Beth and Her Mom Break the Law - sex story

Beth and Her Mom Break the Law

"Find anything?" Mom huffed.

I turned quickly grabbing the older woman by a wrist,
twisting it behind her back as I aggressively pushed her
down on the table.

"Who said you could move." I barked.

I was a little upset with her for moving from the line
while also a little embarrassed that I forgot she was
there while I was inspecting her luscious daughter.

"I just thought that since you had your fun, maybe we
could go now." She hissed

"But I'm not through yet." I growled in her ear while
grinding my pelvis into her backside.

"Please, I'm married." She managed.

"Up we go." I barked, like I gave a fuck.

I lifted her up on the table, which also held her
daughter, spinning her around on her back.

"Hands behind your head." I barked.

Now holding her down, my hand placed between her ample
breasts, trying to regain control of the situation.

"And don't move." As I quickly changed gloves snapping
the new one into place.

"Oh god," was all she could muster as I grabbed her feet
bringing them together while spreading her knees apart.
Beth was now sitting up on the edge of the desk, her
brown eyes, surprisingly watching my every move. I
quickly thrust a finger into her moms' now exposed
pussy. Surprisingly, my quick actions drew no reactions
from it owner, her pussy was already moist at this
point. She flashed me a, big deal look, as a second
finger joined the first. I continued my two-finger probe
thrusting almost violently, but definitely obscenely, in
and out of her increasingly wet pussy.

"Turn over." I barked.

Not waiting for a response to my command, I helped the
older woman into position. It was similar to the
position her daughter had assumed earlier except I moved
her knees closer to her chest and forced her shoulders
to the table. Now in position, her ample backside was
just hanging of the edge of the table. I grabbed for the
lubrication tube but was beat to the punch by Beth. Who
playfully handed the tube to me while flashing me a sly

"What the fuck is going on with her?" I thought to

While watching me inspect her mom, was Beth starting to
get turned on or was she trying to turn me on? Is this
the same girl who called ME a fucking pervert? I put a
dab of gel on my fingers while trying to figure this
out. Starting to rub some of it over her mom's rectum,
Beth slowly slipped of the table and as now standing by
my side. Boy I'm glad I locked up my gun belt, in my
desk before I brought the little ladies in here, which
believe me was just one of the things running through my
mind. I knew I should have been more careful and it
wasn't right, but I let Beth run with the ball sort of
speak. I rested my finger on her mom anus for a second
so she knew it was coming before slowly making my way
in. Twisting, my finger using a screwing like motion

"Please sir it hurts." Beth's mom cried, "Please stop."

Happy that I got some response from the prone woman, I
slowly removed it. While I was not surprised by her
reaction to the rectal search, I was surprised by her
daughter's reaction to it as she was now lightly running
her small hand along the outline of my now fully erect

"Mom." Beth oozed "I think I found away we can get out
of this mess."

With that Beth, was slowly peeling my uniform pants down
my legs. Her mother's head snapped around to see what
Beth was talking about.

"Beth, oh no." Her mother barked.

Just as my erection sprang from my boxer shorts which
shortly joined my pants on the floor. I felt relieved,
as my erection was starting to become painful, in my
tight uniform pants. Beth took my dick firmly in her
hands as she crouched down in front on me. Her mother's
feet hit the floor, as if she was trying to intervene,
but I took my hand and forced her down chest flat
against the table.

"Beth. What are you doing?" Her mother whispered.

I raised a finger to her lips and hissed. "Sh, she's
doing just fine."

Beth, ignoring her mom's pleas, continued licking my
prick while coating it with a coat of saliva. She slowly
took it in her mouth while looking up at me with those
beautiful brown eyes, her pink lips now fully enclosed
around the shaft of my prick. The sound of wet slurping
now filled the room. This girl sure knew what she was
doing as she continued too work my prick, I took an
opportunity too fondle her firm breasts, while also
slipping a finger into her mom's slit which was soaked
with perspiration. I was trying to stay cool but Beth
was any thing but. She was increasing pressure and speed
while swirling her tongue around and in and out.

"Your daughter sucks a mean dick." I whispered into her
moms' ear.

I started to shake with excitement and orgasm fast
approaching. Beth sensed this and stopped immediately,
quickly standing up. I could only guess that she was
afraid I was going to cum into her mouth and I guess I
would have. I was disappointed, but Beth just smiled at
me and winked while looking at her mother. I had my
finger in her pussy only now she was frigging herself
with it, grinding back and forth. Man, does this girl
want me to fuck her mom? I thought as I withdrew my

"Are you ready for some thing bigger?" I whispered
loudly, not knowing what else to say.

She quickly spread her legs and thrust her ass back into

"I'll take that as a yes." I said as I slowly inserted
my well-coated dick into her now soaked pussy.

"Owwwwww." She groaned.

Her daughter sat up on the table right next to us with a
pleased look on her face, I slowly picked up the pace as
the room was filled with the sounds of slapping skin. I
reached around with one hand griping her hip while the
other found its mark on her hot clit hood. I kept
fucking and rubbing her pussy while her daughter took in
the sites while rubbing her erect nipples. This
continued for several minutes.

"Ahhhhhhh I'm cumming, don't stop." Beth's moms' voice
filled the air. Her body shook, no actually quivered is
more like it. I withdrew as she stood up, my hands
travailing up her body, now massaging her large tits,
pinching her nipples.

"Your speeding ticket has been paid for." I whispered
into her ear.

My dick was still hard as a rock!

"Good can we go now?" She pleaded.

"Well there's this little matter of a couple of joints."
I said. Turning my attention to Beth.

"I don't think he's going to last long anyway mom," Beth
interrupted while taking my throbbing prick into her
hand. Breaking her grip I spun her around and lifted her
right knee up placing it on the table. As much as I
wanted to fuck this bitch, I quickly kneeled down. I
just had to get a taste of the lovely pussy that I had
admired some much earlier.

"Gezzzzzz." She groaned, as I don't think she expected
this. I dove in, Tongue quickly lapping. I spread her
cheeks as far as they could go, her pussy gaped open, my
tongue quickly followed. I continued licking down around
her long lips and up the front now focusing on her
rather large clit. She was squirming like a fish out of
water. I held her into place the best I could, her clit
in my mouth, nibbling away. I just love smooth pussies
free of pubic hair like hers.

"Mom." Beth cried sounding somewhat concerned.

I heard her mom give her a light laugh, as she started
to gather her clothes, now tossed about the table.
Satisfied I was now back in control I stood up, quickly
thrusting my tongue into her mouth. Knowing that my face
was covered in her own juices she quickly broke the
embrace. I smiled at her as I lifted her onto my lap as
I sat back on the table.

"Your gonna fuck me." I barked.

Her smile now gone, as she straddled my waist while
guiding my throbbing prick into her pussy. We fell back
onto the table. Beth then positioned herself over my
dick and sat down on it in one fell swoop. She started
moving her hips up and down very slowly at first. Seeing
her tits swinging there before me, I reached my hands up
and started rubbing and squeezing her nipples. This got
her hips moving a little faster. I then gently pulled
her down by her nipples and pushed her tits together,
putting both of her nipples into my mouth. Her nipples
were about a half inch long and I was able to suck on
both of them at the same time without too much of a
problem. I then released her boobs and laid back flat,
moving my hand down to our joined crotches. I stared
rubbing her clit up and down, and back and forth, using
her copious juices as a lubricant. This really got her
hips moving and body shaking. I heard that gasping sound
again, and then a warm wet feeling. Beth was moaning

"Who's not going to last long?" I thought, but also
knowing I wasn't far behind her, I figured it's time to
explore her backside. I quickly turned Beth over and
slid off the table and guided Beth into position, one
leg on the floor the other knee resting up on the table.
Rubbing my dick along her tight ass, I slipped back into
her burning pussy, grinding back and forth in and out,
while slapping the side of her tight ass.

"This is what heaven must be like." I thought.

I fully expected her mother to tap me on the shoulder
again. But she was busy dressing and really seems blase
about the whole thing. On the verge of an orgasm I once
again pulled out, one more thing to check out. I slipped
her leg off the table and kicked her legs apart so she
had to grab the edge of the table to prevent her from
falling. Pausing a sec to take in the site.

"Perfect." I gasped

I guided my dick to her now exposed and well lubricated,
anus, slowly breaking the seal.

"Yes." Beth screamed.

I thought she might like this part, as I figured she was
no anal virgin either. I continued ass fucking her hot
ass, although it was slow going as Beth was clenching
her ass muscles as if she was trying to rip my dick off.
The combination of this and the whole night's events
made it impossible to hold out any longer. I blasted a
shot of hot sperm deep in her ass tunnel, a second blast
followed shortly. Beth's rectum muscles milking the last
drop out of me. I slowly withdrew my semi-hard dick from
her ass. My uniform top now covered in perspiration. I
climbed onto the well-used table. My legs still weak

Looking at Beth's mother who was now fully dressed, I
pointed to my lips. After several seconds she finally
got the hint and moved closer, our lips meet in a brief
lip lock.

"Your daughter is one fine piece of ass; then again I
guess she had a good teacher." I said, flashing her a
wide grin.

Watching Beth dress, soaking in the last glimpse of her
well-used figure. "Damn tonight is going to be tough to
beat," I thought to myself. "Oh well, I'm still young
and there is always tomorrow night."

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