Date Night - sex story

Date Night

I never thought the day was going to end. Friday's always drug on, but today
seemed exceptionally long. Nikki and I were going out tonight!

I napped restlessly after school, tossing and turning with anticipation of what
hopefully would be a repeat performance of our last night out. I finally gave
up trying to sleep and hoped in the shower. The hot streams of rushing water
pierced my skin, soothing my tense body. I felt the heat from the jets erasing
the anxiety I felt about my date with Nikki. I felt like such a girl, letting
the warm water influence how I felt.

I lathered my chest and legs with a lightly perfumed bar of soap, feeling the
cleansing effect almost immediately. My mind drifted to Nikki's hot mouth
sucking my cock in her parents mini-van the last time we went out. I felt my
cock harden as my mind vividly replayed that wonderful night. I lathered my
swollen rod and slowly stroked it while my mind colorfully entertained me with
beautiful memories. Just as I was about to cum, my mind filled with thoughts
of Marissa; that night I fucked her while Brad jerked his cock and watched. I
exploded into the streaming jets sending a hot load of my cum spilling on the
tile floor. The look on Brad and Marissa's faces had sent me over the edge.
They both looked so turned on that night.

After my shower I gelled my hair, slipped on a pair of loose fitting black
cotton trousers and a black silk button down shirt. I combed my hair up into
small spikes, my blonde tips reflecting nicely against my normal sandy brown
color. I vainly admired myself in the mirror above the bathroom sink. I
looked good; Nikki was sure to melt when she saw me.

I arrived a Nikki's house a few minutes after seven, took a deep breath before
walking up the small cement pathway and knocked firmly on the decorative wooden
door. The anticipation was turning like a tornado in my belly.

Nikki opened the door after a few seconds wearing a modest stretch gray tweed
miniskirt and a black iridescent cardigan opened just below the collar. The
gray mini stopped just about mid-thigh with two black side button closures
keeping the thin material from falling off. I took a deep breath; my eyes
drinking in Nikki's extraordinary outfit. She looked so amazingly hot I wanted
to pounce on her right in the marble-floored foyer. The light coming from
behind her cast a dim yellow glow around her perfect body giving her the
appearance of an angel. And that she was, my little angel - or was she the
devil in disguise?

"Come on in, I'll be just another second," she said as she skipped forward
heading down two steps into the expansive living room. Her parents, both
doctors, were compulsive judging by the way the room was perfectly organized
without one thing out of place. They did have a keen eye for art; the room was
scattered with amazing new age abstract paintings. Nikki had once said that
she wanted to make an abstract painting using her body as the paint roller.
That image looked awfully good, while I waited.

"Be home later. Bye," she was saying when she came around the corner from the
kitchen. She bounced up the steps toward me carrying a thick black leather
jacket in front of her.

"Ready to go?" she asked, beaming.

Boy was I!

"Yup," I replied, keeping my perverted thoughts to myself� for now.

We ate at an upscale Italian restaurant that over looks the Pacific Ocean. I
couldn't have asked for a better night. The moon was full its reflection
glimmering off the dancing water that rolled into the shore line just a few
hundred feet below. A couple times during dinner I noticed Nikki's eyes
sparkle when a wave reflected the moonlight just right. She was drinking in
the romance as if dying of thirst. I knew her panties were going to be moist
after this date.

After dinner we strolled slowly along the beach holding hands and playfully
avoiding getting our bare feet wet from waves crashing on shore. Nikki laughed
loudly every time I gaily ran from the water as if I was afraid of getting wet.
The time we spent walking and talking almost made me wish I did pursue her as
a girlfriend. She was just plan fun to be around.

Nikki ran sideways, pulling me by the arm up a slight sand embankment away from
the rushing waves until we were under an abandoned lifeguard tower. She turned
to face me still holding my hand; the moon cast just enough light to silhouette
both of us under the crisscrossing beams of the tower. Nikki's soft lips
gently came forward onto mine. She kissed me deep and passionately. The soft
wetness of her lips touched me like a cold chill sending goose bumps up and
down my spine. I felt myself weakening with every passing second; Nikki
captivated me in her sensual spell.

After a full two minutes of uninterrupted lip-lock Nikki looked deeply into my
eyes and said, "Tonight has been so wonderful. You really know how to treat a

"You're more than just a lady," I said, trying not to sound like a cheesy
soap-opera line. "You're someone very special to me."

Nikki 's lips pressed hard against mine again, this time with a deeper passion,
different desire. She pressed her body tightly against mine lifting one leg
and rubbing me with the inside of her tight thigh. Within seconds my cock was
growing rigid, throbbing against the zipper of my pants.

Her hand quickly found the front of my pants, felt my extremely hard cock under
the fabric and mercilessly rubbed me while her hot body continued to grind
against me. Her kissing became more incensed practically knocking me to the
ground a few times.

I could feel my dick seeping pre-cum has my hot fuck angel dry fucked me
standing under the lifeguard stand. My hands explored Nikki's bare ass under
her gray skirt. I firmly kneaded both cheeks, lifting the thin material up
over her hips with my forearms exposing her perfect round ass to anyone walking

"Take me!" she shouted. "Take me right now!"

Nikki fell to the sand on her back pulling me on top of her. Tightly she
wrapped her legs around me and humped at my throbbing cock that was trying to
rip through my pants. I had never been so hard in my life.

I moved my hips slightly rubbing the front of my pants against the crotch of
her soaked black G-string. I could feel her moisture through her panties and
my pants. She was really wet!

"God that feels so good! You're going to make me cum just by doing that," she
said in a hoarse voice.

Could I really make her cum without sticking my dick in her? I moved slightly
faster putting more pressure on her pubic bone with my cock. Her legs
tightened around me and she squealed with pleasure.

"Fuck! Fuck! Goddamned tease. I'm so fucking wet!"

She was. I reached down between my legs and started to open my fly to let my
aching cock escape and dive into Nikki's waiting cunt. I was sure as soon as I
even got near her hot box I was going to blow my load. Hell, I practically had
blown it already and I was still in my pants.

A brilliant white light suddenly flashed over the sand from a parking lot just
above us. The light had not reached us yet, but I was sure it was coming. I
was sure it was the cops, making sure no one was fooling around on the closed
beach. The last thing we needed was to get caught fucking. The cops would get
off on that.

"What's that?" Nikki asked, her head tilted at an odd angle trying to see where
the light was coming from.

"Probably the cops making sure no one is on the beach. Come on, let's get the
fuck out of here," I said and helped her to her feet.

We both giggled as we brushed sand from our disheveled clothes. I reluctantly
zipped up my fly while Nikki brushed the back of her skirt down over her ass.
We grabbed each other's hand and strolled out from under the lifeguard stand
just as the first beam of light illuminated us. A happy couple out for a
stroll; no one fucking around here.

Back in the car we laughed about getting chased off the beach. Nikki looked at
me as I started to pull out of the parking lot with an evil grin.

"Take me somewhere and finish what you started," she said.

I couldn't get the car out of the parking lot fast enough. Nikki parted her
legs, her skirt riding up her thighs exposing the front of her black G-string.
She seductively dropped a hand in her lap and slowly drew circles around the
front of her soaked panties.

"Ohhhh! I'm so fucking wet. You wanna feel?" she teased.

I could barely keep my eyes on the road. She took my hand and eased it under
the thin fabric of her panties until I felt damp skin just outside her swollen
lips. Nikki slid sideways in the seat widening her legs and giving me freer
access to her pussy.

"Put your finger in me," she begged. "I like that."

My finger slid easily into her pussy it was so fucking wet. An entire tube of
KY couldn't cause this much lubrication. Nikki shuddered as I slipped two more
fingers inside her gaping hole. She must've been stretched to the limit, but
she wanted more. Before I knew it I had four fingers in her tight cunt all
moving in and out brining her to the brink of orgasm.

Nikki screamed loudly as my hand raced in and out of her dripping pussy. I was
trying to watch as her cunt lips contracted tightly around my fingers but I had
to keep my eyes on the road. She used her two fingers on her enlarged clit, as
my fingers pumped in and out of her like a jackhammer.

Nikki's head was arched back against the window, her legs spread as wide as she
could get them; one up against the dashboard, the other behind my seat and her
breathing was becoming shallower as her orgasm approached. The window behind
her head was completely fogged from all her heavy breathing except in the spot
that her head rested against.

Nikki's circles on her clit stopped just as her vaginal walls clamped down on
my fingers like a vise. She let out a deep moan, tossed her head back at an
odd angle and exploded onto my hand, the seat, the floor, everywhere. Nikki
was like a cum geyser sending hot fuck juice all over the place. Spurt after
spurt erupted from her pulsating pussy. It was a glorious sight. I had to
concentrate to keep my eyes on the road.

"Un-fuking-real," she said in a whisper, "my teeth are numb."

I licked my fingers tasting her juice, savoring the pleasure I just gave my

We drove in silence for a little while, Nikki still trying to recover, me
trying to figure out how to drive and jerk off at the same time. My dick was
still hard and aching. I was starting to get the "blue balls" feeling deep in
my sack from being hard so long.

Nikki cozied up to me, slid her hand in my lap and felt my hardness.

"You been hard this whole time?" she asked. Like she didn't know.

"Uh-hu," I muttered like an idiot.

"You want me to do something about that?" she asked, licking her lower lip and
drooping her eyes.

"God yes!"

Nikki opened my zipper and carefully extracted my throbbing cock.

"Mmmm. Looks like you're really excited," she said noticing all the pre-cum
staining the head.

Swiftly she lowered her head into my lap and took my entire shaft deep in her
mouth. She wasn't wasting anytime, she knew I needed to cum in a hurry. Her
soft black hair tickled my skin as her head bobbed up and down making slurping
noises as she sucked my dick with a passion. Her tongue rolled up the side of
my shaft while her lips kept a tight seal around me causing a sensual sucking

I slowed the car down as I felt myself start to cum. By body went stiff and I
grunted loudly just before shooting off deep into Nikki's mouth. I wanted to
warn her, but was so overwhelmed I didn't have time. Nikki kept right on
sucking while my cock poured out stream after stream of hot cum. She gargled
and slurped down every last drop and finally just rested her head in my lap.

If I wasn't driving I would've wrapped my arms around her held her tightly
against my chest. She was absolutely amazing. My little angel.

I dropped her off at her house, deciding we were both too tired to try and go
for another round. We kissed for a few minutes before she got out of the car
and wished me a good night. She was just about to shut the car door when she
stuck her head back inside.

"Remember that night at the dance club and that hot girl that danced with us?"
she asked staring deep into my eyes again.

"Ya," I answered, tentatively.

"CJ told me she knows who she is. Said you know her too."

I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. What else had CJ told her?

"I want to meet her. I think we'd have fun together. CJ and I both think we'd
have fun with her." Nikki smiled her evil smile and shut the car door. She
walked away without looking back.

What the hell was Nikki saying?

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