Family's Bad Mistake - sex story

Family's Bad Mistake

Dan and Cindy Masters have been dating since 9th grade
were married at 18 and had their first child Kate at
19. At 29 and three children Kate 10, David 8, and
Lindsey 7 the masters had the perfect life, or so it

Dan a small thin man of 5'7" 140 lbs with red hair and
a slight build and Cindy 5' 99 lbs and strawberry blond
hair they look to be the all American teen couple but
at 29 Dan often feels insecure about his looks and
size. Their children are the smallest and most
undeveloped in the school and are often made fun of.
Kate at 10 with fiery red hair and all of 60 lbs looks
like a little boy as do David and Lindsey.

The evening that changed their lives for ever was like
any other autumn evening the children were asleep and
Cindy was on the internet surfing as Dan slowly
approached as not to disturb her as he looked over her
shoulder he could not believe his eyes, the web page
she was glued to was called OBEY and featured blacks
dominating whites, big black bulls fucking innocent
white women.

When Dan gasped Cindy turned and didn't know what to
say but when she turned to see Dan holding his erect
cock she was startled. They looked at each other and
without saying a word knew what the other wanted.

At the bottom of the page was a quick survey about the
family which Cindy filled out and submitted, it said
the club had monthly meetings and would contact them
with information on the next informational gathering in
their town.

A week had passed and the Master's were having dinner
when the phone rang and Cindy answered, the woman on
the other end spoke for 5 minutes and Cindy answered
yes to several questions then got a pencil and wrote
down the address 22 park street.

When she hung up the phone she told Dan they had been
invited to attend a family meeting next Friday at 3:00
pm at 22 park street and it had to do with the survey
they submitted and the family was to attend dressed as
they would any other school day.

When Friday arrived Dan dressed in his suit for work as
Cindy got the children ready for school in their
catholic school uniforms, the girls in plaid skirts and
white blouses and David in his blue slacks white shirt
and tie while Cindy put on a short dress and they
headed to 22 Park Street for a short meeting.

When they arrived 22 Park Street was a huge old
colonial circa 1900 mansion on a deserted street with
large black wrought iron gates. Dan, Cindy, Kate, David
and Lindsey made their way to the front door with only
Dan and his wife knowing very little about what to

When the door opened a large black woman escorted them
in and locked the door behind them the lights were dim
and an uneasiness was about the family. Kate and
Lindsey wanted to leave but dad assured them everything
will be OK. They were escorted into a large oval
waiting area with many chairs and several doors.

Soon one of the doors opened and a black women entered
and called for Kate and Lindsey to follow her the girls
were scared and didn't want to go but Cindy assured
them everything would be OK then another door opened
and a large black man entered and took David by the arm
and led him through another door and Cindy and Dan were
left to wonder what have they done.

A few minutes later another door opened and two large
black men entered wearing nothing but long black robes,
they sat in the chairs directly across from Dan and
Cindy and began to explain what was going to happen.
The first man started to explain that he knows exactly
what they need and why they are here and there many
many white couples that fantasize about serving blacks
and when they signed the paper they were now the
property of the club.

Dan stood and yelled, "Where are my children?!" He was
quickly pushed to the floor by the other bull as his
robe fell open Dan and Cindy gasped as his cock was
exposed all 12" of thick black meat he explained they
would see their children very very soon and told them
to strip naked.

afraid for their lives Dan and Cindy stripped in front
of the two bulls their tiny white bodies paleing in
comparison to the two bulls each was grabbed by the arm
and let down a dark hallway to an open door they were
led in and sat on a large sofa d told to shut up. They
could hear noises like there were others in the room,
children's voices but could not make them out.

Soon a light was turned on and in the room was a large
bed with white sheets a stool, a table, several chairs,
ropes, whips and other devices. Then a voice came over
a speaker that of a older black woman and it said, "So
Dan and Cindy, we are now going to make you enjoy what
you have always dreamed about, being voyeurs and
enjoying watching blacks dominate whites please stay
seated and enjoy."

A firm black hand held both Dan and Cindy in place as
the door opened and four large black men and four large
black women led Kate, Lindsey and David through the
door naked and crying Kate and avid were forced to sit
as a large black woman dragged little Lindsey to the
table and threw her onto it and tied her tiny wrists to
the legs and allowed her tiny white legs to hang over
the edge, her cries were loud and long Dan was scared
and yelled to stop but to no avail.

The first bull stepped forward 6'5" 225 lbs when he
opened his robe his huge hard on popped out 11" thick
black love pole Cindy gasped as she had ever seen
anything so big, slowly the bull moved to the table
Dan's cock was beginning to stiffen how could this
happen it was hi own little bay Lindsey but he was

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