Casey Enjoys cockLunch - sex story

Casey Enjoys cockLunch

Casey was excited about visiting her husband at work.
James was a financial analyst in the city and worked in
one of the many business towers. Casey liked the view of
the city from his office on the 78th floor.

When James called and invited her for lunch, Casey wanted
to make it something special. She showered and carefully
selected her clothes. Although James was a bit
conservative, Casey was going to go all out teasing him
in his office.

At 33 and after three children, Casey still had a
fantastic body. Just little over five feet tall, she knew
she was a little top heavy with her 38D breasts. With the
children and Casey's part-time job, her and James rarely
experienced any romantic time together. Casey viewed the
lunch invitation as an opportunity.

Casey showered for a long time letting the hot water beat
her milky white breasts red. Casey massaged her nipples
while soaping herself and felt the tinges of pleasure
rushing through her body. Casey's breasts were topped
with deep pink areolas about the size of quarters and
small, nub sized nipples that were very sensitive.

Next, Casey lathered her pubic area, something she rarely
did, and shaved all of her pubic hair off including the
hair on her cunt lips. Casey thought this would be very
erotic and found just shaving herself caused her pussy to
become moist. She accidentally brushed her clit and was
surprised to see it fully erect and excited from shaving.
Casey was careful not to touch herself again as she was
afraid it would send her to orgasm and she wanted to save
that for James.

After her shower, Casey looked at the clothes she laid
out. There was a black skirt that buttoned down the front
and her white sweater. Casey shaved her cunt because she
intended not to wear any panties. She pulled the black
skirt over her hips and was pleased that is hung about
mid-thigh. It was short enough to be sexy, but not too
short where Casey felt uncomfortable.

Next Casey slipped into her white, push-up bra that
clasped in the front. Casey thought that if James were
interested in having her there in the office, this would
make her breasts easily accessible. Next she pulled on
the white sweater, just a 1/2 size too small and it
really had the effect of accented her firm, rounded
breasts just like Casey wanted.

The final touches were black thigh-hi stockings, and
high-heels. Casey pulled a brush through her long, brown
hair as she looked approvingly in the full-length mirror.
Casey felt she looked sexy, but proper. She bounced out
to her car and drove downtown for her lunch date.

Casey entered the office tower and enjoyed the stares she
was receiving from men. This meant she looked good and
that was what she wanted. As she walked, Casey could feel
the air blowing across her naked cunt. She was surprised
at how sexy and erotic going without panties was making
her feel.

Although Casey enjoyed the stares, she was married to
James for thirteen years and always faithful. In fact,
Casey was a virgin when she and James married and she
never even considered being with someone else.
Occasionally Casey wished that James would be more
creative in bed, but she felt their sex live was great
with an occasional adventure like today. She stood in
front of the elevator and waited.

"Damn," Casey thought, "this is the only bad part,
waiting for an elevator."

Finally, the elevator doors opened and a crowd of people
rushed out. Casey and about ten others immediately rushed
inside. As Casey passed the floor panel, she pushed the
number 78 and took a spot at the rear of the elevator.
Casey could see that she was going to be the last one off
the elevator.

After the 50th floor, the last businessman exited the
elevator and Casey was alone with the boring Musak
playing overhead. Casey was lost daydreaming about her
and James with the elevator stopped again. This time four
large, men all dressed similarly entered the elevator.

The men all stared at Casey in such a way that it made
her uncomfortable. The men all were dressed in jeans, t-
shirts, and leather jackets. She also noted that the
heads of all four men were shaved bald. Even though the
elevator was very large, three of the men pushed back to
where Casey was standing, crowding her into the wall. The
fourth man remained at the panel of numbers.

Suddenly, Casey felt the elevator lunge then stopped. At
first she thought this was an accident, but then saw the
fourth man's hand drop for its position on the emergency
stop button. The three men turned and eyed Casey with
lust. Casey became afraid but realized that the elevator
was in a large building and someone would surely notice
it was stopped.

"What do you want," Casey asked in her most assertive

The four men now encircled her and no one spoke. There
was nowhere for Casey to go to get by the four men.

"Help, help," Casey yelled, "we're stuck between floors!"

The largest of the men spoke, "No one can hear you slut,
the two floors above and below are empty."

Now Casey became afraid and tried to rush passed the four
men. Two of the men grabbed her and pushed her into a
corner of the elevator. Casey lost her balance and fell
onto the floor her skirt riding up over her bare ass.

"Look, the slut isn't wearing any panties," another man
said with laughter, "she must be looking to get fucked.
Are you looking to be fuck, slut?"

Casey spat at the man, quickly straightened her skirt and
stood up and tried to rush past the men again. It was
useless. The four men were too big and strong and simply
threw Casey back against the wall.

"Now, slut, first you are going to suck us all, then were
going to fuck you," the apparent leader informed Casey.

"No, I won't do it, you bastards, let me go," Casey

"I think you'll change your mind," the leader said and
nodded at two of the men.

As they approached Casey she started to try and bargain
with them. She told them that if they stopped now she
would not call the police. Casey screamed as the two
grabbed her and spun her around. One placed her in a
headlock effectively stopping her from moving. If she
struggled too much, he simply tightened his hold and cut
off her air. It only took her a moment to stop

"Please, what are you going to do?" Casey begged.

"I told you," the leader said, "you're going to suck our
cocks, then we're going to fuck you."

Casey again refused and tried to free herself from the
headlock. The man with his arm around her tightened his
grip and Casey did not stop until she felt she was going
to pass out from a lack of oxygen. Finally, she stopped
and just stood still, bent at the waist.

"Now, let's get started," the leader said.

Casey felt her skirt being pushed up over her hips. She
panicked, she was going to be raped and there was nothing
she could do about it. As her skirt bunched up around her
hips, Casey could feel the cool air of the elevator on
her bare ass.

"What a great looking ass," the leader said and knead and
squeezed Casey's asscheeks with both hands.

"Please stop, don't do this," Casey begged.

"Don't worry," the leader responded, "in a few minutes,
you'll be beggin' us to fuck you."

"Never, I won't do it, you'll have to rape me," Casey
cried, "ohhhhhhhhhh, Goddddd."

Casey felt the sting on a heavy palm on her left ass
cheek. The sting was repeated on her right, then her
left, and then her right. Casey was so humiliated; they
were taking turns spanking her like a little child. Casey
stopped her feet and tried to move her ass out of the way
of the blows, but they continued to rain down striking
her ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs

Casey started to beg as the pain increased, "please stop,
Godddd your hurting me, stopppp!"

But the three men continued to spank the young woman's
white ass harder and faster. The leader smiled as Casey's
entire ass turned a bright red.

"Please, please, please," Casey whimper unable to bear
much more.

"Yes, you want us to do what," the leader asked

The leader held up his hand for the other two to stop.
Casey was sobbing and trying to catch her breath,
relieved that the pain stopped. Suddenly she felt her
cunt lips pinched and pulled in opposite directions.
Casey lowered her ass and tried to escape this violation,
but the leader her tightly to her cunt lips. Any movement
by her to try and get away produced severed pain. The
leader cruelly pulled her cunt lips opened beyond the
point they would stretch. Casey cried in pain and thought
he was going to rip her cunt lips from her body.

"Go ahead," the leader said to the other two.

Casey jumped about an inch into the air with the first
blow hit her splayed opened cunt. Casey twisted and
turned trying to find a way to free herself from the grip
the fourth man had on her. Casey's cunt was on fire as
the two took turns spanking her opened cunt. The palms
would hit hard on her clit and Casey screamed with each

"God, oh God, please, please stop," Casey begged.

The leader stopped them again and released her cunt lips.
Casey slumped in relief until she felt two fingers pushed
inside her cunt.

"This slut is soaked, she's so wet it like melted
butter," the leader said with a laugh.

Casey could not believe it. How could she be wet? Casey
rationalized that the wetness was a hold over from her
thoughts and caressing before leaving home.

"Let's see if she'll beg," the leader said and grabbed
Casey cunt lips again. Casey wailed as the blows started.

The man holding her head decided to torment Casey also.
He took his free hand and with difficulty pulled Casey's
sweater up and over her 38D breasts. Free from the
sweater, and bent at the waist, Casey's tits just hung
down, exposed. Her captor started to pull and pinch her
nipples without mercy. He would first grab her nipple
between his thumb and forefinger and squeeze until she
yelped, and then he would pull her tit downward.

Casey thought her was trying to pull her tit off her
body. The pain was incredible. Between the pain in her
cunt lips, the blows to her clit, and the abuse of her
nipples, Casey thought she would pass out. No matter how
much she begged, her four assailants did not stop.

Casey was begging with very breathe for some relief when
she felt moisture on the inside o f her thigh. Strangely,
the pain in her nipples was now becoming a ferocious
source of incredible pleasure. As her captor continued to
milk her tits and pinch Casey's nipples, Casey tried to
concentrate on something else.

"The slut is leaking her pussy juices all down her leg,"
the leader holding Casey's cunt lips announced, "you want
us to fuck you don't you?"

"No," Casey said almost in a whisper, but without much

Casey was confused and did not understand what was
happening to her. She noticed that the blows to her clit
had stopped. Her confusion was the disappointment Casey
felt in the fact that they had stopped. The man with his
arm around her head continued to abuse her tits, and that
was now very pleasurable. This also confused Casey.

Casey was relieved and disgusted at the same time when
she felt now three fingers slide easily into her cunt.
The leader sawed his fingers in and out of Casey's cunt
while he massaged her hard, erect, sensitive clit with
his thumb. Casey's cunt lips were swollen, not from being
pinched, but from the sexual excitement she was feeling.

Casey was shifting her weight from foot to foot, trying
to close her thighs in response to the finger fucking she
was receiving. She begged the captor at her head to stop
massaging her tits. But her pleads were only half-

"Oh God, nooooooo, I'm cummmmmming," Casey squealed and
bounced her cunt on the three fingers inside her.

Casey was still climaxing when the leader asked her if
she wanted to be fucked or to suck them first. Casey,
still held in a headlock surprised them with her

"Fuck me, please, but please get holding me like this
while you do," Casey said breathlessly.

Casey could not believe her own words, but she wanted to
be fucked so badly. She groaned with pleasure as the
first cock entered her from behind. He took her hips and
started rocking in and out of her cunt, pushing deeper
with each thrust.

"Please, don't cum inside of me, I'm not protected,"
Casey begged between grunts.

The man fucking her laughed and pulled his cock from her
cunt. Casey whined in disappointment until she felt the
first large drop of sperm hit her sore ass. Several more
shots followed and then another cock replaced the first
one. This man fucked Casey hard and fast shaking her
entire body. The man with the headlock on her was not
paying any attention to her tits and Casey was becoming
frustrated. She wanted to cum again.

"God, you bastard, pinch my nipples, abuse my tits, no
tease me," Casey yelled.

The man holding her laughed and immediately complied.
When his fingers squeezed her nipple, Casey arched her
back in another orgasm slamming her hips backward to meet
the thrust of the man fucking her. As her orgasm
subsided, she felt the now familiar wetness of cum on her

That man came to Casey's head and held her taking the
place of the previous man. He immediately started his
abuse of her tits, which she now craved. That man went
behind her and announced to her that he was going to fuck
her until she was babbling. Casey spread her legs wide
and pushed her ass outward to receive his rod.

She was a little alarmed when she felt the size of his
cock, but her cunt was so wet it easily spread to
accommodate the side. She was now in a sexual frenzy as
this oversized cock rubbed her clit with each in and out
stroke. Her clit was already over sensitive from the
spankings and she easily climaxed again and again with
each stroke. She thought she would go crazy from the
orgasm until finally this man pulled out and shot his
load onto her ass.

Casey was experiencing aftershocks of the climax when the
leader took his turn.

"Damn, this slut is so sloppy down her, I'm going to use
her other hole," the leader said.

Casey was not sure she understood. The thought of anal
sex never crossed her mind. It was never something that
James would have done, and Casey did not think it was

"No, please, you'll hurt me," Casey begged.

"No one's died from it yet slut," the leader laughed and
shoved his prick into her cunt to lubricate it.

She held very still as she felt the leader rubbing the
cum from her ass into her rectum. She protested when she
felt his thumb push away the brown ring and enter her. It
was uncomfortable, but nothing she could not stand.

Casey waited as the leader pulled himself from her cunt
and spread her asscheeks to see her tight, puckered hole.
She tried to move away when she felt the head of his dick
at her anal opening. The leader held her fast by the hips
and arched his pelvis forward driving about six inches of
cock into her rectum.

Casey struggled and tried to free herself for the first
time. She was able to get out of the headlock just as the
leader shoved the remainder of his cock into her ass. She
could not support his weight and went down on her hands
and knees, the leader's cock still impeded in her ass.

"Damn, this is one tight hole," the leader said and then
started pulling his dick outward.

"God, you're hurting me, stopppp," Casey pleaded.

Casey looked behind her and saw the leader with his eyes
shut rocking back and forth fucking her ass. The one
holding her head was erect again and when she looked
forward she was staring at his hard cock. She only sucked
James one time, but she acted like a pro as she opened
her mouth and hungrily sucked his cock inside. The leader
continued to pound her ass and the burning pain was
replaced by intense pleasure.

As her pleasure grew, Casey sucked harder on the cock and
actually took about two inches down her throat. This
feeling, of having a cock in her ass and one down her
throat was too much. She exploded in her most massive
orgasm yet. She cried, squealed and twisted as the orgasm
consumed her entire body. The leader filled her colon
with gallons of sperm just as the man in her mouth shot
his load down her throat. They both pulled their dicks
from her body almost at the same time. Casey fell onto
the floor writhing in pleasure.

Casey watched as the four men straightened their clothes
and stood with their backs to her. She tried to slow her
breathing and regain herself. She was flushed with that
fresh-fucked feeling.

Casey stood up on wobbly legs and pulled her skirt down
over the sticky mess of cum covering her ass. She also
slowly pulled her sweater over her raw nipples and
breasts. The elevator started again as she leaned against
the wall for support. It stopped at the next floor and
without a word the four men exited leaving Casey alone.

As the doors closed and the elevator continued upward,
Casey rushed to the panel and pushed a button for the
next floor. Even though she was dazed from the sexual
excitement she experienced, she wanted to get to a
bathroom. The elevator stopped and she exited hoping no
one would see her. She was lucky; there was a bathroom
just across from the elevator. She hurried inside.

Once inside, Casey grabbed several paper towels, wet
them, and went into a stall. She stripped off her skirt
and sweater and wiped all the dried cum from her body,
then dried herself. She checked her clothing and other
than her sweater being stretched a bit and the inside of
her skirt sticky with cum, she looked none the worse for

She dressed and looked in the mirror. Her faced was still
flushed. She glanced at her watch, it had been almost an
hour. Casey knew James would be furious as his time was
almost over.

She rushed back to the elevator and up to the floor where
James worked. His receptionist told Casey to go right in.
Casey burst through the door with an apology on her lips
for being late but froze in her steps. There standing
with James were the four men from the elevator, now in
business suits.

"Did you enjoy lunch?" James asked with an evil smile.

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