Blackmailed teens story - sex story

Blackmailed teens story

Sandy Robinson stretched her lush young body voluptuously and yawned with pleasure. As her muscles tensed, the short filmy nightgown she wore hiked up until the bottom edge just barely covered her softly-rounded buttocks and upper thighs, accentuating rather than concealing her lovely long legs and swelling breasts. Her flesh was tanned a deep golden color by the hot rays of the California sun.

Sandy was a beautiful girl by any standards. At sixteen years of age she had the face and figure of a mature young woman, with none of the awkwardness of a teenager. Her patrician features were set off by large brown eyes, perfect white teeth, and short dark hair.

The lovely young girl stood by the side of the disordered bed from which she had just arisen and looked around the luxurious room. Everything was done with expensive good taste, from the costly furniture itself to the thick rugs, brocade drapes, and original oil paintings on the walls. The house suggested money and an owner who would not hesitate to go to any lengths to assure an almost sybaritic comfort for himself and guests.

As she strode from the bedroom into the huge expanse of the redwood paneled front room, Sandy blushed as she remembered her first reaction to Lucy's suggestion that the two of them might spend a few weeks at her divorced fathers "little cabin at Antelope Lake". Sandy knew that Lucy's parents were divorced and that her father worked in television for a major network. That was nothing out of the ordinary in Southern California where so many people worked in the entertainment industry. And many Californians had small cabins in the surrounding mountains -- places where they could escape for a weekend -- away from the terrible smog and freeway traffic. Sandy had immediately pictured the "little cabin" as a cheaply-built one room affair, furnished with cast-off furniture and discarded linen and crockery. She suspected that there would be no telephone or television, and almost certainly no interesting young men nearby to provide the excitement she felt so badly in need of.

Sandy had almost said no to the idea, even if it meant spending the long summer on the crowded Venice or Santa Monica beaches, competing for a small bit of sand and the attentions of the adolescent surfers. Even that would be better than being isolated in some ramshackle cabin nursing mosquito bites and cursing the lack of male companionship.

It was one thing for Lucy to want to be away from boys and young men for the summer. She had Jimmy, her twenty year old boyfriend who attended college in San Diego, and a divorced mother who let her do just about anything that she wanted. Sandy's own parents were too strict to allow her to date anyone older than herself. And they watched her too closely to allow any boy, of whatever age, to endanger her "precious" virginity. The only times that she could feel free at all were the days spent on the beach, away from their prying eyes and almost fanatical protectiveness. There she could be just another one of the thousands of nubile young girls who covered their insecurities by uncovering as much of their bodies as possible for the gratification of callow, almost uncaring, youths who massed there in equal numbers, pretending to be free but who were as rigidly locked into cultural dogmas as the "establishment" they hated so much.

Lucy was persuasive though, pointing out that they would have complete freedom not just for several hours but for several days. Surprisingly, Sandy's parents (despite their puritanical attitudes) had a great deal of misplaced respect for Lucy's mother. The girls had learned early that Sandy's mother and father would generally go along with almost anything if Lucy's mother promised to supervise them. Not that she did, of course. She was much too busy with her own social life to care what the girls did. She had even promised to talk Sandy's parents into the trip to Antelope Lake, telling them that she would assure them that she would be along to chaperone. Her own plans for the summer were vague but she told Lucy and Sandy that she would drop by the cabin occasionally to see how things were going.

In the end, it was Lucy's hints that Jimmy and one of his college friends would be coming up to the lake that finally persuaded Sandy to say yes. Even though Jimmy belonged to her best friend, Sandy could not help the little chills of pleasure that rushed through her every time that Jimmy was nearby. And she was sure that Jimmy was attracted to her. Lucy had only hinted at the things that she and Jimmy had done, but Sandy suspected that it was more than just the usual backseat petting bouts.

As she pulled the short nightgown over her lithe young body, Sandy examined herself in the full-length mirror on the closet door. Her long fingers tenderly stroked her hips and thighs as her eyes ran down the creamy flesh, taking in the swelling breasts, tipped by little pink rosebuds of nipples, the thin waist suddenly flaring into softly rounded hips and tapering into long lovely legs. Her gaze fixed automatically on the dark patch of pubic hair that protected her tender vaginal lips and moist crevice. It was all that she could do to keep from gently intruding her fingers between the soft flesh of her inner thighs and feeling the warmth spread through her pelvis as flesh in exquisite joy. Her mother had so often warned Sandy against touching herself there! Little beads of perspiration broke out on her forehead as she remembered the joy she had felt in stroking herself. How could such pleasure be wrong? She wondered what it would be like to have the strong hand of Jimmy prying apart her legs and plunging his frantic fingers into the pulsing crevice. The thought frightened her and she dropped her hands and gaze guiltily.

Sandy pulled a brief swimsuit from her still-unpacked suitcase and stepped into the panties. The swimsuit had been a last minute purchase before they had left Los Angeles. Her mother and father would have heart failure if they could see her in the skimpy little bits of cloth. Quickly, she tied the halter of the bra behind her and strode out of the bedroom and into the kitchen for orange juice and toast. She ate standing up at the kitchen counter.

When she had finished the last of her meal, Sandy walked to the front door and opened it, suddenly dazzled by the bright sunshine that streamed in, framing her lovely body between the cool darkness of the lodge and the brilliant outdoors. She could see the sparkling green waters of the lake just a short distance from the lodge. A long sandy beach ribboned its way between the lake and the massive pine forests that were all around her. In the distance she could see the rugged mountain peaks, still snow-covered in June.

She remembered how surprised she had been driving up to the lake yesterday in Lucy's little sports-car. Sandy had been surprised at how short a time it had taken them to reach the lake from Los Angeles. In just under two hours they were there, turning into a small private road past huge pine trees, suddenly coming into a small clearing and seeing the redwood lodge nestled there among the trees. This was no weekend cabin! It was a veritable mansion. Sandy immediately had a new respect for Lucy's divorced father.

Standing in the doorway the next morning, Sandy debated whether she should wait for Lucy to return before going down to the beach. Her friend had arisen early and driven to the county seat to have the telephone turned on. Jimmy had promised to call Lucy sometime this evening and tell her when he would be able to come up. Sandy decided to go for a walk around the lake while she waited for Lucy. Retracing her steps to the bedroom, she put on a pair of sandals and packed the straw beach-bag with suntan oil, a paperback novel, sunglasses, and a large towel to lie on.

Walking down to the beach, Sandy marveled at her good fortune in being here with Lucy. All of her previous doubts and apprehensions were gone, replaced by a delicious excitement at the idea of Jimmy and his friend joining them soon. She felt years older than she was, a feeling that was a mixture of elation at being on her own for the first time, and yet a tinge of fear at what the summer might bring to her. All of the mysterious processes that turned a teenager into a real woman were at work within her, she knew, and Sandy desperately wanted to sample the delights of womanhood.

Her long legs carried her to the waters edge quickly. She stood there trying to decide which way to go. Her eyes wandered around the shoreline until they rested on a large granite outcropping a few hundred yards to her left. It looked like the prow of a ship, massive and thrusting against the green waters that lapped at it. Almost unconsciously she kicked off her sandals and started to walk toward it, the hot sand burning the tender soles of her perfectly formed feet. The only sound audible was the gentle rippling of the water as it ruffled in the light breeze.

As she drew near the huge granite rock, Sandy could see that it partially concealed a small cove. Her feet began to move faster now, anxious to see what lay beyond. Suddenly, she was there and her eyes drank in the lovely scenery. It was a perfect spot for sunbathing. The pine forest was thick and inaccessible and anyone approaching from the beach could certainly be heard. She felt like an explorer discovering an unclaimed piece of land, and the whole idea of having a private place was thrilling. The water was very still and a darker shade of green than the rest of the lake.

Sandy spread the towel on the sand and took the bottle of suntan lotion from the beach-bag. Her fingers worked expertly, spreading the dark liquid onto her firm flesh and then gently massaging it in. A strange feeling of pleasure ran through her as her hands covered the soft flesh of her inner-thighs and stomach. It was not a new feeling for her and in the past few months it had become more and more common to find her hands straying to the virginal spot where such joy could be had by the simple manipulation of her fingers.

She stretched her beautiful body out on the towel, face up, already feeling a warm glow on her skin from the hot rays of the sun. Her legs were spread slightly and the little piece of cloth that covered her pelvic area indented slightly as it traced the soft folds of her vaginal lips and the tender furrow they protected. It felt so good to be lying here, she thought to herself, not a care in the world, no adolescent surfers kicking sand on her as they played out their little games on the beach. She wanted to be alone with her thoughts, just to lie here on the warm sand and try to anticipate what Jimmy's friend would be like. He just had to like her -- otherwise the whole vacation would be ruined! She felt her hands gently caressing her legs as her thoughts wandered aimlessly.

"Jesus Christ! Are my eyes deceiving me or are you really there?"

Sandy's eyes flew open and she struggled to sit up, startled and frightened by the deep male voice that seemed to come from nowhere. She felt a sudden chill as her eyes focused on the hulking figure of the man standing above her.

The man was about forty, Sandy saw, dressed only in a pair of faded khaki pants rolled up to his knees. He was carrying his shirt and shoes in one hand. Despite her fear Sandy could not help noticing how handsome the man was. His dark hair was uncombed and Sandy could see that it was graying at the temples. The man was smiling at her.

"I've been coming here for years and I've never found anything like you before," the man was saying in his deep voice, a smile playing across his face, "I guess this must be my lucky day!"

"W-who are you?" was the only thing that Sandy could stammer out.

The man's shadow fell across her legs, darkening the flesh. She could feel his eyes drinking in the sight of her almost naked body, and it strangely excited her despite her fear.

"Never mind who I am, sweetheart! The question is what am I going to do with you?" The handsome older man's voice was soft and gave no hint of violence. Sandy was almost hypnotized by his easy mariner as he came closer to her and knelt down on the blanket. She could feel the sheer power surging through him as his well-muscled chest expanded and contracted. For an instant, she thought about running, but something in the man's manner made her hold back.

"Why don't you take off that swimsuit so that I can get a good look at you?" the man said matter-of-factly, his hands reaching toward her.

There was no mistaking his intentions now and the dark-haired teenager drew in her breath sharply as his hands went around her waist and held her tightly.

"Please don't hurt me," Sandy pleaded, her voice strained and quivering. She wondered if he was crazy, a maniac loose from some institution, and she was afraid to cry out for fear that the older man might suddenly go berserk and strangle her. Besides, she realized, there was no one close enough to hear or help her. She quickly stifled her panic, deciding resignedly that it would be best not to do anything that would provoke him.

"Baby, if you don't take that thing off I'll do it myself!" the dark-haired man said, his voice hardening and his boring brown eyes staring straight into hers. One of his hands released her waist and poised menacingly over the small bit of cloth that restrained her breasts.

"Take it off!" he ordered again, savagely this time.

Sandy's hands slowly reached around her back and pulled the straps of the bikini top free. A slow blush covered her face and upper body as she felt the cloth fall into her lap. My God, she sobbed inwardly, this can't really be happening to me! To deny herself sexual pleasure all of these years only to lose her virginity to some madman. And she had no doubt that she was about to lose her chastity to the leering man. She held herself perfectly still, afraid to look at him or to make any sudden movements.

The man slowly reached out to brush his fingers lovingly over her soft breasts. Even without looking up at him, Sandy could feel his eyes on her breasts. The sudden nakedness of her pink nipples made them grow hard with involuntary excitement as they sprang out into the cooler air. She tried to resist the excitement growing in her loins as she followed the path of his suntanned hand, his fingers trailing lewdly across her glistening skin.

"Never be ashamed of your own nakedness, honey. You have beautiful breasts," the man said soothingly. Sandy watched as his hand covered her whiteness that appeared bright in contrast to his tanned skin, and he slowly rubbed his palms over the full twin mounds. The sensation of his touch was echoing through her body. She felt goose-bumps on her arms in answer to the pleasure and fear she felt, and it seemed as if her nerves moved closer to the surface of her skin. Suddenly, the powerful man moved forward and his mouth opened obscenely to suck one of her hard little nipples inside it.

"Ooooohhhh!" Sandy exclaimed, unable to disguise the sudden pleasure the man's sucking mouth was giving her. As his moist lips closed around her sensitive nipple, a liquid warmth seemed to envelop her. For the moment at least, her fears were forgotten as she experienced the most pleasant feelings she could ever remember. As if through instinctive reaction, she wrapped her arms around his head to hold him firmly to her excited breast. In response to her gesture, the man pulled the hardened pink nipple into his hot mouth, his teeth nipping lightly at the flesh.

There was something strange about the sensation it gave her, and she wondered if it was because the man was a complete stranger to her. The helpless teenager was not at all sure what was happening to her but despite her fears, she wanted it to continue. Some primitive instinct within Sandy whispered soothingly that this might be the most important encounter of her young life. Other boys had tried to make out with her, of course, despite how closely her parents watched her. But those encounters had been different -- usually just frantic grapplings in the back seats of old cars. She had always managed to keep the upper hand, even though she had been sorely tempted on several occasions to give in to the fumbling fingers of boys as inexperienced as herself.

With this handsome stranger here in the small cove, it was completely different. For the first time, Sandy was confronted with a real man who knew exactly what to say and do to force his will on her. The helpless dark-haired girl didn't have any control of the situation at all; it was out of her hands entirely, she rationalized, and therefore she was doing nothing wrong. Even her parents could see the logic in that. However violated her poor protesting body would be, they would prefer that to a daughter who was killed by a mad rapist!

Sandy looked down at the tight pants the man was wearing and she gasped involuntarily as she saw the bulging outline of his erect penis straining against the fabric.

He was moving his hands down her back now, and she knew that he was going to rip off her thin bikini panties. Her fear returned as she tried to imagine how it would feel to have his massive penis forcing it's way into her innocent young pussy, and she tried to press her buttocks into the towel-covered sand to prevent him from removing her bikini. Without taking his mouth from her breast, the man forced her back until she was lying flat on the towel, and he easily slid his hand under the tightly rounded shape of her firm, youthful buttocks. The inwardly sobbing girl knew that she didn't have the strength to resist his strong hands, and she felt his relentless fingers digging under the elastic band of the material to pull it roughly down her hips. The bikini bottom was suddenly pulled clear of her buttocks, and she felt the warm air wash over the nakedly exposed area of her loins as the determined man worked with quick deft movements to slide the protecting cloth down to her ankles. He had pushed the suit down as far as he could reach without taking his mouth from her breast, and Sandy raised her head to see the yellow fabric bunched at her feet. She had only to flip her foot to completely rid her body of any entanglements, and she lay back trembling, trying to comprehend the frightening sensation of being totally naked before a complete stranger!

It was only at that moment that she fully realized what was going to occur, but the sensations from the nerve ends of her nipples and sucked breast sent her mind whirling with indescribably passion. His searching hand began to run up between the sensitive skin of her inner thighs, and she groaned with her mouth half-open, and she was suddenly horrified to discover that she had submissively spread her legs out wide.

Like a blind man reading Braille, the dark-haired stranger traced the form and shape of Sandy's virgin pussy with the tips of his fingers, and the silky smoothness of her sparse young pubic hair was like an invitation to the excited head of his cock. She felt his strong fingers caress the hair-covered lips of her pussy that formed the narrow slit, and he slowly worked his middle finger down between the soft folds to seek out the sensitive nerve end that throbbed into erect alertness at his touch.

"Oh, no," the startled teenager groaned in protest. "Noo... please!"

Feeling a sensation like an electric shock dash through her body when the man's finger suddenly found her clitoris, Sandy had second thoughts about what she was so passively allowing to happen to her. Despite her determination to remain coldly passive, her entire body was becoming lewdly aroused by the steady massaging of her sensitive clitoris, and there was moisture now forming between the lips of her vagina in greater and greater amounts. Her body was betraying her! It was as if a fire had been ignited deep inside her womb, and she could feel the flame growing to a point that she thought would consume her every fiber. The feeling was different and somehow more exciting than the pleasures she had obtained when her own fingers caressed her moistly heated crevice those few times in the past.

It was as if the helpless girl had never been touched there before, and she was completely shaken by the idea of what she knew was about to happen. The older man was going to rape her, fuck her young pussy with a flesh-and-blood cock that would squirt out hot male cum into her womb! She was naked and completely helpless to his demands -- there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop him -- and somehow that fact brought a forbidden titillation to her body and mind. It didn't matter anymore that the salacious stranger was going to rape her. All that really mattered was that she was going to have a hard penis fucking into her hot little belly and she was helpless to prevent it. But then she found herself thinking that it was all right as long as that penis belonged to a stranger and no one else would know.

The older man pushed his finger against the moist opening to Sandy's womb, and then suddenly he raised his head up from her breasts and got onto his feet. He stared down at the helplessly naked girl lying spread-eagled on the towel, seeing clearly that she was aroused and squirming with passion. He began immediately to pull off his khaki trousers, kicking them away from his legs as they fell. His hugely rampant penis leaped out fully erect as his shorts followed the pants. The iron-hard shaft jerked several times as he stared at the hair-covered mound of the young brunette's inviting pussy. The dark pubic hair was short and soft, and there were tiny drops of fluid clinging to the lips at the opening of her vagina. She was lying perfectly still, paralyzed by her conflicting emotions, and her eyes were fixed hypnotically on his hard, throbbing penis.

Sandy had to squint against the bright glare of the sun reflecting on the water, but she didn't take her eyes off the terrifyingly obscene sight of the man's maleness. She had never really seen an erection before, although she had often felt one dancing with some of the boys from her school.

The strange man's throbbing cock was like a thick broom handle and the enormous size of it made her shudder with a mixture of fear and lust.

She hadn't realized that a cock could be so big, and she couldn't tear her eyes away from it. The rubber-like flesh of the purple head was thick and throbbing and she could see a tiny drop of seminal fluid wetly glistening at the dilated slit in the tip.

Is that his cum? she wondered. Maybe if he cums, he won't want to... to rape me... to stick that enormous thing up inside me.

It frightened her to think of this huge rod of flesh pushing up inside her tight unused vagina, and she started trembling visibly from the thought. The blunt-headed shaft looked as though it would split her whole vagina open and the thought terrified her. All she had to do, the apprehensive teenager decided, was just to reach up and touch his ferocious-looking cock, to put her hand around it... to make it cum. Then he wouldn't be able to force that huge shaft up into her... He couldn't rape her then, could he? But... but, if he didn't shove his cock up inside her, she'd still be a virgin, and... and... In spite of her fear, she found she was excited by the thought of finally becoming a complete woman. The helplessly spread-eagled teenager wanted desperately to know the feeling of achieving the ultimate pleasure of sex.

"I'm a virgin! Please don't hurt me!" she pleaded softly, and the dark-haired man standing above her responded with a lewdly calculating grin.

"You really want to be fucked, don't you?" the older man grinned salaciously.

Sandy tried to shake her head no. No! I don't want to be... to be... fucked... not here! Not like this... not... not by that enormous thing! she thought. But she could still feel the titillating warmth down in her pussy where the rapacious older man's plundering fingers had caressed her innocently responding clitoris. Oh God! she whimpered to herself. Yes, I do want to be fucked! I want all of that enormous cock rammed up in my pussy... even if it does rip me apart!

"Say it!" he commanded, and the tone in his voice was firm and demanding.

"Yes," Sandy moaned weakly. It was true, she knew it was true, but she didn't want to admit it... not to herself, even... and certainly not to this lewdly grinning man standing over her helpless body.

"Yes, what?" the older man demanded as he knelt down in the sand beside her.

"Yes, I want you to... to do it... but I'm afraid you'll hurt me!" Sandy whispered, her body on fire from the obscene thoughts racing through her. She had said what he wanted to hear, and her own lewd admission excited her more than she thought possible.

"Don't worry, I'll do it to you easy," the dark-haired man replied, and he moved down between her legs, pushing them limply apart so that her innocent vagina was completely open to his gaze. Sandy was embarrassed by the man's lusting gaze. She knew that he was looking directly up into her open cunt, something that no one else had ever done. She wanted to close her legs together but he was now kneeling down between them. The dark-haired girl glanced up at the huge fleshy column that stood straight out from his loins, then she looked up at his face. As he leaned down toward her belly she closed her eyes and clenched her teeth tightly together while his lips made contact with the smooth white skin just above her pubic area. She kept thinking of his giant cock as she felt his tongue running wetly across her belly and down toward the soft folds of her defenselessly spread vagina.

The jolting sensation slamming through her body from the first contact of his tongue against her clitoris was as startling as anything she had ever felt. Her whole body seemed to lift off the towel as the passion-searing sensation traveled into every nerve and fiber to start her womb burning with more intensity than she would have thought possible. She didn't know if he wanted her to remain silent and she was afraid that he would stop kissing her pussy if she cried out with the pleasure of it. But as his mouth farther into the tender flesh of her virgin pussy, she let out a deep, uncontrollable moan from within her gently heaving breast.

She tried to repress the cry as she didn't want anything to stop this forbidden sexual pleasure he was giving her. Her mind was completely absorbed by the lewd, awakening tingles that poured over her sensitized body, and the moistly heated tongue licking over and around her vagina brought little mewling gasps of exciting pleasure to her lips.

Sandy didn't know how long the experienced older man continued his work on her clitoris. The helplessly writhing girl felt his nipping teeth on the pulsing little nub, and he lewdly sucked it inside his warm lips to nibble on it lasciviously.

Time was meaningless at that point, but soon he moved his mouth down until it was pressing into the softly yielding lips around the opening of her womb. Suddenly his tongue was like a snake of hot flesh as he unraveled it to tremendous length, driving it wetly up inside the tight little passage of her cunt. Sparkling ripples of pleasure washed over her naked body as the man's tongue plowed into the moist walls of her burning vagina.

"OOOOOOooooohhhh!" Sandy moaned in emphasis to the pleasure the tongue was giving her. The crashing bolt that flared up through her belly forced the air out of her lungs, and the rippling sensation that echoed back down to her womb made the flame grown brighter as his tongue worked furiously up inside her hot vagina. She was enmeshed in the pleasure it was giving her, and she voluntarily moved her legs out wider to give the hot tongue greater access to her hungry cunt.

The obscenely skewering tongue plunged in and out of her virgin pussy as the relentlessly devouring mouth beat a maddening rhythm over her whole exposed cuntal area, and the frantically aroused teenager began to grind her buttocks down into the sand beneath the towel in time to the worming tongue. The sixteen year old girl didn't want him to stop now. Oh, this was so much more exciting than any cock could ever be! She reached down and took his head in her hand, and, locking her fingers into the strands of his hair, the passionately writhing girl held him tightly against her vagina as his tongue darted in and out of her passion-filled womb.

Oh God, it was wonderful, and Sandy thought that she had been such a fool not to have allowed this to happen to her before now. Her whole belly was jerking from the pleasure of his tongue, and she pushed her hips up against his face to get him deeper up inside her. But suddenly he reached out to pull her arms from his head, and he raised his mouth from her liquid vagina.

Sandy opened her eyes, gasping, "Oh, no! Don't stop!" The frantically writhing girl saw him staring down at her moistly glistening cunt. She arched her hips up in naked invitation toward his mouth, but he raised his head higher, his mouth glistening with her cuntal moisture and the determined man began pushing her legs up and back until her whole cuntal plain was open to the warm air. He moved quickly up between her legs until his lust-swollen penis was pointing directly at the place where his tongue had been a moment before.

Sandy had to raise her head up to see what the rapacious stranger was doing, and her eyes opened wide when she saw his huge cock hovering like a sacrificial knife over her wide-spread vagina. The purplish-red mushroom-shaped cock-head appeared even bigger than before, and the trembling girl gasped out in terrified anguish. "It's too big! Oh no! God, no! It'll rip me apart! Please don't..." she cried, frantic tears springing to her soft brown eyes. The stranger's naked cock was like a blunt sword of steaming fire made ready to plunge down into the depths of her belly, and the swollen purple tip seemed to be throbbing as little drops of seminal fluid oozed over the rubbery head from the narrow slit.

But he acted as if he hadn't heard a word she said. Paying no attention to her sobbing protests, he moved even closer to her, spreading her legs out wider, and she felt her total helpless nakedness as his movements made the air stir across her saliva-moistened vagina. The thickly smooth penis slowly made contact with her open vagina, and the man pushed the bulbous head of the hardened column along the entire length of her pink, hair-lined little slit.

He was still half-kneeling between her white thighs, and he began to move his hips back and forth, stroking her exposed pussy with the hard flesh of his lust-engorged cock. Sandy didn't take her eyes off the swollen purple cock-head as it moved along the soft ridges of her expectantly throbbing vagina. With a pitiful sob of despair she realized she was forced into submission by the brute strength of this relentlessly lascivious man, and if she had no choice but to do exactly as he said -- even if he ripped her apart with his obscenely throbbing cock.

"Do you want me to fuck you now?" the stranger hissed teasingly down at her. He was smiling down at her face, and Sandy looked frantically down between their naked bodies to see his long, hard penis gliding smoothly over her wet vagina.

"No," she sobbed bitterly, "it's too big! You'll tear me apart!" She knew it would do no good to protest. He was going to plunge the full enormous length of his pulsing cock deep up inside her belly, and there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop him. But... oh God! What was happening to her? In a horribly perverse way, she wanted him to fuck her. Even if it killed her -- she wanted that whole pulsing shaft of male flesh rammed deep up inside of her!

"Say it! Say you want me to do it," the grinning stranger teased again in a suddenly gruff voice. He was holding perfectly still over her body as though waiting for her final signal of conscious submission.

She had no choice, the helplessly spread-eagled teenager decided. What did it matter, anyway? Whether she wanted him to or not, he was going to rip her apart. Oh, God! she thought. I don't care! Just get it over with.

"Fuck me!" she groaned, "I want you to fuck my cunt with your big cock!" There! She'd said it. She'd admitted she wanted him to rape her. Her debasement was complete now.

The tormented girl gasped once more. Would this agony never end? It wasn't enough that he was going to rape her, now he was going to humiliate her still further by forcing her to help him. "Take my cock in your hand! You put it in your little cunt!"

He tilted his head down to look back to where his throbbing penis was lying across the pink flesh of her widespread pussy. Raising his hips up, he slid his penis back until the purple swollen head was pressing into the moist folds of her pink vagina. Then the dark-haired man leaned forward over her body, placing his hands into the sand on either side of her shoulders. Sandy hesitated to take his pulsating cock in her hand, but when he looked down into her eyes with a lewdly cruel grin on his face, she gave in, and the helpless teenager reached down between their bodies to grasp the swollen rod. It was the first time she had ever touched a penis, and as she wrapped her fingers submissively around the throbbing column of flesh, she could feel the blood swirling angrily in the warm shaft.

"Put it in!" the man commanded, and Sandy winced at the urgent tone in his voice. She held the stiff column in her hand, curiously moving it back and forth, and feeling the hot rubbery tip gently parting the fleshy lips around the opening of her vagina. She held her breath as the spongy bulbous head forced its way slightly inside her moistly trembling pussy. And she gasped at the sudden surge of pain shooting through her defenseless body.

"AAAAWWWWHHH!" Sandy screamed as the rapacious stranger pushed forward with his hips in an attempt to drive his cock farther up inside the restricting vaginal passage. She thought she was splitting in half, and the degree of pain surprised her in spite of her earlier fears. The man didn't pull back when she cried out, but instead pushed forward harder, the long blunt end of his tormenting cock seeming to grow bigger and hotter.

The pain in her loins increased with his added force; then suddenly she thought her whole body all the way up to her breasts was being ripped apart as the thick purple cock-head sank wetly between her legs and disappeared inside the elastic flesh at the opening of her cunt.


The helplessly writhing virgin screamed in agony as increased pain seared her body with an insistent force while the massive cock strained to push itself all the way deep up inside her. But her cries for mercy went unheeded as the huge rod buried itself even more deeply up within her belly, adding more pain to her already spinning brain. All she could think about was stopping the pain in her innocent young pussy, and she struggled beneath the cruel man's strong body in a desperate attempt to get away from his forceful entry.

She squirmed her buttocks vainly down against the towel, spreading the sand beneath it as if to dig her way out, but the determined man held her tightly, making her efforts useless. Her eyes were wide open and gazing with sobbing disbelief down between her widespread legs. She could see that the thick penis had only penetrated her tiny pussy about an inch, and she trembled uncontrollably as the thought how the rest of his entry would feel. Then the unrelenting man shoved in hard once again.

"Aaaauuggwwhhghh! NNoooo!"

Her belly was suddenly filled completely with the throbbing column of male flesh, and she screamed out more from surprise than from pain. She was afraid to move out of fear of making the pain worse and the determinedly raping man was also still except for a low groan that issued from deep within his throat. His loins were pressed tightly against the young girl's pelvis, their pubic hairs matted together from his unrestrained final plunge into her glove-like passage. He was sweating from the effort, but his balls were swirling with stored-up sperm that was throbbing for release. Her cunt was so tight that he held still for a long moment to keep from cumming right then and there.

"OOOOoooohh! Oooohh!" Sandy moaned as the man flexed his cock inside the depths of her burning womb. She knew she had been skewered like a lamb for roasting over an open pit, and the throbbing instrument in her cunt made the pain pulsate to her brain. Her eyes were closed against the possibility of further pain, and she fully expected it to continue the moment the man moved, but he was still as if waiting for her helplessly invaded pussy to adjust to his huge size.

The lewdly panting man flexed his rampantly throbbing penis once again, but this time Sandy didn't feel the pain she had expected. Gradually, the pain was being replaced by sensations of pleasure -- small tingles at first, then building within her trembling cunt more and more. Her pink nipples tipping her full breasts were hard and erect, and they responded throbbingly to the sensation of the man's hairy chest brushing against them. His breath was warm, coming smoothly from his open mouth across the sensitive nerves in her neck. She had her arms around his strong back now, and she suddenly became aware that she was holding onto him as though to keep him from leaving.

She released her grip on his back, and he raised up slightly so she could look down between their bodies. Sandy felt a new excitement sweep through her body as she looked down between her firm upstanding breasts upon the entangled mass of their tightly locked pubic hair. His cock was plunged all the way up inside her cunt, and she realized then that the pain of his entry would never again return. She was now going to get fucked, and the hardest part of her first time was over.

"Oooohhhh! God! Yessss!" Sandy hissed between her tightly clenched teeth as the man slowly rolled his hips into the softness of her widespread vagina. She had her legs splayed out wide, and now she snaked them up around his buttocks to lock him securely into her cunt. She had already felt the flame in her womb ignite with the fire of her first passion. It was as if his tongue had grown thick and hard and long, and now it was throbbing like an animal hungry to feed upon her cunt.

Her belly jerked slightly, and she raised her legs up as she felt the pressure ox his hips wanting to withdraw his cock from the depths of her burning pussy. She ground her buttocks around on the towel to feel his pubic hair against her ovally stretched vagina, and at the same instant, he began to slowly pull his long, hard column from the pulsating depths of her glowing pussy. Sandy raised her hips up, afraid that he was going to pull his penis all the way out, but he backed off only until the thick swollen head remained inside the tight opening to her womb.

"Ooooohhh! Oooooh!" Sandy moaned, trying to screw her pussy back up onto the long rod of flesh. She was completely absorbed by the idea of this older man, a complete stranger whose name she didn't even know, fucking her, and she wanted desperately for him to get on with it. The man saw how excited the young girl was, and he deliberately drove his anxious penis back inside her tight passage with slow sureness. The blunt tip of his penis seemed to part the moist walls of her vagina like a knife sinking into soft warm butter, and her cunt closed tightly around the thick column like a hot glove, the nerves in the walls transmitting every shape and part to her brain.

It was as if she were balancing on the edge of a cliff, clinging hungrily to every movement of the long slow down-stroke, and the sensations she felt were ultimate pleasure compared to his first painful entry. The thick rubbery head finally reached the depths of her womb, and she felt the twin sacs of his balls slap lightly against her naked buttocks as if to signal the end of his slow drive. It felt too good to be real, and Sandy spread her legs out as widely as she could to suck every bit of pleasure out of his next plunge.

The panting man held his iron-hard cock motionless in her steaming vagina for a moment, but then he again withdrew it from the depths of her hungry womb. Her cunt was like liquid fire, and he again pushed forward, farther than before, his balls slapping into the crevice of her widespread buttocks with a loud smacking sound.

"OOOOooouuhh!" Sandy moaned at the lascivious sensation of his hair-covered balls lewdly striking against her puckered anus. A flash of hot pleasure danced up the length of her spine, and his sperm-swollen balls smacking against her anus sent wantonly heated strokes of lust shooting through her belly. The pain of his first entry was gone now, and in its place she felt an almost uncontrollable desire to have his long pole of male flesh pound into her no-longer-virginal cunt again and again.

The lust-driven man began to hammer his burgeoning cock in and out of her sensitive passage with ever-increasing ferocity, and the motion of his rock-hard column sent ripples of shattering pleasure flashing with growing intensity to every part of her aroused young body. Sandy took up the rhythm with him, arching her hips up as he drove in on the down-stroke, and then pulling back as he withdrew his fleshy rod. Her excitement was fantastic, and the helpless teenager began rolling her head from side to side in uncontrollable frenzy at the sensation.

"Ooooohhh! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she chanted with abandoned passion. All of her previous fears about the rapacious man were gone now, to be replaced with the pleasure his screwing cock was giving her.

The dark-haired man's long, moistly pounding column of flesh slid in and out of her cunt with greater ease, and the walls of her tightly-grasping passage were wrapping and squeezing every part of his throbbingly hard thickness as it brought her to higher and higher levels of pleasure. His pumping cock seemed to grow with every thrust, making the burning sensation in her womb become more intense with each driving lunge. The tempo of their naked fucking echoed back an angry need to reach a mysterious point of pleasure that Sandy had never dreamed existed before, and she saw that their pubic hairs were tangling and untangling as he withdrew his cock to make ready to plow into her cunt once again.

The moaning teenage girl felt the rolling motion of their bodies fucking on the beach, and the sand and water seemed to amplify the entire act as the woods towered over them. The sensitized walls of her cunt telegraphed the message of his screwing cock to the electrified tips of her nerve ends through her entire body, and the young dark-haired girl's whole body and mind seemed concentrated entirely inside her hungry vagina. She was completely consumed by the huge penis pounding madly into her raging belly, and she wanted to milk it as though it were nothing more than an instrument of pleasure. She drew her legs up high, flexing the muscles in her trembling white thighs while her moistly gushing pussy pulled and sucked at the wonderful blood-filled penis that worked with such tremendous energy in her fiery hot cunt.

The man was fucking her good, she was sure about that, but when she felt an added sensation join the multitude she was already feeling, she couldn't at first identify its source. She shook her head to clear the excited haze that had formed from the pleasures she was having, and she realized that the man was teasing a middle finger into the curved-up crevice of her buttocks. Her cheeks were spread wide by their position and the finger was searching for the tiny elastic ring of her anus.

"OOOOOUUUHHH!" she gasped when the finger made contact with the tiny puckered mouth, and she wiggled her buttocks in heated response to the lewd sensation. The man worked his finger back and forth at the tight little opening until Sandy suddenly realized that he was slowly worming it up inside her rectum!

"Oh, no..." she gasped.

No one had ever done anything like this to her before. How could he possibly want to do such an awful thing. She squirmed her buttocks frantically, trying to dislodge the probing middle finger, but the pistoning cock slamming into her spasming vagina held her pinned to the sand so that she could not move away from the rigidly extended digit.

"Aaaauggghh," she groaned in agonizing pain as the finger dug farther up into her violated rectum. The intense pain brought tears to her fear-widened brown eyes, and she emitted another groan of torment. But no matter how much she protested, the extended middle finger rammed farther and farther up her helplessly invaded anus until she could feel the hard knuckles of his hand rubbing against her widespread ass-cheeks.

"Unnngghh," she groaned again. This was the ultimate humiliation! How could she ever explain this terrible rape to her friend Lucy... or to anyone else. The jack-hammering penis in her moistly throbbing pussy had felt so exciting... but now, all she could feel was the debilitating pain of his obscenely probing middle finger. The rudely violated girl began to wail almost silently, and she became so involved with her sobbing moans that it was a little while before she suddenly became aware that she was no longer feeling any pain. Instead, somehow, the intense pain had faded and given way to an overwhelming surge of sheer intense pleasure.

With a sudden shock of disbelief, she realized that his skewering middle finger felt good! There was something perversely exciting about being so totally helpless to the probing finger rammed up in her anus, and it felt so good that she began bucking wildly against the two impaling instruments working on either side of her body. The pleasures seemed to shoot a mammoth pinnacle, and suddenly, in her passion-drugged mind, she wanted her cunt and anus filled with all the hardened cocks in the whole world!

"Oh, God! Where am I?" Sandy screamed loudly, her mind in an excited haze of lusting pleasure, and she rode up and down the driving penis in her cunt like a wild animal. The man pulled his finger from her rectum before she could stop him, and his cock seemed to swell up even larger inside her womb. Somehow, Sandy knew that the huge pulsing prick was soon going to start spewing out hot, white fluid, and at the same time her own belly started jerking uncontrollably.

She had no idea what was happening to her insides, but she felt sure that she was going to explode at any moment. Suddenly, the hard column of flesh sank deeper than ever up inside her, filling her womb completely with its frenziedly swollen hardness. The expansion of the penis in her womb was like a warning of greater things to come, and when the first liquid burst of searing male sperm traveled up the massive penis to the tip like a tremendous signal of a storm, Sandy was thrown into a wild, uncontrolled ecstasy.

"Ooooooohhh! OOOOOhhh!" the passion-drenched teenager screamed.

"Ohhh," the jack-hammering rapist groaned. "I'm cccuummiinnggg!"

The shot of fiery liquid hit the pit of her belly like a blast of hot molten lava, and the huge cock began to jerk wildly and saturate her raving cunt with hot sticky cum. She shoved her hips up to take the liquid-spewing penis as deep as she possibly could as each drop of the hot male fluid coming from the jerking head made her body move to greater heights of pleasure. With tremendous rippling sensations tearing through her body, Sandy suddenly felt her womb sizzle with her own climax surrounding the throbbing cock. Her cunt seemed to relax for a moment around it, and then erupt with her own cum, the whole length of the tight hot cuntal passage contracting again and again in greater and stronger bursts of sensation-giving pleasure.

"FFFFFFUUUUCCCKKKKKK!" she screamed. She felt as though she wasn't even touching the ground as her body reached the gigantic heights of its pleasures. She jammed her fingernails into the stranger's buttocks, cutting his flesh in a frenzy as she excitedly pulled him hard against her receptive body. She wanted very much to feel him in her ready body with every one of her nerves, and she arched her hips back to receive all of the gushing fluid from his wildly ejaculating cock. Their combined cum mingled inside her womb, and as her cunt contracted against the sticky pulsing red, she could feel the liquid squeezing out of her and mingling in their pubic hairs. She felt it dripping off into the sweat-soaked towel beneath them, and she wanted it to last like that forever.

But it didn't last. The rapacious stranger was finished with her, and he rolled off her passion-wracked body an instant after his cock had stopped spewing his cum. Sandy clearly wanted him to remain inside her, but he quickly stood up and pulled on the shorts and trousers. With a little half-smile and a wave of his arm, he strode off in the direction of the lake.

Sandy lay there on the towel for several minutes, her body still filled with the strong feelings of sexual pleasure as the sticky cum seeped past her bruised vaginal lips and oozed down into the crevice between her buttocks. Everything had happened so quickly that she was still stunned with the wonder of having been fucked for the first time. Her discarded bikini lay beside her, a mute reminder that it had not been just a dream. After a while, her breasts stopped heaving, and she felt a strange euphoria. The ravished teenager didn't want to move. She wanted to just lie here and remember every detail of her recent experience. Then, from somewhere in the distance, she heard a voice calling out her name. It was Lucy!

Quickly, Sandy got up and walked the few feet to the placid waters of the lake and sat down in it. As the cool waters washed over her hot flesh she could hear Lucy's voice coming nearer. She went back to the towel and put on her bikini. The towel went into the beach bag.

As her friend's voice got nearer and nearer, Sandy began to walk toward it, her leaden legs reluctant to carry her away from the scene of her recent awakening as a woman.


"You look positively radiant, Sandy!" Lucy said in a half-serious voice. "Country life certainly seems to agree with you!"

Sandy blushed at her friend's statement. If Lucy only knew what had happened so suddenly on the beach this morning. Sandy hated to keep secrets from Lucy. They were such good friends that it didn't seem right somehow not to tell her about the older man who had so casually raped her this morning. But something in her confused mind told her to remain silent about those terrifying pleasure-filled moments. Lucy might be so frightened as to want to return to Los Angeles immediately, or even to report the incident to the local sheriff. Far from wanting the man arrested, Sandy fervently hoped that he would return again soon.

"How do you know I didn't meet my Prince Charming on the beach this morning?" Sandy replied, trying to keep her voice light and humorous. The two girls were just finishing a lunch of broiled steak and vegetables from the huge freezer in the kitchen. There seemed to be enough food there to last for several months.

"If I know you, you wouldn't know what to do with a real man, let alone some Prince Charming!" Lucy said slyly, proud of her own experience with Jimmy and wanting to rub it in a little with Sandy. She had always been amused and puzzled by Sandy's refusal to allow boys that kind of liberty.

"You might be surprised!" Sandy retorted hotly. She looked Lucy squarely in the eyes, tempted to blurt out that she was no longer a virgin. The sudden ringing of the telephone saved her from speaking the secret words.

Lucy arose quickly and ran to the instrument. Her voice was excited as she put the receiver to her ear and began to talk rapidly. Watching her, Sandy could tell that it was Jimmy calling. From her friend's little squeals of delight, she guessed that Jimmy and his friend would soon be joining them at the lake. Her loins warmed at the prospect! As Lucy hung up the telephone and rejoined Sandy at the table, happiness was written all over her smiling face.

"Score one for our side, Sandy," Lucy said, "Jimmy and a boy named Ed Walsh are driving up this afternoon. They should be here around eight o'clock. Isn't that great?"

Sandy tried to match the name Ed Walsh with a face in her memory but could not. Jimmy was popular at college and had so many friends that she probably had not met him. She listened as Lucy went on.

"Jimmy says that Ed is a real groovy guy. He's studying film-making or something like that. Didn't I tell you we were going to have a great time here?"

It pleased Sandy to see Lucy so happy. The two girls had been close friends for several years now, as close as sisters really. They were dissimilar in appearance but they complemented one another in many ways. They were both attractive, of course, but the similarity ended there. Lucy was heavier-boned than Sandy, although they were about the same size. What set them apart most obviously was Lucy's long blonde hair and green eyes. Her body was firm and smooth where it should be, and where it was soft, it was very soft. She had proud, full breasts, and though her waist was not as narrow as Sandy's, her shape tapered nicely to her round, curving hips. Her buttocks were little, like two melons, ripe and round, and she was well-proportioned to her smooth, tan legs. Despite her sexual experiences with Jimmy, Lucy had an air of innocence about her.

Sandy was more a natural beauty, and her lithe young body was graceful without being too delicate. Her dark eyes gave her a mysterious look, a look that seemed to mask her actual inexperience.

"Let's take a walk down to the lake, Sandy," Lucy said in an excited voice, "I want to see your 'secret cove'!" She was already running toward the doorway, her long blonde hair flying.

Sandy followed her friend out of the lodge and the two girls chattered gaily as they walked toward the granite outcropping. When they reached it, Lucy ran the last few yards into the cove.

"Wow! This is a neat place," Lucy exclaimed, looking around the sandy cove. "It's like being in another world!"

The dark-haired teenager smiled as she walked to the sunniest part of the beach to lay out her towel. She could see that Lucy was impressed with "her" beach, and she was glad she had decided to share it with her.

"Shall we keep it a secret?" Sandy asked, a little anxiety in her voice. Somehow it would spoil everything if Lucy told Jimmy and his friend Ed about the little cove.

"Don't worry! You can come here and fantasize about your Prince Charming in complete privacy," Lucy laughed aloud as she sat down next to Sandy, "I'll be too busy with Jimmy to bother you!"

Sandy was still in her bikini and the sun felt warm and good as she lay there. She looked over at her friend beside her.

"It's too bad you didn't wear your swimsuit. I'd like to take a dip." Lucy was wearing shorts and a brief halter, and although it emphasized her full ripe curves, she looked even better in a skimpy swimsuit.

"I wish I had. A swim would be great about now." Lucy replied, smiling. She turned away from Sandy to look at the water. "The lake sure looks inviting!"

Sandy stood up quickly and began to pull the halter of her bikini off, releasing her beautiful twin mounds. "It's so private here we could swim naked and nobody would see us." Her breasts shone white in the bright sunlight.

Lucy looked up to see if Sandy was serious. "I'll do it if you will, too," she said sheepishly.

"Okay, let's go!" Sandy said bravely, pulling the little panties off and kicking them away from her feet. She was completely naked before Lucy could get to her feet and disrobe herself. The two girls stood there for a moment, as though each were waiting for the other to make the first move toward the water.

Sandy couldn't help noticing the silky-smooth curls of light blonde pubic hair that formed a triangular patch over Lucy's pussy. She thought that Lucy looked very sexy standing there in the nude, and she was reminded of her own nakedness this morning in this very spot. Trying to force the lewd thoughts from her mind, Sandy ran toward the water and felt the hot sand turn cool on her feet as she entered the green liquid. Forcing her body into deeper water, she lowered her body and thrust it forward to cover it completely with the coolness. She loved swimming. It made her feel secure and alone... away from the prying eyes of her parents and their hopelessly out-dated ideas about growing up.

Sandy came up out of the water to see Lucy still standing on the beach. She waved to her to come join her in the water. Lucy walked to the water's edge very slowly, her body moving sensuously, as though she was making an important decision. Then she stopped for a moment and giggled as she ran into the water.

"This is great!" Lucy said as she treaded water next to Sandy. Only their heads were above water and they might have been mermaids surfacing.

"I am the siren of the cove!" Sandy wailed, then she dove into the water again, her white buttocks shining in the sunlight as she submerged.

Lucy waited until Sandy had resurfaced, then she, too, dove down into the clear depths. It was like being suspended in a weightless world of liquid beauty, and they both swam around the cove until they were tired. Lucy was the first to call it quits, and she walked out of the water, trailing a piece of sodden weed from the lake's bottom in her hand.

"Neptune's daughter!" she said to Sandy, and they both laughed as they ran across the sand to where Sandy's towel lay. Neither bothered to put on their beach garments, but instead, just lay down on the big towel, still wet and glistening from the water.

"This is a great place, Sandy. Sure wish I could bring Jimmy here sometime," Lucy said. She saw her friend's look of immediate dismay, and she smiled broadly before going on. "Don't worry, just wishful thinking. This place seems such a great place to get laid... better than the back seat of a car, I'm sure!" she added.

Sandy blushed furiously, hoping that Lucy would not notice. It was such a great place to get fucked! Her body still tingled when she remembered the stranger's huge cock ramming in and out of her hungrily-clasping pussy this morning. Before she could say anything in response, Lucy lay flat on her back and threw her legs out wide.

"It sure would be nice to have Jimmy's big cock in me right now," Lucy said, and she pointed her finger toward her widespread pussy, to make sure that Sandy understood where she wanted Jimmy's cock.

Sandy stared at Lucy, wondering if she had looked like that when the stranger had raped her. Then Lucy suddenly put her legs together, and she started laughing loudly.

"I'd better stop talking that way or I'll make myself horny," the voluptuous blonde girl said through her laughter. She rolled onto her side so that she was facing Sandy, and she leaned her head against her elbow before going on in a lower voice. "Tell me the truth, Sandy! Are you still a virgin?"

The dark-haired teenager felt very naked and open at that moment, but the tone in Lucy's voice was one of sincere concern and understanding. She again considered telling Lucy about having been raped in this very cove, and the idea seemed appealing. She needed to tell someone about the strange feelings she had experienced as the man initiated her into the pleasures of sex. She felt she could trust Lucy to keep her secret. "No, I'm not." When she saw Lucy's expression change to a gleeful grin, she added quickly, "But I am, almost!"

"Who was it?" Lucy said quickly, her curiosity piqued by her friend's confession. "And how come I didn't know about it?" She held her breath in wait for Sandy's answer.

Sandy wanted to keep Lucy guessing, and so she answered the question with one of her own. "You've only made it with Jimmy, right?"

"Yeh! But we've done it a dozen or more times," Lucy replied, feeling that she had something over her dark-haired friend. Something by way of experience that Sandy could not match. "Come on, you can tell me who the guy was!"

"No, I can't! Even if I wanted to, I couldn't," Sandy answered. She could see that Lucy didn't believe her, but she went on, anyway. She had started it, so the recently initiated girl decided to tell Lucy the whole story. "A man raped me right here on this beach... almost in this very spot about three hours ago... while you were in town getting the telephone turned on!" Sandy watched the look of incredulity spread over Lucy's face, and she went on without waiting for her blonde-haired friend to speak. "I enjoyed it, and he didn't hurt me, so I thought there was no point in telling you about it. It wouldn't have done any good to get you all excited."

"You're serious, aren't you?" Lucy said, after she had a chance to take a deep breath. She looked around the cove in alarm, as if expecting the rapist to be standing there watching them. "Hey, do you think it's safe here now?"

Sandy calmed her friend down by telling her every detail of her encounter with the stranger. She grew excited as the details of her forced seduction came from her lips, and she saw that Lucy was also thoroughly enjoying the story.

"You weren't scared of this guy?" Lucy asked at one point in Sandy's story. She said that she would have been frightened to death.

"I was scared all right, but I figured there was nothing to do about it, so, as the old saying goes, I relaxed and enjoyed it!" Sandy was surprised by her own statement, but she knew that it was more or less true. She had wanted to enjoy it, and she wanted to enjoy sex again soon. "I've been waiting for the right opportunity to come along, Lucy. You know how tough it would have been around home. When it happened so quickly this morning I was frightened and relieved at the same time! Can you understand that?"

Lucy thought about her own relationship with Jimmy. He had seduced her skillfully, not giving her any opportunity to say no. Since that first time, they had used every opportunity to fuck. Not that it was all that difficult with Lucy's mother away from home so often. She genuinely loved to have Jimmy's massive penis ramming in and out of her moistly clinging pussy, and she looked forward to his arrival tonight with great anticipation. But her plans for Sandy's first seduction were gone now. Sandy liked fucking as much as she did!

"Whoever that guy was... well, he sure turned me onto sex," Sandy said, not waiting for an answer to her question. She was thinking how wonderful her first climax had been this morning. The conversation was making her womb burn slightly, and she realized that lying on the beach naked helped her to relax and discuss sex with Lucy.

Without being aware of it, Lucy was massaging her breasts as Sandy talked. She, too, was feeling the need for sexual satisfaction, and there was moisture forming between the silken hair-covered lips of her vagina. The entire discussion was making them both feel closer to one another than they had felt before. She had never met the friend that Jimmy was bringing along, but she was pretty certain that Ed Walsh could be counted on to satisfy Sandy's need for sex. Lucy wanted everything to be perfect tonight because she had not seen Jimmy for over a month, and her pussy needed him badly.

Sandy lay back on the towel, wondering if Lucy had a new respect for her now that she had lost her virginity. A warm breeze started to blow lightly across the lake, and it made her body feel good all over. She felt the gentle wind wash over her exposed pussy, bringing little ripples of pleasure to her loins. Her long fingers rested lightly on her pubic mound, softly caressing the smooth fur-covered lips that protected her little clitoris and pussy. Lazily, she turned her head and saw that Lucy was fingering her own cunt. It was so nice to lie here with Lucy and not have any worries. She wondered if Ed Walsh could bring her as much pleasure as the stranger had. Suddenly, Lucy got to her feet and started to put on her shorts and halter.

"Come on, Sandy, I'll race you back to the lodge," she said, her long blonde hair swinging around her milky shoulders.

"Can't we stay here for a little while longer, Lucy?" Sandy begged, not wanting to disturb the mounting warmth in her pussy. She felt no embarrassment at Lucy seeing her finger her moist crevice.

"Baby, you've got a lot of things to learn between now and when the boys show up," Lucy said, wondering how much her friend knew about birth control. "We don't want to take any little surprises back to Los Angeles with us!"

Slowly, Sandy got to her feet and began to put on the bikinis Lucy was right, she thought to herself. She did have so much to learn about herself and about men. As she pulled the tiny piece of cloth up around her buttocks, Sandy could not resist allowing her hand to slip between her thighs and rest for a moment on her pulsing pussy. She knew that it would soon be someone else's hand massaging her burning cunt, and she hoped that Ed Walsh would find the idea as exciting as she did.


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