Carrie, a young lady enters his life - sex story

Carrie, a young lady enters his life

I dragged my tired ass out onto the large sunning area of the hotel by the pool. Third day of vacation, and I was up practically all night, but not by my choice. I finally left my room at about seven, and went and had breakfast, before heading over and doing some touristy shit, before returning to have lunch, then finally coming out and deciding I needed a nap in the shade by the pool.

Arriving there, I saw Leroy and Cathy laying on some lounge chairs and reading, drinks at hand as they also kept an eye on their three children, with Cathy's mom near-by. Cathy was wearing a very nice one-piece swim suit, which did her very pregnant body justice.

Leroy looked up and grinned, his white teeth framed by his large black lips, asking "Hey boss, where you been?"

I chuckled, "Went over to Universal Studios, did some looking around and all."

Cathy looked up, lowered her sunglasses down from her face, and looked me over, saying "Man, you look whipped."

"Yeah," I laughed, "Didn't sleep well last night."

Cathy said bluntly, "Who could, they were between us and you."

I laid down as I chuckled, thinking about the trip so far. Leroy is the manager of my motel, as well as an all around go-to guy, and Kathy the restaurant. I own a large travel complex along an interstate in northern Georgia. In other words, a truck stop. I bought the land not too long after I won the lottery in 1989, a cool twenty-seven million dollars. Kathy and Leroy were my first two employees and the best ones I ever hired, next to my housekeeper, Kathy's mom, Miss Sarah.

The restaurant and trucking facilities went up first, followed by the motel, a camp-ground, and a working farm, mainly chickens and hogs. Leroy lends a hand on the farm as well. Plus, there is the original trailer court on the land, which is how the other people involved on this trip came into my life. A bit more about me, it's now 2001. I'm forty-one, never been married, but very experienced. I grew up in Chattanooga, joined the Marines for eight years when I turned nineteen in 1979. Got out in 1986, did odd jobs and happened to be in Ohio for a former Marine buddy's wedding, when I bought the ticket in early 1989.

Since then, I've built my little empire rather successfully. As for my family, my mother died when I was young, my dad in 1995. I have a sister in Atlanta, which is how I came across this property in 1990 while on a trip down to visit with her. My sister is divorced, five times, and has three kids, all whose education I paid for. A doctor, an accountant, and a lawyer. They do come in handy.

I really wanted to start the farm right away. But the idea of a truck stop was the better choice, which I worked hard to achieve. I've more than recovered my initial investment.

Anyway, with all business's, you always run into problems. One in particular was in 1996, right after Dad died. I had the smart idea of offering my tenants of my trailer court the chance to work for me in whatever area of my little empire I could put them. That's how Leroy, Cathy and Miss Sarah got involved with me originally. Leroy is like a brother, we fish, hunt, and drink together. Drives Cathy crazy. So anyway, in 1996 I had a single mom in one of my trailers, named Becky. Becky was white, blue eyed and blond, and about five-three, and barely ninety pounds soaking wet. Her daughter Carrie was the by-product of a liaison with an obviously very black man, and is a spitting image in size of her mother at the tender age of sixteen. To make a long story short, Becky had problems with drugs, and used her body, as well as Carrie's, to obtain money for drugs. Once I found out, I was making arrangements to put a stop to it, when one night all hell broke loose. A dealer, a lover, and Becky ended up getting shot and killed on my property (I did the dealer in, after he pointed his rifle at me and an officer), and Carrie was orphaned.

The poor girl was taken away and raised in foster care, and I more or less forgot about her. In 1998, she returned, asking me for a job and a place to stay. The former was no problem, the latter was. I was all filled up in my rentals. Well, with some convincing from Miss Sarah, who already lived under my roof as my housekeeper, I finally relented to let the girl move in.

Things worked out well. She enrolled to college, and worked where ever I needed her. Cathy took her in as a younger sister, so she wasn't a problem. As for me and my sex life with a young lady under my roof, I never made any advances towards her. Which she always made difficult, what with she wore, or didn't wear, around the house. I knew she was teasing me, as she would tell Cathy, who would tell Leroy, who would then tell me. It was very difficult, but I managed to keep my paws off of her. Even on those occasions that I needed an escort for business luncheons or dinners, I would take her along as a date, but nothing would come of it.

As for my sex life, I was not lacking. No, I didn't have a girlfriend, nor did I want one. I was happily building my little empire so to speak, and when the urge for a good time would come along, I made do. Usually it would involve going into Atlanta and hitting the bar scene. I was rather lucky in that department, as although I'm not a hunk, I'm not butt-ass ugly either. My six-three two-forty frame isn't as solid as it once was, but I'm definitely not flabby.

And of course, friends would try setting me up with one woman or another. But I always let it be known that I wasn't into long term relationships. I enjoyed variety, why bother settling down?

So, now we're in Orlando, enjoying a nice mid-winter break. I had four rooms rented for the week. One for Leroy and Cathy, their kids and Miss Sarah were in another one on the other side of theirs. And between mine and their room, was the room that Carrie and her friend Wanda were using. Wanda is another story. A loose cannon so to speak. And unfortunately a bit of a slut. Wanda also works for me, and I've been tempted to fire her ass on more than one occasion. But Carrie always talks me out of it.

We've been doing these trips the last three years, and this is the first time that Carrie has brought anybody along. Although Carrie was introduced to the wild life early thanks to her mother, she's been a relative prude when it comes to men once she returned into my life, except for when she's teasing me. I'm sure her and Cathy talked about her past, but I never brought the subject up.

I was brought back to planet Disney as I heard Leroy whistle, and say "Hello ladies, good afternoon."

I looked and saw Wanda and Carrie both approach, both looking like death warmed over. Cathy asked "Sleep well?"

Carrie had a bit of a pissed look on her face, as Wanda said "We tried, but someone next door turned their television on at five-thirty this morning, and let it blare away after he left."

I chuckled, as they sat on the chairs next to me, as Cathy said "Ron! You didn't?"

Leroy laughed, saying "Well, after we had to listen to you two entertain those boys all damn night, you kept us from sleeping as well."

Cathy slapped her husband, as Wanda retorted "We weren't that loud."

Leroy ignored her smack, he never did like Wanda, the long legged red-head always had an obnoxious air about her as he replied, "From what we could hear, those two young bucks were having the times of their lives. What board game was that you all were playing, anyway?"

I smiled, they were playing some game last night, sort of like truth and dare. Truth was, Leroy was right. I never saw the two young men, but they sure did enjoy themselves. As did Wanda. Carrie on the other hand, I had my suspicions. Leroy didn't let up, "You all sure did make those beds bounce against our wall. It would have been a lot nicer if my Cathy here wasn't about to pop so I could have gotten some." A loud smack, as he yelled out in mock agony, "Oww!" as Cathy swatted him once more.

Wanda blurted out, "Well, you and Ron are just jealous, that's all."

I laughed and turned my head, and saw Carrie's face. She was looking down at her feet, her arms crossed. I really don't think Carrie was enjoying the conversation. And she knows I don't go without, as does Leroy and Cathy. Wanda on the other hand hadn't a fuckin clue about my private life, and I would like for it to stay that way. She is the typical American trailer park trash. Cathy suddenly got up, and said "Come on Carrie, let's go for a swim."

She had made it obvious in the tone of her voice that Wanda wasn't invited. Wanda said "Well, guess I'll go and change and do some shopping." All three women were soon out of ear shot, and Leroy said quietly for me hear, "God damn I'd like to fuck that little bitch's ass off."

I laughed, "Sounded like someone tried to last night."

He replied, "It wouldn't have been so bad, if they hadn't gotten a bit rough with them. You know, I almost broke the party up a few times."

I looked at the pool. Cathy and Carrie were on the other side of it, facing away, and Cathy had her arm up on the back of Carrie's shoulder, patting it gently. "That don't look good."

"Shit" Leroy said, dragging the word out, "I'm probably going to catch hell now."

"For what?"

He sighed, "Cathy wanted me to go and break it up, but I refused."

I agreed, and said "Well, best if you hadn't. If she gives you problems, have her talk to me."

"Thanks bro." He snickered, "You ain't bad for a boss, being a white guy and all."

I laughed, "Fuck you, darky."

"Up yours, honky."

We both laughed softly, before I asked "So now what?"

"You the boss!", he replied. I looked at him, and he shrugged. A few seconds later, and as I was still watching Cathy comforting Carrie, he said "You know, she still has a crush on you."

"Get out, still?!" I chuckled, "You would think after what? Four years? That I'm not about to give in to something so damn young."

"Man, you really got to talk to the girl some more. Besides, maybe you would like it. Not like she doesn't know your reputation. Not to mention the women around town."

I grinned, "Yeah, well. Some do like the current arrangement. They usually last a few months each. Then it's time to find another."

Leroy shook his large black head, "Man, you're a bastard."

"Thanks." I replied with a grin.

I saw the two women turn and come back across the pool, Carrie diving under the water, resurfacing at the edge in font of me. She climbed out, with Cathy right behind her. Carrie laid down on the lounge chair next to me, on her belly, her head turned to face away from me.

I turned and saw Cathy waddling towards us, eight months pregnant and bobbing along. She glared at me, before turning to Leroy, and saying "Come on Leroy. Momma is going to take care of the kids, you're taking me to dinner."

I snickered, as Leroy protested with some muttering. I'm sure where ever she was having him take her to dinner, it was going to be expensive. Now I was alone with a sulking Carrie, as Miss Sarah rounded up the kids and took off as well, and the sun had now moved from behind the trees, bearing down on both of us. She was on her belly still as I sat up, grabbed the sun block, and said "You're going to get burned unless you get some lotion on you, be still and I'll put some on you're back and legs."

She muttered something, and I heard a sniff or two, as I squeezed out a copious amount of lotion onto her back, and proceeded to rub it into her cocoa colored flesh. I finished her back, neck and shoulders, and was working on her legs. Her legs were parted slightly, and as I worked on the inside of her thighs, I felt her body shudder, and a soft moan came from her mouth, the end of which was cut off. I froze, and looked at her head. She quickly turned her head so she was face down, not letting me see her facial expressions. But I didn't need to, as I caught a whiff of her scent.

I finished her legs, not saying a word, before sitting down on my chair. I put the lotion away, and said "Would you like me to apply more to your front back in your room?"

She didn't move for a few seconds, before finally rolling over and sitting up. She smiled at me and stood, reached her hand out for mine, and I took a hold of it. We grabbed our towels and rose, heading for her room. Silence the whole way through the lobby, up the elevator, and down the hall to her room. She opened it, and I followed her inside. She threw her bag and towel on the desk, and spun around just as I reached out and pulled her close. Our lips met and I felt her body shudder, as we worked our tongues into each others hot mouths. My hands found where her top was tied, and it was soon undone, with my left hand then dropping down to her bottoms, tugging them down, as my right hand came to her front and was pushing her bikini away to grope her hard and firm left melon.

My left hand came around front, and her legs parted, as I gently lowered her down onto the bed, and started kissing my way down to her fantastic tits. She cooed with delight as I suckled her hard, dark nipple, my fingers strumming her hard clit. I could feel my cock throb with desire, as my hand felt the heat building in her crotch. I rolled onto my back, bringing her with me, and grabbing her ass, pulled her crotch above my face, letting her straddle my head, before lowering her musky, wiry-haired cunt to my lips. My tongue forced it's way between her puffy, brown pussy lips, tasting her sex for the first time. She moaned as I wiggled my tongue into her vagina, my nose bumping against her sensitive clit. My hands squeezed her buttocks, as I placed a finger at her anus, pressing her little brown rosebud. She soon was grinding her cunt onto my face, covering me with her sexual secretions.

I could tell she was almost there, and so was I. My pecker was begging for relief, as she finally let out a wail as my lips clamped down on her large nub, pulling on it as I used the tip of my tongue to scrape it fast and hard. Her whole body shuddered, as I pushed her off and onto her back, not giving her time to recuperate, as I plunged my thick post deep into her cunt, my hands grabbing her ankles and making a wish, as I started pumping her hard and fast.

Her teeth were clenched, as I fucked away, her grapefruit-size mummeries jiggling about. My body was tensing up, and when I stiffened and groaned, signaling my own orgasm, I felt her cunt clamp down onto my cock, as she cried out again as we both came together, my throbbing pecker exploding deep within her hot, tight box, painting her pink pussy walls with my white spunk.

For some reason, I felt invigorated, as I leaned forward and snagged her right nipple between my lips, and sucked voraciously. Carrie moaned, and she wrapped her arms and legs about my torso, pulling my body tight against hers. I was amazed as I suddenly realized that I was still rock hard, as her hips were bucking gently up to meet my soft thrusts.

I started back into a slow, methodical pumping action into her horny, hot and tight cunt. My body was savoring the feeling of her vaginal flesh giving and taking my fucking action. My mouth worked up to her lips, and we kissed briefly, before she used the palms of her hands against my chest to push me up and away from her, while her legs were still hooked behind my back. She bent her upper torso up to see where we both looked at where we were joined. My reddish white male member going in and out of her well-lubed pussy, her dark, chocolate lips gripping my shaft as she still gyrated her hips.

Our combined juices were now beaten into a creamy white froth, which covering my shaft and balls, as well as her entire crotch. I was starting to work up a sweat, as my cock glided in and out of her cunt. My pulse was running fast, as was hers. She had a determined look on her small, brown face, as her eyes were glued on the action between her thighs. Suddenly, she shut her eyes and threw her head back and a loud moan became an even louder primordial scream, as her shapely body stiffened, her cunt gripping my cock, wanting to rip it off from my torso. I grunted, as my balls released the life-giving seed, my cock erupting deep inside of her once again.

I was exhausted, as I collapsed on top of her, each of us kissing the other with tender, loving kisses. I rolled us over, with her now on top of me, laying flat against my chest with the left side of her face resting up against my broad upper chest. My hands slowly caressed her back and buttocks, as she whimpered a bit, enjoying my touch. My cock was rapidly deflating, and soon it slipped out of her warm and very wet hole.

With that, she raised up, and kissed me, then laying her head back down, saying "I knew it would be good."

I asked "What?"

She giggled, "You're love making. I've been wanting you since I was sixteen."

I chuckled, "So, you think you have me now, do you?" She tilted her head, and glared at me, making me chuckle, "Okay, we'll see how it works out."

She said confidently, "It'll work."

My stomach rumbled, and I glanced over at the clock, and saw it was about six. I patted her well-rounded dark ass, saying "Come on lover, we need to get cleaned up and then go eat."

She giggled, and climbed off, trotting off to the bathroom to wash up. I smiled, and followed her there. Soon we were in the shower, washing the sex off each others body. After drying off, she started getting dressed, as I pulled my trunks back on and headed next door. I was almost completely dressed, when there was a knock at my door. Opening it, there stood Carrie completely dressed and holding both her suitcases. I just grinned as she walked in past me and placed the baggage on the dresser, as she said "I might as well stay here. Who knows what Wanda might find tonight."

We both laughed, as we then headed off to dinner. We ate hearty, and after about an hour, we were on our way back to the elevators. That’s when we ran into Leroy and Kathy. Kathy smiled when she saw us walking hand in hand. She asked "So, you two have a good afternoon?"

Carrie rolled her eyes in her head, saying "Oh yeah. Ron was real good."

Leroy gave me a look of confusion, and I just grinned. I said "Hey, how about we go out to that nightclub tonight?"

Leroy started to say no, but Kathy blurted out "Sure, why not?"

So off to our rooms we went, and the look on Leroy's face when Carrie went into my room, as she said over her shoulder to Cathy, "I moved my stuff into Ron's already, Kathy."

Kathy just grinned, saying "Oh, good." She then paused, and said "We'll be ready in twenty, okay?"

I just waved as we entered my, I mean, our room. It was almost eight, as we changed into some clubbing attire. Carrie pulled on a crop top and a mini-skirt with two-inch heels, as I just grabbed a pair of slacks and a polo-shirt. We were walking out the door, when Wanda showed up. She looked at me, then at Carrie, as she was coming out, a surprised look on her face.

Carrie said "We're going to a nightclub to celebrate Ron finally breaking down and having sex with me, you want to come along?"

I about died, as I saw Leroy peer out the open door of his room, obviously hearing every word she had just said. She muttered out, "Um, yeah, I guess so." A shocked face was all she wore, as Leroy and Kathy came out to meet us. Wanda went into her room, saying she wanted to change. A few minutes later and she's out wearing a strapless knee length dress with heels. She had Carrie tighten it up, and away we went. Kathy was making a bit of a fuss, as she really wasn't dressed real well. But it's hard to find good maternity party dresses.

The club was s short distance away, and soon Leroy and I had beers in front of us, and the ladies mixed drinks. Some of those frozen concoctions that the females so much love. Well, dancing was fine, not to mention the drinking. Carrie and I were up and dancing about every third song. And Wanda was finding various men to satisfy her dancing needs. But I was surprised by Kathy. After two hours, she leaned over to her husband and whispered something into his ear. He got a shocked look on his face, and said something which I couldn't hear because of the music. But she said something else, and swatted his big, muscled arm. He shrugged, stood, and went to the sitting Wanda, and took her hand and escorted her to the dance floor.

Well, I was shocked, as I watched them start dancing away. Never knew Leroy was so damn good, as he danced away. Surprised me, as his big, six-five and three-hundred pound frame danced away. Carrie and I joined them, and we had a good time out there. Then after the song, we all returned to the table, had another round, and then Wanda came and grabbed Leroy and dragged him out to the floor. I saw Kathy grin, and I was now wondering what she was up too? I looked at Carrie, and she was surprised as me, she just shrugging her shoulders. Carrie and I danced three more times, and the whole time, so was Leroy and Wanda.

After the third time, as we came back to the table, a bump and grind song was starting. You couldn't imagine my surprise, as Kathy stood, grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the dance floor. She faced away from me, as we got in front of Wanda and Leroy, and took my hands and wrapped them about her. Next thing I knew, she's grinding her very big pregnant ass into my loins.

And in front of us, Wanda was doing the same damn thing to Leroy. He looked at me, and I at him, both of us totally shocked, and we just must have told ourselves, 'what the fuck!' I started running my hands sensuously over Kathy's pregnant belly, and Leroy was doing the same with Wanda, his hands roaming her flat tummy. Both women were grinding away, and us two men were following their actions. My chin came to rest on Kathy's shoulder, and she raised her arms up above her head, swaying to the music, as my hands moved up and caressed her big, milk-filled boobs, my lips nibbling on her ear. She had a wild look in her face, as did Wanda, as Leroy's big paws came up and covered Wand's small, pert tits, as both of us guys kissed the cheeks of our respective dance partners.

My cock, already part way to attention from earlier dancing with Carrie, was now at full mast, pressing into Kathy's back side, as I lowered my right hand and placed it underneath her bulging belly, just above her crotch. Leroy followed suit, and Kathy lowered her right hand to cover mine, then pushed it down to her crotch. Man what a sight, and feeling too! Her pussy was radiating heat, and she had lust in her eyes, as she turned her face and we kissed. Her tongue darted into my open mouth, still gyrating on the dance floor, my hand still covered by hers, and now was my left, as it glided down slowly along the side of her left breast.

Kathy stepped closer to Wanda and Leroy, and Wanda approached us. Soon both women were sandwiched between us, rubbing their hot bodies together. The look on Leroy's face was of utter disbelief, as mine probably was too, as both women's lips touched, and their hands flew up to hold the others face as they locked lips, all the while swaying to the beat. They broke, and Kathy leaned forward to whisper something into Wanda's ear. I had no idea what Kathy said, but Wanda got a devilish smile on her face.

The song ended, and Kathy took Wanda's hand and Leroy and I followed them off the floor. It was then that I noticed everyone, and I mean everyone, watching us head back to the table. I chuckled, guess we put on one hell of a show. I sat down next to Carrie, who yelled into my ear so she could be heard over the music, "That was fucking so erotic!"

I chuckled, expecting her to want to dance, but I looked and saw Kathy stand, grab both Leroy and Wanda's hands, and motioned for us to follow. Carrie and I followed, and we were soon outside. My head was stuffed, what from the loud music and smoke from inside, so I really didn't believe what I heard, as Kathy bluntly said "Wanda wants to get laid by Leroy, you two are invited to watch."

I don't know who was more stunned, me or Leroy. We staggered back to the hotel, and up to Wanda's room. I wasn't too sure about this, but what the hell. Carrie and I entered behind Wanda, Leroy and Kathy. I watched as Leroy grabbed Wanda, and started kissing her mouth, his big hands pushing the thin fabric of her dress off her shoulders, revealing her two, small pale tits. Kathy joined them, kissing one, then the other, as Carrie and I embraced.

For the next few minutes, my focus was on Carrie, and getting her out of her clothes. This wasn't too hard, as I pushed her top off over her head, and pulled her skirt down and let her step out of it, before making her squeal as I pushed her back onto the bed and dove face first into her hot snatch. Glancing over, the other three were still standing, with Leroy's mouth suckling on the whole, tiny left breast of Wanda, as her and Kathy were kissing and fondling each others bodies. Kathy was stark naked, her big, lactate full boobs hanging down, the ends resting on the top of her large belly.

Wanda lowered her face to the closest breast, and suckled on it. I saw a trickle of mothers milk escape her lips, rolling down Kathy's tit and dripping onto the floor. My cock was rock hard, taking in the sight, and I felt Carrie tugging on my ears. I glanced up, and she motioned me to come up for air. Crawling up onto my hands and knees, she rolled onto her left side and lifted her right leg. I didn't need to be told what to do, as I laid on my side behind her and inserted my thick and happy pole into her slick cunt. She settled her body back against me, and I placed my fingers in her honey pot, stimulating her clit as we watched the show five feet from us.

By now, Wanda and Kathy were laying on the bed, kissing and fondling each others body, as Leroy had his face buried in Wanda's burning bush. He had a hand wrapped around each of Wanda's legs, just above the knee, and had them pushed up towards her chest and out, giving his face full access to her snatch. His head was bouncing around, and from Wanda's moans, we knew she was almost there. And so was Carrie, as I felt her pussy start to spasm slightly around my invading prick.

I didn't move, just let Carrie buck and grind against me. When Wanda came, her cries filled the room, almost deafening. We were all very glad that no one were in the adjoining rooms, as her cries turned to sobs. I wasn't watching at this point, as my mouth was busy sucking on Carrie's left breast, while my finger was rubbing her engorged clit. Her hips were bucking still, her cunt muscles giving my prick a very nice massage. I didn't notice at first, but she had stopped, and I then heard her gasp in surprise.

I then heard Kathy say "Okay Wanda, my hubby's big old cock is goina stretch that little burning bush of yours like it's never been stretched before."

I looked over, first seeing Wanda's face, her head tilted up, looking at Leroy, her mouth hanging open, looking like she's in a trance. I then looked at Leroy, and saw his hanging appendage. I was more than impressed, as it swayed between his legs, the head reaching down two-thirds down to his knees. And it was so damn thick. I swear it had to be about four inches in diameter. Leroy grabbed her ankles, and after spreading her legs wide, he pinned her ankles down with his hands against the mattress, even with her shoulders. Kathy took his mighty shaft and guided the head to Wanda's winking, slick pussy.

She let out an evil hiss as he sank the head of his cock into her cunt. After that, she gritted her teeth and grunted with each thrust he made, sending his cock deeper in her, inch by thick inch. The contrast of Leroy’s coal black cock sinking into her pale white cunt was almost more than I could stand. And it seemed Carrie had the same effect, as suddenly she cries out softly, as I felt her body shudder as a small orgasm quaked through her body.

I laid still, as Carrie relaxed in my arms, my cock throbbing and dying for some release. Kathy was back to kissing Wanda, and Wanda was returning the favor, as Leroy finally bottomed out, his big balls resting against Wanda's tiny, round ass cheeks. Kathy moved around so her breasts were over Wanda's face, as Kathy lowered her own face to start sucking on Wanda's small tits. Wanda snatched a nipple and started sucking, moaning and grunting as Leroy started to fuck her with long, slow strokes. Her pussy was spread wide, and we had a ring side seat, as his log battered her tight box.

Leroy's pace picked up, and Wanda's muffled moans and grunts were getting more intense, as he went at it. The sight of her white body being abused by the black couple was getting more intense as the minutes passed, as her face was buried between Kathy's milk filled boobs.

Even with her mouth covered, her vocal ness announcing her orgasm still could be plainly heard, as Leroy's meat drove her over the edge. I saw her body go limp, as she obviously had been fucked to unconsciousness, as Leroy still kept up the vaginal assault. But after another ten minutes, and she coming back to her senses, as her hips were bucking with his once again, he groaned, and his whole body stiffened, as he washed her womb with his seed.

The sound of their sex finally did me in, as I blasted off my load inside of Carrie's willing cunt. My pulsating pecker sent Carrie off again, as she had another wonderful cum. As she recuperated, I kissed her face, and she mine, savoring the special feeling that a couple shares when the have a good, mutual cum.

My cock was still rock hard, which happily surprised me, as I gently kept on pushing in and out of her tight cunt. We saw Kathy roll away from Wanda, a look of lust on her face, as her hands flew to her cunt, frigging away on her own clit. She was wanting a good, hard cum in the worse way. Leroy smiled as he watched his wife, and he leaned back, letting go of Wanda's limp ankles. He grabbed her hips, and rolled her over, her body still attached to his monster cock. She let out a low moan of mixed feelings of pain and pleasure, as her cunt twisted on his shaft.

He said to Kathy, "Hey babe, prop you ass up there against the wall, I'm sure Wanda can do something to you to thank you."

Kathy grinned, as she crawled and sat up against the headboard. Leroy grabbed Wanda's hips, and effortlessly lifted her up, as he walked on his knees and then lowered her back down, her face inches from Kathy's wet slit.

Kathy grabbed Wanda's head in her hands, and guided her face to her quim, saying "Come on Red, time to pay the piper." Wanda didn't even protest, as Leroy pulled his log out and plunged back in, sending her face hard into Kathy’s hairy crotch. Both women gasped, as Wanda got her first taste of a woman's sex. Kathy moaned, saying "Oh god, girl. You learn fast. You ever do this before?" Wanda shook her head no as she went on working on Kathy's clit, who was bucking her hips in tune with the tongue lashing she was receiving.

Kathy had a dream like look on her face, and her and Leroy were smiling at each other, as Kathy asked "You like this redheaded bitch's cunt, Leroy?"

Leroy chuckled, his cock making slurry sounds, as a glob of cum slowly started to hang down from Wanda's overly stretched out cunt. Grinning, he replied, "Not as good as yours, babe."

Carrie laughed, saying "Good answer, Leroy."

Leroy turned his head, looking at Carrie, asking "You want some of this?"

Carrie recoiled up against me, a frightened look on her face, as Kathy admonished her husband, saying "Don't push your luck, boy. And don't scare the girl. Besides, I bet little Wanda and I will provide you with plenty of pussy from now on."

Leroy's white teeth shined brightly as he smiled, comprehending what she had just said. He now was taking long, fast strokes, pulling his shaft almost completely out of Wanda's cunt, before sinking it back in with a hard thrust. His broad, black back was glistening with sweat, as his muscular body rippled with his fucking action.

Carrie, while still watching Leroy and his two women, whispered softly, "I think I'll just stick with you."

I chuckled, saying "That'll be fine, what ever you want." I kissed her cheek, as she dropped a bomb shell, saying loudly, "Hey Wanda, how come you ain't making Leroy wear a condom, like you made those boys last night?"

Kathy was just in the throes of her first orgasm, and I wasn't sure if she heard her. But Leroy snickered, as he took one final plunge, his big, hairy balls slapping hard against the back of Wanda's thin thighs, grunting as his massive load emptied deep into Wanda's waiting womb. He muttered out, "Damn, looks like I might be fathering a mixed baby!"

Wanda was writhing underneath him, having her own good, hard cum, as Kathy calmed down from hers. She looked at her husband, and smiled, "Well Leroy, if you knocked her up, I guess she'll definitely be part of our family." She pulled Wanda's head up, and the skinny redhead crawled up her body, before they hugged each other and kissed with open mouths. Leroy's thick, long meat was deflating a bit, as it plopped out of Wanda's abused cunt. A trail of combined cum connected their private parts for a brief second, before breaking. Leroy got off the bed, and stood there, stroking his meat.

Kathy broke the kiss, saying "Let me get a taste of my man's cum from where he left it. Hell, if you can eat pussy, so can I." Wanda cooed, as she rolled onto her back, her head hanging off the edge of the bed, as Kathy went for her messy snatch. Leroy went to Wanda's head, and Wanda started licking his mighty meat. Her talented tongue wiped the residue off his shiny shaft, before she took the head between her lips, only managing to get the first five inches inside her hot, round mouth.

I was resting comfortably, I hadn't even noticed my cock was still very quite hard, or if it had shrank after my last cum, it had rebounded nicely while watching the action on the other bed. And what guy wouldn't get hard, watching Wanda's pale face and red lips sucking a dark black humongous cock. Her thin, short fingers were wrapped about it, as she tugged on it while sucking away. Leroy had his arms at his side, his head rolled back and eyes closed and smiling, as he enjoyed her oral ministrations. And from the muffled moans from Wanda's throat, we could tell that she was enjoying Kathy cleaning up her husbands earlier deposits.

I grabbed Carrie's hips, and sat up, with her ending up on my lap facing away from me towards the others, her tight, slick cunt still impaled on my prick. It was then that it got even more interesting, when Kathy lifted her head, turned my way and said "I need a cock in my ass!"

I looked at her, then at Leroy, who opened his eyes, and looked at me and just shrugged his shoulders, saying "Well, mine is busy, bro. Besides, mine's too damn big for anal. And she ain't taking one in her hot puss."

I wasn't too sure about it myself, as Carrie stood and got off my cock. Kathy moved so her feet were now on the floor, while still eating Wanda's messy cunt. Carrie surprised me by getting on her ass and scooted underneath Kathy's ass, her face looking back to me, as she gave me a smile and went to work orally on Kathy's clit. I heard Kathy moan as I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide. Her little anus winked at me, as I placed the head of my wet cock at her opening and pushed in. She grunted at first penetration, as I worked through her sphincter.

A few more pushes, and I was buried into her ass, enjoying the feeling of my first anal entry. I grabbed those big, wide hips of hers and started drilling away, feeling her body shudder as she came, her scream muffled by Wanda's cunt. My cock stayed hard as even though she finally relaxed from her cum, I kept on fucking her tight ass, as I felt Carrie's tongue occasionally leave Kathy's slit for my big, hairy balls.

With a roar, as by body shuddered, I finally emptied my load into her bowels, just as Wanda's orgasm was muffled by Leroy's big, ebony shaft in her mouth. After a short recovery, I stepped back, and pulled Carrie to her feet, and we went back to our bed, as we watched Leroy take Wanda's unprotected pussy once again, as she nursed on Kathy's pregnant cunt. He fucked her hard for close to an hour, before his load flooded her fertile womb, his potent black seed searching for an egg.

By that time, I was once again inside my new lover, sitting on the edge of the bed, Carrie sitting on my lap as I played with her slit, she riding my happy fuck tool. Kathy even came over and gave Carrie a long, good licking, sending my black lover into heavenly bliss, her tight cunt constricting and squeezing the hell out of my cock.

We watched as Kathy and Wanda tried sucking Leroy up for another round, but it was not to be for the night, as the big, black man was a whipped puppy. I blasted my final load with Carrie still riding me happily, as I watched the globs of cum leaking out of Wanda's abused vagina as she laid spread eagle on the bed. Carrie and I fell back on the bed, quickly falling to sleep in each others arms.

I was awakened late in the morning by the sounds of fucking. Lifting my head, I saw Leroy on top of Wanda, burying his tool in and out of her slick cunt, as his wife Kathy sat next to them, smiling happily. Of course, that got me instantly hard, and soon I had Carrie on top of me, riding her new, favorite toy.

For the rest of the vacation, Carrie stayed in my room. And when we weren't socializing with the others, we were in bed, fucking like rabbits. And Kathy let Leroy and Wanda have their way with each other as well, as long as she was there to visually or orally participate.

Carrie and I went and got married the following week after returning home. We weren't surprised when a few weeks later that Wanda announced she was very much pregnant, just as Kathy gave birth to another girl. Kathy then announced that Wanda was moving in with them, and I was sure it was for each others benefit.

Three years later, and we're all still together. Carrie just received her BA in Financial Management, and is three months pregnant with our first. She's planning on working for me, of course, as well as working independently through a local bank.

Cathy, Leroy and Wanda are still together as well. Wanda gave birth to a boy nine months after our vacation. Ten months after that, she had a girl, and ten months after that, she had another girl. They called it quits after that, tying her tubes up for good. And both women are back to their pre-pregnant size, making Leroy one happy camper, albeit a tired one. I ended up helping them build a new and bigger home for three adults and seven kids. It's right next to mine and Carrie's.

And of course, Miss. Sarah now lives in a small two-bedroom house I had built back behind us, enjoying her grandchildren and happily retired. So it looks like we'll live happily ever after.

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