Best friend (animal sex) (dog,animal,porn,beast)

Best friend (animal sex)

I awoke slowly; luxuriating in the semi-consciousness before being fully
awake. I was aware of my immediate surroundings, slowly coming to full
awareness; the comfortable bed, the soft pillows, the toasty duvet, the
leather and chains...

The night before came flooding back to me. I remembered the events that
left me fully satisfied, well fucked, and evidently still in the same
bondage as the night before.

I opened my eyes and looked around. I could feel the sweaty, unforgiving
grasp of the latex hood on my head and face. My dry tongue swirled around
the cock-gag in my mouth, bound to my head by a sturdy set of straps.

The jingling of hobble chains sounded my next level of awareness; my hands
could not reach my face, and my legs felt cramped. My hands! I raised
them as best I could, into the lower periphery of my line of sight - they
were still trapped in the inflatable ball-mittens from last night.

In fact, all of last night's bondage gear was still on me; as I took stock
from head to toe: The latex hood, the penis gag, the 3" pink posture collar
with the jingling dog-tag, the chest harness, the inflatable rubber
ball-mittens, the wrist cuffs, the knee pads, and the rest.

As I lifted the sheets and looked down, I saw the other of the accessories
from last night's play session; I was still wearing the hot-pink,
crotchless latex shorts, I could both feel and see the unforgiving grip of
the chastity cage, my ass flexed against the butt plug, and my toes wiggled
in the confines of the paw-shaped-boots. I rolled to my hand and knees;
enjoying the tugs and limitations of the chains joining my wrists, knees,
ankles, and collar - it would be impossible to stand with these on.

I felt a heavy, weighted pull on the back of my pink latex shorts, and saw
the equally pink latex tail waggling in the air, affixed to the tailbone
area of the shorts. I swished it tartishly, and stretched as best I could
on the bed; pulling against the chains and cuffs that kept me on my hands
and knees, while pushing against the tightness of my muscles.

As I looked up towards the head of the bed, I saw a note taped to the

--------------------- Good morning Pet,

I've left you breakfast and water in the kitchen; please be careful going
down the stairs.

I put the TV on in the lounge, and left you a surprise. I hope you like

Should there be any trouble, just hit any one of the red buttons in the
bedroom, the living room, or the kitchen, and Mrs. Shelby, the housekeeper,
will be there in under two minutes. She's seen a lot worse than the state
I left you in, and will release you with no questions asked, should you
need it.

I'll see you soon, Pet. ---------------------

It came flooding back, my cock trying to spring to attention against the
chastity cage gripping my shaft and balls. The night of debauchery, the
role playing, the puppy and master games. My asshole twitched in
remembrance of his overly-large cock repeatedly ploughing me, seeding my
cunt, and then plugging it in place before we drifted off.

I stretched some more, and worked my dry tongue around the gag. I needed a
drink. The gag kept me mute, but there was a breathing tube running
through the centre. I needed water.

I shifted myself to the edge of the bed, and steeled myself against the
drop. In a last-minute moment of clarity, I nudged the pillows off the bed
into a pile on the floor and then dropped myself onto them.

Feeling very pleased with myself, I made my way to the top of the stairs,
reacquainting myself with the limitations of the chains binding my wrists,
knees, and ankles - forcing me to move them in time with each other.

I reached the stairs and realised the safest way was to slip down them
backwards. I reached the bottom without event and made my way straight to
the kitchen. -- I found the water bowl next to a bowl of what appeared to
be cream of wheat. I slaked my most urgent of needs first - I was thirsty.
I dipped the protruding tip of the breathing tube on the gag into the water
and sucked up glorious mouthfuls of cold, fresh water. I rinsed the
night's reminders in my mouth away as my stomach rumbled. The cream of
wheat was still slightly warm. I experimented by placing the gag tube into
the bowl and sucking up my breakfast. It was plain, but delicious - with a
faint chemical taste that I chose to disregard.

I finished the breakfast bowl, still on my hands and knees, and washed it
down with the rest of the water. Then I set out to explore the rest of the

I poked my way around the ground floor of the house - I noticed a dog door
in the kitchen, and then made my way to the sounds coming from the living
room. Playing on the big screen TV was video on loop of a pup - in much
the same getup as me, getting gang-banged by four men. I was transfixed.
My cock twitched in the chastity cage as I watched the pup getting reamed.

I found a comfy pillowey footrest and curled up on it, watching the screen
and testing the limitations of my bondage and chains.

I relaxed for a bit, enjoying the visual stimulation from the TV while
noticing a growing warmth in my body. As the hour wore on, the warmth grew
to a tingling - my nipples were as hard as rock, the squeeze of the latex
hood and shorts, the waggling presence of the tail, the unforgiving grip of
the chastity cage, and the enveloping grasp of the mittens and booties grew
more pronounced.

It dawned on me, either the breakfast or the water had been lightly
drugged. I felt a pleasant euphoria begin to creep in around the edges of
my consciousness, and began to examine the living room.

The first thing I noticed, was a red button, at my nose height, near the
entrance to the living room. It was clearly the aforementioned panic

The second thing I noticed, was the strange looking rig, mounted to one of
the doorways. I roused myself - my skin and my muscles coming alive with
the sensation - whatever was in the food or water was beginning to come
into full effect.

The doorway had an interesting contraption mounted to it - the most notable
feature was a curving, brightly coloured rubber phallus - curving upwards,
and glistening in the morning light. It started modestly enough, but
flared wickedly towards the base, with a pronounced bulge or lump at the
bottom - like a cross between a rhino's horn and a rounded butt plug.

Upon closer inspection, the dildo was connected to a suspended bottle that
looked very similar to an enema bottle. There was a great deal of other
wiring and tubing around the thing. What stood out the most, was a
standard hook mounted on the side of the door frame. It seemed out of
place, until I remembered that the rather large butt plug that was
currently buried in my ass, had a loop on the base of it.

It took a great deal of awkward manoeuvring to catch the loop of the butt
plug on the mounted hook. Then, with great care, and an awareness of the
growing heat and glow emanating from my body, I teased the plug out of my
ass by pulling against the hook.

It finally popped out, and I was sure I had solved the puzzle left to me by
my master. I inspected the curved dildo again, and saw the leaking fluids
coming from the tip - the connection to the suspended bottled was now

I turned around, and slowly backed my grasping hole onto the tip of the
curved dildo. It was slick with the lubricant, and the tip popped in with
no resistance. I slowly rocked my haunches back and forth on the mounted
cock, enjoying the pleasurable buzz it sent through my body.

Whatever was in the food was beginning to truly take hold. In addition, I
began to feel a spreading warmth and tingling sensation around the entrance
to my ass. I forced myself a little further down the cock, triggering a
primal response from my body. The heat from the cock, the drugs from my
food or water, and the overall helplessness of my situation drove me into a
depraved state.

I noticed that the harder I rocked back against the cock, the more fluids
spurted into my guts. I could feel it, every time I thrust back onto the
dildo - it squirted into me. Every squirt of lube added to the itch or
tingling growing in my cunt. I grew more reckless and began thrusting
myself backwards onto the pole.

The harder and deeper I thrust, the more fluid came out of the mounted
cock. I was lost in my quest to drain the fake dick - I pushed back
harder, and harder - feeling more and more lube fill my ass, making each
push a little easier and a little deeper.

I finally came to the bulge at the base of the dick. I enjoyed pushing
against it, feeling my anus spasm around the thick base of the shaft, and
feeling it open slowly around the even wider bulge at the very base.

It must have been the size of a large orange - but my problem was my
growing sense of abandon - I needed to swallow this dick with my cunt - my
hole was tingling like mad, and my whole body felt like it was being
stroked. Lights flashed behind my eyelids as one final push to the base
saw my ass expand farther than I ever thought possible, suck in the rounded
base of the plug and settled around the much narrower base.

Stars exploded around the edges of my vision as I grunted some
unintelligible syllables through the gag. My entire body seized up. My
ass, my thighs, my guts contracted around this new invader. Then it
started buzzing. A mechanical noise kicked in as this buried bulge started
vibrating. I heard and felt the rest of the fluids in the suspended
container get forcefully pumped into my ass. I was in heaven. There was
an industrial strength vibrator built into the cock. Triggered by my
forceful fucking, it went into overdrive.

The vibrating did not let up. My cock leaked like a faucet in its chastity
cage. The impossibly large bulge my ass had swallowed buzzed and vibrated
against my prostate - my lower body began to feel numb, despite the drugs
in my system. My skin felt like it was being stroked by a hundred hands,
and my ass felt like it was being ploughed by a hundred men.

Suddenly all stimulation stopped. I panted like a bitch in heat, realising
I would be stuck to the wall- mount if I didn't extricate myself promptly.

I gently pulled myself forwards, off of the bulging dildo and collapsing in
a shaking heap on the carpet in front of me; my ass raised high in the air
as copious amounts of lube leaked out of my stretched and happily abused
hole, and the maddening tingling intensified.

I rested my head in my hands for a few moments and gathered myself. As an
experiment, I lined the tip of the cock up against my ass and smoothly
pushed back to the base. My cunt expanded and grasped the rounded base - I
rode up and down it a few more times, enjoying the sensation of being
stretched so far beyond my previous limits. But there was no more
vibrating stimulation to be found on the wall-mounted pole. It had pumped
its entire contents into my guts - my ass was tingling and itchy, I needed
another source of relief. And I was thirsty again.

I explored the rest of the house looking for more water to slake my thirst.
There were no more bowls, only toilets - I had no wish to drink from one of
those. I came back to the kitchen, trying to work out if it would be
possible to reach the sink faucet for a drink - my mouth parched and dry.
There were three overriding sensations driving me on - my entire body felt
like it was glowing and felt super sensitive, my mouth was dry and I was
thirsty, and my ass tingled and felt engorged and sloppy. I looped through
the ground floor of the house once again, stopping at the wall mounted cock
to plunge myself back onto it, trying to coax more of the maddeningly
pleasurable sensations out of the rig.

I pushed back, spread my legs, and felt the bulge stretch my cunt hole over
and over. There was no relief to be found. I seriously considered the
toilet as a source of solving my thirst when I remembered the dog door in
the kitchen.

I made my way back to the kitchen, leaking a trail of lube and fluids
behind me. I approached the door and poked my head through it - I gauged
it to be large enough for me to fit through. With my head through the
opening, I saw the door led into a caged kennel - a long dog run of about
50 to 60 feet. There was another similar cage to the right, separated by a
high fence of chain link. A medium sized hut or dog house took up the back
of the pen, and most importantly, my eyes found a waist-high trough with a
running hose at one end. Fresh water! I pushed my way through the dog
door and heard it clatter behind me. I worked my way to the trough and was
within six feet before I noticed the dogs in the neighbouring cage.

Two slumbering, hulking beast lay in the mid-day sun. A gorgeous, jet
black Great Dane, and a thickly muscled brown Mastiff. I froze.

The Dane twitched an ear at the sound of my movement, but otherwise the
dogs were sound asleep. Besides, there was a chain fence separating us.

I continued to the trough and placed my gag tube into the water. It was
cool and sweet, and felt oh so good. I drank my fill and raised my head
and froze again. The two dogs were awake. They rose to their feet and
came to the fence. Sniffing, ears laid back, obviously confused. My panic
subsided and I moved towards the fence. They pressed their noses through
the gaps, and I retuned the gesture, trying to say hello through the fence.

Something was obviously agitating them, they pawed restlessly at the fence
and the Mastiff gave a low growl. The Dane moved towards my read end, and
began sniffing. In a moment of perverse pleasure, fuelled by the itch
radiating from my cunt, and the glowing warmth that had spread through my
body, I backed my ass up against the fence.

The Dane poked his snout through the gaps in the chain-link; his long,
sloppy tongue roped out and lashed my abused cunt hole. Fireworks exploded
behind my eyelids. I moaned like a bitch in heat, and pressed my cunt hard
against the fence. The Dane's tongue flicked through the gap, striking my
hole and forcing its way inside. The wet, rough tongue slurped at my
sloppy hole, and the Dane's urgency intensified. The Mastiff came over to
inspect and seemed to be similarly riled up - both of them wagging their
tails intensely.

The Dane's long, wet tongue continued to flick and tease my hole - it
spasmed in response, still dripping fluids from the gut injection I'd
received from the rig inside. I groaned, and dropped my face to my forearms
- a gigantic dog was eating my sloppy asshole and it felt like heaven.

After a few minutes, the attention started to make my hole a little too
sensitive. His tongue was rough, and despite all the slobber and lube
still dripping from my cunt, it began to hurt a little. My head was
spinning, and I was hot - the latex briefs, the hood, the ball cuffs and
the mid-day sun left me sweaty, hot, and horny.

I moved back to the trough and dunked my whole head, holding it under water
to enjoy the cool shock of the cold water. As I pulled my head up from the
trough and shook the water away, I heard a clatter.

I looked up, and saw the Dane on 'my' side of the fence - the Mastiff
followed, through a dog door I had not seen before inside of the hut. I
watched the Mastiff push through the gate and panicked again.

I moved back to the kitchen door, but the dog flap was a one-way
contraption. With my mittened hands, I could not lift the flap; there was
no way I was getting back inside.

I turned back to the yard and saw the two huge dogs advancing towards me -
obviously curious at this new addition to their living space.

I backed up towards the wall, cowering slightly. The Dane paused, and then
moved forward toward me slowly, sniffing and then licking my face in
greeting. The Mastiff joined him, and the two dogs licked my sweaty face,
neck, and shoulders. It felt good.

I moved a few steps forward, and the Mastiff circled around behind me. His
tongue sought my cunt hole, and began lapping at the fluids. At the first
taste, he became noticeably excited, and pushed his snout and tongue deep
into my hole. I moaned, and pushed back towards him, closing my eyes and
enjoying the sensations.

A nagging thought dawned on me, pushing its way through the fog of lust and
mild euphoria - the full realisation hit me; I was acting and presenting
myself like a horny little bitch. My head jerked up with the recognition
of my dangerous position at the same moment the Mastiff reared up and came
crashing down on my back. His muscled chest pressing into me, as his front
paws locked themselves around my hips. I struggled against him, trying to
get away - but he had the advantage of surprise, position, and body weight.
His hips began to thrust forwards, and felt the tip of his rapidly
hardening prick slipping between my ass cheeks. In my lubed and loosened
state, there was no resistance and I had no ability to stop him from
slamming his engorged cock into me.

Sensing his victory, the Mastiff doubled down on his grip of my hips,
hunching against me harder, feeding more of his massive dog cock into my
ass at a frantic pace. I groaned in defeat and in pleasure as he raped my
bitch cunt. The depravity of the situation added to the heat and
sensations flooding my body as the Mastiff ploughed me. He was claiming my
ass for his own.

As he forced himself deeper and deeper into my sloppy ass, I felt a bulge
at the base of his cock banging away at the entrance to my hole. He was
not being gentle, and it felt enormous. I panicked again, and struggled to
get away from him, but to no avail - he had me.

The last resistance in my sphincter gave out and the bulge in his cock
popped into me. White hot pain mixed with the feelings of pleasure as the
Mastiff sawed his knot in and out of my hole. He gripped me tighter,
redoubling his efforts to breed me; he slammed into me again and then froze
in place, his chin resting on my shoulder, as he panted in my ear. I felt
his already enormous knot further expand in my ass, stretching me even more
than my time on the dildo this morning.

I could feel his cock pulsing; a throb each time his cock jumped. He had
tied me, made me his bitch, and now he was pumping me full of his cum. I
imagined that I could feel his seed jetting into me, filling my ass with
doggy sperm. The throbbing in my ass seemed to grow in intensity, I closed
my eyes and rested my head on my forearms; my whole world revolved around
this stud's pulsing knot. A tingling sensation grew from deep between my
hips, overtaking my consciousness and spreading throughout my lower body.
My legs began to shake, and my arms quivered - waves of warm pleasure
emanated from my cunt and spread throughout my lower body. The Mastiff
twitched and repositioned himself on my back, causing a few brief tugs on
his buried knot. The waves of pleasure increased and I cried out into my
gag; I couldn't breathe. From deep in my balls, I felt the release of
fluids - I could feel them shoot up into my groin and come spurting out of
the tip of my cock. I sprayed cum into the dirt in three massive jets and
groaned helplessly as I orgasmed, my ass clutching and spasming around the
Mastiff's huge knot.

I floated, lost and helpless in darkness. I don't know how long I drifted
for; the only awareness I had was the pulsing bulge buried in my cunt. My
whole world was centred around the Mastiff's shaft. I couldn't form
coherent thoughts, my entire body felt spent and weak - I felt like I was
being held up by the shaft skewering my core.

The Mastiff shifted again, he seemed to be growing impatient. He gave a
few exploratory tugs that caused shockwaves of pleasure to course through
my body. I was panting with exertion. He shifted himself, lifting himself
off my back his paws standing on my shoulder blades. This caused another
pull on his knot, and elicited another spasm from my cunt - it was being
greedy and didn't want to let him go.

He dropped from my back to stand on the ground, standing side-on to my ass
- the knot now pulling insistently at my hole. He waited patiently for a
while - his cock still pulsing within me as he panted. He yawned, licked
his chops, and decided that he'd had enough. He began to pull away from
me, and I could feel his knot being dragged out of my ass. It had shrunk
slightly, but still felt enormous. I relaxed my ass as best I could and
yelped in pain as his knot finally popped free. I could see his cock
swinging pendulously from his belly, his angry looking knot was the size of
my balled fist. As I struggled to catch my breath and deal with the firey
burn emanating from my abused asshole, I stared in wonder at the length and
size of the tool that had held me at its mercy. A thin stream of fluid
leaked steadily from my ass, down my ballsack, and began to drip onto the
ground. I experimented with tightening up my ass to stop the flow, but it
felt swollen and wasn't responding. I didn't see any blood. I was

That's when the Dane approached. I moved away as quickly as I could; he
followed, his long tongue chasing me, lapping at my hole, slurping the
leaking fluids off my balls. I kept crawling away from him, circling away
as best I could. I could the tip of the Dane's cock hanging down - it
looked even larger than the Mastiff's dick. I had no desire to go a second
round with an even larger brute, I feared I would not survive a second
assault without incurring some serious damage. I kept up my attempt to
escape the Dane's attentions, but he had no challenge keeping up with me.
I knew I wouldn't be able to run from him forever, so I tried flopping down
onto the ground, laying on my side to hide my fuckhole from this giant.

He stood over me, obviously confused and frustrated. He alternated between
licking at my sloppy hole and nudging me with his nose. The tip of his
cock was no longer hanging, but stiffly pointed and I could see the start
of a bulge farther back in his sheath. Eventually he lost his patience.
He growled low; its rumble filled me with fear. He straddled me, and
reached down, gripping my neck in his massive mouth. The posture collar
gave him something to apply pressure to, and I was suddenly very glad to be
wearing it. He was making his intentions clear - it was his turn, and he
would have me one way or another.

Wanting to avoid bodily injury, I struggled to my hands and knees. He
released me and went back to snuffing at my ass, a few more licks, and then
he reared up and mounted me. Our size mismatch made it an awkward
endeavour; but he was a determined beast. His long forepaws gripped me
tightly, wrapping around my waist as he bent and thrust his cock towards my

Eventually he found his mark, which sent him into overdrive. He thrust and
pushed deeper into my hole; I wouldn't have been able to stop him if I
tried. He was huge, and powerful. I knew from seeing his much larger cock
that I wouldn't survive attempting to resist being knotted. If he tried to
saw his bulge in and out of me like the Mastiff had, I would surely reach
the breaking point. I had only two choices - I could resist, and risk
getting seriously hurt, but knew that I would not be able to hold him off
in my weakened state; or I could submit willingly, please this stud, and
try to avoid getting injured.

I knew what I had to do. He jackhammered into me, getting deeper and
deeper as his grip on me tightened. The instant I felt his knot hit my
asshole, I pushed back with all my might on the next thrust forcing my ass
out and pushing as if I was passing a massive shit. It worked. His knot
popped into me with a soul-searing thrust on the first try. I clamped down
my sphincter as best I could to keep him inside me and the Dane slowed his
frenzied thrusting. Now he was just trying to get deeper. The pressure
from my ass triggered him, his knot began to balloon inside of me. It
quickly surpassed the size of the Mastiff's knot and kept expanding.

The pressure and intensity of the burning sensation drove all the air from
my lungs, as I let out a guttural, animalistic groan. I was well and truly
stuck - I could not move an inch forwards or backwards. The Dane growled a
low response to me as he froze too. His knot filled my ass; I was sure I
would burst and I prayed that I would survive.

The pressure in my cunt peaked - the throbbing I had felt during the
Mastiff's tie was intense, but I didn't know how to compare the difference
to the sheer impossible size of the Dane's knot buried in my ass. My
prostate was crushed from the inside, a steady trickle of precum was oozing
out my cock as I struggled to breathe in. The Dane shifted one last time,
and tried to push deeper into my hole; it felt like he was rearranging my
insides. I could feel every inch of his gargantuan prick.

It stopped growing, and the pulsing began. Each throb that emanated from
his cock seemed to set off micro-explosions in my cunt. I twitched
uncontrollably, moaning and groaning from the pressure and the overwhelming
sensation. The entire world disappeared. I existed only as a sheath
around this massive weapon.

This time there was no imagining it; the tight squeeze allowed me to feel
every powerful spurt of fluid the Dane sent into me. Each time his cock
jetted fluid into my guts, my entire body twitched in response. His cock
was a burning mass of heat, his cum was liquid fire in my cunt.

I felt a building sensation, slower than the first one with the Mastiff,
but inevitable in its arrival. Each jump of his prick pushed me on a slow
march to the edge of a cliff, I teetered on the edge for a moment, a blaze
of molten heat built at the base of my cock and blossomed into a firestorm.
I was thrown from the cliff in a full-body explosion, my orgasm rocketing
me into the abyss, my cock exploded, spewing a fountain of cum - I lost
awareness of my body completely, utterly overwhelmed by continuous,
unrelenting waves of pleasure. Each pulse pushed me further into oblivion
and I screamed into the gag as I was destroyed.

In the moments afterwards, I was senseless. I struggled to piece myself
back together, to find my way back into my own mind. I had nothing left;
no energy, no will. I was barely propping myself up, teetering under the
weight of the Dane, held aloft only by his iron shaft.

My body quaked and quivered in the aftermath. My awareness of my own
breathing returned. My awareness of my cunt returned next. I had no idea
how long had passed, but the Dane was still jetting his seed into my ass.
After an eternity the spurts slowed, but the pulse of his heartbeat still
resounded through my body. My balls felt like that had turned themselves
inside out, my entire lower half ached.

An age passed, and then the Dane stood. I was still transfixed by his
cock, speared and stuck; completely unable to move. He waited patiently,
evidently used to having to wait for his knot to shrink to get it out of
whatever lucky bitch he had decided to make his own.

His first movement was slow, but it reinforced how the orientation of my
body had been changed - I was no longer on all fours facing forwards. I
was on my hands and knees, but 'forwards' for me was now the direction of
his cock. He was my lord and master - forwards was wherever he chose to
go. He easily stepped over me, turning casually to face away from me. His
massive cock spun inside my cunt, but was locked in place by his enourmous
knot. If he tried to pull out like the Mastiff had, I would be destroyed
and turned inside out.

He took a half step away from me, the tugging of his knot made it clear I
had no choice. I scrambled backwards after him. He slowly made his way to
a patch of grass in the shade of the hut and began to lay down.

Pain erupted from my ass, as my body was pulled to the ground as well. I
flopped down, exhausted; still tail to tail with this behemoth as he lay
down and stretched himself out. I whimpered in pain as his knot tugged at
my guts again, and tried to get as close as possible to him to relieve the
pulling pressure on my hole.

At last he stopped moving; resting and basking in his victory, his claiming
of a new bitch. I lay on the grass, unable to form comprehensive thoughts
as fatigue washed over me. The Mastiff wandered over, and lay down on the
grass next to the Dane and I. I faded into darkness as exhaustion overtook

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