Family sex night - sex story

Family sex night

A man visits his daughter and granddaughter and finds both are willing sex partners.

"Six no trumps." I bid hoping my partner had the queen of clubs.
Martha to my left indicating my assumption of the queen of clubs was wrong. "Double."
Everyone else passed. Martha led the two of spades. My partner Carla laid down her hand and there was no queen of clubs. I went down two tricks.

"Why bid the small slam Peter, all we needed for the rubber was sixteen points?" She said afterwards.
"I guess I got distracted by the sight of your tits inside that low cut dress. Don't wear that at the bridge table again."

Carla smiled. "Wanna go back to my place for an afternoon fuck?"

I loved Carla's straightforward trucker's language that she used profusely in bed with "fuck my cunt" and "stick your dick in me", although at the bridge table she was the height of modesty. Her favorite way to have sex was with her hands tied to the bed and wearing a blindfold. I had to play the roll of a rapist. She would plead with me not to fuck her and offer up a soup├žon of resistance but as soon as my cock was inside her she would clamp her legs around my neck and fuck me like there was no tomorrow.


I was fifty-five years old and I could honestly say I was finally at a happy point in my life. My lovely wife of thirty four years had died ten years before and her large life insurance policy had taken care of my early retirement. My sex life was good, there were two women at the bridge club who were good reliable sex partners. Carla was a forty-six year old divorcee who liked to have sex like a rabbit and Mary, a forty-three year old widow who only let me mount her from behind while she wore panties. It was a little uncomfortable with the damn gusset rubbing my cock but hey, it was sex. They both knew I had sex with them and didn't care as long as they were satisfied. Some weeks I had sex with them on the same day, Carla in the afternoon following our twice weekly bridge game and Mary later that evening. Viagra was my best friend. I loved sex with these two women but there was a darker side that no one else knew about.

I lusted after little girls.

I lusted after girls aged eleven to fifteen. I had no desire for ones younger than eleven, their flat chests did nothing for me. But the sign of developing breasts - even just a nub turned me on. Any camel toe I could catch sight of brought a quick erection, as did hints of nipples. During the summer I would spend every afternoon when I wasn't playing bridge by our community pool, with a magazine covering my erection and dark sunglasses covering my lustful gazes at the little mermaids. They would get out of the water and walk past me with the crotch of their two piece swimsuits tucked into the little fold of their pussies and firm nipples from the cool water poking the thin material of their bra tops. On several occasions when one of them would jump, in causing the bra top to slide up revealing little swells with hard nipples on top, I would have to go to the toilet stall and masturbate.

I knew when it started. I mean when my daughter Sandra was growing up and I would see her naked I never had any urges to touch her or had any sexual feelings toward her - she was, well, she was my daughter. But now, when my granddaughter Jessie's body was starting to develop, it took all my self restraint to keep from touching her. She was too old to sit on her grandfather's lap any more so the only times I got to touch her was when I hugged her. As her breasts started to develop I was enjoying the feel of them against my chest. I decided it was time for another visit.

Sandra met me at the airport a few days later. Her and her husband had been divorced for a little over a year and I was glad he was out of her life as he had a horrible temper.

"Hey Sandra thanks for meeting me."

"No problem dad, I'm glad you could make it, haven't seen you for a while. Those ladies at the bridge club must be keeping you busy." She smiled knowingly. She had asked about my sex life and I had told her about Carly and Mary. As we drove home I asked about Jessie.

"How's my little angel doing?"

"She's fine. Growing up too fast though. Girls seem to hit puberty earlier these days. I had to buy her training bras last week. I remember when mom got one for me."

My penis was starting to show interest in little girls in training bras. "I'm looking forward to spending more time with you both."

"Well, she gets normally gets home from school around three thirty so you'll have lots of time, but today she has some after school stuff so I'll pick her up on my way home."

Sandra dropped me off and headed for her office. I unpacked in the spare bedroom and looked around. Jessie's room was adorned with typical teenager stuff. Old worn dolls, posters of pop stars and boy singers. I looked in the drawers of the dresser and found her underwear. She had four bras, one yellow with a little red heart over where her nipple would be. Another was white trimmed in pink and was no more than two cotton triangles and a couple of plain pale blue ones.

Her clothes hamper delivered what I was looking for, soiled panties. I picked up a blue one and looked at the white crotch. I was surprised to see a yellowish smear. I smelled it and it had a slightly sweetish odor but a definitely sexy smell. My little granddaughter has cum in her panties. I tried to imagine what she was doing to make herself aroused enough to masturbate.

This feeling was the same one I got when looking at naked girls on the internet. I had surfed for naked photos of preteens and had found website in Russia that had pictures of ten year olds and up. Some were in very sexy poses. Then all of a sudden a window popped up saying I had to send money to get my computer unlocked. Fortunately I had a Mac that was less vulnerable to cyber attacks so I was able to restore from a Time Machine backup. The only sites that I visited after that were the nudist ones. I joined one and downloaded some nice videos of junior miss nudist pageants. Their small slim bodies, their puffy areolae, their small hairless pubes with little clefts gave me good images to masturbate with.


Sandra got home at five thirty and we all had pizza for supper. At seven Jessie gave me a quick peck on my cheek and was off to bed.

"She's full of energy isn't she dad?"

"A little tornado. I'd forgotten what it was like at that age."

I turned in at ten and Sandra was right behind me. "Night Sandra."

She gave me a quick kiss on my lips, something she had never done before. "Goodnight dad."

C h a p t e r T w o

The next morning Jessie left for school and Sandra left for work a half hour later. As soon as the front door closed I went to Jessie's room and got a pair of her panties. In the bathroom I took off my clothes and started to masturbate with my granddaughter's sexy pink panties wrapped around my cock. I was so engrossed in what I was doing I never heard the front door open.

Damn I hated to have to turn around but I needed that work folder I had left on my bed. I climbed the stairs and could see that the family bathroom door was open and I almost called to my dad when I realized he was naked, standing with his back to me in front of the toilet. I gazed at his ass, it was so gorgeous. I loved men's bottoms, loved to look at them in their Speedos at our HOA pool. Then I noticed he wasn't peeing but rubbing his cock - oh my God, my dad was masturbating. He had something in his hand and I suddenly realized it was a pair of panties and they were not mine as I wore only thongs. I almost gasped as I realized they must be Jessie's.

I didn't want him to see me but I had to watch him. My panties were getting wet as I hadn't seen a naked man in almost a year. There was the quick fling after my divorce but nothing since. He was getting close to cumming as he reached out with his other hand to brace himself against the wall. He grunted three or four times and his semen spurted out which he caught in the crotch of Jessie's panties.

I quickly got the folder off my bed and closed the front door quietly and went back to the office.

I told my boss that I needed to go home at lunch as I knew dad wouldn't be there as he said he was going to take a cab to the mall. I pulled in the driveway and quickly went to the bathroom and retrieved Jessie's cum stained panties from the clothes hamper. My dad's creamy cum had puddled in the crotch, some of it had soaked in. I tasted it and got a little light headed. My panties were quickly around my ankles as I sat on the toilet, my hand over my pussy caressing my now firm clit. Oh God could it get any better than this. I was licking my dad's semen off my daughter's panties as I climaxed.

I took the crotch of the panties and wiped my wet pussy. Pulling up mine I went to Jessie's room where I laid the panties on top of her others. Tomorrow my little girl will go to school wearing these panties with my own and my dad's cum tight against her little vulva.


Okay I need to be honest with myself. I've had a crush on my dad ever since I was twelve. As I entered puberty and my hormones started to surge I was horny all the damn time. Boys didn't really appeal to me as at that age they were just stupid walking penises, and all they wanted was a feel of a girls tits or a look up their skirts. No, not boys but grown men like my uncles and of course my dad as I was around him the most. I loved to flirt with him and touch him, and kiss him but never on his lips. I think the first time I heard him and mom having sex, I hated her. It should be me under him and not her. I was jealous. I wanted him to fuck me.

So with all that baggage I was so turned on watching him ejaculate into Jessie's panties. I wanted to go in the bathroom and take him in my mouth. Then I thought, why Jessie's panties and not mine, or why panties at all? A dark thought crossed my mind, is my dad into young girls? I knew he was having regular sex with two women from his bridge club but why my daughter's panties.

In all the years of Jessie growing up he never once made any sexual advances to her. But now Jessie was entering puberty at the young age of twelve how would she act around her grandpa? Would her hormones kick in and start her thinking of older men like I did. My ex-husband hardy ever wanted to see her so dad was the only man she knew.

I bought a few things at the mall including a small leather bracelet at the Pandora store and added a little heart charm with a red stone set in the middle. The cab dropped me off at two thirty and I waited for Jessie to come home from school. At three thirty I welcomed her at the front door. "Hi sweetheart how was school?"

"Hey grandpa." She ignored the school question. "I'm glad that you could come and stay for a while, I'm looking forward to being with you." She gave me a big hug and stood on tiptoe to kiss me on my lips. "Want to see my room?"

"Sure honey." I followed her up the stairs admiring her sexy little ass. It had gotten a lot rounder than the last time I saw her. Back then she was a skinny ten year old, no hips to speak of and flat chested. However back then I wasn't into little girls and if I had been, a ten year old would not have drawn my attention. Now Jessie was the perfect age and as far as I could see under her clothes, had small breasts. I needed to get her down to the pool to see more of her body.

"This is my bed grandpa, do you like the pink sheets?"

"Yes they're lovely sugar."

She opened the draw where her underwear was. "Look grandpa, I wear a bra now." She pulled out a blue one and held it up. It was made from thin cotton and was more like a sports bra but not stretchy. I could feel my erection rising.

"I like this one the best though." She pulled up her thin sweater and revealed a white cotton bra edged with blue. It was so delicate I could see her light brown areolae and her pink nipples through the thin cotton.

"Do you like it?"

"Oh yes Jessie, you are becoming a beautiful young woman. Don't let your mom know I said so, but that bra makes you look so sexy." I whispered.

"You mean that grandpa, you think I'm sexy?"

"I don't think you're sexy - you are sexy. I bet all the boys at school chase after you." She hadn't dropped her sweater and I couldn't keep my eyes of the small swells of her developing breasts and her little pink nipples that I swore had gotten larger.

"Eww, I don't like boys, all they want to do is grab my ass or my titties."

That did it, I now had a full blown raging erection inside my pants that I was having a hard time concealing. I sat on the bed to lessen the bulge.

Jessie finally dropped her sweater. She stood between my knees and put her arms around my neck and kissed me on my lips. It was the sweetest, most delicate kiss I had every received.

I put my arms around her chest and hugged her. "I love you very much Jessie, you are the sweetest most loveliest young woman I know."

"Love you too grandpa. You want to see the rest of my clothes?"

Did I ever. "I'd love to."

She gave me one of her panties. I recognized it as the one I had ejaculated into that morning, but how on God's green earth had it found its way back into her underwear drawer? I looked inside the crotch and there was my semen but mixed in with it was some other liquid. Looked all the world to me like a woman's cum. Damn did my daughter find them and wiped her cum in the crotch? I put that question aside for now.

"I like these Jessie, why don't you wear them tomorrow." I said putting them back in the drawer.

"Kay. This is my new swim suit that mom got me." She held up a bright blue one piece. I took it from her and felt the material - it was thin but strong. Should show a nice camel toe if Jessie had one.

"Can we go to the pool on Saturday Jessie?"

"Okay grandpa, I can wear my new suit."

We went downstairs and got some drinks and watched some reality TV show. I got a running commentary from Jessie on who was dating who and which ones had just split up. I didn't care, my little granddaughter was nestled into my chest with my arm around her stroking her bare arm.

"I like that grandpa."

My attention was back on the TV show. "Which one of them do you like kitten? Kitten was my favorite term of endearment for her.

"No not the show silly, I like it when you rub my arm like that. I get all tingly." Okay my erection wanted to join this conversation and it wasn't in a good position to hide itself. I pretended to get a hanky out of my pocket and adjusted the position of my rapidly growing penis. Jessie noticed but didn't say anything.

"I like rubbing you as your skin is so soft. I used to rub your little legs when I changed your diapers, you would giggle as I blew raspberries on your tummy. You always had the softest skin."

"Do it again grandpa, blow raspberries on my tummy. Please grandpa."

This was over the top too much for my straining cock to take I could feel my semen rising but I had to see my little granddaughter's tummy and if I blew my wad then so be it.

"Lay down on the couch kitten." She obligingly pulled up her teeshirt and wriggled her shorts down to her thighs. I had full view of her pudendum ensconced in her blue cotton panties. She had a nice little camel toe as the thin fabric clung to the inside of her vaginal cleft. I must have lingered too long.

"Come on grandpa, give me a raspberry."

I put my mouth a close to the waist of her panties as I dared and blew little raspberry. Jessie giggled.

"Another please." I blew some more as my hand rested on her bare thigh. I stroked her gently. Her giggling stopped and she looked at me with serious eyes. Oh my God, is my twelve year old granddaughter seducing me? My penis twitched to remind me it was still there, my warm pre-cum coating the inside of my boxers.

"I like that, why don't you stroke my tummy." She pulled her shirt up over her breasts showing me her bra. Her nipples were definitely firmer now as they pushed against the cotton of her bra. I ran my hand gently over her flat tummy all the way from the waist of her panties to under her breasts. I let my pinkie brush the bottom of her swells through the thin cotton of her bra. I thought I heard a little sigh, her eyes closed, her mouth open.

I took a quick glance at the clock. It was five o'clock, I had a little more time. My right hand was exploring her tummy and her sides as my left hand rubbed her thigh from her shorts to the top, letting my thumb brush her pubes ever so gently. As I felt the heat of her pussy my semen exploded into my boxers. I must have grunted because Jessie asked me if I was okay.

"I'm fine Jessie it's just that you have a gorgeous body and I love caressing it."

"Well you can do it again if you like." Oh my God if I had anything left in my balls I would have cum again.

"I would like that Jessie, I would like that very much but honey." I paused.

"What grandpa?"

"Can you keep secrets kitten?"

"Yes grandpa."

"Well your mom may think what I was just doing was inappropriate and wrong. She would stop me from doing it, so can we keep it just between the two of us?"

"Okay, it'll be our own secret." She kissed me and pulled up her shorts and lowered her shirt to cover what in my wildest dreams I never thought I would see and touch. Her body was perfect, absolutely fucking perfect.

C h a p t e r T h r e e

The next morning as Jessie came downstairs I was watching my daughter's face for some kind of reaction. She had a sort of knowing look and I swear I saw the hint of redness in her cheeks as she glanced at me. My daughter had retrieved Jessie's cum stained panties from the hamper either by accident or for some reason unknown to me, had looked for them. She had found them so erotic she had masturbated while holding them and added her cream to mine.

What the heck was I to make of that? Does my daughter find my penchant for ejaculating into my granddaughters panties a turn on or does she secretly want me to fuck her? I remembered back when she was Jessie's age she was always flirting with me and touching me. Had she reprised those feelings. Was Jessie doing the same thing her mom did twenty years ago, but with more forwardness? I was so fucking confused right now but I knew one thing that I was not confused about and that was I was going to molest my granddaughter. Was it molesting if she was a willing participant? I didn't care.

After I cleaned up and changed into a clean pair of boxers, I dropped the soiled ones in the bathroom hamper where no doubt Sandra would find them.

I got such a rush when Jessie came downstairs this morning knowing that she had mine and my dad's cum in the cleft of her pussy. I could feel my panties getting wet and I'm sure dad noticed that I blushed a little. After dinner I left the two of them to clean up and I went into the various hampers and collected all the dirty clothes to do a wash.

The family bathroom was the last one and as I opened it I saw my dad's underwear on top. Hmm had he changed during the day? I picked them up and looked inside and there was a huge amount of his cum coating the inside of the front. He must have ejaculated while wearing them. I wondered what caused that? I scooped some of the sticky liquid on two fingers and put them in my mouth. I wanted so badly to get his cum from the source but this was okay. I swallowed his cum and licked the rest out of the shorts. Now my panties were really wet.

Jessie went to bed at eight and I turned in at ten. I was just drifting off to sleep when I felt the bed move.

"Dad I really need to cuddle."

"Okay honey." I pulled back the covers and Sandra lay down with her back to me. I put my hand on her thigh and noticed she was not wearing panties - just a pajama tank that came to the top of her thighs. She pushed her bottom into my crotch and it had the desired effect. I had no intention of fighting my daughter's advances. I slept naked and my cock slowly got hard as it nested in the cleft formed by her soft cheeks. I slid my hand under her tank top and bumped against the bottom of her firm breasts. Early in the day I had rifled through her dresser and found her underwear. She wore only thongs and her bra size was a nice thirty six B.

The heat in her breast was intense as if her whole body was on fire, a slight tremor in her tummy indicated some uncertainty. I cupped her breast and felt the nipple harden in my palm, she shuddered and placed her hand over mine, uncertainty had disappeared and my daughter wanted me. I nuzzled her neck and kissed her shoulder.

My cock was now rock hard and she pushed back against it enveloping the shaft with her cheeks. As I squeezed her nipples her hand slipped off and down between her legs. I could feel her arousal as she rubbed her clitoris. Taking her wrist and pulling her hand from between her legs I said:

"Let me do that."

"Please." It was almost a whisper. Cupping her pussy I felt the heat of her desire, my finger parting her labia and feeling her wetness, probing, finding her vagina, entering her, feeling her hunger as she clenched down on my finger, so tight. Her clitoris was engorged with yearning, so large, so hard. My daughter was humping my hand as I cupped her pussy, my middle finger clamped inside her vagina and my thumb rubbing her clit. She came to a quick climax, her body shaking and her thighs clutching my hand, breathing fast and a then a very soft.

"Oh daddy."

I spurted my cum between us covering her back and my stomach, hot and sticky and incestuous. She put her hand behind her and grasped my rapidly softening penis, sticky semen on her fingers in her mouth. Now I knew why her cum was on Jesse's panties. She had licked my semen off the crotch while she masturbated. My daughter liked to taste her father's cum. With that warm feeling I drifted off to sleep

C h a p t e r F o u r

The next morning Sandra was already up when I awoke. I took a shower and got dressed. In the kitchen Sandra was making a pot of coffee. I put my arms around her and kissed the back of her neck. "Morning honey."

She turned around. "Morning dad, sleep well?"

"Yes I did thanks."

"I did too thanks to you. I really needed that."

With that quick thanks nothing more was mentioned about the events of the previous night. Jessie came downstairs and kissed us both. After breakfast Jessie left to catch the school bus and Sandra gave me a quick kiss on the lips and left for work. I opened my Apple MacBook and logged on to my account at Hegre.com and watched some videos. My very favorite nude was Emily, she had a killer body and a great pair of tits. My other favorite was Dominika as she had the biggest pussy lips I had ever seen. I masturbated watching her play with her pussy and stretching its lips wide showing the pink inside. I wondered what my daughter's pussy looked like.


Promptly at three thirty Jessie came bounding in. "Hey grandpa." She gave me a big kiss on my lips.

"Hello sweetie."

"You want to do what we did yesterday?"

"Yes honey I've been waiting all day for you to come home."

"You have? Let me get changed and I'll be right down." Five minutes later she shouted down the staircase.

"Grandpa can we do it in my room?"

"Okay I'll be right up." I went to her room and she was already laying on her bed wearing just a teeshirt and cotton panties. I knelt on the floor beside her and she obligingly pulled up her teeshirt to around her neck.

She wore no bra.

"Oh my goodness Jessie you are so beautiful, your breasts are gorgeous, I love them."

"You don't think they're too small grandpa?"

"Oh not honey they are just perfect." Even as she was laying on her back her breasts didn't flatten against her chest. I gently rubbed each one and felt how firm they were. They were nowhere near a handful but filled my palm. Her areolae were a light brown and her nipples were erect and firm as I touched them. I looked at her face and her eyes were half closed, mouth open breathing quietly as I explored her body.

I licked around the areolae and took each nipple and squeezed it between my lips and rubbed the end with my tongue. Her little body shuddered at the pleasure of my attention, little tingles emanated from her nipples all the way to her pussy.

"Oh grandpa that feels so good, I'm all tingly."

"Where are you tingly Jessie show me?" I continued licking her breasts and nipples.

She touched her pussy. "Here grandpa."

"You want grandpa to take a look honey?"

"Mmm." I didn't ask her to but she lifted her bottom and slipped her panties off. The bulge in my pants was now obvious, there was no hiding it and she would glance at it occasionally.

She opened her legs a little - again with no prompting from me. Jessie wanted me to look at her pussy, she was liking the attention I was giving her, a twelve year old girl was actively seducing me.

Her mons was just stating to grow a little hair, really more like fur and was quite plump. The slit in her vulva was not really a slit but more like a cleft, with her puffy labia either side. The whole of her pussy was so beautiful. I had lusted after little girls for a couple of years but had never seen one - just in photos or videos.

"Darling your pussy is so beautiful, so sexy. Do you touch yourself down there?"

"I like to make myself feel nice and tingly when I rub it."

"I bet I could make you feel better than when you do it. Do you want me to?"

"Yes please." I needed no more encouragement. I removed her panties and maneuvered around so I was between her legs. The edges of her labia were moist from her sexual arousal. I pushed the tip of my tongue in between her labia, opening her up like a blossoming flower. I could see the entrance to her vagina at the bottom and the hood of her clitoris at the top. My tongue found the entrance and pushed a little inside her, her hands squeezed mine that were resting on top of her thighs.

"Ooo that feels good grandpa."

I licked around the fleshy folds of her vagina and could feel no hymen. She was getting quite wet which I gladly licked up evincing more moans and squeezing of my hands. She was loving this and I hadn't touched her clit yet. She was now nice and moist so I licked up the pink inside folds of her labia and found her little nub of a clitoris poking out from its protective hood. As soon as I started licking it she moaned a lot louder and started moving her bottom around on the bed.

Sliding my right hand from under hers I gently inserted the tip of my finger into her vagina. She gasped and uttered little grunts. I pushed some more up to my second knuckle. She clenched it tight with her vaginal muscles - damn she was so darn tight. She bucked against my hand that cupped her pussy, middle finger inside her, thumb rubbing her clit, tongue licking her small firm breast and nipple.

She froze and stopped breathing as her orgasm hit her like a brick wall. Then she shook and rolled her head from side to side on the pillow and let out a long sharp breath as her orgasm started to wane. I held her there, hand over her pussy, finger inside, lips clamped around a now softening nipple.

"Did I make you feel better Jessie?"

She flung her arms around my neck and hugged me. "Yes grandpa, much much better. Thank you." My God my little twelve year old granddaughter is thanking me, it should be me thanking her. I looked at the clock, my daughter would be home soon.


"Yes honey."

"I know what that bulge in your pants is, we learned about erections in sex-ed classes. Did I make your penis get hard?"

"Yes you most certainly did sweetie. You are so so sexy and looking at your beautiful body made my cock get really hard."

"Can I see it some time?"

"Yes honey. I need to go home tomorrow but next time I visit I'll let you look at it and touch it if you like."

She had a sad expression on her face. "I don't want you to go grandpa, but it's something I can look forward to."

"I will do the same honey , Now better get dressed, mom will be home soon and don't forget." I put my finger to my mouth.

"Okay grandpa."

"Oh I almost forgot. Here's a little gift for being such a good girl." I handed her the Pandora box.

She opened it and her little face lit up with a smile. "Oh thanks grandpa, this is so nice. I'll wear it all the time and think of you and how nice you make me feel."

Oh God I can't take any more of this.

C h a p t e r F i v e

I was due to leave the next day but I needed to see if Sandra was amenable to more sex, so after dinner when Jessie had gone to bed I put my arm around her as we sat on the sofa, her head on my shoulder.

"Sandra about last night."

"Sorry dad I shouldn't have gotten in your bed."

"No honey that's okay, I'm glad you did, I enjoyed it."

"You did. That makes me feel better."

"Do you want to do more?"

"You mean intercourse?"

"Yes that's what I'm asking. You still on the pill?"

"Yes, although I don't know why as I haven't had sex in over a year. But intercourse with my own father, hmm. I won't say I haven't thought about it. I've had a crush on ever since I was a little girl. But fantasizing about it and actually doing it are two different things. I don't want that to change our relationship?"

"Did me putting my finger into your pussy and bringing you to an orgasm change our relationship?"

"Come to think about it, no it hasn't."

"So why don't you go and shower and I'll join you in your bed in a short while."

She kissed me. "Thanks dad."


Half an hour later I climbed the stairs and entered my daughter's bedroom. She was under the sheets and the bedside light was on. I took my clothes off and my erection sprang out, my daughter's eyes never left it as I walked to the bed with my hard cock swinging from side to side. I pulled down the sheet, revealing Sandra's wonderful body. I had already felt her breasts and now I saw them and they looked gorgeous, firm, perky, large dark brown areolae, nipples as hard as ebony standing up. Her tummy was flat and her hip bones stood out like sentinels either side of the largest mons I'd ever seen. I knew it was big when I cupped it last night but didn't know it was this big, her pubes were nicely trimmed. Her clitoris was also large - easily as big as the tip of my pinkie. I needed to see more.

I slipped between her legs and savored the aroma emanating from her vulva. She had taken a bath as I smelled lavender but her musky sex odor almost overwhelmed it. Her legs now fully open, knees bent, I could see her labia and they were a dark brown like her areolae. My fingers opened them up and her luscious pink folds around her vagina were moist and inviting.

I had enjoyed one pussy today and was about to enjoy another. "My God Sandra I'd no idea your body was so sexy. Your pussy is one of the most beautiful I've seen.

She smiled but said nothing. I lapped at her vagina's opening and probed her clit with my tongue. I could actually put my lips around it and suck it, she squirmed on the bed with the rush of pleasure. I knelt between her legs, my cock sticking straight out pointing at her pussy. She took it in her hand and guided the tip to her entrance and as the crown entered she let go and in one push I was all the way in my daughter's pussy.

She gripped it tight and clenched and unclenched her muscles working it as I lay across her, suckling at her breast like a baby. I humped and she humped in a slow gentle fuck. This was not going to be a hard fuck like Carly liked it, but a slow, unhurried fuck. Her hand caressed my face as I sucked her nipple, fucking each other, letting our orgasms rise slowly. I felt the start of mine at my anus, moving along my crotch. I could hold it back even as I fucked my daughter with a languorous rhythm. I could sense that she was getting close, my pubic bone had been buried against her clitoris on every inward stroke, squashing it sending sensual messages to her brain.

My orgasm was fast approaching now and there was no stopping it. I kept the same lazy stoke as her clenching and unclenching was milking my semen.

"Oh God Sandra I'm cumming."

"Me too dad. Oh God this feel so good."

We both climaxed together as I spurted, spurted, spurted my cum beep inside my daughter's womb as she shuddered and clamped me between her thighs. We lay there, both totally spent.

"Oh my God dad that was intense. I felt every spurt of your cum against my cervix."

"It was more than intense, it was potent. I loved the way you milked my cock. We have to do this again."

"I'd love that dad."

With future sex with my daughter as well as my granddaughter to look forward to, I drifted off to sleep.

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Heavy cummers wanted

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The Goodbye Fuck

My name is Karen and, as some of you may recall, I am married to a divorced man. It is unusual to be sure, but his ex-wife and I have become friends, we talk regularly on the phone, we have never been intimate with one another but both of us hold ..continue reading

Booty Call

"Hey babe." Tola called, "My folks just left, so. You want to cum over?" My boyfriend, his family is 7th day adventist, but he's not. So, they go to church on Sundays, and we can make out, but when I got to his back door, and knocked. He said "Cum in ..continue reading

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Christmas cookie with cum

"And to all a Good Night!" She watched the team and sleigh sail away in the deep blue night, off to make their appointed rounds. Soon, they were only a distant silver line reflecting the moonlight. She blew a kiss as they disappeared, as her window ..continue reading

Freckled faces covered in cum (twins,inc)

"Twin freckled faces covered in cum?" "Yeah that's right. Twin freckled faces covered in cum." Clarity in focus began again to drift from Peter and he wasn't yet in the commanding mental place to exert much extra strength in retrieving it. The focu ..continue reading