David shared his Mom (mom,gangbang,mom and son)

David shared his Mom

David was still really pissed off, with his mother. He
decided to go see his friend Pete and hopefully his
randy mother would be at home as well.

When David got to Pete's house he knocked on the door,
but there was no answer. He tried the door and it was
unlocked, so he let himself into the house. David walked
into the living room but it was empty, he then checked
the kitchen it was also empty.

David then thought he heard a noise coming from up
stairs, so he went to the stairs and slowly went up
them. David stopped directly outside Pete's mother's
bedroom door. There was giggling and moaning coming from
inside the bedroom. David pressed his ear closer to the
door so he could hear a little bit better. He could
clearly hear the sounds of moans and groans and the
sound of the bed squeaking coming from inside the

David was now desperate to see what was going on inside
the bedroom, the bedroom door had a glass panel in the
frame just above the door. He quickly found an old stool
in Pete's bedroom and soon he was stood on the stool
looking through the glass panel into Pete's mom's

There on the bed was Pete's mother on all fours
completely naked with her son pounding into her from the
rear. David quickly got out his mobile phone and started
to video all the action.

Pete's mother was begging him to go deeper and faster.
David liked the way Pete's mom's big tits bounced up and
down every time he powered back into her cunt. She
suddenly cried out as Pete thrust deep into her pussy,
she then came all over her son's prick. Pete also came
filling his mother's pussy with his spunk, they both
then collapsed onto the bed giggling.

Pete then rolled off her and laid beside her, resting
his head on her ample bosom. He then took one of her
nipples into his mouth and started to suck on it.

She just moaned softly as he sucked her nipple. She then
started to gently run her hand through his hair.

She now opened her legs wide giving David a good view of
Pete's spunk, that was now running out of her well
fucked cunt and onto the bed sheets.

She then said, "You've made a mess of my pussy Pete. I
really think you need to clean me up before all the bed
sheets are soaked with your spunk."

Pete looked up at David's mother, he still had her
nipple in his mouth, and reluctantly let it slip from
his lips. He moved down her body towards her pussy. She
just laid back on the bed and opened her legs wider for

David who was still filming everything, he was shocked
at what Pete did next.

Pete was now in between his mother's legs. He pulled her
pussy lips open as far as they would go. He then stuck
his tongue into her pussy and started to lap up all his
own spunk and her cunt juice.

David's mother was now moaning softly as her son's
friend greedily ate all his own spunk and her cunt
juices as well. He never stopped until he had licked up
every last drop of their combined juices. When he did
finally pull his face from her cunt, it was covered in
spunk and pussy juice.

She was now smiling at her son and looking at the bed.
Pete had licked up nearly all their juice's but the
sheets were still a mess and would need changing. She
sighed to herself then said, "Open up."

Pete looked up at his mother and as he did so he was hit
in the face by his mother's piss. She had decided as the
bed sheets needed changing and she needed to go to the
bathroom, she was just going to piss all over her son
and save herself the walk. Pete was trying his best not
to get hit in his face, but she kept moving her hips so
her golden stream of piss kept hitting his face. Finally
Pete said, "Well if that's your game, two can play at

Pete quickly got up onto his knees and grabbed his
prick, he then tried his best to aim at his mother's
face. He then started to piss at her face.

She had been laughing about pissing on him so her mouth
was open and soon it was full of his piss. She was
forced to swallowed it all. She tried to complain to

But he moved so he was only a couple of inches from her
face. He now completely soaked her face with his piss,
he then rammed his prick down her throat and made her
drink the last of his piss. She was so surprised and
shocked by his actions that she actually had a further
orgasm. She was now happily drinking his piss.

Now mother and son collapsed back into each other's arms
and started to kiss each other once more and playing
with each other's tongues and tasting each other's piss
in their mouths.

They did this for a few more minutes.

Finally they both broke off their kissing, their hands
were still fondling each other's bodies. She then looked
at him and said with a wink, "Let's go take a shower

David took this for his queue to quickly leave, he
quickly put the stool back into Pete's room and quietly
got down the stairs before they came out of the bedroom.
He then slipped out of the house gently closing the
front door behind him.

David was now very horny and he had a good idea how to
teach his mother a lesson. He now headed off to Marks
house. David arrived at his friend's house and quickly
explained to him what he wanted him to do.

Mark readily agreed to David's plan, he was still very
upset about how David's mother had treated him earlier.

When David arrived back home he found his mother sat on
the sofa watching TV. David casually asked where Danny

She then looked at him with a big smile on her face and
then said to him with a little laugh. "He went home
about 40 minutes ago, I think I wore out the poor lad.
But he's coming to see me sometime tonight." She looked
directly at her son and said, "Do we have a problem with

David just smiled at his mother and shook his head.

She looked closely at him and said, "Good, because I
just love his big boy cock." She gave him a little smile
and said, "You can still eat out my cunt some time, if
you have been a good boy. But he fucks better than you.
So you can just watch and jack yourself off from now on.
No more mommy pussy for you from now on."

David just looked at his mother and smiled at her. He
thought to himself what a fucking bitch and it made what
he had planned for her easier to do now.

June noticed that her son was still stood next to the
sofa and looking at her. She grew rather annoyed with
him. She then said, "Why are you just standing there
like a fucking moron?"

It was now time for David to put his plan into action.
He looked down at his feet and said in a very low
mumbling voice that he had lost his phone while playing
in the park and wondered if she would come and help him
find it, he lied.

David knew all too well what her reaction would be and
he was not disappointed.

She went absolutely ballistic with him. After a few
minutes of her swearing at him, they both set off for
the park to try and find his lost phone.

Mark was now following David's instructions so he called
for four more of their friends. Now all five set off for
the park first stopping at a hardware store to pick up a
few things David had told him to bring. David had given
him �20 to buy what they needed.

All the way to the park, June was giving her son a hard
time about losing his expensive phone. David listened in
silence and occasionally said he was sorry to her. Once
they were inside the park June asked her son whereabouts
he had been playing.

David pointed over to a thickly wooded part of the park
were some old oak trees stood next to some bushes. There
was a little dirt track leading into the trees. David
now headed into the trees. June watched him disappear
into the trees before she too followed him into the

David was now sat on a fallen tree stump in a clearing
in the wood. They were surrounded on all sides by the
trees and the only way out was the way they had come in.

June now stood and stared at her son, she then said,
"What the fuck are you doing, why are you not looking
for your fucking lost phone you silly little
cocksucker." June's face was now red with anger, she was
absolutely furious with her son.

David just looked at his mother, he then slowly unbutton
his jeans and pulled down his zipper. June watched him
in total silence as he removed his jeans and boxer
shorts. He then slowly started to play with his prick
until it was rock hard and dripping a little pre-cum.

David now smiled at his mother and said to her in a
mocking tone, "Now come over here and get on your knees
and suck this prick. Remember you're the only cock
sucker in the family. Now get sucking you fucking

June now instantly snapped back to reality and her anger
boiled over. She walked towards her son her hand up high
ready to slap him hard across his face. But before she
could deliver the decisive blow, strong hands grabbed
her and pinned both her arms behind her back. She felt
her hands being roughly tied together with what felt
like some kind of rope. June was now aware that she was
completely surrounded by some boys, who had appeared out
of nowhere.

David's friends had been watching in the trees and
waiting for the right moment to act. June was now
completely helpless and at the mercy of the boys. She
now realized the danger she was in and started to panic.
She tried to get her hands free, but the rope was too
tight. She was just about to scream for help, when some
sticking tape was placed over her mouth. Now she was
completely helpless.

June once again tried to break free of the hands that
were holding her, but two boys were holding her quite
securely. David said to his friends that were holding
her. "Push her down onto her knees." June found herself
being forced down onto her knees and there was nothing
she could do about it.

David now advanced on his mother one hand holding his
prick. Finally he said in a husky voice, "I think it's
time you suck my cock and eat my spunk for being a right
bitch with Danny and Pete. After that Mark is going to
give you a good fucking and when he's finished with you,
my friends will also take turns with you."

June now tried to struggle even harder but it was no
use. Her son's prick was now level with her mouth, David
brutally ripped the tape from her mouth. June screamed
out in pain which caused everyone to laugh. She then
looked at her son, with hate in her eyes. She also kept
her mouth firmly closed.

David looked down at his mother and told her to open her
mouth and suck his prick. June continued to look at him
with hate, she also kept her mouth firmly closed. David
was starting to lose patience with his mother he quickly
put one hand over her nose and pinched it shut.

June had no choice, she could not breathe, so she opened
her mouth and sucked in some air. David allowed his
mother to fill her lungs with some fresh air, he then
took hold of his prick and forced it into her open mouth
and down her throat.

David didn't give her any time to recover, he took hold
of her head then he started to drive his prick in and
out of her mouth. June was forced to swallowed his prick
every time he thrust it back into her mouth. She tried
to struggle, but the two boys were still holding her

The rest of the boys were encouraging her son on and
making crude comments on what they were going to do to
her when it was their turn to fuck her.

June just closed her eyes and hoped that her son would
come quickly and her ordeal would be over soon. David
was brutally fucking his mother's mouth with all his
energy. But he was very turned on and the comments that
his friends wear making soon had him cumming. He was now
shooting load after load of his incestuous spunk down
his mother's throat. June had no choice but to quickly
swallowed all of her son's spunk.

Finally David pulled his spent prick from his mother's
mouth. June looked at him with disgust in her eyes and
in a little display of defiance she spat the last of his
spunk out of her mouth and onto the floor.

David and the rest of the boys just laughed at this,
David now sat down on the fallen tree stump and turned
to his friend Mark and said, "Your turn mate."

Mark gave David a big smile, he then approached David's
mother and took hold of her white blouse and ripped it
open. He and the rest of the boys, just stared at her
big tits in her little white bra. He then took hold of
her bra straps and pulled them down her arms her big
tits popped out of her bra cups as he roughly pulled her
bra down to her waist.

Mark now greedily took hold of her big tits and roughly
started to fondle them. He then sucked from one nipple
to the other. June closed her eyes tightly and tried her
best not to moan out, but his tongue and teeth on her
nipples soon had her letting out a little whimper and
she could feel her panties getting wetter.

Mark was now slobbering over her tits. He then
positioned himself directly in front of her mouth. June
decided that it was hopeless to fight, all she could do
was to give in to the boy's sexual demands and hopefully
it would be over sooner.

Mark was surprised when he felt her tongue willingly
trying to lick at his cockhead. He allowed her to lick
her tongue over his cockhead a few times, before he put
it into her mouth. Once it was in her mouth, she
willingly started to suck on it.

Mark just stood there with his hands on his hips and a
fucking stupid silly grin on his face as June expertly
and one could say lovingly massaged his prick with her
expert tongue. She even somehow managed to get his balls
into her mouth as well.

Mark was looking down at her as she continued to suck
his prick, she had her eyes open as she sucked on his
prick. She even gave him a little wink as she started to
deep throat his prick down her throat.

June did not want to admit it to herself, but being
dominated like this was starting to turn her on. She
felt Mark's prick twitch in her mouth and she knew that
the boy would be soon shooting his spunk into her mouth.
She now willingly started to suck faster and harder on
his prick, her mouth was like a vacuum on his prick.

Mark now cried out loud in pleasure and he too started
to shoot his spunk into her now willing mouth, just like
her son had done a few minutes before. June never
stopped sucking on his prick until the last of his spunk
was in her stomach. She then used her tongue to lick his
prick completely clean.

Mark smiled at his friends and all the boys cheered them
including David, who also winked at his mother. June
quickly looked away from her son, her face was flushed
with emotion and lust now. And drops of cum were
dripping from her lips. One of the boys on David's
instructions had brought along a video camera and had
recorded everything that had happened up to now.

Mark had joined David sitting on the fallen tree stump,
all the boys just stared at June for a few more minutes.
Finally June looked directly at her son then smiled at
him. "Well if you boys are going to give me a good
fucking would one of you little dirty bastards untie my
hands please."

David gave the order and soon her hands were free, June
rubbed her hands to get the feeling back into them. All
the boys were just watching her and wondering what she
was going to do next. When June finally recovered her
breath, she unclipped her bra from around her waist and
tossed it to the ground her skirt and panties soon
followed the bra. Now she stood in front of the boys in
just her high heel shoes.

David and Mark were still sat on the fallen tree stump,
just grinning at each other as they watched their four
friends drooling at David's mother's beautiful naked

June gave each of the four boys a big smile, she then
told them all to quickly stripped off their clothes. It
only took a few seconds for all four boys to strip off
all their clothes and stand next to June completely
naked. The boy with the video camera handed it to David
then he went back to stand next to his friends.

June now made all four boys line up in front of her, she
then walked down the line inspecting them like they were
soldiers on parade.

David was now off the tree stump and filming everything.
Mark had also recovered and he quickly joined the end of
the line, much to June's amusement. She gave him a
little smile as he eagerly stood with the others in

June was back up at the beginning of the line, she was
looking directly at the boy in front of her. He was
flushing and held his hands over his cock, this made
June smile at him. She ruffled the boy's hair with her
left hand and her right hand started to massage his
young chest. June was continuing to rub his chest, she
gave the boy a nice big friendly smile and asked him his
name. The boy was looking directly at her big breasts,
that were only a few inches from him. He mumbled that
his name was "Neil."

June put her hand under his chin and raised his face so
that they were both looking at each other. June then
very tenderly kissed him on his lips, the boy went
bright red in his face. She now worked her way down the
line of boys, asking them their names and giving them a
quick fondle and kiss. When she got to Mark she just
gave his prick a quick pull. They both just laughed at

June now got down on the ground on all fours, she then
got two of the boys to stand in front of her and the
other two boys to stand behind her. Mark she ordered to
go sit back down on the tree stump, because he had
already had a turn with her. Mark reluctantly walked
over and sat down on the tree stump.

David was still videotaping everything that was
happening. He saw Mark sat on the tree stump so he
zoomed in on him. Mark when he saw David filming him
just gave him the finger. David laughed and went back to
filming his mother and his other friends.

June now had the two black twin brothers ready for
action, one at her face and the other standing behind
her. June could tell that both boys were nervous, so she
opened her mouth and took the big black prick into her
hot mouth and greedily started to suck on it. She then
moaned with the big prick in her mouth, when she felt
the other big black prick being shoved roughly and
clumsily into her hot pussy.

Both boys now found their pace and both really started
to double team her. June loved having two black pricks
in her body at the same time. The one in her mouth
tasted delicious and the one in her now very wet cunt
felt huge. She loved the way their pricks were pounding
in and out of her. She could hear the other boys
encouraging them on as they continued to roughly fuck

June never ones let the prick in her mouth escape her.
She had all his shaft down her throat now, she could
also lick his balls with her tongue. She could feel his
brother's balls slapping against her pussy lips as he
continued to pound his prick in and out of her cunt. She
could also feel her own pussy juices leaking out of her
cunt. June also could feel her own orgasm starting to
build up in her pussy now.

Both of the black brothers were moaning and groaning out
loud now. She knew that they were both close to coming,
she couldn't wait to get a cunt full and mouth full of
their hot black spunk.

June was right a few seconds later she felt hot black
spunk shooting into her pussy which caused her to have a
powerful orgasm. She also wanted a mouth full of black
spunk, so she stuck one of her fingers up his ass. Which
caused him to shoot a large load of spunk into her mouth
which she greedily swallowed. He then continued to fill
her mouth with his spunk, she swallowed everything he
shot into her mouth.

Both boys now pulled their pricks from her body, June
kneeled down on the ground and indicated to them to come
and stand next to her. Now she had one of the boys on
each side of her, she took hold of their pricks one in
each of her hands and she slowly started to Jack on

Once she had them nice and hard again, she alternately
started to suck on their pricks. She then truly amazed
everybody, when she took both their big black pricks
into her mouth at the same time. She closed her lips
hard around both pricks and started to deep throat both
pricks at the same time.

Both boys were now moaning loudly as she continued to
suck on their pricks, it only took a few minutes of her
expert sucking before both boys simultaneously came in
her mouth. There was so much spunk shooting into her
mouth that some of the boys spunk started to come out of
her nose.

All the rest of the boys had watched this sex act in
total silence, it was so erotic. David had zoomed the
camera in on his mother's face as her mouth got flooded
with his friends spunk. And his own prick was now rock
hard and hurting him.

June now had a mouthful of their spunk, but she did not
swallowed it. She opened her mouth to show the boy's
that her mouth was full of spunk and so her son could
get a good shot of her mouth full of black boys spunk.

She then spit two big wads of spunk onto each of her big
tits. She then swallowed the spunk left in her mouth.
She now started to rub the spunk into her big tits. Her
tits glistened with the spunk as she rubbed it all over
her tits. She even put her hand in her pussy and got
some spunk and pussy juice out of her cunt and rubbed
that onto her big tits too.

Suddenly a mobile phone started to ring, it belonged to
one of the black brothers. He quickly went over to his
pile of clothes and retrieved his phone and answered it.
He talked on the phone for a couple of minutes, he then
turned to his brother and June and said to them both,
"It's our mom, she wants us home, we'll have to go."

The two brothers quickly got dressed and before they
went June gave them both a big hug, which gave them the
opportunity to give her big tits and pussy a quick
fondle. Both brothers went off sniffing their fingers
that they had been ramming in and out of her pussy while
she had been hugging them. The two brothers were now
smiling at each other as they walked off home.

June was getting a little tired now, but she wanted to
give the remaining two boys a little love too. She
walked over to them and took them in her arms and pulled
them both close to her. She then kissed them both
passionately, they both were a little shy to kiss her
back at first. They did not want to taste their friends
cum in her mouth. She continued to kiss them in turn
driving her tongue into their mouths, Both boys soon
responded to her and were kissing her back with the same
amount of passion as she was kissing them with.
All the time June was kissing the boys she had her hands
on each of their young pricks and was jacking them off.

When she knew that they were about to come, she got down
on her knees and took both pricks into her mouth at the
same time. She now repeated her little trick she had
done with the two Black Brothers she sucked hard on both
young pricks at the same time, until both boys filled
her hot mouth with their hot young spunk. June then
licked their pricks clean for them.

Both boys nearly collapsed onto the wet ground when she
finally released their pricks from her mouth. They were
smiling like idiots at her. She just gave them both a
little wink and went to start getting dressed, the boys
also got dressed. David and Mark were a little
disappointed that they would not get any more pussy, But
June just winked at them both. Junes ripped blouse only
just kept her big tits in. She did not put back on her
bra and panties.

Once outside the park the other two boys who were called
Carl and Neil headed off home.

June walked home with David and Mark. She had a fun
packed night planned for them, she was also going to
call Danny and get him to come over too. She was also
going to get the two black brothers telephone number off
her son. She wanted to have a little more fun with them

Keys: mom gangbang mom and son

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