Cheated on my boyfriend (Fiction, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Oral Sex)

Cheated on my boyfriend

The feelings came from nowhere fast. My boyfriend and I had been together for 5 years but we had been growing apart over the past few months, he was always working and I was young and horny all the time.

One night while I was out with friends, I brought up how sex starved I was, my friend Matt looked at me in a way he hadn’t before. We began first by hanging out in groups more often... We started texting and flirting online. Then one night when we were all heading to the bar from his place, he said he didn’t want to go to the bar after all. He looked at me like he hadn’t eaten in days and I was dinner.

“I think I’ll stay too.” I announced to the group, there was six of us in all, my closest friend Jen pulled me aside.

“Are you sure?” she was concerned because I mentioned that I felt there was some attraction happening between Matt and I over the last few weeks.

“Yes, I’ll text you.” She hugged me, grabbed her purse, and walked out the door after the other guys. I suddenly felt a little sick to my stomach, I was nervous and I had been drinking all evening. I was scared, but excited. When I turned around Matt was sitting on the love seat. Although there was a large sectional couch and another chair in the room; I sat down beside him.

“Do you need another drink?’ he said. I was trembling, like literally trembling. My hands were shaking and my heart was racing. He looked at my hands and he reached out to hold them.

“I’m nervous” I said. He looked into my eyes and I became very aware of how wet I was.

“We don’t have to do this.” He said quietly, but as he was saying it, his hands moved gently from mine and smoothly up my belly, his fingers gently traced my cleavage. I knew what I wanted; I was just terrified to take it.

“I want you.” He said, his hand moved to my neck. I pulled back a little and let out a small whimper. I felt like maybe I was making a mistake. I hadn’t done anything wrong yet, so, I could leave now and it would be ok.

“Sorry… I thought” He began, but he didn’t get to finish the sentence because I decided to just go with it. I was extremely horny and there was something in his eyes. I went in for the kiss but I was moving too fast and our faces sort of crashed together and it was very awkward.

“Sorry.. “ I said. I looked down at my trembling hands. I went to look back at him and he was moving closer to me. Our lips touched for a second time. This time it was warm and gentle, I felt a warmth consume me. Soon we were laying across the loveseat, his body on top of mine, my legs wrapped around his waist.

“Are you ok?” he managed to say between our heavy breathing and kissing. He knew the answer, but he was being sweet asking to go further. I didn’t answer, somehow thinking that if I didn’t say I wanted it, then it would make it better in a way. Instead I began rocking my hips and pressing myself against his already stiff cock through his jeans. He responded by pushing back, I let out a small moan of approval. His mouth moved from mine and he began tracing my neck and chest with soft kisses, when he reached my t-shirt he pulled it down exposing my white and black lace bra. I have quite large breasts and they were bulging, just begging to escape.

“wow” he said, as he pulled the left one out and began to suck and lick my nipple. It sent a surge of energy through my body, I arched my spine and moaned slightly. He was wearing a large leather belt, I began to unbuckle it, still grinding against him, I could feel the wetness between my thighs increasing.

“Do you want me inside you?” He asked, this time stopping everything and looking into my eyes. I looked down hoping he would just continue. I began to feel ashamed, and I thought about Chris, who was working night shift right now…

“Do you want me to fuck you?’ He repeated in a louder voice, this time his hand pushed between my legs. Even through my clothes my body screamed for more.

“YES!” It came out louder than I expected it to. The next few moments were spent scrambling to escape our clothes. Some how I ended up on the floor and he was sitting upright on the loveseat. Matt’s cock was uncut, I had never slept with an uncircumcised man before, there had only been Chris and one before him. It was slightly thicker than Chris’s Cock, but not quite as long.

“Put it in your mouth.” He instructed. I opened my mouth and forced it down the back of my throat. I have always prided myself on my blowjob giving abilities, I rarely gagged and could go for at least 10 minutes before my jaw became sore. At first, he was quiet, then his breath got a little quicker, and then he started to jerk away a bit.

“Wait” he said. I kept going pushing my lips together a little harder for a few pumps before he completely pulled his impressive cock from my mouth, pushing my head away a bit violently.

“You are bad.” He said smiling. He grabbed my arms and half lifted half pushed me onto the sectional couch. I still had my panties on. I spread my legs open revealing my soaked lace panties. He pushed them to the side and inserted a finger. I arched my back and pushed down on his hand; forcing his finger in deeper.

“Do you want me to fuck you now, you bad girl?” He was getting rougher with his fingers, now inserting a second or maybe third.. It was hard to tell but it hurt a little.

“Yes..” I said, but this time I didn’t yell it out. Then he grabbed my panties with both hands and pulled them off roughly. He was breathing very heavily now; his eyes had changed. He didn’t seem to be the same gentle man he had been only moments before.

“Come here slut.” He said, and grabbed my thighs pulling me toward him with little effort, he forced them apart and within a few second his thick cock was pushing into me. It hurt slightly, although, I had been drinking and I was very wet; my pussy was very tight. He didn’t ease into it as I had become accustomed to with Matt. Instead, he moved quickly in and out of me.

“Oh..oh..” I was crying out in pleasure. I felt like I was going to explode. I also felt slightly afraid as he fucked me more roughly. Slamming against me so hard the I was being pushed to the other side of the couch. Despite my nervousness, I was very turned on. Chris was a gentle lover, and he never talked dirty... This was a whole new experience for me.

“You like it don’t you, you dirty whore.” He said, as he grabbed my breasts hard and squeezed my nipples until it hurt. I cried out a bit, mostly with surprise. I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable but I was almost at orgasm. His large cock forcing its way in and out of me so quickly. I was practically screaming now. It was partially because it hurt and partially because it felt amazing, like nothing I had felt before.

“Scream for me slut!” he was yelling into my face, then he grabbed my hair and pulled his cock out. He climbed up the couch straddling my chest so that his cock was close to my face and forced my head closer by pulling my hair. It did not feel great. I felt less like orgasming now, and more like running out of the room.

“Ouch! Matt!” I said trying to free my hair from his grip. He didn’t and instead pushed the tip of his cock into my mouth, he moved forward forcing my head back onto the couch. I was not sucking seductively as I had earlier. I was drooling all over and pushing on his ass. My arms were half trapped under his legs as he vigorously fucked my mouth. I began to gag as he pushed it down the back of my throat.

“Take it whore, Oh yea! Deep throat it.” He was saying, clearly not noticing my discomfort. Then he pulled out and I was grateful. I was eager to please him but this was not my thing. He removed himself from my chest and went down between my legs. He began to lick my clit in a quick fluttering motion. I was gasping for air and my thighs began to tremble, He reached under my legs with both arms and pinched my nipples as he continued to flick my clit around with his tongue. I started to moan uncontrollably and rock my hips. And then I had a massive orgasm.

“OOOHHHAAAHHH!” I screamed, bucking my hips back and forth, my inner muscles contracting over and over. He wouldn’t stop licking my clit, it was so intense in hurt, I tried to pull away but he was holding my thighs tightly forcing his tongue roughly against me. Licking and licking and I couldn’t stop screaming. I don’t know how long this went on for but I think I passed out.

“Oh Fuck!” he was on top of me, fucking me again. I was lying on the floor now; it was cold and hard. He was dripping with sweat and his eyes were closed. I was so sloppy and wet I could barely feel him inside me now. He just kept pushing inside me and then he came. Pushing his cock as deep as it went, I felt a gush of warmth enter me and then he fell on top of me with his entire body weight. He was panting and sweaty. I felt confused.

“That was amazing” He said. I looked around the room trying to figure out how I ended up on the floor. Clearly, I had too much to drink. He rolled off of me, I could feel the mess leaking out.

I don’t think I’ll do it again…

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