Ann and I had a falling out - sex story

Ann and I had a falling out

The last person I thought I'd hear from was Ann. We had
been friends for a long time, but our husbands had a
falling out and we each ended up taking our husband's
side, so we hadn't talked for several months. In fact,
I'd heard from others that Ann had been bad-mouthing me
around town, so I thought our friendship was done for
good. But she called and asked if she could come over,
that she missed having me for a friend and wanted to
get together again.

Just to clarify, both Ann and I are 37 years old. I'm a
5'8" blonde who's been told resembles Christie
Brinkley. Ann's about an inch taller, but about 20 lbs
heavier, a lot bustier and very pretty. I work out of
an office at home, and Ann and her husband run a
fitness center.

Anyway, Ann asked if she could bring a bottle of wine
over and just talk. She sounded sincere and my husband
was out of town for the week, so I said, ok. Less than
an hour later she was knocking on the front door. She
looked like she had gotten ready for a night on the
town, with eye-shadow, lipstick, perfume, a halter
revealing her large chest and a little skirt that
showed off her strong, shapely legs. I remembered that
she always did try to look her best. Even her
fingernails and toenails were professionally done. She
handed me a bottle of wine, saying that she remembered
this was my favorite brand.

I said, "Hi, thanks" and stepped back to let her in.
She immediately said, how good it was to see me and
that she regretted not having me around to talk to. It
was a nice day so I asked her if she wanted to go out
on the back deck and sit.

She said, "Let me pour us a couple glasses and I'll be
right out."
"Ok," I said, led her into the kitchen, got 2 wine
glasses and a cork screw and went to open the bottle.

She said, "No let me wait on you. I feel terrible about
everything that's happened and I want to make it up to
you. You go out back, get comfortable, and I'll be
right out."

"Alright," I said, walked out to the deck and sat down
at the table next to the hot tub. What I didn't know -
could never have known � was that she was still deeply
upset about our recent spat and had heard that I was
referring to her as that "trailer tramp" to mutual
friends (which I hadn't). So she had decided to get
even. Before she poured the wine, she took from her
purse an aphrodisiac inducing drug and poured it into
one of the glasses. Then in went the wine, which she
stirred with her manicured little finger.

It was a warm fall afternoon. She handed me the tainted
glass and sat down next to me. For the next hour or so,
we seemed to re-establish our friendship. She was as
warm and wonderful as I remembered. And as she spoke
and we drank I couldn't help noticing how pretty she
was. Mind you, I'm as straight as they come, strictly a
man's woman, but I thought the fitness center must be
keeping her looking young and maybe it's something I
should start.

Anyway we went through the whole bottle and I was
feeling a little dreamy and light-headed when she
suggested we sit in the hot tub for awhile. She said,
she had come from a workout earlier and her sore
muscles could use the break. I said, it sounded good to
me and stood to head into the house to change and get
her a suit when everything started to spin. "Wow," I
said,. "I didn't think I drank that much."

Ann laughed and said, she felt it too, must be the warm
day. She said, "Look, the tub's right here, this
backyard is completely private. For the fun of it let's
just drop our clothes and jump in. That way we don't
have to walk anywhere." I'm not a prude, but I've not
been in the tub naked with anyone but my husband since
we got it. But I was feeling a little drunk, so I said,
"What the hell, let's do it."

In 5 minutes we were both completely naked and sitting
in different corners of the tub. I felt completely
relaxed, almost to the point of utter surrender. We got
to talking about the fitness center and her workouts,
which led to her mentioning the classes she was taking
to become a professional masseuse. I said, how great
that sounded, that I couldn't even get my husband to
give me a foot massage. With that, Ann moved over next
to me, told me to just relax and she'd practice what
she'd learned on me.

The thought that this was weird never entered my head
as it all seemed so natural and I was so relaxed. I
lifted my leg and she took it, placed it across her
thighs and began gently kneading my foot. The
combination of the wine, warm water and her touch were
incredible. I laid my head back, closed my eyes and
said, "Ann that feels wonderful." She massaged my arch
and each toe, seeming to know exactly the right
pressure to use. Then her fingers began massaging my
calf, then my thigh. I was in a daze. And I was feeling
something else, too. It felt so good I didn't want her
to stop.

Please keep going, I thought. Then I felt the palm of
her hand brush past my pubic hair, then over my
stomach, approaching my breast. Wait a minute, I
thought. I shouldn't be doing this. I took hold of her
wrist, told her we better stop and anyway I need to use
the bathroom, lifted myself out of the tub, stumbled
into the house, into the bathroom and shut the door.

My body was still warm and tingling as I thought I've
got to get hold of myself. I'll tell her thanks for
coming over but I'm feeling a little dizzy and better
get some rest. I opened the bathroom door and Ann was
standing there. Still naked and looking strong. For
some reason I felt a little intimidated and before I
could say anything, she closed the space between us,
laid her finger across my lips and said, "Shh, don't
say anything."

I just stood there. She dropped her finger from my
mouth to my chest, letting it caress across my nipple.
For some reason, I didn't move. She now dropped her
hand further, around to my hip, then behind me. She put
her other hand behind me and now her breasts were
touching mine, her mouth inches from my own. "I'm going
to kiss you," she said,. As she spoke, her lips moved
against my own. And then she kissed me. Softly, gently,
barely touching. Then she touched my lips with her

By now, my eyes were closed and I was in a trance. I
accepted her kiss, then returned it. I placed my own
hands on her hips. Our kiss became deeper, more
sensual. I didn't want it to stop. Then I felt her
fingers touch me in front. As soon as she brushed my
clit, an incredible orgasm shook me. My legs gave out.
Sensing my submission, she picked me up as if I were a
rag doll and carried me into my bedroom, laying me on
the bed. Then her face was between my legs, her warm
tongue sending me where I'd never been. I came again,
even stronger than the first time.

Ann moved up alongside me, looked into my eyes and
kissed me. Again, I returned her kiss. And now I
realized I wanted her. I tasted the length of her body,
from her eyes to her toes, then back up along the
softness of her inner thighs to her own clit. Hearing
her breathing as she came in my mouth almost gave me
another orgasm.

I crawled up next to her and she told me that was very
good. Then she said, she brought something for me
besides the wine. She went and got her purse and pulled
out a strap-on. She told me she wanted to fuck me, like
a man fucks a woman. And she put it on, and she rubbed
it against my wetness, and I let her fuck me. As she
taking me I sat up so I could kiss her beautiful
breasts. And I came again. And again. And then I did
her. And again.

We spent the rest of that day in the hot tub, and
before she left we let bygones be bygones. Now we see
each other regularly. Our husbands still don't get
along, but we won't let that stop our friendship. It's
too special.

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