Big clited teacher (scool,teacher,sex,sexstories,69)

Big clited teacher

It was an early spring day in Vermont. I had turned 14 a few months ago
and my voice had finally dropped down and stopped squeaking. I had only
recently discovered that my penis would suddenly grow and stiffen when I
sat in the sun and its warmth sturated my jeans. It also became that way
at night sometimes and I would touch myself then, causing it to get even
harder. It would feel funny when I lightly ran my fingers up and down
its lenth. When I touched around my balls, the hair which had started to
grow there gave me a delicious tingly feeling. Sometimes a clear,
slippry fluid escaped from the head of my cock. I also found that this
attention left me with a kind of ache down there. One morning I woke up
after some confusing dreams and found that the crotch area of my
pajamas, as well as my newly grown hair, was saturated with a sticky
substance. We had had a sex-ed course that winter so I knew from that,
as well as from watching the satlion mount the mares at our horse farm,
something about what was happening, but it was still kind of mysterious.

After I cleaned myself up, I went to my brother's room and asked him
about what had happened. He explained about wet dreams and told me not
to worry. He went on to explain that I could relieve that ache by
masturbating. After explaining the process, (which made my cock grow
instantly), he reached beneath his mattress and pulled out a copy of a
porn mag.

"You better have a look kid. This is a magazine with pictures if men
and women fucking and sucking. It will help you to know what to expect
if you ever get lucky!"

I looked with amazment at the pictures he showed me, and my cock began
to grow even harder.

"Wow!" I said, "So this is what fucking is about. The women seem to
like it too!"

"Of course they do," he said."They like it just as much as we men do.
Here take this and hide it where Mom won't find it. When you want to
relieve the ache just do like I explained."

I hid the magazine in my room and hurried to school. I looked at the
girls, especially the older more developed ones, with new eyes that day.
I was glad I had worn baggy pants, 'cause my cock was hard allmost all
day. As soon as I got home I went to room and locked the door. Pulling
the mag from its hiding place, I stripped down and lay on my bed. The
sight of those beautiful women had me hard as a rock and I wrapped my
hand around my cock and stared stroking! I discovered that the clear
slippery fluid was seeping from my cock and I spread it all around the
head of my cock as my hand worked up and down. My breathing became rapid
and my legs began to twitch as the sensation grew. Suddenly I felt an
intense spasm deep in my balls. I watched in fascination as a stream of
white, creamy fluid shot from my cock and landed all over my chest and
stomach, followed by several more, in gradually decreasing spurts! I had
never felt anything so good in the whole of my short life!

I spent a lot of time engageing in my new activity over the next few
weeks, experimenting with different strokes and pressures. Both the
clear fluid which came out of my cock and the shiny wetness evident in
the magazine pictures gave me the idea of borrowing some of my Mom's
hand lotion. I would lube my hand and cock up real good and jack off
imagining I was with one of the women in the pictures.

I wore baggy pants all the time now, 'cause I was hard so much of the
time, especially at school where I couldn't keep my eyes off the older
girls and the women teachers. There was one teacher in particular, Ms.
Malone, who really caught my attention. I would stare at her during
class and my cock would ache so much that I would often go right to the
boys room afterwards and have a quick jerk-off in the cubicle. Also,
when I would jack off at home with the lotion, she became my favorite
fantasy. From what I could see of her body it was as good or better than
the women in the mag! I never thought that anything would come of it but
I really enjoyed my fantasy fucks with her.

One day in class, Ms. Malone, who taught English, had completed her
lecture on contemporary American literature. During her talk, it seemed
all I could notice was the shape of her boobs in her thin summer dress.
I tried, but failed, to decide whether they were in a bra or not.
Sometimes they appeared to act independently, other times they appeared
to work in tandem. The indecision did not matter - regardless of what
contained them, they looked great from my seat. Every move she made
added to my growing imagination of what I would like to do to her. Not
only her tits, but her ass, (how enticeingly it moved beneath her
dress), and that slight hump just above her crotch. These were promised
delights which only my imagination could conjure - if only they would
could all come true. But I was only 14, and she must have been 27. There
would never be such a chance.

The period bell ended my flights of fancy. Class was over for another
My boner was so hard I could hardly wait to get to the boys room.
Scrambling to pull myself back to reality, I knocked over the books on
my desk. By the time I had picked them all up, I was the last to leave
the classroom. Ms. Malone, looking at me in a strange manner, came over
to my desk.

"I noticed how engrossed you were in my lecture today, Steve", she
said."Mind sharing with me what was so fascinating?"

As she spoke , she sat herself lightly on the top of the desk next to
mine. There was the hint of a smile on her lips as she waited for my
answer. I didn't have a clue as to what she had been talking about
during class. All my attention had been on her body, taking in every
move and greedily viewing every hint of the body under her dress.

"It was the, aww..., the great way in which you presented today's
material", I stammered. "Your presentation, your organization of the
study material bowled me over".

"You sure it wasn't something else? In the last few weeks I've noticed
how much attention you pay to my lectures, yet you barely pass your
tests. And, well, today I was sure something else was on your mind".

As she said this, her hand slowly and casually moved her dress upward,
dragging its edge from her ankles to just over her knee, revealing a
little of her lower thigh.

"Are you sure that the "something else" on your mind, today wasn't
this?" she said. With that, her hand moved upward very quickly, lifting
her skirt clear off her thighs and revealing a glimpse of her entire
leg, all the way up to her lace panties. As quickly as she had lifted
her dress, she dropped it back again.

I could feel my face flush with excitement and embarrassment. It was
what I had been dreaming about, happening right in the classroom!

"Well, ugh, I guess you sort of found out about my secret. I was
watching your body, not listening to your lecture".

As Ms Malone smiled, I noticed that her face had a curious glow about
it, as if she, too, had been thinking about "something else".

"What was it about my body were you watching so closely that you could
not hear my lecture?", she teasingly asked.

"Well, to be honest, all of you. Your boobs, your ass, everything. I'd
watch your movements, and think about what you would look like if you
were naked. I concentrated so much on your body that I can't remember a
thing that you talked about in your lecture", I blurted.

Not knowing what else to say but the truth, I continued.

"As you would pace, or move your arms, I could see your dress stretch
against one part of your body, then another. Each time some new part of
your body would be exposed, and that would add even more to my

"Stay right where you are!", she said sharply. "I think you need a
lesson in manners, young man".

With that said, she got up, walked to the door, locked it, then went to
the windows and pulled down the shades. She walked back to the middle of
the room and stopping where she normally gave her lectures, she turned
and looked me straight in the face.

"Come up here and sit in the first seat right in front of me", she

I quickly moved to the desk and sat down. What else could I do? I
feared that I'd said enough to get me into a lot of trouble.

"Ms. Malone, I didn't mean to get you angry! You asked me what I was
thinking about, and I told you! Please, if you won't say anything to
anyone about this, I promise not to stare anymore".

"This has gotten far out of hand, young man. It cannot go on any
longer. We're both going to work this out now, today. Now, have you been
fantasizing about me at other times than here in class? Be honest, I
have to know"

"Yes Ms Malone, I have." I replied.

"And where, exactly, have you done this fantasizing?"

I confessed everything to her. I told her all about the wacking-off I'd
been doing in the boys room after class and at home while I was thinking
of her.

"When Steve, I'm glad you have been honest with me. Now I'm even more
certain that some special lessons are in order. When I get through with
you, you'll not fantasize any longer!"

With that, she moved closer to my desk.

"I think it's about time that you were taught a bit about what a real
live woman is like. And I'm going to teach you". She lifted one leg and
placed her foot on the top of my desk. She pulled her skirt back, almost
to her waist, exposing her leg all the way up to her panties.

"These", she said, as her hands lightly moved over her leg, "are
nylons. They are held up by this, a garter belt. Now - watch closely -
they are removed by first undoing this clip. Then you gently roll the
tops down, like this, until they are down around the knee. At that
point, you grasp the rolled top in both hands and pull the nylon off,
like this." Deftly, she removed the nylon from the rest of her leg,
leaving it dangling over her shoe.

"Please, take my shoe off and remove the nylon from my foot," she. I
did exactly what she requested. My heart was throbbing so, I thought it
would explode. This was the first time I had ever seen a woman remove
her nylons. It excited me, all over. I could feel my dick starting to
swell and put pressure on my pants.

Ms Malone switched legs, exposing the leg with the remaining nylon on

"Now, let's see if you learned your lesson. I want you to remove this
from my leg without tearing it". I stretched over and took hold of her
garter belt. My hands were shakeing so that I had a hard time taking
hold of the clasp on the garter. When my fingers touched her thigh, all
I could feel was the silky texture of her leg. She placed her hand
gently on top of mine.

"Easy now, don't get nervous. Just take your time. We have all
afternoon. Remember, be gentle and don't put a run in the nylon".

I finally released the nylon from the garter belt, rolled it exactly as
she had demonstrated, then pulled it down her leg. My hands tingled each
time they touched her leg. I took her other shoe off, and removed the
second nylon completely.

"That was excellent!", she exclaimed. "You've earned yourself some
extra credit work."

With that, she moved over to the side of my desk, turning so her back
was to me and undid the belt from around her waist. Leaning back, she
directed me in my next task.

"Now, I'm sure you see the little buttons down the back of my dress.
Undo them, starting from the top and don't stop till they are all undone
down to my waist." she said and I quickly complied

With her back still towards to me, she next told me, "Stand up and
put your arms around me, then take the top of my dress, and slide it
forword off my shoulders and down my arms."

I stood up and put my arms around her. As I did that, I could feel her
ass press lightly into my crotch. My cock throbed with her touch, it
felt so good! I pulled the dress off her shoulders and held it in front
of her as she removed her arms from the dress.

"Pull the dress down over my hips, then let it fall to the floor", was
her next instruction.

I did as she had ordered, she twirled around, and I was rewarded with a
full frontal view of her gourgous body, clad only in her bra and
panties. My gaze locked on her boobs, switching from one to the other. I
took in every detail, from the full shape of her breasts, just barely
contained by the lacey material of her bra, to her nipples, trying so
hard to stick out through the material encasing them that they formed
little tents in the fabric. I moved my eyes downward, glancing at her
flat tummy, and noticing the fine little hairs which ever so lightly
covered her stomach around her navel. I stopped the downward movement of
my stare when I reached her panties, specifically, when I got to her
crotch. I could see her cunt hair up against the very thin panty
material, curly and dark. On both sides of her panties, and at her
panty line which was low and close to the tip of her clit, I saw that
several hairs had escaped the elastic, and were exposed to my view.

Before I could look anymore, she lifted her knees and stepped out of
her dress. As her legs moved, I watched in fascination as her panties
tightened and rubbed against her crotch. I also noticed that, right
between her legs, there was a wet spot which seemed to grow as I
watched. My own love tool was now straining painfully against my pants.

Turning back to me, she continued the lesson. "Now, it's your turn to
be comfortable. I want you to stand up, face me, and take off only your
shirt and trousers".

More willingly than before, I quickly complied with her request. Since
I never wore undershirts, I was left standing there in front of her
dressed only in my briefs.

"My, what have we got growing there?" she asked as she stared at the
large lump formed my cock. "Do you know why it is so big? I'll tell
you. It's because's getting ready to explore a warm wet place. You'll
soon find out, but not just yet!". With that, she motioned that I should
sit down again.

As she reached for the bra's clasp behind her her back she exclaimed,
"Now this is called a bra. Many women have to wear one to keep their
boobs from hanging down and not looking sexy. I only wear one to keep my
nipples from being revealed under my blouse all day long. As you will
see they are quite long when I am aroused. You see, I don't really need
the bra to support my boobs - they hold up well without one".

With that statement, she removed her bra. Sure enough, her tits stood
straight out without it, but what captured my gaze were her nipples!
Protruding from her firm round breasts were nipples at least a half inch
long and as big around as my little finger!

Ms Malone continued to talk in her lecturing voice, "Now these, as you
probably know, are called breasts. And these little fellows pointing out
at you are my nipples." As she stepped toward me again her fingers began
pinch them and they

became even more erect! When she stopped her tits
were right in front of my face and she spoke again.

"Open your mouth, gently take one of my nipples into it, and suck on

That is exactley what I did, following her instructions completely.
Unconsciously, my hands rose to her boob, circled it, and pushed more of
it deeper into my mouth. Without any additional instructions, I licked
and nibbled her nipple. I could feel it swell even further in my mouth
as I played with it.

Ms Malone leaned into my face, increasing the pressure on her boob as I
sucked harder. I noticed that she was now breathing rather deeply, and
there was a slight quiver in her body.

"Now, the other one. Switch to the other one - quickly!", she said, in
a tremulous voice.

As I hastely repeated my actions on her other tit, I could see the
nipple that I had just been sucking on. It glistened wetly and had
doubled in length to be a good one inch long! I felt the next one grow
in my mouth as I played with it. Her arms, which had been resting on my
shoulders, started to push, forcing my mouth off her tits and down her
stomach. As I neared her panties, my nose detected a faint, earthly
aroma. It was from her cunt.

As I got closer, the smell increased. It was the most stimulating
smell I ever had savored. The material of her panties was really soaking
with her juices now and I could see the outline of her large outer lips
clearly in the damp translucent fabric. A lump pushed the wet cotton
outwards just below the top of her panty line. Her hands left my
shoulders, grabbed the tops of her panties and garter, and pulled them
off. All of the sudden, there was nothing between her cunt and my mouth
except air! I was staring straight at her bare cunt. The outer lips
were engorged and hanging out, showing her inner cunt lips moist and
dripping. At their top was what looked like a tiny penis thrusting out
of a sheath of skin and glistening wetly. I knew that it had to be her
clitoris, but I had certainly never seen any so large in any of my
brothers magazines! It had to have been an inch long!

She thrust her bare hips towards my face, forcing her cunt onto my
mouth. Remembering what I had done to her tits, I started sucking,
licking and kissing her fervid cunt. Soon, my tongue found the large
bump of flesh located at the top of her cunt. I started to stroke it
with my tongue."That ... that is my clit," she gasped, "mine is
unusually large, which is lucky for me since it is one of the two
primary pleasure points on a female. Suck it now, harder ... harder!",
she cried, as she spread her legs wider to let me get a better angle.

As I kissed her clit, I could feel that her slipprey juices were
running all down her legs. As I continued to eat her, I tasted this
fluid, and found that I really enjoyed the taste, so I moved down her
body and licked it from her inner thighs, and then followed the flow
back up until once again my tongue was centered on her clit.

"That was very nice Steve.", she said in a voice nearly choking with
"The fluid you have been licking up is a natural secretion which seeps
from a women's cunt we she is sexually excited. I tend to secrete a bit
more than the average woman." she said with a smile, "In fact at a
certain point, as you will soon see if you follow my instuctions, it
will spurt out quite copiously, rather like your sperm does when you
ejaculate. I like to call it my "sex juice". Do you like the way my sex
juice tastes?

"Yes Ms Malone, your, uh..., "sex juice" tastes really good and I like
the way you smell down here too!", I gasped.

"That's good Steve, because there will soon be even more for you to
taste. Now, flick your tounge rapidly across my clit.", commanded Ms

As I complied with her command and flicked my tounge rapidly back and
forth across her large, hard clit, the movements of my tounge elicited
even more fevered groans from her and caused her clit to grow and
stiffen out to a full two inch length! I was completely amazed by this,
having never heard of such a thing before.

"That's very good Steve. Now take your finger, move it below your
mouth, and, sliding it down along my pussy lips, find my cunt-hole", she
exclaimed in a really husky voice. "Then slide it in while you continue
to tongue and suck my clit".

Sliding my finger along her lips, soaked in her copiuos juices, I found
the opening she had described. As I inserted my finger into it, I
suddenly realized that this was indeed the source of those sweet tasting
love juices. But, before I could explore that fact further, Ms. Malone
started to move her whole body against my face. Her stomach muscles
started to contract, expand and quiver as she seemed to try and swallow
my finger with her cunt. Her hips swayed back and forth, pushing her
cunt against my finger and her clit against my tongue.

"Now, move your finger in and out slowly", she told me.

As I did so, she grabbed the back of my hair and began to push and pull
my mouth up and down the two inch lenth of her clit, coordinateing this
motion with the action of my finger. I discovered that her entire body
writhed with the twin movements, becomeing synchronized. The faster I
moved my finger, the faster her body responded. By now, her breathing
had become very audible. In fact, she was panting as if she had just
completed a long run. I became nervous about her condition and I tried
to stop and pull my face away from her love mound, but she pushed it
right back.

In between her ragged breaths she said, "Ohh... don't stop... doing
that! You are doing... so well at... following my instuctions...I think
you will... be getting a very high mark"

So I continued to finger her moist love hole and suck her hard clit. I
was doing it harder and faster all the time, keeping pace with the
rhythm set by her hand as she pulled my sucking lips up and down the
shaft of her clit by my holding my hair. Her breathing became a rasping
intake followed by a short, ragged exhalation, an explosive blast of
air. The muscles of her inner thighs began to twitch, at first just a
few short spasams, but soon they were quivering and fluttering
constantly. She began to grunt with the exhalation of each breath and
her body was jerking around so much that I wondered how she could remain

"Now, put a second finger up my hole with the first one... That's it!"
she cried, as I complied with her command. "Suck my clitty hard now, I'm
very close!"

" Ohh... yesss...!, she cried, "oh..., ahhh..., you're gonna have alot
of sex juice now! you are taking me over the edge!

Her hands released my hair and she grabbed her tits, sqeezing the
smooth white flesh and then pulling violently outwards on her long

"This, T H I S, is a woman CCCC UUU MMM III NNN GGG!", she yelled, as
her body jerked violently up and down in front of my face.

I suddenly felt my hand becoming drenched in her love juices, as they
spewed from her hole, drenching my chin and beginning to run down my
neck toward my chest. Her big clit, enwrapped between my sucking lips
throbed and pulsed. As one particulerly abrupt spasm hit her body, her
torso jerked backwards, causing my fingers to slide wetly out of her
cunt, and my lips to slip off her clit. This left the whole of her
beautiful cunt directly in front of my face, and I was treated to the
sight of a strong jet of her juice shooting out from between her
engorged cunt, the copious stream hitting me right in my face!

With her words jerky between her shuddering breaths, Ms Malone said, "I
told you... that you would get... some more... sex juice Steve! Here...
comes... some... more!"

I opened my mouth, positioned it right in front of her cunt hole, and
was rewarded with another big gush of her sex juice right down my
throat! I had never had any fantasy as good as this was!

As she thrust her cunt back onto my face, Ms Malone, her voice gasping
out of her throut, demanded "Stick those... fingers... back up me... and
flick my clit with your tongue!"

Her inner thighs had become drenched with that great tasting wetness
and my whole face was slick with her cum. As my head slid wetly back
between her inner thighs to her cunt, and my lips and fingers resumed
their tasks, Ms Malone closed her legs tightly around my head! With the
soft, juice slickened flesh of her smooth inner thighs slideing around
my cheeks and my face buried in her sopping cunt I felt as though my
whole head was in a giant cunt!

Ms Malone's body continued to shudder spasmotically, in a gradually
decreasing rythym, untill, accompanied by a long sigh, her legs finally
relaxed their hold. As I pulled my head back and removed my fingers from
her cunt I could see sodden cunt, all the hair surrounding it drenched.
Her large clit bobbed slowly up and down, gradually receeding beneath
its protective hood. Her thigh muscles continued to quiver, the light
causing the wet surface to glisten enticingly with the motion. Putting
my hands behind her legs, I moved down and licked that sweetness from
her thighs, moving my hands upward as I went, untill they held her sweet
ass cheeks while I lovingly lapped her cunt clean.

My ministrations seemed to work as her quivering motions finally began
to slow.
After a few moments, she had calmed down. I could see a dewy sweat on
her body, and could feel it with my hands, especially at the small of
her back. She pushed me back from her, a big smile on her face.

"I think that you may just pass this exam", she said, still breathing.
"But there is one section left for you to complete".

Taking my hand in hers, she pulled me up from the desk, so that the two
of us were each standing. She then started to squat, letting her hands
flow down my back to my ass, stopping when her face was level with my
shorts. With her face just inches from my cock, she could see the
straining bulge in my shorts and the large wet spot caused by my own
per-cum fluid.

"I see I'm not the only one who gets wet when they are excited.", she
said playfully.

Moving her face forward she opened her mouth and gently bit down on my
cloth enclosed penis, causing it to throb strongly and causing my knees
to almost buckle beneath me!

Moving her face back momentarally, she grasped the front part of the
elastic waist band with one of her hands and pulled it out toward
herself. Then, leaning forward again she peeked over the outstreached
edge, inhaling deeply as she did so.

"Hmm..., I love the smell of a big hard cock and balls!", she enthused,
as with her other hand, she reached in and touched the glistening wet
head of my cock with the tips her fingers. Then she moved them slowing
around, spreading my juice all over the head of my cock. Just as I felt
as if I would pass out from the sensual touch she removed her fingers
and then pulled my briefs down my legs, fully releasing my cock.

The sight of my fantasy teacher, naked and beautiful, squatting, with
her legs spread wide apart, her still wet cunt and beautiful tits
displayed to my gaze was electrifying. My cock was harder than it had
ever been, standing up and slapping rhythmically against my belly with
the pulse of my rapidly beating heart, as more of my juice oozed from
the tip of my cock

"This", she said, staring at my erect cock "looks like something I must
examine closely".

And examine closely she did, reaching out to hold and squeeze it with
her left hand as her right reached between my legs and lightly caresed
my ass cheeks before sliding slowly past my asshole to softly cup my
aching balls. Then, while her right hand alternated between stroking
lightly from my asshole to the underside of my balls, rolling the loose
skin of my sack between her fingertips and lightly squeezing one ball or
the other, her left hand began to slowly spread my juice down the shaft
of my pulsing cock.

Then, releasing my cock for a moment she put her right hand down to her
own still dripping cunt. Drawing her fingers through her moist slit, she
coated her palm with her own tasty sex juice. Reaching back up towards
my cock, she formed her fingers and palm into the proper shape and
proceeded to slide her moist hand slowly over the head of my shaft and
down to the base!

"Arghh..., Ohhh..., Ms Malone that feels so great!", I stammered.

Smiling, she began to move her slick hand up and down my cock, while
her other hand continued its ministrations below. She was one good

I could sense a familiar feeling building in my in my crotch, and knew
I was close to cuming. While I loved what she was doing, I was really
hoping that she would take me in her mouth like I'd seen in the

" Ohh..., Ms Malone you are taking me very close now... ahhhh..."

" That's good isn't it?," she replied, keeping the motion of her hand
going. "I want you to cum for me. I want to watch as your lovely cock
shoots it's load in my hand!"

"Ah... Yes, it is good, Ms Malone. Whatever you want. You are the

After releasing my cock to gather more of her own sex juice from her
cunt, she enfolded me again began to increase the speed of her stroking.

It was all too much for me, however I came, I had to cum! My shaft was
almost purple from the blood held there and as her speed and pessure
increased I past the point of no return.

"AAAhhh... Teacher! Here it comes, you are making me cum now!", I

"That's it Steve, give me you spunk! I want to see it. Let me see it
NOW!!", she said as she tickled me just beneath my balls.

My sperm began boiling up out of my balls as my knees sagged and
Ms Malone gazed at my cock with a wild look as the first big jet of my
spunk came flying out if my cock, inundating her rapturous face. My
whole body shuddered as more streams of my cum shot out. Ms Malone
opened her mouth catching most of them inside and I could see my jizz
coating her tounge and teeth. Nothing could beat this, I thought to

Licking her lips and continuing to jack her hand up and down my cock,
Ms Malone said, "My! My! You are learning your lesson very well. Your
spunk tastes delicious to your teacher!"

My spurts had slowed to just a few dribbles as she milked my cock. I
didn't think it could get any better, but what she did next surpased my
wildest imaginings!

"I want to taste more of your spunk Steve. I'm guess I'll just have to
suck it out of your cock with my mouth!", she exclaimed.

Taking the tip of it in her mouth, she flicked the sensitive head with
her tongue. I could feel my dick, which had started to shrink and go
softer suddenly engore with fresh blood as my sexy teacher fulfilled
this part of my fantasy too. I'd thought I had been as big and hard as
I'd ever felt before, but soon got even larger and harder. The harder it
got, the more sh

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It was summer 2016, yep last year. My friend was throwing his birthday party at a fancy pub in the NCR region. I was excited because that area is filled with hot guys (yes, hot in caps), all his friends from school, college and elsewhere came. It was ..continue reading

Gram gets a special birthday gift at 60

Why read the background? If you want to understand the story 10 times better. Gram, turning 60. Industrial worker in small city. Have his own house 2 storey. Not married, no children but siblings 3,5 hours away – but he rarely meets them. Living a ..continue reading

Past pleasures, cheat sex story

Even though Beth and I had divorced several years before, she was one of the few people that could show up at my front door unannounced without angering me. I heard a knock at the door, hopped up, and headed to the front door only to find the mai ..continue reading