Devil's thursday (Fantasy, Fantastic, Body modification, Teen)

Devil's thursday

“Who will it be tonight dear? Jennifer Lawrence, blond and busty? How about Anna Kendrick, a cute, petite, brunette? Maybe Beyoncé; black, bold and beautiful?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it yet, give me some time, we don’t go to bed for a while.”

“Okay, but I have to have time to prepare, I wouldn’t want to disappoint you.”

“Believe me, you never disappoint.” Twenty minutes later, “How about Marilyn Monroe, you know, the old-time movie queen who seduced that President.”

“I don’t know if I can conjure her essence, she’s been on the other side for a long time.”

“It’s okay if you can’t, Blake Lively is blond and pretty hot.”

“I’ll try dear, go to bed, maybe I’ll surprise you this time, my choice.”

As he headed for his bedtime shower, he replied, “Yeah, that can be a lot of fun too.”

The 18-year-old warlock was just learning his craft, practicing his nascent skills of spell binding, conjuring, as well as meta and poly morphing. He was also learning about the female side of covens, the craft of witches, imps and fairies. As he went to get ready for bed, he was anticipating what or who she might be when she joined him. In the last seven months, since he began the Age of Awareness, she had created endless roles or beings in their mating rituals. If she wanted to be a human woman tonight, that was fine with him. In fact, women were by far his favorite nighttime playmates. He liked when she came to him as a Cardiaagne too, but he was never sure which of her three cunts he should fuck. She seemed to like being a woman for him too, as long as he could ‘man up’ for her. He was beginning to understand how he could control the size and shape of his prick to please her. In the last few months, the nighttime lessons became less experimental, more pleasure filled.

After his shower he lay with eagerness teasing his libido, he heard the shuffle of soft feet, she was wearing slippers? He heard, “Close your eyes sweetheart, you can’t see until I tell you to open them. Are they closed?”

“Yeah, come on” his heart began to thud, pumping warmed blood to his cock.

He heard the door click shut, three quiet steps to the bed, “Okay” she breathed softly. He opened his eyes to take in the vision of a hot, sexually inspiring, Jessica Rabbit. One blue eye looked down on him, her face framed by long flowing locks of deep red hair, her DDD bust held in place by the tight, red glittering dress that provide only a whisper of cover for her gorgeous body. God did she have tits! The split of the ankle length skirt started at the swell of her hip and peeled back to reveal an impossibly long, shapely leg. As he took in the sight of his next conquest his prick grew in proportion to the strength of the sexual messages she was sending. He willed his erection to be as impossibly long as her leg.

He lay flat on his back, his manhood standing long and straight, aimed at the magical signs frescoed on the ceiling. Jessica Rabbit stood on the bed, her feet to each side off his hips, she pulled the split skirt wide enough to expose the hair covered slit of her body, she bent her knees then while smiling into his eyes, lowered her self on his member until the head of it formed a lump in her throat. When she had it full length in her, from crotch to throat, she began to roll her hips, fucking him, watching him enjoy her. This was a new sensation: the knob of his erection caressing her throat from below, not from over her tongue. Taking him like that, with the full length of her body, was erotic as hell, she reveled in the feel of him sliding so deep in her. This was the first time she had done this particular act with this young warlock, but it wouldn’t be the last. She had almost forgotten that a cartoon character could do anything, be elastic, be brittle and break, frozen or melt then return to ‘normal’. As she performed cartoon magic on him, he lay and stared at her in awe. He’d never seen her like this and was absorbing all the excitement and lust she radiated as she fucked him.

“Take off the dress” he commanded.

“I am animated, the dress can’t be taken off.”

He ran a hand up the inside of her long bare leg, “That’s okay, I’ll see you next time.”

She smiled down on him; rocked her hips, “What makes you think there will be a next time?” He rolled his ass, humped off the bed, driving into her more, the head of his long erection blocked off any more words while they fucked, her one blue eye glowed with lust. She rolled off him to her back, raised her knees then with eyes only invited even more intimacy. He flipped to his stomach then put his mouth over the red material of her dress at the junction of her thighs. I licked it wet then moved down to put his head under the skirt. It was tight, drawn that way to make her shape sexier, so he couldn’t put his head under it. Frustrated because he wanted to consume her sex with his mouth, he ran through a mental inventory of spells and remembered one that made things grow. He envisioned his tongue as 24-inch spear, it grew until he could lick her clit. She wore no panties; cartoons didn’t need them unless they were drawn that way. He dipped the arrowed head of his tongue into Jessica Rabbit and lapped her until she swelled up with lust. He watched as her body inflated then she burst. Pieces of Jessica flew in all directions, splatting against the walls, one of her tits stuck on the ceiling, then slowly pulled off and fell over his head. He sat up on the bed and watched as the pieces of the cartoon woman slowly came together until she was whole. She put fingers on his 24-inch tongue then whispered a short spell, it shrank back to his mouth; when done she sighed, “Damn, that was fun.” She didn’t leave the bed to change, but as he watched her, she morphed from a cartoon to the flesh and blood form of her norm. When she was she again, she went down on him then finished the session by sucking his balls through his cock then savored the flavor of them before she swallowed; They would grow back the next day.

The next night she came to him as an eleven-foot-tall alien Na'vi woman, from the movie Avatar. At 6’6 he was barely half her height, his head as high as her breasts. Again, he cast a ‘growing spell’ then fucked her with a three-foot erection. His balls were literally as big as grapefruits. He ejaculated so much that her eyes actually flooded white with semen.

He and she bonded, mated, fucked and screwed in many forms, shapes and fantasy settings for another six months. When she decided he was well experienced with fucking her, she began to call in her friends from the Other World. A Tinkerbelle like fairy sprinkled a dust on his cock that made him hard and horny for 18 hours, he and she clashed bodies for the entire time he was hard, then when he came, his cock sprayed a cloud of fairy dust all over her.

Next on her list of companions for him was a Wraith from the Beyond. Every time the dark ghost like female climaxed, she vanished in a thundercloud, lightening clapped his ears then she would reappear in a couple of minutes to continue the night. One night it was Lisbeth Salandar who took what she needed. As she lay next to him recovering from her first five climaxes, the dragon tattoo on her back pulled from her skin and breathed fire on his relaxed cock. The heat of the flames inflamed him again then he fought down the dragon and fucked it until it faded back to Lisbeth. When she regained awareness, he thrust into her and came while the tail of the tattoo waved with satisfaction.

One day after a long period of sexual training she told him he was ready to start teaching a young female, an adolescent witch about the joys of sex. The young girl would come to him that night, he should prepare to take her virginity. He sorted through the cast of characters and creatures he had been then decided the best form for a first time would be as a human man. She came into the room and approached him, he looked into his younger sister’s eyes, she too had taken a human form. Incest was a foreign concept to them; it did not exist in their world so neither was hesitant or unwilling to do what they intended. Being pure, untouched, she hadn’t taken any other form or persona; she was as always. He pulled her to the bed, pulled her clothing off, then before he fucked her, he cast a spell that a 12-inch cock wouldn’t hurt her, then willed his prick to grow to 12 inches. He laid her on her back, he went between her legs then probed for the entrance. As he penetrated, she smiled with pleasure and watched raptly as her brother’s massive cock initiated her to a world of carnal wonders. They bonded four times that first night. When she left his bed the next morning, he told her to come back the next night, he would begin showing her how to change, how he could change into other begins and forms. When she returned hours later, she had attempted to take the manner and looks of Scarlett Johansson but had only managed the full pouty lips, blonde hair and sultry eyes. It didn’t matter to him; the mix of woman and girl made her look intriguing and sexy.

It went on for months, brother Warlock and sister Witch fucked as a vast variety of creatures, humans, and aliens. The girl learned to cast spells, assume different identities, the boy met every new manifestation eagerly. Eventually it had to end. Both, the male and female were ready to move into the Other World or the Beyond. As the mother watched her son screw her daughter one last time, she was satisfied. She had taught her son; he had taught his sister; it was time to train her youngest son.

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