Anastasia Starts Work - sex story

Anastasia Starts Work

As Anastasia waited for her friend Sophie in the college coffee bar, she was thinking. Sophie as a bright, bubbly girl with lots of friends yet she hardly ever took part in the college social events. She was also from a poor background, so where did she get the money to dress so well?

Sophie bounded in. “So sorry I’m late”, she gasped, “Had to see someone”. Anastasia did not mind.

“Tell all, what happened last night, did you see him - you look a bit tired?” Sophie demanded.

Anastasia told her about last night, and the effect on her bank balance, and said she would be OK if she could get more work like that. Sophie reflected for a minute as she sipped her coffee – it was unlike her to be silent for more than a second at a time.

“Listen”, said Sophie slowly, “I’ve never told anyone this, but can I trust you?” Anastasia nodded.

“Like you, I was also broke”, Sophie went on. “I heard about this agency that arranges for guys like Bob to meet girls like us”.

“Call Girls! Prostitution!” exclaimed Anastasia.

“You could call it that, but they have been really good to me and if you want, I could arrange an introduction. You would not be committing yourself to anything and if you don’t like them, you can just walk way”.

Anastasia thought for a minute and the vision of her red-numbered spreadsheet flashed before her eyes. “OK, I’ll meet them” she said hesitantly.

A few days later, she was riding an elevator up to the fourth floor of a slightly rundown apartment block in an unfashionable part of town, not far from where she lived. She rang the bell on number 46. A middle aged, slightly overweight, but well dressed woman answered the door.

“Hi, you must be Anastasia, do come in, I’m Linda” she said with a friendly smile.

Inside, the apartment was small, warm and cosily furnished with several chairs, a table and a sofa. A young, slim, attractive Chinese girl was sitting on the sofa and a stocky, smartly-dressed young man was seated on a wooden chair in the corner of the room.

“This is Yee Long and that’s Jimmy over there. This is Anastasia”. Yee Long smiled and nodded.

“Hi Anastasia”, replied Jimmy in a thick Scottish accent. “Jimmy’s no ma real name, but it’s what they call’t me in the army. Whatever you do, NEVER call me ‘Jock’ and we’’ git alang jus’ fine”, he added.

“Do sit down”, said Linda. “Would you like a drink?”

Anastasia’s mouth was dry. “Just water please”, she croaked.

“OK”, said Linda, “Sophie’s told you what we do here, so why don’t you tell me about yourself”.

Anastasia told them about her background, why she was broke and why she thought about working in the sex industry. Linda said she thought they could work together, but there were a few preliminaries to go through first. “Get undressed”, she demanded.

Anastasia shot a glance at Jimmy, then Yee Long. “Don’t worry about them, and you can’t do this job if you are shy”.

Anastasia felt really stupid but did as she was asked. As she slipped off her clothes the phone rang.

“Hi”, answered Linda and paused. “We don’t have any black girls working tonight, but we do have a lovely Chinese…. OK, I understand, but call back tomorrow when we do have a gorgeous 22-year old black girl …. OK, bye”.

By now Anastasia was naked. Linda eyed her lovely figure and nice firm size C breasts. “Oh! A real blond”, she said looking at Anna’s pussy. “That will be popular. What do you think guys?”

“Great”, grunted Jimmy, “The punters ‘ll love her”.

“Fantastic body”, whispered Yee Long, “I do like her!”

Linda stepped over and took Anastasia’s arms and looked closely at them, then looked up her nose. “Open your mouth Honey”, she ordered. “We don’t want no junkies or crack heads working here! Do you have your STD certificate?” Continued Linda.

Sophie had warned Anna that she needed this so she had been to the local private clinic earlier in the week. She felt embarrassed going there, but the staff were completely non-judgmental and very kind to her. She told the nurse why she needed the certificate and even this did not evoke any kind of negative reaction. Instead, she was given good advice about how to take care of her health, avoid pregnancy and a help-line number if she needed to talk further.

The phone rang again and Linda answered. “Yes, she’s working tonight, would you like to see her again? … usual address? … OK, half an hour”. Linda hung up.

“It’s that guy at 22, River Street”, Linda said to Yee Long.

“Great, I like him”. She turned to Anastasia. “He’s 76 years old but works out at gym and takes lots of Viagra. He always gives me good fucking; see you later!” she said excitedly and off she went.

“OK, Honey you can get dressed again, you’ve got the job, but let me explain the rules”, continued Linda.

“We charge the punters 200 an hour or 150 for half an hour. Regular customers can have a ‘quickie’, for 100 if they aren’t too far away. You get 60 percent. Tips, or payment for ‘extra’ services are all yours. No doing private deals with our clients! At first, you will work out of here, but after a few weeks, you can ….”

The phone rang again. “Hi, this is Linda. Sure, we have a girl, it’s 200 for an hour, basic service ….. OK, we have a nice 23-year old brunette, 38C …. Yes, she’s white…… yes she will do that, but it will be extra…… OK, where are you? ….. She’ll be there by 8 o’clock …. OK, bye.”

She turned to Jimmy. “Pick up Barbara, and take her to the Blue Lake Inn, the room’s 308”.

“Sure thing boss!” he replied.

Linda continued: “No drugs, no alcohol while you are working. If a guy offers you a drink, you should ask for something non-alcoholic. Make sure he opens it where you can see it! Get the money at the start and put it away. If you arrive and the guy’s drunk, high or there’s more than one, leave straight away. Unless it’s someone we know, Jimmy will go with you. You meet the guy, agree how long you will stay then ‘phone Jimmy straight away to tell him all’s OK and what time you will finish. If the guy wants more time, get the money and call Jimmy with an update – If you are more than five minutes late leaving, Jimmy will kick the door down so do watch the time!” Linda emphasised that condoms must be used for all sexual activities; no exceptions even if the client offered extra money.

They chatted for a long time about the work, the services she would and would not offer and Linda used to be a working girl herself and gave Anastasia lots of advice about clients and the work. She had also started as a student, but on the streets at first. This was a precarious and dangerous way to earn money so she quickly moved to an agency after she was raped by a guy who refused to use a condom. She said it was important to make clients happy but also to enjoy the work herself. She should never to be pressured into doing anything she did not want to. The phone rang a few more times. Linda was always polite even when the caller was not serious. Then Jimmy was back but Yee Long was spending longer with her favourite client.

Across town George was in his hotel room looking at the advert again. His mouth was dry and his hands were shaking, but he knew he had to call. He had not had sex with his wife, Judy, for over six months. He was desperate and did not often do business trips away from home so this was his only chance. Last night he had looked at the ad but downloaded porn, on his computer, and wanked rather than call. He kicked himself afterwards for being such a wimp, so tonight he was determined to go through with it so he picked up the phone and dialled. His heart was in his mouth and his pulse raced.

A lady answered after a couple of rings: “Hi, thanks for calling, how can I help you?”

He tried to sound confident, but failed miserably. “Hi. I’ve seen your advert and wondered …” His voice faltered, but the lady did not mind.

“Hi Honey, I quite understand, would you like one of our ladies to visit you?” she asked kindly.

“Yes, yes please”. He stammered.

“No problem, I will just see who we have, I’ll put you on hold for a minute so don’t hang up”. She put the call on hold and turned to Anastasia.

“Do you want a job tonight?” she asked. Anastasia was taken aback as she was not expecting to be working straight away but she thought of her financial plight and agreed.

Linda was back on the phone: “I have a lovely Russian blond girl who has just started with us, I am sure you will get on really well with her ….. that will be 200 for an hour, and she can be with you in half an hour”.

George put the phone down. He was shaking all over but got showered, changed and headed for the bar as he had been asked to. He was surprised at the price as it was less than he was expecting.

Anastasia was in the car with Jimmy heading for the hotel. “I will go into the bar first and check the guy oot. You follow after a few minutes but do not acknowledge me. When you meet him, head to his room as quick as ye can, without being rude, and call me with the room number once he has paid. I’ll wait for ye in the bar – any trouble call me straight away!”

She was really nervous but walked into the bar confidently. Jimmy was sitting in a corner with a drink and reading his book ‘Differential Equation Applications in Particle Physics’. She recognised George, from the description, standing uncomfortably near the bar. He was middle aged, slightly overweight, starting to go bald and dressed in ill fitting grey casual trousers and a light green polo shirt, but actually not bad looking. He looked round the bar nervously as she approached but no one took any notice of them as she introduced herself “Hi, I am Anastasia, or Anna if you prefer; you must be George?”

Words failed him; he was not expecting her to be so gorgeous and her Russian accent was so sexy, so he just stammered: “Would you like a drink.”

“That’s very kind, but no thanks. I would like to go to your room, where we can be private”. She said quietly and smiled at him. He nodded and led the way.

The room was small, dimly lit but warm, clean and sparsely equipped with modern-décor furnishings. There was a separate bright white bathroom/toilet area to the left as they entered the room. George was very nervous and Anastasia had butterflies in her stomach as well. She slipped off her coat to reveal her short, tightly fitting blue dress that showed her curves well. George was sweating even though he was lightly dressed and the air conditioning was on.

Anastasia sat down on the small settee and invited him to sit next to her, which he did.

“Shall we do the money first so we can forget it and get to know each other?” she asked. He nodded. “How long would you like me to stay, it’s 200 for an hour?” He nodded again and handed her the money, which she put away in her handbag.

“I just need to phone my driver and tell him when to pick me up again” she said and called Jimmy with the room number and time before putting her phone away. She put her arm round him and gently kissed his neck.

He was tense so she whispered: “I like you, and we are going to have lots of fun”.

She took his right hand and placed it on her breasts, which he stroked tentatively. “I like that” she whispered and she stroked his trousers and felt his cock, which was starting to get hard.

She stood up and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor, then took this hand to invite him to join her. She unclipped her bra and guided his hand up to her naked breasts which he stroked gently, causing her nipple to grow. She felt his cock growing harder inside his trousers so she undid them, pulled them down so they joined her dress on the floor. She slipped her hand inside his shorts and pulled out his hard cock. “Oh that’s magnificent, so hard already, I can see we are going to have fun!”

He looked embarrassed so she whispered: “Let’s slip off our clothes and take a shower, would you like that?”

A minute later, they were naked together in the shower. She took the shower gel and soaped his body, lingering around his cock, which she massaged gently until it was hard again.

“Do you want to wash my breasts?” He readily complied. “And my pussy?” she suggested.

He slipped is soapy hand down between her legs and gently fingered her warm pussy. His cock was now really hard. “Oh”, she whispered, “I think it’s time we dried off and got on the bed”.

“Do you like oral sex?” she asked when they were lying naked on the bed. George had never tried this – Judy always said it was ‘dirty’ even with a condom, so she never let him do it. “I’ve … I’ve never tried it” he blurted out.

She kissed him gently and said: “Now’s your time to try; I really like doing it!”

She licked his nipples and stroked his balls and cock until it was really hard. She ran tongue across his stomach and down towards his cock. She slipped a condom over his cock and started to lick its tip. He responded by stroking her soft breasts. She slipped his cock into her mouth and started sucking it, gently at first but then more vigorously. He lay back and started groaning. Then, he stiffened and quickly filled the condom with his semen.

She took his cock out of her mouth, cleaned him and smiled at him. “Good?” she asked.

“That was so wonderful.” He replied. He was slightly disappointed that he had come so quickly, as he really wanted to fuck Anastasia as well but the hour would be up shortly. Even when they were first married he and Judy only ever made love once each night “Don’t be greedy.” She would chastise him if he tried to entice her for a second session.

George had known Judy was religious from the day they met. He had just moved to town for his first job after leaving college. He had fucked a couple of girls at college, but never had a steady girlfriend. He went along to the Christmas Fair, at Judy’s church, and met her there at the Bric-a-Brac stall. She was a couple of years older than him, slim, plain looking with shoulder-length brown hair and small firm breasts, which he liked. He tried a corny chat-up line, to which she responded positively and soon they were dating. When they were alone together, she let him kiss her and take off her bra but she would not let him touch her ‘below the waist’ …. “until we are married”, she insisted. She would not even stroke his cock over his trousers.

They had a short engagement and were married in the early summer. Despite their lack of experience, their honeymoon was a great success. On their wedding night, they were hot and sweaty when they got to their hotel room.

“You shower first” Judy suggested coyly.

“No, together” he ventured and she readily agreed. They slipped each other’s clothes off and got in the shower. For the first time he could explore her body ‘below the waist’. She enjoyed him touching her pussy, though not as much as when she did it herself. She tried gently stroking his cock which was very hard by now. They enjoyed each other’s’ bodies in the warm water for several minutes then he led her to the bed without even bothering to dry. He stroked her pussy to make it really wet then slid on top of her and rubbed his cock against her pussy. Their condoms remained in the unpacked cases by the door. Judy’s mother had warned he that sex would hurt; it didn’t. He slipped easily inside her and began fucking her gently at first but then quicker. She moaned then cried with pleasure as she felt his warm spunk come inside her.

It started to go wrong for them when they tried, unsuccessfully, to have children. Then sex became a chore which had to be done at particular times and was always a source of anxiety, which often stopped him cuming. Even when it became clear they would not have a family, sex never went back to how it was at first.

Anastasia had read George’s mind. “Would you like another hour, for 150, so we can make love without having to hurry?”

He readily agreed and gave her the extra money. She rang Jimmy, assured him everything was OK and told him she would be another hour. The practicalities over, she went back to the bed and cuddled up to him.

“I like you, and I want you to fuck me.” She said candidly and began stroking his flaccid cock. He stroked her breasts and his cock began to respond. “Stroke my pussy, I like that.” He obliged and his cock grew harder as her pussy became wet. She cuddled up to him closer, licked his nipples and gently scratched him just below his arm pits.

After a few minutes his cock has fully hard again and she was feeling horny herself. She looked into his eyes and whispered: “time to make love?” He nodded, she rolled another condom over his cock and knelt over him. Her pussy was wet and did not need any lube. She took hold of his cock and slid it into her entrance. He thrust it deeper into her and cupped his hands round her breasts as she knelt astride him.

She knew they still had plenty of time and it would take him a while to come so she suggested they tried other positions – “how about doggy?” He had seen this in porn films but Judy never let him do it “it’s like animals do it.” Judy had retorted when he asked.

Anastasia slid his cock out of her pussy, turned round and bent over showing him her lovely slim arse. He knelt behind her and pushed his still-hard cock into her pussy. It easily slipped all the way in and he began fucking her again. It was easy to fuck her hard in this position and she loved his deep thrusting. “Oh, Oh, fuck me; fuck me harder” she implored as she felt herself starting to come. He thrust harder then felt her pussy tighten round his cock. “Yes, yes! Yes!” She gasped as her orgasm came. He filled the second condom and they lay back on the bed together and embraced tightly. “That was so good” she told him. “You are a great lover”.

She removed the condom gently and cleaned him up with a tissue. His dick was not fully soft so she began to rub it gently while he stroked her lovely breasts. He was surprised that after a few minutes his cock was hard again so he asked if they had time to do it again. Anna readily agreed and pulled another condom out of her bag. She lay on her back and he began fucking her, slowly at first but then harder and quicker, which she liked. He stopped suddenly and pulled his cock out of her.

“I don’t think I can come again.” He whispered.

“We’ll see about that – feel my breasts while I rub you.” She replied.

She slipped the condom off and began rubbing him slowly but with great skill. She felt him staring to come so she squeezed his cock between her breasts and felt his warm fluid squirt out and trickle down her chest.

They took another shower together, then cuddled on the bed until it was time for her to go.

After Anna had said goodbye he remembered he had not phoned his wife yet. Now he really wanted to take the new job he had been offered as it would mean much more travelling, sometimes abroad, but he was not sure how to tell her as he knew she would not be happy about it.

Just as the phone rang, Judy was wondering how to get George to take the new job he had been offered; she so looked forward to his trips away. She was in bed, naked, with Alan, with Michael, with Sandra, their friends from church. She wiped Michael’s semen from round her mouth and turned to Alan and Sandra: “Hey, can you two stop fucking for a minute while I take this call, it’s him”.

She answered the call. “Hi Honey, how’s your trip going? ……. Oh you know, nothing much, just eating a little something”. She glanced at Michel’s cock that was still erect and continued: “and watching some action thing.” “On TV” she added hastily.

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