Fat Woman Gets Sodomized - sex story

Fat Woman Gets Sodomized

Hunting. It's perhaps the oldest ritual known to man. So it was thousands of years ago and so it is today. My name is Jack Huntington. I'm a Hunter. It's both my profession and passion. I'm a profiler for the FBI by trade. My favorite prey are large criminals of all races and my favorite thing to do is having sex. Anal sex to be exact. I'm an anal master and connoisseur. Just call me the Backdoor King. The front door is overrated if you ask me. There are so many pleasures and wonders in the back. I'm an explorer of this seemingly forbidden passage. A scientist, if you will. These are my stories.

I still remember my favorite and most successful hunts. Let's see, there was this dame named Michelle Drake in Boston. When I first saw her, it was in the library where she worked. A stocky woman in her early fifties. Five feet nine inches tall, broad and thick-bodied, with large breasts, wide hips and a plump behind. Her face was plain and completely unremarkable if it weren't for dark eyes that seemed to follow you everywhere. That pale face of hers, framed by short dark hair, was feared by the college students at the library where she worked. She had a reputation for being stern. A real bitch, if you ask me.

When I first saw her, my predator's instincts started buzzing. I was in the presence of a fellow predator. Fortunately, every predator is something else's prey. I observed her. This woman sat behind her desk all day, talking on the phone or reading papers. She would routinely get up and walk around the library, seemingly to check on the students. There's a fine line between checking on somebody and harassing them. She got a real kick out of harassing the young men and women who attended the school. She would walk around them as they sat behind the library computers, and hover nearby. This made more than a few of them uncomfortable. Also, her loud and grating voice was none too pleasant. She would get on their case for just about anything. If a student used his headphones, she'd get on his case. One time, I saw her made a student leave because she was checking her phone messages. Like I said, she was a bitch.

Upon closer observation, I characterized her as a sociopath. A sociopath is a person who has no conscience. He or she has a glib, superficial personality and a talent for manipulating and deceiving others. Sociopaths are everywhere. They've been here for a long time. I've clashed with a few. Most people don't even know remorseless fiends walk among them. A sociopath can be anyone. The woman from your church who steals the choir's funds and points the finger to someone else. The police officer who harasses people for no reason. The serial teaser who messes with your best friend's mind and then brags about it to her friends. Yeah, I've seen quite a few sociopaths in my day. I absolutely love to mess them up. you see, they're so arrogant. Especially female sociopaths like Michelle Drake. Oh, well. Time to take this arrogant bitch down a peg or two. Watch what happens, folks.

I checked out the school computer system. Michelle Drake was the associate director of the librarians. The school had received funds from the state and yet, somehow, new books hadn't been bought and old computers still filled the library. The sociopath was stealing the school's money and nobody seemed to be willing to stand up to her. Hell, nobody knew what was going on. I decided to investigate. Marshall Johnson, the head librarian was a tall and stout man who knew exactly what Michelle was doing. he knew that she was an evil bitch. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do to stop her. He had a hobby that she discovered. Let's just say that the kind of stuff he looks at online is frowned upon by law enforcement agencies nationwide. Michelle was blackmailing him. If he spoke up against her, she'd give the cops a whiff of his extensive forbidden memorabilia.

Looks like it's up to me to save the day. Ordinary people can't compete against sociopaths. Especially female sociopaths, they're the most dangerous. Lucky for us, I'm a hardcore psychopath myself. I need to engage in risky behavior on a massive scale. It cannot be corrected but I have no other way to fulfill my needs. That's why I'm a thrill seeker. I hacked into the school computer system, stole Michelle's password and saw what she had been doing. I printed the evidence, and sent it to her. Man, I wish I could have seen her face the day she discovered that someone knew her little scheme and could expose her for the manipulative and conniving criminal that she was.

I decided to take action. One night, I surprised Michelle in the library. It was after hours. The students were gone. So were the other librarians. She was doing some online gambling. I crept up behind her. She sensed me and tried to turn around. I pressed a blunt object to the back of her neck and told her that if she moved, I would shoot her. Truth be told, I didn't have a gun. I had a stapler. But she didn't know that. Michelle did not panic, to her credit. She asked me very calmly what I wanted. She offered me her wallet. I smiled and told her that I wasn't here for her wallet. I was here to give her the punishment that she deserved.

Michelle froze. She suddenly got it. Yes, I was the one who had discovered her dirty little crimes. The one who could expose her and send her to prison. When she realized this, her body almost went slack, but she caught herself. This was a stone cold bitch. It would take a lot to bring her down. I was definitely the right man for the job. She was a bitch. Time to make her my bitch. I told her in a very calm voice that I was going to punish her. She nodded, and asked me what I had in mind. I grinned. She was going to find out soon enough!

I ordered her to take off her pants. Michelle hesitated. I pressed the stapler's business end against her back. She did as she was told. I looked At her plump buttocks. What do you know? The most wicked bitch on campus did not wear panties. I am shocked! I caressed her ass with my free hand. Michelle told me that she'd gladly give me her pussy, if I gave her the evidence of her wrongdoing and promised not to bother ever again. I laughed. I don't bargain when I've got the power. I take what I want. I would take her ass. Why? Simply because I can.

I grabbed Michelle and dragged her to the desk. Then, I took some tape and made her hold her hands behind her back. I proceeded tape her hands together behind her back. Now, she was helpless. People fear what they cannot see. I was behind her, and in her mind, I had a gun. She could do nothing to stop me. Time for this female sociopath to get what she deserved. I unzipped my pants, and whipped out my twelve-inch super cock. I put on a condom, then spread those plump butt cheeks of hers. With a swift thrust, I shoved my cock up her ass. The shrill scream which escaped her lips was music to my ears. Few things in life can be compared to plowing your cock Deep inside a woman's asshole. If the woman in question happens to be an arrogant bitch who needs taming, so much the better.

Ah, I had my fun with Michelle Drake. Going as deep as I could go, and beyond. Plowing her plump ass with my long and thick super cock. Going down where the sun didn't shine. Exploring the back door and making her scream like a woman possessed while I was at it. I gripped those wide hips of hers and thrust deeper into her. For a big woman, she certainly had a small asshole. It was my pleasure to plow into it, to widen it and stretch it to the max. what do you know? She started pushing that plump butt of hers back against my groin. She wanted more. I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. Did she want more cock up her butt? I ordered her to answer me. Michelle screamed a resounding Yes! Yes, this chick wanted more cock up her ass. And I was perfectly willing to give it to her.

I plowed into her, going as deep as I could go. It was so damn fun. Stretching the big woman's asshole to the limit. And now, she was backing that ass against me, craving more. I smacked her ass as hard as I could, leaving pink and red marks on it. What do you know? It only seemed to turn her on more! Ah, the pleasures of the back door. The exploration of the anal cavity. Ancient pleasures which so many modern men and women deny themselves. Well, as a Hunter, I was bringing back tradition. I pulled out of her ass, and looked at the gaping hole. Damn, that was so damn hot! I leaned closer, and whispered something to her. I told her to stop stealing things, or else I'd pay her another visit. She nodded respectfully. Good gal! I smacked her ass and took my leave.

Over the next few weeks, I observed Michelle Drake. The female sociopath was still bugging the college students. They still thought of her as the evil bitch who ran the library. But she was more covert about it. Oh, and she wore some rather sexy outfits to the office. The money she had stolen was returned to the school. It was amazing. I'm thinking of paying my favorite witch a visit one of these days. She's still gambling online and that's a bad habit. I think she needs another session of erotic punishment. And what kind of Hunter would I be if I denied her the anal fucking she so desperately craved? Not a good citizen, that's for damn sure!

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