An alien encounter creates a most interesting companion - sex story

An alien encounter creates a most interesting companion

The phone jangled unceremoniously as dawn's glow
enveloped the flickering remains of the star studded
heavens. It was Uncle Harvey, and he needed someone to
watch over his remote acreage while he was in the
hospital. Harvey was older than history, refusing to
succumb to the trials of life and the advancements of
modern technology, spending the greater part of his
day wandering through his heavily wooded property to
feed a flock of chickens and a few head of cattle that
free ranged there.

His "home" was an old Airstream with tarps thrown over
the top and a small pump house nearby where he stored
his feed and tools. I always had a soft spot for
Harvey, his tenacity commanded respect, and his soft
seldom spoken words were soothing to even those who
refused to hear. With a few essentials hurriedly
thrown into a handbag, I was soon on the three hour
drive into the hills and Harvey.

Weak yet determined, Harvey left shortly after giving
me few instructions and his heartfelt thanks. The
sudden silence was deafening, and claustrophobia set
in immediately. I soon realized my dependence on
electronic media, and flipped on the small portable
radio. After toying with the tuner for several long
minutes I realized the listening venue was extremely
limited. It would be a long stay.

Just forced into retirement, I was on a job search
that had thus far proven fruitless. My pension would
barely cover my existence with vacations and luxuries
reserved for my dreams and memories. My "lifetime"
companion had parted ways several years earlier to
pursue her life as a professional gold digger and my
only kid had moved across country in pursuit of vague
promises of fame. Basically alone, I had adapted -
content with a simple life, yet longing to fulfill
dreams I had long ago repressed.

My musings were suddenly shattered by an increasing
high pitched whine followed by a resounding impact
that violently shook the trailer, sending dishes and
other paraphernalia flying. I jumped out of the
trailer to see a few localized fires in the treetops
and a large mound of dirt. A small shiny cylinder,
that wasn't part of the natural topography rose a few
feet above and beyond the dirt pile. Unlawful reentry,
I mused, and briefly considered the debate over
immigration laws; wondering if extra-terrestrials
might be included.

With no phone, and barely enough gas in the car to get
me back to civilization, I was on my own. Briefly, I
considered the option of returning to the pseudo
security of the trailer and await the arrival of the
MIB's; but curiosity and the opportunity to cash in on
alien souvenirs outweighed caution.

The pile of dirt was warm, obscuring most of the
seamless cylinder. It glowed with a faint blue light
every couple of seconds that made my hair stand on end
and made the air tremble with a vibration that I
couldn't hear, but definitely felt. Hesitating, I
slowly walked up to the craft and touched its surface.
The temperature of the craft was cooler than I

The fires it set on its approach were dying into
embers, and there was no other sound � the forest was
deathly quiet. I began to scoop handfuls of dirt away
from the hull, searching for identifying marks but
there were none. After several minutes of dirt
displacement, my quest for answers and souvenirs
remained as it had when I began. I stood somewhat
breathlessly, resigned to assisting the MIB's when
they arrived when a small globe, slowing swirling with
blue pastel shades appeared beside me out of seemingly

I slowly turned to confront my floating blue
companion, quite aware that it was violating several
laws of nature, and smiled. The colors began to lose
their distinction and I heard a delicate feminine
voice mutter a single, yet crystal clear petition for
help. Don't ask me how I could understand; I reckon
I'll never know. Yet, the request was clear, explicit,
and urgent.

I was compelled to comply, and opened my arms with my
palms up in the universal gesture (I hoped) of 'how?'
Again, I instantly understood its request for energy.
Energy is a pretty nebulous term when one considers
its properties, but as the sphere continued to lose
color and sink slowly to the ground, the urgency
became obvious.

I raced back to the trailer, looked around and found
some old 2-line wire under the couch seat. Back
outside, the only outlet was on the porch light, which
I quickly dismantled and crammed the wires crudely
into the socket. Unrolling the line gingerly, I worked
my way to the cylinder and, after separating the two
wires, tucked one line into the dirt touching one side
of the cylinder and tucked the other onto the opposing
side. I should point out the cylinder was only a foot
or so in diameter, so the evolution only took a few

Once the lines were secured, I raced back to the
trailer and flipped the porch light on. A puff of
smoke erupted from the light socket and the small
light over the range dimmed considerably, but the
cylinder glowed softly with the crude electrical
transfusion. I ran back outside and retrieved the
fallen orb from the bed of dried pine needles where it
lay. Cradling it gently, I raced back into the trailer
and placed it into a small decorative basket sitting
by the window.

Placing the basket next to the small stove light, I
began to search for some more line. A small pop made
me wheel around abruptly. In its quest for energy, the
small sphere apparently popped the light bulb and was
drawing a fine blue green line of current from the
empty socket.

Content with the apparent energy crises averted, I
hustled outside to the back shed and found an old
rusty spade. After an hour of almost constant
shoveling, the cylinder was completely covered with
dirt and fallen branches. I finished just as I heard
the MIB's drive up. Denying any knowledge of
spaceships, aliens or conspiracy theories, they soon
climbed back into their black SUV and continued down
the road. If they would have paused to check my power
meter spinning at a bizzilion rpm, they may well have

After a light lunch and warm beer, I set out on the
chores that Uncle Harvey had outlined. The chickens
were hidden under an old decaying log and the cows
were huddled against the back fence. I voiced my
disapproval and gently herded the critters back to
their feed bins. They joined me grudgingly, and soon
were happily pecking and chomping their way to

I wandered around the property and soon experienced
the peace that could only be found in the unspoiled
beauty of nature. One of the young calves stopped
feeding and came over to nuzzle my hand. For the first
time in many years, I felt content.

Suddenly the stillness was shattered, the birds took
wing in disarray, the cows bolted, and I looked up
long enough to catch a brief glimpse of a silver
sliver streaking through the trees towards the
heavens. So much for souvenirs! With my tranquility
shattered, I gathered my remaining thoughts and slowly
made my way through the thick fern undergrowth towards
the trailer.

I couldn't help but wonder about the world my power
hungry guests had come from. Then again, I
rationalized; I didn't really need to know. There was
an hour worth of work to restore the trailer waiting
for me before dusk settled in and the day had provided
more than enough excitement.

After examining the outside light fixture carefully,
it became apparent that the socket was fused beyond
repair. Stomping my feet to clean off the excess pine
needles, I stepped into the trailer and there, on the
heavily soiled couch lay the most beautiful female
form I had ever laid my eyes on. I gasped and stepped
backwards, missing the step and falling ass over
teakettle into a growth of ferns.

Staggering to my feet and shaking my head to dislodge
the beautiful feminine image that surely must have
originated in the twilight zone, I re-entered the
trailer. She was still there � with beautiful doe-like
brown eyes, long silky brown hair and legs that went
on forever. No denying it, I was stunned and staggered
backwards till the wall met my butt.

"Do you not like me?" Her frail high pitched voice
barely registered on my traumatized brain. "I can be
what you desire..." she offered as she morphed into a
glorious African goddess with large full breasts and
well-toned thighs. A few moments later, it morphed
into a frail oriental beauty with delicious mysterious
eyes and small cupcake breasts, and then an Indian
princess with thick black hair that reached her butt
and dark piercing eyes that seem to hold the secrets
of life itself.

"Hold on there," I blurted, still reeling from the
shape shifting entity serenely perched on the couch.
"Who or what are you?"

"I am created for you." It rose to its feet unsteadily
and once balanced, walked to me with unsure steps.

"Ah, that's... nice," I responded, my thoughts in
overdrive. Reaching out I gently steadied her, her
warm skin soft and amazingly supple; almost human!
Gently guiding her to a seat, I eased her into it

"Show me your reproductive organs," she implored.

"Whoa... a little forward, aren't we?" I stepped back
a little stunned.

"No." She responded as she reached forward and had my
pants and underwear around my ankles in a heartbeat.
Her gentle hands quickly swept to my groin, and
explored my limp package with the curiosity of a
child. "It is beautiful," she whispered, as her dark
aroused nipples protruded through a sheer translucent
white gown and the unmistakable scent of sexual
arousal drifted into the stale air. Her supple
fingertips caressed every millimeter of my cock as if
it were a priceless gem. Predictably, I became aroused
with her gentle caresses. I absently stroked the thick
crown of glorious black hair while stroking the soft
olive toned skin of her face and neck.

Suddenly she withdrew and stared at my now fully
engorged member with wide eyes. "Have I damaged it?"

It took me a moment to understand the disconnect.
"Quite the contrary," I replied breathlessly.

The slight smile that she displayed on my response was
quickly replaced by one of genuine concern. "It is too
large to penetrate my receptor!"

I'd never heard a pussy being referred to as a
receptor but, then again, I've never made love to an
alien android either. Smiling, I ran my fingers
through her long lustrous hair. The concern on her
face faded as the gown she wore simply melted away
offering an unobstructed view of her beautifully
sculpted body. Once again, her delicate fingers probed
my now throbbing flesh with renewed fascination. I
eased my cock over to one of the two deliciously erect
nipples and gently rubbed the head around the large
deep brown teat.

She first rolled her head back, then her eyes as she
murmured indistinguishable phrases. Her body slid
lower into the chair and her hips began rocking
rhythmically. The intensity of her arousal grew
exponentially when one of her hands slid onto my thigh
and the other to the bushy cleft between her legs.

A drop of liquid slowly formed on her aroused nipple
and combined with the drop that my own organ produced,
mixing to form a sensual lubricant that only
heightened our mutual sensations. Just as I was about
to switch nipples, her body stiffened, her legs
crossed tensely and she released a long low moan that
was unmistakably orgasmic.

Her hips rose from the chair and she released a long
crystal clear stream that splashed forcefully against
my thigh. Her eyes fluttered and I swear a small puff
of smoke escaped her ears as we both experienced our
first ever titty orgasm.

I'm not sure who was more surprised, but she
manifested all the symptoms of a serious neurological
overload; short quick breaths, trembling extremities,
and a face of pure agony. It took several minutes for
post orgasmic euphoria to set in. Sprawled in the
chair, a vision of both beauty and exhaustion, I
marveled at her physical perfection and the technology
required to create her. Quietly I pulled my pants over
my wilting cock and ever so gently lifted her lifeless
frame from the chair and onto the bed just moments
before my back muscles gave out. She was a handful in
many ways.

I grabbed a bottle of water � Harvey refilled them
every morning from a nearby stream. His longevity was
a testimonial to its benefits although its purity was
questionable, at best. Watching her rest so blissfully
was infectious, but too many incongruities in her
existence kept sleep at bay. In front of me lay a
beautiful creature of alien origin.

Even her deep respiration provided a contradiction �
why does she need air; does she really need air or was
her respiration a programmed manifestation provided
for my acceptance? She murmured something quietly and
rolled on her side. The instant she realized I was
sitting next to her she rose slightly and patted the
bed next to her.

"Repose," was all she said.

I slowly rose, aware of several muscles that announced
their overworked status and rolled into her waiting
arms. Her body was warm and soft, and her arms
embraced me with the tenderness that a mother holds
her newborn. Despite my preoccupations, sleep came
rapidly. Several times during the night, I awoke to
her warm soothing embrace, blocking my overactive mind
from rejecting this other worldly scenario, and
snuggled as close as I could � the chill in the night
air barely noticeable.

Despite the contradictions she presented, I felt at
peace and fell into a profound sleep. The sun had
barely tinted the morning sky when I awoke to an empty
bed. My alien companion was standing next to me, her
nakedness barely discernible in the dim light. Her
hands were wandering over my face and exposed arms
lovingly. Directly in front of my face was the unruly
bush covering her "receptor" and the musky scent of
her arousal filled my nostrils.

When such a rare opportunity presents itself, one
would be three sheets the other side of crazy to
ignore it. Pulling her to me by her full round cheeks,
I buried my face into the knarly mass of curls, my
tongue on seek-and-destroy mode. Her hands
instinctively grabbed my hair and she issued a
surprised squeak. The delicate inner lips had barely
descended in sharp contrast to the maturation of her
full hips and ripe breasts. When my tongue grazed her
clit, her legs trembled forcing me to grab her more
tightly to prevent her falling.

Two circles and one tongue swipe across the large
throbbing nub later, she blew a large volume of her
orgasmic essence onto my face, forcing me to gulp and
gasp for air. She screamed a long low, sensual sound
that startled the sleeping birds outside and provided
the sweetest music I've ever heard.

My grip momentarily relaxed in surprise and she went
down to her knees bathing the mattress with several
more orgasmic blasts. Her creators should be nominated
for the Nobel peace prize for the orgasmic response
she demonstrated. The idea of an orgasmic android was
something Hollywood had never dreamed of, and seemed
as alien as the alien itself.

"Are you OK," I queried after her spasms subsided and
I wiped my face.

"Several servos are hyper-extended and my receptor
sensitivity is beyond threshold," she murmured softly
after several moments. It wasn't quite the response I
expected, but well within reason. She reached over and
ran her delicate fingers over my crotch gently,
tracing the outline of my rapidly engorging organ.
Slowly rising on unsteady legs, she promptly
dispatched my attire, maintaining both cock and eye
contact until I was fully engorged. "Your penetration
is required," she murmured softly with underscored

"Climb aboard, then," I urged; momentarily releasing
my inhibitions to the throes of lust. She straddled my
hips lightly, and slowly descended until the head of
my cock disappeared into her thick nest of pubic curls
and lodged on the puffy pussy lips hidden within.
Guiding my throbbing organ with her one hand while
stabilizing her body with her other hand on my chest,
she moved her hips across my torso slowly. That motion
alone was too much for her over stimulated sensors,
and she immediately bucked her voluptuous hips while
bathing my genitals with a tidal wave of orgasmic

She collapsed heavily on my chest while trembling
violently. I tried to reposition myself to breathe
easier, but the slight friction of my semi-hard cock
was enough to trigger her hips to instinctively kick-
in. Another orgasm overwhelmed her tortured frame and
her cry of release sounded more like agony than
ecstasy. Her hair trigger would be the death of me, I
mused, as pondered the wording of my imminent
obituary. Thankfully, she rolled off my frame in a
daze and curled up in a fetal position next to me as
the darkness in my field of vision slowly dissolved.

Her gentle fingers wrapped around my soggy deflating
organ gingerly, as her respiration slowed and she
sighed softly with every breath. Where I had failed
with the human female, I had excelled with an
artificial life form. Perhaps one of the other
feminine forms she assumed when I first encountered
her might be less sensitive � it might be worth a try.
For now, I must feed the animals, and get some coffee
on the stove. The outdoor and stove top light needed
repair also, so gently I rolled away from the sleeping
beauty, and took a quick shower before donning a fresh
set of rags and grabbing the empty water bottles.

I headed out into the crisp morning air, closing the
door quietly as I left. The critters were waiting
expectantly, and responded timidly to my gentle
overtures. Once the animals were fed, I drew some
fresh water for both the animals and the empty plastic
bottles from the nearby stream. On the way back to the
trailer, I pulled the wires I had strung yesterday and
rolled them up neatly.

Once back inside the trailer, I saw my alien companion
sitting naked on the bed with her knees drawn under
her chin and a distant look in her eyes. Trying to
obtain some sign of recognition I waved my arms in
front of her, but she sat motionless as if in another

Strange subtle whirring sounds originating from the
back of her head were barely audible and I cursed my
insensitivity assuming I must have blown her circuits.
The coffee was still perking into black mud; so I
watered it down a tad and pondered how to dispose of
the body. Suddenly, her eyes momentarily glowed blue
and her breathing resumed with quick, short gasp. I
walked over to her and she responded with a weak smile
as she stretched out her long olive toned legs.

She was absolutely beautiful.

"What happened?"

"Reprogramming," she muttered unemotionally. "Am I

"I suppose," I offered, taking a long deep breath. "I
know so little about you that I'm admittedly hesitant.
Am I just a hunk of meat to satisfy your sexual
curiosity and exchange fluids, or am I more than that?
And what needed reprogramming, anyways? I should have
known you have mechanical thresholds and been more

Her entire body instantly went limp; her eyes lost
their color, her arms dangled uselessly by her sides
and she collapsed into a fetal position. I figured I'd
overloaded her with my verbal expletives somehow; so
beautiful yet so fragile. She had returned to her
makers and I was stuck with the lifeless remnants to
discard with yesterday's news. Suddenly, there was a
warm glowing light that filled the trailer and she
stirred back to life, her eyes glowed with the same
blue pastels that the orb displayed a day earlier and
her limbs trembled with renewed animation. The light
abruptly disappeared and I rushed over to embrace her.

"Your responses reveal that you have accepted me," she

"Yeah, guess I have -now how about sharing some of
your characteristics with me � or at least provide a
rudimentary owner's manual."

"I apologize, but our introductory stage required more
observations and analysis to complete my assimilation
into this world. I have been reprogrammed with your
linguistic patterns and strengthened structural
modifications. I will no longer suffer from
catastrophic sensory overloads and will communicate
with more effective speech patterns now. Specifically,
I am a self-sustaining zeta unit that requires ambient
energy to regenerate and your love to thrive. I will
assist you however possible, and remain your dedicated
unit until you pass on into the next realm. Whatever
you may desire, I will endeavor to provide."

I took a long swig of coffee and savored its warmth.
"Acceptance comes easy, but love takes time and time
is about all I have to offer. I reckon we need to get
you up to speed on the world you live in." She rose
magnificently, and strolled over to me extending her
hand which I grabbed gently and rose to meet her. We
exchanged our first long, sensuous kiss. She tasted
sweeter than a fine wine. After I grabbed my breath, I
asked "What is your name?"

"I have none," she confessed somewhat reluctantly.

"How about Ann; short for Andromeda, a nearby galaxy
I've heard about?"

"Ann � I'm now Ann, the mate of...?"

"Daniel � Dan would be good."

"Are you happy with this body?"

"It's beautiful," I murmured reverently, "Would you be
upset if I asked for something different?"

"No, change is good and gives me opportunity to
experience our coupling in the form you prefer."

"Well, how about a tall slender blond with blue eyes,
long legs, small perky breasts, and less hair between
your legs." To my amazement, she quickly and
effortlessly morphed into a statuesque blond goddess
complete with full pouting lips and a small upturned
nose. I felt the blood flowing to my groin almost
immediately - this was going to be fun! She leaned
into me for a second sensual kiss as her hand slipped
between us to the bulge in my Levi's.

My hand zeroed in on a small pink nipple jutting out
proudly with anticipation. In an instant, I was
stepping out of my pants, knowing that this time she
would experience the full force of my penetration. We
fell onto the bed, and I put her long legs over my
shoulders while my pulse raced. Her nearly hairless
pussy and slim hips provided the perfect landing site
for my rigid cock.

With a few gentle nudges, I found her moist center
and, with every muscle straining, slowly pressed the
throbbing intruder into her depths. It was a slow
process; she was so tight that it was impossible to
proceed in any other manner. A faint pink hue spread
across her chest as her delicate hands clutched the
comforter. She was so human, it was almost surreal!
Her facial features grimaced with my intrusion as her
soft fingers painfully gripped my rib cage.

With less than half my length enveloped, her hips
swung abruptly towards the head of the bed and she
voiced a high pitch squeal that likened to shatter
glass. A burst of orgasmic essence erupted on my torso
as her vaginal muscles clamped down so tightly that my
bewildered cock was forced out into the open. Wrapping
her arms around me with a vice grip, her hips danced
in a frenzy trying to pin my freed organ tightly
against her clit.

I let euphoria overtake her, and just as she relaxed,
I went for my second attempt, plunging quickly into
her warmth as far as I could before the friction of
her tightening vaginal walls curtailed any further
advance. I eased out and back in, entering the silky
depths a tad further. Repeating the process with
gentle pressure over several minutes, I finally
reached her cervix. It felt as if her cervix kissed
the glans tenderly just as the muscles along her
vaginal walls began a series of rhythmic constrictions
beginning at the base and terminating right at the
very tip.

I couldn't withdraw, the muscles at the base were
cinched too tightly, yet the rhythmic tugging
eliminated the need. Faster and faster, they continued
their sequential tugging crowned by gentle cervical
kisses, until my own sensory input reached overload.
The first eruption of sperm deep inside her was met
with her own eruption as we experienced our first
explosive mutual climax. Explosive is the closest way
to describe our collective sensations as we tumbled
ecstatically onto the floor, thrusting desperately as
we rode our orgasmic ecstasy beyond physical reality.

I found myself free falling on a cosmic journey
through the heavens, lost in the wonder of limitless
fulfillment. It was as if I was no longer what I
thought I had always been; an insignificant grain of
sand on the seashore of time! There was unremitting
joy and contentment separating my spirit from the
restrictive confines I had learned to accept. Ever so
slowly the visions faded back into the sweaty reality
of two exhausted lovers tightly embraced on a carpeted
floor reeking of mildew.

I kissed her, and thanked her, as her eyes flickered
with glowing contentment. It would be several hours
before we untangled our extremities and returned to
stasis, grateful for the experience we shared and
eager to go at it again once we recovered. Slowly I
got to my feet and got dressed as Ann lay in repose.

I realized it was not her form but her construct that
had made this event so profoundly satisfying. I
staggered to the door and slowly opened it, partially
wondering if the world I'd known was still outside. It
was, although the cows were lined up in a semicircle
around the door, chewing their cud contentedly. I
fumbled with the fried light socket momentarily until
her soft warm hand emerged from behind me and grasped
the socket in her palm. A silent hum and a few sparks
later, a virtually brand new fixture hung in its
place. This girl was amazing.

I turned to her, and was about to ask how she
accomplished such a feat without tools or supplies,
but her big blue eyes and beautiful body stilled my
curiosity. She took my hand and we walked into the
forest wordlessly, allowing the calm beauty to
replenish our souls. The cows slowly followed us.

"Ann," I finally broke our silence near the fence at
the edge of the property, "I have little to offer,
hardly any money or material goods, but if I could,
I'd surely give you..."

"Shhh, it's OK Daniel, I'll make things right with
you. Where do you obtain this money?"

"At a bank or cash machine, but there are security
issues, IRS, FBI."

"Take me there," she commanded.

"You'll need some clothes, Ann."

"Yours will be fine," she said and quickly turned and
bounded back towards the trailer with myself and bunch
of cows in hot pursuit.

A few minutes later, I slowly eased my old car down
the rutted dirt road, with Ann in my best clean T-
shirt and a grossly oversized pair of Levi's sitting
next to me. The trip was uneventful in the late
afternoon glow, and we hardly spoke as Ann was
entranced by the passing scenery. She kept her left
hand cupped on my crotch even though I advised her it
was not considered appropriate around others.

At one point she took my bank card and, after studying
it briefly, placed it in the palm of her hand and
closed her eyes. She returned it after assuring me it
wouldn't be needed anymore. Far-be-it for me to
attempt to imagine what she was about to do, so I
fumbled with a few back-up scenarios in case things
turned sour.

We finally got into town where a cash machine stood
awash in lights outside the bank building. She stepped
out of the car, strolled over to the machine, and put
her hand on the screen. Moments later, bills began
flying out of the front of the machine and I hurried
out to help her stow the wandering cash. On final
count, there was close to twenty thousand dollars in
assorted bills. I stashed all but a few thousand under
the seat, but when I geared up for a quick getaway,
she placed her hand on my leg and smiled.

"The security devices were disabled, Dan; and the
machine is empty."

"How did you do that?"

"It is difficult to explain with your current
knowledge," she replied somewhat remorsefully, "But
the money will not be missed."

"Then let's get you some clothes!"

Few stores were open, but we got her several changes
of jeans and blouses with underwear (which she
absolutely detested) and shoes. I purchased the
missing light bulbs, a cheap laptop computer and
tanked up the car. On the way home, I swung into the
local market to restock where Ann became fascinated
with canned food and saran wrap. The final stop was a
small family owned malt shop and although she didn't
require conventional nutrition, her love of French
fries and chocolate malts quickly became apparent. She
savored the taste sensations all the way home, while I
did my best to drain the grease from my burgers before
I ate them.

Once back at the trailer where the cows were lined up
awaiting our arrival, I gave her the laptop. She
giddily clapped her hands and bolted into the trailer.
While I fed the cows and savored my situation, Ann
mastered the idiosyncrasies of our modern technology.
When I returned to the trailer, she was glued to the
computer screen as it flashed images so fast I
couldn't focus on them.

Her hands never touched the keyboard - only the mouse
was a blur of constant motion. How she ever got online
was a mystery to me. The range of emotions she
displayed ranged from silent tears to brief outbursts
of laughter corresponding to the images that
momentarily paused on the screen. It was a joy to
watch her learn over a bag of microwave popcorn. As
sleep began to overrun my observations, she closed the
cover and stepped over to drop on my lap, her arm
wrapped firmly around my shoulder.

"You world is a study of inconsistencies, with such
beauty and such horror - how does one live in harmony
with such extremes?"

"We abide, I guess," I murmured philosophically.
"There are always those less fortunate, and those with
more than they need; yet despite these
inconsistencies, we endeavor to remain at peace with

She nodded and fell silent for a moment. "Why is there
so much sex online?" Her free hand wandered down my
chest to my fly, casually releasing the flaccid organ
within. Her delicate fingers traced the outline of my
genitals gently coaxing life into my loins.

"Well, we're sexual beings, sweetie; what we can't get
from our 'mates' we fantasize about online." I
unbutton her blouse slowly, brushing the fine blond
strands over her shoulder.

"Restrained sexuality is counterproductive to the
well-being of sentient beings. Such a shame to neglect
such a beautiful organ for the senseless concerns of
your world," she mused sadly while squeezing my
lengthening cock securely. "I could never accept that

"It's the way of the world Ann," I conceded as I
released the last button on her jeans. She lifted her
hips slightly, and her jeans slid down her silky legs
and pooled at her feet.

Spreading her legs as wide as the arms of the chair
would allow, she guided the head of my cock across the
moist puffy lips of her sex with a longing sigh. Her
hands continued to explore our exposed genitals
gently, until she found her sweet spot and gently
maneuvered her hips to allow access.

I groaned as the head slipped past the peach fuzz into
her core. It was still incredibly tight, but the
smooth walls and strong muscular contractions pulled
the head of my cock within quickly. I eased my hands
up to her glorious hard nipple breasts and gently
squeezed their firm fullness as she moaned and erupted
in a cock ejecting climax.

Despite her brief orgasmic release, she frantically
fumbled for my expelled organ and repositioned it,
forcing herself onto its length with a painful yelp.

"Just relax, Ann," I coached as my organ sought deeper
penetration. Her muscles released their cock crushing
grip slightly yet sufficiently enough to allow my
slick organ to become fully encased before they
clamped tightly again. The sensation triggered yet
another explosive orgasm. Ignoring her orgasmic
throes, I withdrew slightly and plunged in again, her
internal muscles milking the length of my shaft with
inhuman efficiency.

The deep boiling intensity of my impending climax
arose almost instantly, and with a final squeeze of
her delicious breast, I let go - spewing a lifetime of
passion into her depths.

A kaleidoscope of colors enveloped us accompanied by a
cosmic symphony of soothing sounds, as we sailed
throughout eternity; her hand firmly gripping my own.
Her body had a halo of blue energy that shone like a
star on the warm comforting cosmic journey we shared.
We swooped past a multitude of worlds with a myriad of
creatures of every description inhabiting them.

Stars exploded in a cascade of breath taking light as
asteroids whizzed by unhindered by the warmth of the
solar winds. I kissed her passionately and our bodies
entwined in a joyful carefree meld of unity.

Slowly the fantasy faded into darkness, and I opened
my eyes to a darkened trailer and a gorgeous blond
sitting on my lap with her head on my shoulder and her
pussy still clutching my deflated cock. I slowly
repositioned myself to shift Ann's weight and she
sighed contently.

Replaying the memory of our cosmic voyage over and
over again, I grasped at the elation the freedom
provided and wondered somewhere, in the depth of my
core, if there could ever be more. Ann had
irreversibly changed my life, and I was destined to
follow her to the ends of reality.

I began to explore my sanity; was sex turning me into
a mindless robot? She stirred, and the unmistakable
tugging at my cock began again, far more gently than
before, but with the same sense of urgency. Her big
blue eyes fluttered open as a smile crossed her face.
Turning towards me, she tightened her embrace as I
slowly stroked the soft golden hair in the darkness.

She drifted back into her dreams, still massaging my
organ. I too, eased my head back and savored the
feeling, and dreamed of a life filled with the hopes
and mysteries of Andromeda.

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