Away From Home Fun - sex story

Away From Home Fun

Let me give you a little bit of history concerning
these events. My name is Rob. I'm 5' 5", 120 pounds or
something like that. A good looking guy with blonde
hair and blue eyes, but nothing amazing. My dick is
about 6" to 6½" long, average once again.

I had been going out with Wendy for about a year and a
half, but we took a break for a summer and she went out
with my friend John. We loved each other very much, but
she had feelings for John too. Wendy is 5' 1", around
100 pounds, I'm not sure how much. She has really nice
34C tits and a pussy that tasted great. We were both
very sexual.

We have had anal sex, vaginal sex in almost every
position, and I've even licked her asshole. She liked
pornos, which was another great thing about her. I knew
that she had at gone as far as giving John a blowjob
over the summer, but she hadn't slept with him.

One night late that summer we had been with some of our
friends hanging out and getting drunk. Her and John
went to his house. For what reason I'm not too sure,
but probably because no one was at his house and she
had talked about having a threesome not too long before
this night. A little while after they left she called
me at my friend's. She wanted me to come over. My other
friends had either left or were so wasted they went to
sleep, so I went.

When I got there we chilled watching some TV for a
while. She told me to lay on the bed with them (I was
on the floor, which was pretty uncomfortable). So I
laid on one side of her and John on the other. We both
knew what was supposed to happen, like I said she had
said something to me about it and I'm sure she said
something to him. We watched TV a little longer and
then Wendy got up and went to the bathroom. I said to
John, "I think we're supposed to start something here."
How is anybody supposed to start something like that
you know?

So John says, "Yeah, I think so."

When Wendy got back she laid between us again and
immediately I put my hand under her shirt and bra and
started rubbing her tits, while John put his hand right
down her panties and started fingering her. We both
started kissing her while we undressed her. I took off
her shirt and bra and John took off her jeans and
panties. John turn off the lights (except for a black
light) and we then sucked her tits while taking turns
fingering her extremely wet pussy. At this point she
wanted us to get naked too.

We took off our shirts first. We were probably both a
little wary about getting naked in front of each other,
but at this point it was all or nothing. As we took off
our shorts, Wendy grabbed both our dicks through our
boxers and started jerking us off at the same time.
Then we both got totally naked.

I had seen guys naked before in pornos and what not,
but never had I been this close to another guy naked. I
had seen John in a bathing suit, but that was it. He is
about an inch taller than I am, and a little more
muscular. Only the black light was on, so I didn't see
much, but while eating Wendy out had inadvertently
touched John's cock, but that didn't do much to help me
give you a description of him.

Then while John fingered Wendy I got up to her face and
offered her my dick to suck. She took it in and sucked
it real good. After a little bit John came over and she
sucked his dick. It really turned me on to see her suck
another guy's dick right there in front of me. She then
started to suck us both off alternately. I couldn't
take it anymore and I came in her mouth. She kept on
sucking John's dick while I sat back and watched. After
only about 2 more minutes we heard a car coming into
the driveway. It was John's brother, and the end of our

Near the end of the summer she broke up with John and
we got back together again. We both went away to
college that next school year. We were going to
different schools, but they were nearby, it was
freshman year for both of us. We decided to live
together while we were down there. We were all alone
down there and we made use of it, we fucked every

After some time of being away she told me she still had
feelings for John. I wasn't mad, I knew she loved me
and I understood that if she loved him too, that's the
way it was. So she started seeing both of us. While she
was down with me, we fooled around, but she would often
talk dirty to John over the phone, the internet, or she
would visit him when she could.

She started talking about having a threesome again; she
enjoyed the last we had, though she hadn't gotten
fucked that night. Once we moved away we would rent
pornos a lot, especially threesome videos. Not only
that, but she really enjoyed MMF videos that had the 2
guys doing stuff to each other. We started to discuss
it. She said she would really like something like that
to happen with us three. I wasn't too sure. A threesome
was fine with me, but to touch John? We talked about it
often, usually before, after, or during sex. She was
talking to him about it too.

After a month John was planning to come to visit us
(some of our other friends had already done so). It
looked as if another threesome was about to happen. The
idea of touching another guy was strange, but I decided
if something like that happened, it was for Wendy,
because I loved her and it was what she wanted. It's
not like it would happen all the time. The thing was
the thought was beginning to turn me on. She said that
John was cool with it, but we were all just going to
let things go at their own rate.

When John got to our place the 3 of us chilled and did
some stuff in the local area and town. Unfortunately,
later that night, Wendy's pussy was sore so she didn't
really want to do that much. We decided not to make a
waste of it so we just fooled around a little bit. I'm
not sure how we got started, but we ended up naked,
with John and I sucking Wendy's tits while letting her
use a vibrator to get herself off. After she had an
orgasm, I suggested we hop in the shower. Wendy and
John agreed, so we all went into the bathroom.

Like I said before, at his house the lights were off
and I didn't see much, but at our place it was
different. We had a "full" sized bed, a fairly decent
sized room, and only a regular lamp for light. When we
had gotten naked this time I got a good look at John.

Not only did I want to compare myself to him (wondering
if he was bigger and better for Wendy), but I was
curious just to see it. John was about an inch shorter
than I was, but he was thicker and had bigger balls
than I did. He was hard and that made me harder. I was
really starting to get turned on by him and the
situation. We all stepped into the shower and John and
I started soaping Wendy up, rubbing her pussy and her
tits, while she soaped up our cocks and masturbated us.
I figured this was a better time than any, so while
french kissing Wendy and sticking my figure by her
asshole I reached over and started jerking John off.

I was amazed that I was doing this. It felt so weird
rubbing another guy's dick, the feel of it was
something else. I had felt myself while jerking off
tons of times, but to jerkoff another guy was
completely wacked, yet a major turn on. I was actually
enjoying it. Then John got down and started to eat
Wendy out, but suddenly he grabbed my cock and started
to jerk me off! It felt so good to have another guy's
hand on my dick.

I was so close to cumming, but I didn't want to just
yet, so I had to move his hand away. I later found out
that he thought I didn't enjoy it, but I told Wendy to
tell him I did, but I was ready to blow! Well, soon we
got out of the shower, and all went to sleep. John had
to leave the next day, but he was coming back in about
a month.

During the next month of waiting Wendy and I talked
about our next possible threesome, as she did with
John. What had happened turned all three of us on big
time. John and I talked openly to each other about how
we wanted to fuck Wendy, like where, when, and how.
Wendy wanted more to happen between us. She really
liked to watch a porno of 2 guys having sex. I told her
there was no way that I would take anything up the ass.
I didn't enjoy anything by there, not even by that spot
between my ass and my balls.

Believe me, I'm not gay, this was all just
experimentation. I did tell her that the prospect of
sucking John's dick kind of intrigued me. Apparently
John liked it when Wendy would stick her fingers in his
ass, so we decided if anything got that far that maybe
I would give it to John up the ass.

Suddenly John was coming back to visit. Wendy had to
pick him up from the airport, so I picked up some
pornos and took a nap. When they got back, Wendy and
John wanted to take a shower together before anything
happened. So they took a shower and fooled around a bit
in there. Now the thing about John is that he can
control whether or not he comes, whereas I don't have
total control. The other thing is he gets hard a lot
and often (this all according to Wendy).

After the shower John was getting dressed and Wendy
came out to the living room with her robe on. I started
talking to her a little about their shower ordeal and
tried to grab some tit and check out her beautiful
body. We went into the bedroom. John was only wearing
shorts, as was I. We all sat on the bed, Wendy lying
down, and made some small talk. Then John and I untied
the knot holding her robed closed and opened it up. We
gazed at her breasts and nearly hairless pussy. Then we
started to suck on her tits and finger her.

She was so wet, it was great. She made us undo our
flies and she started to jerk us off again. It was a
great turn on seeing her jerk us off at the same time,
and looking at John's dick when I could made me hotter.
Soon we were out of our clothes completely with Wendy
sucking our dicks. We both took turns eating her out
and sucking her breasts. Soon I got in between her legs
and started to put my dick in her twat. She was so wet
that I was sliding in with no problem. The only problem
was that I was ready to come already! I got in her a
few times but had to stop.

Then John got in between he legs and I could see she
wanted him, having only had sex with him a few times.
She led him in her and he starting thrusting in and out
of her. Sometimes slowly and sometimes faster, she was
loving it. She liked to get fisted and I'm sure his fat
cock felt good in her. He fucked her for a few minutes
while I slid my fingers in her pussy and in John's ass.
It was great watching Wendy getting fucked by another
guy, it was something I wasn't sure I'd enjoy, but I
definitely did.

John pulled out of her and he started kissing her while
I sucked her tits some more. I often would start at
Wendy's tits and lick and kiss her stomach down to her
pussy, and I was doing it now. John's dick was real
close to my face as I got closer to her pussy. He was
kissing her and was kneeling over her. I looked at it
close up, I didn't know what to do. Should I do it or
no? Well, I took a deep breath and took his cock into
my mouth.

Later Wendy told me he gasped and his eyes widened as
he felt me sucking him. I sucked him as best as I
could, as best as I wanted to be sucked, like Wendy
sucked me. I couldn't believe myself, here I was
sucking another guy's dick. It was good, real good. I
loved it, it made me want to come right there. I sucked
his dick for a while, making all sorts of noises and
then stopped to pay more attention to Wendy. She leaned
over to me and started kissing me and sucking on my
bottom lip, which I loved.

John started to jerk me off and I couldn't take it. I
blew my load in his hand and onto the bed. It felt like
nothing else. Wendy told me I had to get hard again,
because she wanted to see me give it to John up the
ass. It took me a few minutes of watching John suck her
tits while she gave him a hand job, but I was ready. It
was really awkward, but I lubed up his asshole with
petroleum jelly and put on a condom.

He bent over on his knees and I started to enter his
ass. He was tight and I had to go slow. It felt really
weird, Wendy and I always had anal sex without a condom
and giving it to John, at least with a condom, wasn't
exciting at all. After slowly having anal sex (sort of)
with John, Wendy finally came, and said she didn't even
see that much of what was going on!

The three of us laid naked on the bed for a while
watching TV and talking. Suddenly John pulled Wendy on
top of him and they started to make out. Then John
pushed her down onto his cock. She started fucking him
while he handled her tits. This immediately made me
hard and I started to jerk myself off. I got in close
to the action and licked Wendy's pussy and John's dick
as he fucked her.

I also sucked and licked John's balls. Soon I got up
and started to play with Wendy's ass. I knew she wanted
to be doubled plugged and this seemed to be that time.
I started rub my dick around her asshole, but she said
her ass was sore so she couldn't that night. So, they
stopped having sex and we went to bed.

The next morning John had to go again, but before he
went Wendy and him took another shower together. He
went in first and her and I talked about what happened.
She really was turned on, but said she didn't see me
suck John off. She hopped into the shower and then I
hopped in a few minutes later.

We both started to fondle Wendy and I asked her in her
ear if she wanted to see me suck John's dick. All she
could do was nod. I got down on my knees with the water
pouring all over me and started to suck John's dick.
Not only did I suck it, I would lick it, go slow and
fast. I really liked to suck his dick. Having his fat
cock in my face was awesome. This was the first time I
tasted his precum, it was salty but tasted good. I also
was sticking my fingers into his ass when I could.

Wendy then got down and started sucking his dick with
me. We took turns sucking his balls and cock, I wanted
so much for him to cum in my mouth and then I wanted to
kiss Wendy and spit it in her mouth and for her to spit
it in his. She told me he liked to cum on her and lick
it off so I knew he wouldn't mind. That didn't happen.
Instead we both got up and John and I started taking
turns fucking Wendy from behind.

I soon came and then John did too; though I didn't get
to see it. Wendy got out and John and I finished
showering and got out also. He was still hard. After we
all were dressed and ready to leave Wendy wanted to
come one more time, so we stripped her and each sucked
a tit while she used her vibrator. I didn't get to see
John cum, and I really wanted him to cum in Wendy's
pussy so I could get sloppy seconds fucking her and eat
his cum out of her.

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