Coquette and her bull - sex story

Coquette and her bull

I had already experienced a number of threesomes in the past with my wife, about four I think. They had always excited me, I’d always got harder and lasted longer than at any other time we had sex together.
I never analysed it very much at the time, about why it turned me on so much. I just knew it was going to be one of the most arousing nights of sex I was likely to enjoy – apart from one time when Julie seemed to be interested only in the guy we were with and I felt very much like an outsider, which wasn’t especially pleasant, although that was the exception.
But nothing had happened in that area for some time, maybe three years or more (though what happened when I wasn’t around was different story).

So it was out of the ordinary when Julie began to flirt outrageously with a Canadian guy we met while we were on holiday in Queensland. He and a blonde with a body to die for were staying at the same hotel as us. The place was nothing special, just the usual simple villas gathered around a swimming pool and spa and only a short walk from the beach. Each villa was isolated from the pool by an abundance of the semi-tropical plants so common to that part of the world, which gave the pool area quite a private feel if there were only a few people there.

The four of us had got to drinking together at the bar next to the pool after yet another exhausting day lying in the sun, sliding into the water for a lazy lap or two and dining on seafood and fresh mango.We made a connection right from the start – more with Dave than with Claudia it must be said but even her slight distance seemed of no consequence after that constant stream of Margaritas we consumed during the day.

I noticed Dave’s appreciative attention to Julie throughout the afternoon. It seemed like whenever she felt like cooling off in the pool, so did he. Each time she went to the bar for another round of drinks, he was there to help her carry them. Julie responded to the attention of course, I caught her on more than one occasion, turning away from us to put her hand inside the top of her one-piece swimming costume and lifting her breasts up so that they formed a more visible cleavage.

After she and Dave raced each other for a couple of laps of the pool together, I watched as they stood against the far wall, breathing heavily and talking in hushed tones. Claudia had gone to their villa for something and I was lying on a lounge with a magazine over my face. I had made sure I could still see them though, under the edge of the page and that curious sense of excitement started to make itself felt again as I watched them talking quietly, secretively.

Dave was facing the wall, his hands on the edge and Julie was standing right up next to him, her breasts noticeably pressing against his arm.Her face was closer to his now, whispering in his ear. I could only guess what she was saying but I had no doubt that it was something sexual, she had that look on her face I’d seen so often when she was excited by a man.I felt relieved that I had draped a towel over myself earlier (had I subconsciously guessed what would happen?) as my penis started to respond to the sight of my wife’s surreptitious flirting with another man.

It was such a strange sensation, almost like it was me who was the interloper, the transgressor, for secretly watching the illicit episode playing out in front of me.Certainly it was Julie who was making all the moves, her mouth so close she was almost licking his ear, standing with her body right up against his, I could imagine her pressing her mound against his thigh under the water.
Of course, Dave wasn’t protesting. Who would, with some highly charged woman rubbing up against you in an erotic, tropical setting and a bellyful of booze? Even with the husband only a few metres away (fortunately asleep, apparently) it would be a tasty temptation for any man.

It was at that moment I heard Claudia’s shoes tip-tapping on the tiles (she was the type who wore heels at the pool) and instantly but without seeming to hurry, Julie leaned back and started a languorous back-stroke down the pool, calm as you like.Claudia called Dave and said they should get ready for dinner.
Once I’d heard them leave I lifted the magazine off my face. Julie was sitting on the other side of the pool, directly opposite and was just gazing at me.

Now, normally, I have no trouble at all knowing what Julie’s thinking - because she tells me. A refreshingly open and direct woman is my wife. But I just couldn’t decipher the look she had trained on me at that moment. It seemed to be a mix of accusation (or was that my imagination?), amusement and something else. What? … Challenge? … Defiance?
Whatever, I was hungry and told Julie I was going to shower and get dressed for dinner.The dining room was full of mostly couples, some families, with each party having its own table.

We ate a delicious meal and chatted amiably from what I remember. I do recall that Julie ordered oysters “to go with the champagne” she said. I, of course, brought up the subject of oysters supposedly being aphrodisiacs and told my usual, lame joke that I didn’t believe the rumour, as I’d had a dozen one night and only eight of them worked (har har).
It was at that moment I noticed Julie take the briefest of glances in the direction of where Dave was sitting.

After we’d finished the champagne and the dessert, Julie pushed her plate away like she was totally stuffed, leaned back in her chair and spread her legs wide.Now, in a man, this would have been the posture of some overweight couch potato after one too many beers but in a woman who exuded sex like Julie did at this moment, it clearly said ‘ready and willing’.I suppose she had already noticed the waiter was approaching our table to collect the plates and had struck her pose in preparation.

All the while he was clearing the table, Julie stayed with her legs apart, staring wordlessly at me and the moment he turned and started to walk away she said, “I’m not wearing any underwear you know.”
My God, I can still clearly remember the instant sensation in my cock. It didn’t suddenly get hard, no. It was more an intense tingling, like a fiendishly aggressive call girl had run her teeth and tongue along the length of it from tip to balls – and then some.
But it wasn’t the fact that my wife had said she wasn’t wearing underwear – well, not entirely anyway. It was the fact that the waiter almost definitely heard her.

“And what if he did?” Julie challenged, with a smirk on her face. And it wasn’t just a simple, rhetorical question either. I knew … we both knew, she was seriously questioning where things would lead if it happened that the waiter should somehow follow up on his intimate knowledge of my wife’s state of undress.

So, by this stage, I was looking forward to a night of sexual abandon with my woman who now seemed to be ready to suck my balls out through my eye sockets.The short walk back to our villa seemed to be painfully long that night.
My hand was sliding up and down the back of Julie’s satin dress, my fingers joyously confirming the earlier statement about her lack of underwear.
I didn’t really want to stop there but at one point Julie turned me around to face her and pulled my face down to her breasts. With one hand she pulled the top of her dress down and to the side until one breast was completely exposed. She lifted the nipple to my mouth and gasped when I rolled it between my lips.
At the same time, I felt her other hand moving rhythmically between us.

At first, I thought she was trying to rub my cock and was missing the target in her excitement but I soon realised that her hand was exactly where it wanted to be. She was rubbing herself through the fine, clinging material of her dress. By moving the position of my mouth on Julie’s breast, I could see that she was standing with her legs apart and her fingers were moving up and down and pressing hard on her protruding mound.

It was a dark pathway we were on and we would probably have heard anyone coming in plenty of time but the public nature of it and Julie’s lewdness served to raise the excitement level for me.
I reached down, grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted it up to her waist. She never missed a beat. Julie’s hand stayed where it was and continued the rubbing motion but now it was sliding along the exposed lips of her cunt. I’d asked Julie to shave herself completely for the holiday and now I was glad I had.
Even in this dim light, I seemed to be able to see every detail … the increased wetness on her fingers as she started to delve deeper between her lips, the clitoris enlarging as it responded to Julie’s fingers sliding over and around it. I could hear the sweet squelching sounds of the increasing moistness oozing from her.

Then the sudden gasp and moan that burst from her mouth shocked me, there was almost a kind of a violence in it. I took my attention back to between her legs and saw that she had thrust three fingers into herself. Almost immediately, she was sawing her clenched fingers backwards and forwards into her pussy.
She leaned heavily on my shoulder with her left hand as her head fell forwards onto my chest. I would have preferred to have still been able to watch her finger-fuck herself but I still got an indescribable thrill from holding her up (I’m sure she would have collapsed otherwise) and feeling her body vibrate as she continued to thrust her hand between her thighs.

Much quicker than I expected, Julie lifted her head off my chest – a look of tortured passion on her face. Her hand a blur of motion now as she demanded her body to delight her with an orgasm. It was almost as if her hand was beating her pussy, a hard, aggressive, masculine masturbation.
Then it hit her – yes, more like a truck than the romance novel orgasm of crashing waves. Her whole body seemed to convulse, her breath was forced out of her and I held her up as her knees buckled.But she didn’t stop moving, her hips jerked forwards against her fingers that were still embedded inside her. Thighs that should have been collapsing, suddenly found the strength to push forwards in a simulation of fucking that gradually diminished into little, sporadic jerks and tremors.

I knew there was still more there and quickly brought my hand down to stop her removing the fingers she had started to slide from between her slick pussy lips.I pressed my hand against hers and held her fingers inside her.
“No need to stop,” I whispered in her ear “I bet you could take more.”
With my open palm pressing against her hand, I could feel her fingers start to carefully curl and twist inside her once more.
“I bet three fingers aren’t enough for you right now, I bet you could easily take a long, thick cock.”
Julie’s head was on my shoulder now, her breath ragged against my neck, “Hmm, yesss.”
“You’d love your pussy lips to be spread wide by a big, hard dick, wouldn’t you?”
“Ooh mm.” Julie murmured.

Wrapped up in her erotic thoughts, she continued to squirm her fingers inside her. My own, dark visions were becoming more real now as I started to lose myself in the images I hoped I was conjuring up for my wife.
Even in my heightened sense of arousal though, I was still aware enough to make my suggestions non-specific so that I could later claim they were all about me and not some other male interloper.But I had painted a picture in my head – and I wasn’t in it.

“You can feel the power of this engorged penis inside you, can’t you? You can feel it sliding all the way in. You’re so wet, you want this cock so much. You can feel the massive hardness inside you but your juices are flowing so easily now that your cunt just wraps itself around it.”
Julie panting, “Yes ... cock inside me … a nice big cock.”
“Your pussy is so hot, you’re burning, you’re itching. Your cunt is itching and it needs to be fucked, needs to be fucked by that long, thick cock.”
I pressed Julie’s hand hard against her now and could feel her fingers working urgently, reaching far up inside her.
“Yes, yes … I need it, got to have that huge dick rammed into me. Harder and harder … “
“You’re pushing hard against the cock now, driving it deeper into your cunt.”
“Mmm … oh God it’s big.”
“Yes, it is big isn’t it? But you can take it. You love fucking so much, you can take any cock. You love cock.”

I was losing control, didn’t care what I was saying, didn’t know where I was going.
Julie just went with it though, “Yes, yes … any cock, all cocks. I love to get fucked … get fucked hard by huge dicks. I love to get fucked and suck cock.”
“Can you feel it now, a thick, hard cock fucking your cunt and a cock in your mouth …”
“Ooh yes, I’m sucking on a big cock and licking the balls until it shoots into my mouth…”
“On your hands and knees, getting fucked from behind like an animal. Can you see it Julie, can you see yourself getting fucked?”

Once again her hand was thrusting inside her, plunging into her oozing pussy up to her knuckles.
“Oh God, oh yes … he’s fucking me now.”
“ Ah yes,” I thought, “here it comes.”
“Can you see that monster cock pumping into you Julie?”
“Yes, yes, he’s ramming it into me … so fast, he’s so strong. His balls bouncing against me… oh yes, fuck me hard baby.”
Her dirty talk making me hard as a board, “Suck another cock for me.”
“Yes … want that hard prick in my mouth … mmm, mmm, oh I love the taste of a new cock in my mouth … oh God, I’m gonna cum.”
“That’s it baby, cum for me, hump that cock.”
“Oh yess … I want their cum inside me so much. I’m sucking hard on his cock now … he’s fucking my face … ohh … I’m pushing my finger into his ass … yes, yes, it’s all hot and salty in my mouth. Should I swallow his cum?”
“I’m swallowing all the hot cum he’s shooting into my mouth. Oh God … I’m cumming … he’s ramming that huge cock into me from behind … love it so much … give me all your cock … you’re so big… unnh … fuck me harder … unnnh …yes, yes that’s it baby, cum inside me … oh, oh yes, fill my cunt … ooooh oooh yessss.”

The intensity of Julie’s orgasm almost frightened me, it was like she was having a seizure - her whole body vibrating uncontrollably and deep, animal sounds escaping from her gaping mouth.
I held her up for as long as my arms could stand it, steadying her while the tremors of climax flowed through her whole body, causing it to undulate and shudder for long minutes.
Eventually, once Julie’s movements had calmed, I lowered her dress, smoothed it out and suggested we head back to our villa.

Julie’s breathing was a little heavier than normal but other than that, she regained her composure remarkably quickly. After five years of marriage, I was still learning things about this amazing woman.
As we were leaving, I noticed a surprisingly large patch of dampness on the concrete where we had been standing. It could only have come from Julie.
The odd thing was, even in Queensland’s sub-tropical heat, the patch never completely dried while we were there. I pointed it out to Julie and she laughed of course, saying I was responsible for defacing the resort’s property.I suggested that I could make out the shape of the Virgin Mary in it and we should cut it out and take it home to sell on e-bay.
Of course, I got a stinging slap on the shoulder and a rebuke that I was now surely going to go to Hell for that remark.But considering what happened later that night, I thought that it was my wife who was in more urgent need of redemption …

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