Alice in Familyland - sex story

Alice in Familyland

This is a story about Alice or Grandma Lovett, an older
lady who gets in on lots of family action. This is Part
One of a two Part story. So be sure and read the other
story in this series. If you like to read about incest,
I believe you will like this one.

I had been reading a couple of stories I had found on
the internet and was very horny as I masturbated. I was
soaking wet as I read them. It was getting late so I
decided to print off another story and go take a bath
and lay down for the night. I love to lay in my bed and
masturbate as I read a good story or fantasize about
some man with a large cock as I bring myself off.

After taking my bath, I climbed into my bed and started
to read a story about a lady and her son. The son had
caught her as his dog was licking her. I had gotten so
hot as I read on, using my vibrator to several climaxes
before I put the story away.

I lay there and was thinking about my son-in-law and
how I was going to get him to fuck me. Garry was 40
years old and had married my daughter, Terry. They have
a son named Timmy who is 19 and very handsome also.

I had saw Timmy, my grandson, entering his mother's
room one night while Garry was out of town. I wondered
what was going on and very quietly went to her door. I
listened for a few minutes as I heard the noises and
voices coming from the inside. Timmy was fucking her!
He was fucking Terry, his mother! I listen to them as
he fucked her, with her moaning and groaning as she
thrashed about.

"Oh, Yes! That's it baby! You feel so good in me. Fuck
me harder!" I heard her say as I peeked through the
opening in the door.

I could see Timmy's huge cock sinking into her as she
was on her hands and knees, his cock thrusting in and
out as he pounded it to her. I could see the wetness of
her pussy all over his cock each time he withdrew and
shoved it back in. He had her hips in his hands and was
slowly pulling her back and forth as she rocked back
against his massive dick. My God1 That kid was hung
like a horse.

My hand found my damp pussy as I started to play with
my enlarging clit as I massaged one of my breasts. I
was working up a real hot um as they started to pound
each other faster.

"Fuck me! Slam that dick to your mommy! It is so big!"
she shouted not caring if she was heard, "Yes! Yes!
Fuck it into me!"

My fingers were dancing over my clit faster as I neared
my own climax as I watched them cum. Timmy was slamming
his big cock so deep to her as he held her hips tight
against him now, pounding Terry with that monster as
she bucked back against him. I gasped out loud as I
too, came, my cum flowing from my wet pussy as my
climax racked my entire body. I made a sound and saw
them look toward the door as they kept fucking. They
did not see me as I eased back out of sight as I
finished climaxing.

This was the first time I had saw them but after that,
I had ease dropped on them several other times as Timmy
fucked his mom. I also had witnessed Garry fucking
Terry on a number of occasions.

I knew Garry had a magnificent cock on him as I had
peeked in on Terry and him as they made love several
times when they did not know I was there. I had watched
as he slid that huge cock to her as she groaned and
moaned, loving it. He really knew how to slam that cock
to her. And she loved it! She was a real slut when it
came to fucking.

I had watched them one time and was masturbating in the
hallway outside their bedroom. He was throwing that big
dick to her as she had her legs over his shoulders and
he was pounding at her pussy. I saw his 10" cock as it
slid in and out of her wet cunt. I knew then that one
day soon, I was going to get some of that monster cock.
I had to have some of that fuck stick!

I had planned on getting him to fuck me one night while
Terry had to go out of town on an overnight trip.
Tomorrow was that day. I was going to have that huge
dick tomorrow!

The next day came around and Terry left, leaving Garry
and me alone in the house as Timmy had went with his
mother. I took a good hot bath and slipped on a short
robe, making sure I left off my bra and panties as I
went into the living room to watch TV with Garry.

While I was sitting on the couch, he was in a chair as
I started to put my plan into action. I spread my legs
wide enough to give him a good view of my hairless
pussy. I knew he could see it as I shifted my weight
around and worked my thighs a little. I began to notice
his crotch as the lump there got a little bigger. I got
up and walked over to him as I sat on the arm of the

"Do you need some help with this thing?" I asked as I
reached down and rubbed his cock through his trousers.

"Alice, you know you really turn me on, don't you?" he
answered. "I have wanted you for so long."

"Do you mind if I play with it for you?" I asked as I
rubbed it along the entire length as I leaned into him.
"Why don't you suck on one of my tits?"

I opened my robe and gave him my right breast to suck
and play with as I unzipped his pants, finding that
monster. I took it out of his underwear and felt the
heat from his hot flesh as I played with it, stroking
it up and down as he sucked on my tits. God, he was
huge! It was even bigger than I had imagined.

"Can I kiss it for you?" I asked as I dipped my head
down to his member.

Without saying a word he took my head and guided me to
his large cock as his other hand went between my thighs
to my smooth pussy. As I took the big head and sucked
on it, he started to rub my slit, paying close
attention to my enlarged clit as his fingers slowly
work in little circles. I was on fire! I needed that
cock in me!

"Let's take this to the bedroom," he said, "I want some
of this hot pussy of yours."

Lifting my head from his big cock, I licked the tip of
it as his pre-cum leaked from the slit in it.

"Oh, Yes! Lets go. I want you to pound me like you do
Terry. I want you to fuck me real good!" I answered as
we rose.

In the bedroom, I shed my robe very quickly as he
stripped out of his pants and underwear. His huge cock
was sticking straight out as we climbed onto my big
bed. I spread my legs and exposed my wet cunt to him as
I felt him slide between my thighs. Then I felt that
massive cock as he worked it up and down the entire
length of my wet pussy. He had me so wet! I took his
ass cheeks into my hands and pulled him hard against
me. I wanted it in me!

"Put it in! Slide that big pole to me! I want you to
really fuck me hard!" I shouted as I felt that hot dick
slide into my entrance. It was so big!

As he entered me, he took my legs and placed them on
his shoulders as he gripped my ass and started pulling
me to that lovely cock. I felt the head as it slipped
into me, making me gasp for breath as it sank into me.
It felt so good! I was rotating my hips to work it
deeper as he pressed that big dick to me.

"It is so good! That's it! Fuck me baby! Give me more
of that cock!" I shouted as I felt it touching the
entrance to my womb. He was so deep inside me and I was
loving it as I pulled his hips to me, fucking him back
the best I could.

"Your pussy is so hot inside! You are hotter than
Terry." He said, 'I bet Timmy would like some of this
hot pussy."

"Timmy? Why do you think he would like to fuck me?" I
asked as I threw my hips to his prick.

"Don't you know he fucks Terry almost every day?" he
answered as he started to pound me harder.

"He fucks his mother?" I asked, "I didn't know that.
How long has he been doing this?"

"Over a year, now. She loves his big cock too and he
knows how to use it," Garry said as I felt his cock
start to swell even bigger inside me.

"Maybe I can trick him into letting you try it, that is
if you would like," he said.

Hearing this sent me over the edge as I felt his huge
cock start to throb inside me, knowing he was about
ready to shoot his load to me. I started to cum as I
felt the thick head rubbing against my sweet spot as
deep in me now. My entire body was shaking as I came,
his big cock throbbing in me as I felt the hot cum
start to coat my insides. He was pumping me full of his
hot cum as I continued to cum, over and over as I
pumped my hips back to him, taking all of that massive

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fill my pussy with that hot cum!
Shoot me full of that juice!" I screamed as his hot cum
shot deep into my womb.

"Oh, yeah! I am filling you with it, baby! Can you feel
my cum in you?" he asked as he pulled my hips to his
cock, slamming so hard to my dripping pussy.

"Oh, yes! I feel it! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Tear my
pussy up! Fuck me you big stud! Give me that cock!" I
moaned as I climaxed again.

We fucked several more times that day and into the
night. My pussy had really had a good workout and I was
even a little sore the next day. He was so good at
fucking and I had sucked that lovely cock several times
during the night. We both were drained as we feel
asleep that night, his cock still buried in me as we
went to sleep.

The next day, Terry and Timmy came home around lunch. I
greeted them and hugged Timmy a little extra as I
welcomed them home. I could tell that something had
went on while they were gone as both of them seemed so

That night, Garry was true to his word. We had planned
on him bringing Timmy into my room that night, with me
playing as though I was asleep. I lay there in my short
night gown without any panties on as they slipped into
my room. I heard Garry as he brought Timmy closer to my

'See. I told you she slept without any panties on. Look
at her pretty hairless pussy as I pull the covers
back." He said, "Try not to wake her."

As he pulled the sheet from me uncovering my exposed
pussy, I shifted my leg to sort of open my thighs for
them to see my cunt.

"Watch her as I play with her pussy. I bet she will
start to move her hips. That means she is dreaming of
being fucked." Garry told him.

I barely opened one eye and watched as he played with
my cunt, his fingers slowly rubbing it as I started to
move my hips as planned. He dipped a finger into me as
Timmy looked on, his pants showing a big bulge in front
as his cock began to grow.

"She is better than your mom. She has such a hot pussy.
Want to feel it?" asked Garry as he took Timmy's hand
and moved it to my slick pussy.

"She is wet too. Just like you said." Timmy whispered,
"I would love to put my dick in her."

"Well, slip in bed with her and ease your cock to her.
But try to be easy about it so you don't wake her." He
said to Timmy.

I felt the bed moving a little as he crawled into it
with me. I was so hot now but wanted to make sure he
had that cock in me before I "woke" up. I felt his cock
as he slid it to my slick pussy, the big head easing
past my puffy lips as he slowly worked it in.

It was in me about 6 inches as I started to move to
take more of it. I was pushing my pussy against his
cock as I "woke" up.

"What are you doing, Timmy? Are you trying to fuck me?"
I asked, pushing my pussy onto his big cock.

"Yes, Grandma Lovett. You are such a lovely woman and I
could not stand it any longer. I have wanted to fuck
you for a long time." He said, "Do you mind if I put it
in you"

"Mind? I would like you to do it. Now slide it into me
a little deeper." I answered as I opened my lips for
his huge dick.

I was taking his cock as I saw Garry stroking his cock
in the corner. I could feel that young cock so deep in
me as I rotated my hips to take more of it in me. I
motioned for Garry to come closer as I reached my hand
out to him.

As Timmy was fucking me, I took Garry's cock into my
hand as he shifted around so I could take it into my
mouth. There I was, fucking my grandson and sucking my
son-in-law's cock! I was some sort of slut! But I was
loving it! I was taking both their cocks and working on
each one as I heard a voice.

"Mother! What are you doing? You are such a slut,
taking both of them on at once!" said Terry as she came
into the room, "Don't mind me. I think I will rub
myself as I watch the three of you."

I never slowed down as she sat on the edge of the bed
while Timmy was fucking me and I was sucking Garry's
cock. I saw her start to play with her pussy as she
reached down to play with Garry's balls.

"I want one of you to fuck me. I want a cock right
now!" Terry said. "Now get up here and fuck me, Garry."

I watched as my mouth slipped from his big cock as he
went to her, throwing her onto the bed with us. I saw
him place her on her hands and knees as Timmy rolled me
over onto my hands and knees, his big cock never
slipping out of my hot pussy.

I watched as Garry shoved his huge cock to Terry, his
fuck stick going so slow as he knew I loved watching
him in action. I saw her as she pumped her hips back to
him, fucking his cock as he hunched it to her.

Timmy was starting to swell up inside me and I could
feel the big cock as it began to throb. I knew he was
ready to blow his load of hot cum to me as I worked my
hips faster against his embedded cock. He started to
erupt as his cum began to spurt its load to me, filling
me with his hot love juices as he hammered my pussy

I was cumming as I saw Terry also had Garry's cock deep
in her. We all four began to cum as we screamed out in
pleasure. I was being filled with hot cum by my
grandson as my daughter was being filled with Garry's
cum. We were going wild as everyone was moaning and
groaning as we all came, over and over again.

We slowed to a stop and then Terry told Timmy to bring
his cock to her, that she wanted some of that big dick
too. I saw him climb up behind her as he took her hips
into his hands and watched as that long cock slid into
my daughter's wet pussy, just as I had seen them

I watched as I took Garry's cock and guided him back to
my dripping pussy as Timmy sank that huge dick to Terry
once again. It was so hot to see my daughter being
fucked by her son as her husband started to pound his
cock to me.

Garry had me on my knees as he too, took my hips an
worked that nice dick to me. I could feel it going so
deep as I bucked back to him, it filling me with that
hot flesh as it rammed deeper. The huge head was
touching me in places I had never been touched before,
making me gasp each time it hit bottom. I was loving
this as I shouted out in pleasure.

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder! I want all of you in me. Oh,
Fuck me!" I cried out as I watched Timmy fucking his
big dick to Terry as she started to cum...

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