff answered it, it was Yasmine who he had met the
night before. Yasmine asked about how this girl was and
what they had done. He had already written out the
report he had been asked to do and handed it to
Yasmine. Yasmine handed back over to Jeff a card, which
was the company card, Jeff noticed that it had special
offers for him and it had offices in Australia and
United Kingdom. Jeff smiled and Alexis turned and
walked out. She walked out of his life.

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