Breastfeeding Again - sex story

Breastfeeding Again

Mom has often been compared to Salma Hayek – she is Latina and just as beautiful with an amazing petite tight body and a gorgeous 34C rack that look great on her. When my friends and I started noticing girls, my friends would give me a hard time about how hot my mom was and I actually felt proud. Mainly because I knew that she WAS hot and their moms were fat and ugly. My usual response to them was “I wish I could say the same about your mom, but....” That would usually shut them up real quick.

They would always come up with some reason as to why they needed to come over, with excuses like needing to borrow a book or just to hang out, always asking if my mom would be home. During the summer it was even worse. Mom liked my friends and would actually jump into the pool with us, always with a modest one-piece suit. I'm sure she had an idea why they were there, but she never made anyone feel not welcomed.

From a young age, mom and I have been on our own. My mother and father first met at work. Dad was a 28 year old lawyer and mom was a high school senior working part-time helping out in the law office. My dad was the typical white American. Mom says he claimed to be Irish on St. Patty's Day, Italian on Columbus Day, German during Oktober Fest, and made mom laugh when he ordered a croissant with a horrible French accent.

Mom appreciated when dad actually did the right thing and went to Grandma and Grandpa to ask for permission to date her, even though she was still in high school. My grandparents were originally from a small village in Mexico and had gotten married at a very young age. They gave their blessing and my parents started dating, albeit with her younger brother Alberto always tagging along as the chaperon.

One month after she graduated from high school, they were married and 2 years later, my mom gave birth to me, David. Dad was doing well at work and Mom was a loving being a stay-at-home MILF taking pictures of everything her baby boy did. When mom tells me the story, she always recalls how loving my father always was towards her and me, his pride and joy.

About four years later, dad went out on a camping trip and never came home. He was on a trip with a group of friends doing some rock wall climbing. My dad was really good and had actually been an instructor during law school to help pay for tuition. Most of his friends were starting to get into it because of him, but he was definitely the pro in his group. The story is that he started climbing higher than what they had planned on. No one is exactly sure what happened, but he lost his grip, the ropes were not properly secured and dad came crashing down.

He spent six months in a coma before passing away. It was a sad time for the family. My mom's family really loved him. After his death, mom found out that he had made the necessary arrangements to ensure that we would be in good hands, financially. The house was paid off and there was no need for mom to work. She could continue being a stay-at-home mom.

I never left mom's bed from the time I came home from the hospital. She had bought the crib and made up the nursery, but always kept me in bed with her. I'm sure dad was not happy about it. After dad died, she never kicked me out. For me, it was normal and it never felt odd. I always loved it when mom would hug me while we watched TV in bed. I felt safe and comfy. She was the big spoon with me bundled up in her arms as the little spoon.

By the time I was in high school, I had grown taller than her. I had joined the football team and my friends and I started weightlifting. Mom and I started alternating on who was going to be the big and little spoon. On one if these occasions, mom pressed her delicious round ass against my crotch and I started getting hard. By this time, I was enjoying sleeping with mom for different reasons than as a little kid. I was now always aware of what she was doing and wearing. It was a bit weird to juggle my feelings for her. I loved her as my mom, but I also enjoyed having a hot looking lady in my arms at night.

When her ass rubbed against my crotch, I'm sure she felt my hard cock poking her, but she said nothing. I couldn't concentrate on what we were watching to save my life. After the movie was over, I went to the bathroom in the hallway and started jacking off to the memory of my mom's nice ass grinding on my dick. I had been jacking off for a little over a year, and I came harder than I ever had. I felt like a pervert for jacking off to mom's ass, but argued with myself that I couldn't help it, she has a fucking nice ass. Just ask any of my friends or male teachers.

Later that same weekend, mom approached me, telling me that it was time I moved into my own bedroom. Her reasoning being that I was getting older and needed my privacy and so did she. I was not entirely in agreement with her and right away objected to it. Going back and forth, she compromised with me sleeping in my room during the week and with her Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Still, I was not happy with it, but she made it clear the discussion was over. Take it or leave it. I chose to take it. We continued cuddling on weekends and I continued getting hard-on's. I would go to the bathroom, masturbate, come to bed with mom and fall asleep. All was well.

A couple of years later, right before my senior year, my Grandpa passed away. It was a big blow to the whole family. Everyone loved him and we were a big family. Mom was not doing so well and I tried to be strong for her. After the funeral, we returned to Grandma's house to gather as a family and show her our support and love. My mom's younger sister, Alicia, was recently divorced and had moved in with them. It was comforting to know that Grandma would not be alone. While at the gathering, my Uncles were sitting around in the backyard talking and reminiscing about Grandpa and, of course, drinking. A flask was offered to me along with some encouragement, telling me it would put hairs on my chest. I took a sip and it burned my throat as it went down. I loved it!

It got late and mom came looking for me, telling we were leaving. When we got in the car, she obviously smelled the alcohol on my breath and made it crystal clear that I was not to be drinking, even if my Uncles said it was ok. I was buzzing hard and simply said okay while nodding my head.

I'm not sure why, I suppose the alcohol made me do it, but I decided to share a recurring dream with mom as we drove home. I also shared with her that I liked having that dream because it was a very relaxing and peaceful dream where there were no worries and it was only her and me.

“I'm laying on your lap and in the dream I am aware that I'm an infant. You look down at me and start breastfeeding me and start talking to me. Even though I'm a baby, I can understand everything that you're saying 'I love you my little baby boy. You are such a good little baby with your beautiful brown eyes and your long eyelashes. I am your mommy and I promise to always take care of you. I love you.'”

When I tell her that, she tells that I am recalling a memory, telling me that she used to tell me the exact words when I was a baby and she was feeding me. I am happy I shared that dream with her because she has a smile on her face the rest of the way home and was in a good mood the rest of the evening. It was a Wednesday and I decided to take the rest of the week off as bereavement and keep mom company. We ended up going over to Grandma's house and having some good food the rest of the week and weekend.

The next week was a blur. I loved Grandpa and was genuinely depressed about losing him. He had suffered plenty his last 6 months and so it was bittersweet. I was glad he was no longer suffering but upset that he was no longer with us. When I got home on Friday afternoon, mom was not home and I decided to veg on the couch and watch some TV. Mom got home around 6 and made dinner. She had been visiting with grandma.

We had dinner and retreated to the couch to watch some TV. I put my head on her lap and continued watching our favorite show, The Big Bang Theory. The guys are funny and Penny is nice eye candy. It had been a long week for us both. During a commercial break, mom put the TV on pause and asked me how I was doing. I told her that I was still getting over Grandpa's death. She assured me that the pain would lessen over time.

She asked me to lay on my back while she put a pillow under my head. I couldn't help notice that her big beautiful breasts were in my face. She asked me to close my eyes while she sang me a nursery rhyme in Spanish that she had sung to me as a little boy, while she played with my hair. She also started telling me she was sorry I was having a hard time dealing with our loss, reminding me she was there for me and would always take care of me.

I was asleep when I heard mom asking me to open my mouth. Without opening my eyes, I opened my mouth and immediately knew what to do when her breast landed in my mouth. Like a baby, I started suckling on her nipple. I was so tired, I was having a hard time opening my eyes. When they finally opened, my mom was looking down at me. She started telling me to relax and close my eyes, saying that I would always be her baby boy and she would do whatever she could to comfort me and help me relax. I was once again in my peaceful and relaxing dream. I fell back to sleep sucking her breasts.

When I finally woke up, the living room was completely dark. I got up and found my way to my mom's room where she was asleep. I started wondering if it had all been a dream. It felt so real, but I decided that it was obviously a dream. That was the breast dream I'd had in a long time.

Things went back to normal for several weeks. I was back to hanging out with friends and them trying to come over to visit for any excuse. They were obviously trying to get a good look at mom. We were all boys and walking around with one thing on our mind.

It was before my senior year and I was getting ready for the SAT's. I took to studying seriously. I had promised mom I would and I intended to keep that promise. It was Friday evening and testing would begin the following Monday. Mom told me to take a break and come to bed to watch some TV with her. I welcomed the distraction and crawled into bed. Her back was to me while she watched TV so I came up behind her, kissed her and wrapped my arm around her, with it falling on her breasts. It took me a little longer than necessary to realize where my hand had landed. Before I could move it, she put her hand over mine and kept it there. I started feeling my dick getting hard while feeling her nipples also getting hard. Holy shit, what was I supped to do! I tried controlling my breathing while she casually watched TV in silence.

She suddenly turned off the TV and turned around. Our faces were inches from each over. She asked how was the studying coming along and did I feel ready. I told her I felt good on most parts of the test, but math was stressing me out. While she spoke words of encouragement and telling me she was sure I would do just fine, she started unbuttoning her pajama top. She was on her back and suddenly both breasts were there, uncovered and exposed! They were gorgeous! No, they were PERFECT! She has lightly tanned C cup breasts with small dark nipples with her areolas not much bigger. Fuck they're beautiful!

She reached over with her hand and held up her breast for me. “Come here. baby. You need to relax. Let mommy help you like I did when you were a baby.” Holy fuck! My mother was offering me her breasts and I did not hesitate. My dick got immediately hard when she told me to relax with her breasts and I started sucking really hard. She yelped out in pain and prompted me to slow down while I laid a across her tummy. After a while, I realized that I was mindlessly caressing her tummy while I had her breast in my mouth. I started running my hand over her tummy and she seemed to like that as I heard her give out a few soft moans.

I decided to test the waters and slowly made my way up to her other breast. I eventually put my hand on her other breast and left it there without moving my hand. When she said nothing, I started moving my hand up and down, making sure to rub her hard nipple with the palm of my hand. I looked up and saw her tilt her head back, obviously enjoying the attention I was giving her breasts. Soon I started rubbing her nipple hard with my hand, also squeezing and grabbing her breast, while sucking hard on her breast. Her breasts were getting manhandled by her son and she was loving it! I suppose she did not realize how loud she was moaning as she started humping her hips up and down. Her nipples felt like pebbles in my mouth.

She started moaning and “ahhing” as she started trembling. I was giving her an orgasm and she was in heaven. She started shaking hard and her hips were moving up and down in a rapid motion before she came to a sudden stop, giving out a loud sigh, obviously recovering from her orgasm. She laid there for a minute trying to catch her breath while she gently pushed me away. She started buttoning up her pajama top, telling me that was enough for tonight and that I needed to get back to studying. I left her room and went straight to the bathroom. My shorts were down by my ankles the second I walked in. Not bothering to close the door, my cock was out and I was stroking hard and shooting my cum into the shower stall in what felt like 30 seconds flat.

I went back to the desk in my room. I thought about what had just happened and my cock started getting hard again. There was no way I was studying the rest of the night I laid on my bed naked, grabbed some lotion and stroked it nice and slow. I wanted her tits more than ever. As a horny teenager, I had always admired their size and how great they looked on mom. But now, I wanted them all the time.

Nothing much happened for the next couple of weeks. I had to find a way to make it happen again. What I had realized was the night I made mom cum by sucking and playing with her breasts was not the first time. The dream about sucking her breasts had not been a dream. What I also learned was that after I shared my dream of sucking on her breasts as a baby and feeling relaxed and peaceful afterwards, she started offering me her breasts anytime I expressed any tension or stress in my life.

So guess what I told her on Friday after a long and “stressful” week? She came home after having visited with Grandma most of the day. We greeted each other with a hug and a kiss, as normal. We shared our day while I kept her company in the kitchen as she made dinner. She shared with me the details on the guy her sister Alicia had started dating and I told her about the “horrible” day I had. She served up the plates and we had dinner. After dinner, we cleaned the kitchen and retreated to the living room to watch TV. Prior to that, we ran to our rooms to change into our pajamas. I had a t-shirt on with my boxers. Mom came down with a two-piece pajama set that included a buttoned-up top and shorts as her bottoms.

Friday nights I would usually be out with friends, but tonight I had other plans. Mom and I sat at the couch and watched TV for awhile before I turned around, laid down on the couch and used her lap as a pillow. We watched TV for another 10 minutes before I turned my head to look up at mom and explained why I felt stressed. As I explained, I became a bit bold and actually reached up and started slowly unbuttoning her top. She said nothing, just kept listening to me while I kept explaining as her top fell open and I could see her perfect breasts. Her beautiful nipples were just as I remembered them. Dark and hard. I lifted my head and my mouth latched onto her nipple while my other hand grabbed and started fondling her other breast.

My mom actually reached out, grabbed a pillow and placed it under my head. When she did this, I knew this was a change in our relationship and this would definitely be happening more often. Same as the time before, I suckled on her breast while I played with the other, squeezing and lightly pinching her nipple. This was the moment things started to change between us. Mom looked down at me and had a smile on her face.

Looking at me she quietly asked “Baby, do you like sucking on mommy's breasts?”

“Mm, hmm”

“Do you like holding and squeezing mommy?”

“Mm, hmm”

“Do they make you feel better?”

“Mm, hmm”

“Baby, mommy will always do anything to make you feel safe and relaxed.”

She laid her head back, allowing me to continue. I could tell her orgasm was nearing. Same as before, she started moaning louder and louder and I could feel her hips starting to push up. She “oohed” and “ahhed” louder and louder, telling me to suck her tits harder over and over again. When she started saying this, my cock was rock hard. Her asking me to suck harder acknowledged that I was giving her sexual pleasure and that she was loving it.

She finally gave out a loud “AHH!” and her body just crashed. She gently pushed my head away, pulling her breast away from my mouth. She leaned her head back and sat there with her breasts gently moving up and down as she was heavily breathing, trying to catch her breath. After a while, I sat up and tried making my way to the bathroom. My cock was hard, pitching a tent in my boxers and begging for release. Instead, mom reached out to me and grabbed me by the hand. I helped her up and she held on to my hand as she led me to her room. Fuck she looked so sexy with her top open. barely covering her delicious breasts.

She pulled me into bed with her. She told me to remove my t-shirt and lie on my tummy, telling me that she was going to give me a massage to help me relax from the horrible day I'd had. I did as she said while she ran to grab a bottle of lotion. She climbed into bed and onto my back, sitting on my butt. She squirted some lotion into her hands and started her massage.

She started by working her way up from my waist to my neck. If you recall, my mom is petite, so while sitting on my butt, it required her to bend down to reach my neck. To my surprise, she had completely removed her top and was massaging me topless. When she reached for my neck, I could feel her healthy firm tits rubbing against my back. At this point my cock was stuck between the bed and my stomach and felt like it was ready to explode. She was quiet during the massage, the only sound coming from the soft music playing on her phone. With her hard nipples rubbing on my back, I couldn't tell if she was doing this on purpose. I really didn't care at the moment, her hard nipples felt nice on my back.

It was hard to keep from cumming, but the feeling was soon over as she moved back down to my waist and continued with my legs. She was focused on giving me a really good massage that was putting me to sleep. She stopped for a bit and asked me to lift up my hips as she removed my boxers. Feeling relaxed, I didn't give it much thought. She completely removed them before she started massaging my buttocks. She continued kneading my rear cheeks and it felt great! She moved down to my thighs and up to my butt before she did my back one last time. She lightly tapped me on my butt and told me to turn around.

I easily turned around, forgetting I was completely naked until I felt my cock spring straight up in the air. My natural reaction was to cover myself and apologize. With a knowing smile, she asked me if she had caused that. I quietly nodded my head and followed it with an apology. She reached out to move my hands away and told me there was nothing to apologize for. I was her son and she had obviously seen me naked. 'Yeah, like 10 years ago' I thought to myself. Reluctantly, I allowed her to move my hands away and laid them on my sides. She asked me to close my eyes, explaining she would now be massaging my front.

She started with my arms, she did the first one up to my neck before she did the other one. When she got to my neck, she started working her way down. As she did this, she would “accidentally” bump into my cock and quickly apologize, telling it was so big that it got in the way. I wasn't complaining and found myself giving out a soft moan every time she “accidentally” bumped it. She continued working her way down my torso and around my cock before she worked her way down my legs.

For me, at that very moment, a sexy lady had her soft small hands all over my body and my cock was now starting to hurt. That is when it happened. My mom took her hands away briefly while she applied more lotion to her hands. She said she knew she had caused my erection and she was going to help me with it.

That was the first time I felt someone else grab my dick. I had jacked off many times to the thought of some one else doing it for me, but it was now a reality.

“My gosh baby, you are really hard. Your cock, oops sorry, your penis is beautiful honey. You remind me so much of your father....I want you to relax and enjoy this.” she spoke the last part in a low sultry tone.

Now, as this point, mom was sitting next to me and I did what came natural. I reached out and pulled her towards me so I could suck and play with her tits. She started stroking my cock even harder when I put her tits in my mouth. I asked her if I was making her feel good and she gave me an “mm-hmm” while struggling to breath. I started telling her how good her hands felt on my cock, asking her if she liked holding her baby boy's cock in her hands. She said it felt great and she wanted to help me relax.

I got the next shock of the night. I told her that I was getting close. She asked me where I wanted to come. I shot for the stars and told her to get on her back because I wanted to my cum on her breasts. I was expecting her to reprimand me, instead she laid on her back and I wasted no time getting up and throwing one knee over her hips. She reached down and started jacking me off again while begging me to grab her breasts.

“I know you love mommy's big tits. Cum for me baby, cum on mommy's big tits!”

That was it. I felt my cock exploding in her hands! The first two shots actually landed on her mouth but she did not stop. Her hands continued stroking my cock as more cum landed on her tits and her tight tummy. My vision went blurry for a bit and I felt like I would never stop cumming. When I finally did, I got off and laid down next to mom. I looked over and caught her wiping up the cum that had landed on her chin into her mouth. Looking down, I saw both her tits were splattered with my cum as well

We both laid there catching our breath with no one saying anything as we stared at each other. After a few minutes, she quietly got off the bed and reached for her pajama top to keep my cum from dripping onto the carpet as she ran to her bathroom. She came out topless from her bathroom with my cum cleaned off from her chest. She had a warm washcloth in her hands and walked over to clean my penis. The towel felt nice, but her warm hands felt even nicer, making my dick hard again.

She looked at me with the sexiest smile ever as she dropped the towel and slowly started stroking me. After stroking it for about five minutes, she grabbed my feet and pulled them so that I was now sitting on edge of the bed as I laid on my back. Still making eye contact with me and still with that fucking sexy smile, she grabbed her tits and wrapped them around my cock as she started moving them up and down. I was now titty-fucking my mom! Yes, I was titty-fucking my own mother.

“Does that feel good, baby? Do mommy's big tits feel good on your cock?”

“Mm-hmm” I managed to answer as I once again started breathing heavily, knowing I was about to cum very soon. She reached for the bottle of lotion, applied some on my cock and went back to pressing her tits tight around my cock as she started moving them up and down faster and faster. The lotion made made it easier for my cock to slide easily between my mother's tits.

“Are you gonna cum for mommy again, baby boy? Are you gonna cum on my tits?”

Half a second after she said those words, my cock exploded once again with my cum shooting straight up to her face and chin, landing on her luscious tits. Once again, she swallowed what she could before reaching for the hand towel to clean my cock before stepping away.

I heard her step into the shower and I so wanted to join her, but I froze and I could not muster up the courage to join her. I soon heard her turn off the water before she came into the bedroom wrapped only in a towel. She opened a drawer and put on some bikini panties before dropping the towel and reaching over to open a drawer for her pajamas. I was not going to let this opportunity go by.

“Mom, don't put on any pajamas. You look beautiful just the way you are.”

“You want me to walk around in just my panties in front of my baby boy? What will people say?” she said with a devilish smile on her face.

“That you are the sexiest mom in the world and what a lucky son I am to have such a hot looking mom.”

“You're so sweet, honey” she replied as she closed the drawer and came to bed only in her panties. To give you a visual, imagine Salma Hayek topless and only in bikini panties. She crawled into bed and cuddled up to me with her head on my chest as I laid on my back. She fit perfect in my arms as her tits were pushed up against my side. My cock once again got hard, but I heard her lightly snoring, indicating the fun was over for tonight.

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