Blackmailed - sex story


A few months ago I bought V.I.P meet and greet tickets to see my favorite pop singer Ariana Grande. I was so excited to see her live in concert especially since I was standing in the very front row of the stadium right by the catwalk. At the day of the concert when I woke up I jumped out of bed excitement running through my head thinking about what I should say to her when we meet in the photo booth backstage. But first this was my first concert so I wanted to capture every moment of it and as a photographer in college I had a really cool expensive camera so I can take tons of pictures and I also wanted to bring my small GOPRO recorder so I can film every single moment without missing a second of that beautiful petite sexy body dance around on stage. I looked at my iPhone to check the time (5:07 P.M). Even though the concert didn’t start until 7:00 P.M I still got in my car and drove to the concert two hours early so I can be first in line to go through the door. When I got there I already I already saw at least fifteen hundred pre-teens and teenagers there so I just decided to stay inside of my car when I got a parking space. When I finally found a spot I got out of my car and open my trunk and took out a six pack of beer then I closed the trunk and walked back inside of my car. I opened a bottle of beer and I took a sip then I almost forgot that I had a couple of joints rolled up and ready full of weed, so I pulled one out of the bag that was in my glove compartment then I also took out my zippo lighter. I lit it up. After only two inhales I was already high, I looked out my car window and I saw the fans going inside. Then I realized that the doors were opening so I chugged the whole bottle of beer that I opened earlier. I got out of the car. Locked it. Then I walked to the entrance, the line was long but it was going pretty fast. As soon as I got inside after security checked my ticket I went to the bar and since most or even all fans of Ariana grande were under the age of twenty one there was no one at the bar but me so I ordered a short glass of whiskey on the rocks after that I just decided to go inside the stadium and I was in no rush since everyone had assigned seats. When I sat down I looked at my phone and saw that it was 6:37 pm and half of the stadium was already full so I just say there until it was time. All of the lights went out and there was one spotlight at the top of the stage, ari came out of the floor with small clothing so I started taking pictures and lots of them. During the whole concert she would change outfits close to the end of the concert she came out into stage with a top and a very short skirt on. I got excited to see her in that so I took out my camera and I waited until she walked up to me so that I can take a closer picture. Ariana started to walk towards the fans in front of me and when she got there she bent over so that she can touch the fans who had their hands out. From my view I can see her percent round petite ass. I snapped a couple of more pics of that. Then she started to walk towards me, she was at the very edge of the catwalk. Ariana grande was so close that if I looked up I would see her panties. So I did what any guy would do, I looked up and I took a few pictures. There were so many lights and lasers during the concert that I couldn’t even see if I took a good picture or not so by the time the concert was over I met Ariana with my V.I.P pass inside the photo booth and we took a selfie together.

Ariana: Did you enjoy the concert?
Me: Yeah it was amazing!
Ariana: I’m glad you liked it.

I got out of there and I left the stadium then I walked to my car. I opened my car door and I say down, I turned on my camera then I took out the micro sd card. I grabbed my MacBook computer from the floor in the back backseat and I put the sd card inside and turned on my mac. I took a look at every photo that I took and then I looked at the picture that I shot up her skirt, I was hoping that I took a sexy pic of her panties but in stead she wasn’t wearing any panties. I can feel my cock Twitch inside my jeans. Then I saw something else. I couldn’t see what it was so I cropped the picture. I couldn’t believe my eyes… I was so shocked. Ariana had a vibrator inside of her I could see the end of the pink vibrator sticking out. I already feel the pressure in my jeans, I wanted to jerk off but there were to many underage teens around. I went to twitter in my phone and I saw a tweet from TMZ then I thought to myself maybe if I showed this to TMZ I could get some money from these shots. I kept scrolling down and I saw that Ariana tweeted a picture of her and a fan together outside of her hotel room. After a few minutes I found out the hotel she was staying at. I started my car and I drove down the highway excited to show her the picture to blackmail her. As I pull up to the hotel just after she took the last picture with her fan. I stopped her at the lobby.

“Hey Ariana!”

She turned around and smiled.

“Do you want a selfie with me?”


We took a selfie with my phone

“I wanna show you something.” I said

“What is it?”

I took out my MacBook from my backpack. I opened it then I clicked on the photo, I showed it to her.

“What is that!” Ari said

“That’s you right above me you didn’t have any panties on and you had something else. A pink vibrator inside of you.”

“Please” she said

“Please what?”

“Please don’t show this to anyone and please don’t post it anywhere”

“I won’t show anyone else this”

“Then what are you gonna do with it and why are you showing me this?”

“well this is where the blackmail comes in. I wanna have sex with you.”


“let’s play a game, it’s called would you rather. Would you rather have me show this picture to the whole world and lose a ton of money from your tour or just simply have sex with me once then move on?”

She let her head down trying to think of the answer.

“I choose sex with you.” Ariana whispered

“What was that?”

She looked up at me with those big beautiful brown eyes. So suductive.

“I’ll have sex with you.”

“Whats your room number?”

“Room 103.”

She walked towards the elevator and so did I. Ariana pressed the number ten. The doors closed. When we got to the tenth floor we both walked to room 103. She opened it with her key card we walked inside then I closed the door behind us. I took off my backpack which had my MacBook in it and my camera’s in it. I grabbed her without saying a word then I kissed her, I started off slow because I wanted Ariana to enjoy it too. After a few minutes we started to make out and I also started to feel around her waist then I moved my hands to her ass to pull her closer to me. As I did that I can hear her moan in my mouth while we were making out. I could tell that she was getting into it. I carried her to the hotel bedroom and I threw her across the bed and she looked at me with suductive eyes. I crawled on top of her, making out with her even more trying to make her wet. I pull her up so that she’s sitting on the bed. I pull off her shirt above her head then I snap open her bra and I slowly take them off throwing them on the floor. Grabbing her left boob and sucking on them. I look up and Ariana has her mouth open with pleasure.

“Your starting to like this right Ariana?”

“Don’t make me admit it.”

I unbutton her jeans and I unzip them, as I take Ariana’s jeans off I also take off her panties at the same time. I slowly rub Ariana’s clit while I ask her “you are liking this arn’t ya?”

“Yeah I am.”

I lay her on her back sucking on her right boob while I massage her other boob with my left hand for about a minute then I run both of my hands across her belly down to her pussy. I start to lick Ariana’s clit while I finger her pussy.

“Your so wet already.” I said smiling

“I know.”

I stick my tongue inside of Ariana wanting to taste her juices. I can taste a mix of sweet peach and pineapple. Then I remembered that ariana is a vegetarian and that she eats a lot of fruits which makes her pussy taste so sweet.

“Wait.” Ariana said

“What is it?”

“I’ll be back”

When she got up from the bed she walked to the hotel bathroom. I looked around and saw my backpack, then I thought to myself that I never recorded the concert with my GOPRO. I grabbed my backpack and opened the small pouch in the front of the backpack and took out my GOPRO then I put it behind the TV where she can’t see it then I turned it on. When she got out of the bathroom her hair was no longer in a pony tail and she has a condom in her hand. I grabbed her by the waist. Put her on the bed and continued to eat her out. She enjoyed it even more this time surending her self to me. She had a small thin landing strip of hair on her pussy which turned me on even more then before. I got up and took off my pants.

“Suck it” I demanded

“Okay, but don’t cum to fast I tend to give good head according to my ex boyfriend sean.” She said with a smile.

She started to suck on my cock and licking the tip then she surprised me when she started to go all the way.

“Wow you can really deep throat.”

She smiled at me. She was so good that I almost came then and there. I pulled her away from me and I took off the rest of my my clothes and I laid down on the bed. Ariana crawled towards me as got on top, she grabbed my cock then she started rubbing the tip of my dick against her clit trying to tease me.

“What about the condom?” I asked

“Fuck it, sex feels so much better with rubber anyways.”

She started to push my cock inside of her. I could already feel how wet she is and how warm she was. I was already almost halfway inside her sweet warm pussy so I forced myself all the way inside without a notice.

“Aaahhhhh!” She moaned loudly

She started moving front and back like if she was riding a horse.

“Oh my god! This is the tightest pussy I’ve ever been in.” I said

“Oh yeah?”

“Fuck yes!”

This went on for about ten minutes until I felt like cumming so I stopped her and I got up, bent ariana over. I pushed my cock all the way inside of her making ariana moan even louder.

“Ahahahahahahahah” ariana moaned with every single thrust.

“Oh god I’m cumming, I’m cumming hard.” Ariana screamed

“I’m cumming too!”

“Don’t cum inside of me. I want your cum in my mouth!”

I couldn’t resist cumming inside of her, I just needed to feel that intense pleasure. So I came inside of her stream after stream of my cum inside of her. I pulled out with a mix of my cum and hers on my cock.

“Ahhh!” She screamed

“You came inside of me!” She yelled

Ariana ran to the bathroom while I grabbed my GOPRO and stashed it in my backpack. I put on my clothes. I saw she left her iphone by the bed so I grabbed it and unlocked it with no passcode, I clicked on “phone” then I clicked “contacts” I scrolled all the way up and I saw “my number”. I wrote down ariana grande’s phone number then I put down her phone. She came out of the bathroom with a look of relief mixed with a look of anger.

“Your lucky your cum didn’t go all the way inside of me, now delete the picture.”

“Alright, you’ve earned it.”

I deleted the picture. I grabbed my backpack and I left. The next day I texted her a small clip of our little sex tape. She called me after a few minutes.

“You recorded it!” Ariana yelled

“Yes I did, but at least I deleted the photo.” I laughed

“What do you want from me now!?”

“Every time you come to my city you have to have sex with me.”

“What if I don’t?”

“You know whats gonna happen.”

“Fine…deal. Just don’t release the video please.” She said

“As long as you play your part I won’t.”

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